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The list below is generally in alphabetical order by the artist's last name. If the artist went by a nickname, (s)he may be listed under the first word of the nickname, e.g. - Lightnin' Slim and Little Anthony are both under "L," but Lightnin' Hopkins is under "H."


Ewart Abner
Herb Abramson
Nathan Abshire
Johnny Ace
Johnny Ace by Joe Pecoraro
Stephen Ackles
Roy Acuff
Billy Adams
Faye Adams
Johnny Adams
Jo Jo Adams
Justin Adams
Marie Adams
Hasil Adkins Obituary
Lou Adler
Steve Alaimo
Arthur Alexander
Johnnie Allan
Annisteen Allen
Lee Allen
Rex Allen
Jerry Allison
Herb Alpert
Dave Alvin
Albert Ammons
Andy Anderson
Bill Anderson
Lee Andrews and the Hearts by Al Kelly
Paul Anka
Paul Ansell
Ray Anthony
Dave Appell
Eddy Arnold
Kokomo Arnold
Lloyd Arnold
Charline Arthur
The Artistics by Al Kelly
Irving Ashby
Chet Atkins
The Atmospheres
Winifred Atwell
Sil Austin
Gene Autry
Frankie Avalon
The Avalons
Mae Boren Axton


Burt Bacharach
Lavern Baker
Lavern Baker (2nd Article)
Mickey Baker
Kenny Ball
Marcia Ball
Hank Ballard
Joe Banashak
Bobby Bare
Wiley Barkdull
Dean Barlow & the Crickets
Benny Barnes
George Barnes
The Barnshakers
H.B. Barnum
Jeff Barry
Joe Barry
John Barry
Len Barry
Lionel Bart
Dave Bartholomew
Fontella Bass
Ralph Bass
Skip Battin
Harold Battiste
The Bay Bops
Jack Baymoore
Dean Beard
The Beau-Marks
Jimmy Beaumont
Lou Bedell
Franny Beecher
Harry Belafonte
Carl Belew
Freddie Bell
Jesse Belvin
Boyd Bennett
Brian Bennett
Cliff Bennett
Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones
Brook Benton
Merv Benton
Gil Bernal
Rod Bernard
Johnny Bernero
Bert Berns
Chuck Berry
Jan Berry
Mike Berry
Richard Berry
Freddy Bienstock
The Big Bopper
Big Maybelle
Jules Bihari
Bill Black
Bumps Blackwell
Otis Blackwell
Jerry Blaine
Blind Blake
Tommy Blake
Edgar Blanchard
Billy Bland
Bobby Bland
Richard Blandon
Jules Blattner
Archie Bleyer
Eddie Bo
Tooter Boatman
The Bobbettes
Bob Bogle
The Bob Knight Four by Al Kelly
Eddie Bond
Johnny Bond
Gary "U.S." Bonds
Sonny Bono
Juke Boy Bonner
Bonnie Lou
James Booker
Pat Boone
Earl Bostic
Jimmy Bowen
David Box
Eddie Boyd
Alex Bradford
Harold Bradley
Owen Bradley
Tiny Bradshaw
Johnny Bragg
Jackie Brenston
Frankie Brent
Teresa Brewer
Elton Britt
Donnie Brooks
Hadda Brooks
Lonnie Brooks
Louis Brooks
Big Bill Broonzy
Charles Brown
James Brown
Joe Brown
Milton Brown
Nappy Brown
Roy Brown
Ruth Brown
Edwin Bruce
Tommy Bruce
Cliff Bruner
Boudleaux Bryant
Felice Bryant
Gary Bryant
Jimmy Bryant
Lillie Bryant
Bill Buchanan
Roy Buchanan
The Buckeyes by Al Kelly
Milt Buckner
B. Bumble & the Stingers
Dave Burgess
Sonny Burgess
Sonny Burgess by Adam Komorowski
Solomon Burke
Tommy Burk & the Counts by Al Kelly
Paul Burlison
Billy Burnette
Dorsey Burnette
Dorsey Burnette by Jim Newcombe
Johnny Burnette
Rocky Burnette
Mac Burney & the Four Jacks by Al Kelly
Harold Burrage
James Burton
Johnny Bush
Sam Butera
Jerry Butler
Jerry Byrne
Edd Byrnes


The Cadillacs by Sal Mondrone, Tom Luciani, Steve Flam & Ralph Newman
Aubrey Cagle
Al Caiola
Red Callender
Cab Calloway
Cecil Campbell
Glen Campbell
Ray Campi
Ace Cannon
Freddy Cannon
Jerry Capehart
The Capris (White Group) by Art Turco and Bob Galgano
The Capris (Black Group) by Al Kelly
Chuck Carbo
The Cardinals by Al Kelly
Bill Carlisle
Una Mae Carlisle
Joe "Fingers" Carr
Leroy Carr
Linda Carr & the Impossibles by Al Kelly
Wynona Carr
Earl Carroll
Johnny Carroll
June Carter
Maybelle Carter
Vivian Carter
Ric Cartey
Eddie Cash
Johnny Cash
Buzz Cason
The Castelles by Al Kelly
Joey Castle
The Cavaliers (ABC Paramount) by Al Kelly
Jimmy Cavallo
Ernie Chaffin
Ligthnin' Chance
Gene Chandler
Bruce Channel
The Channels by Al Kelly
Jean Chapel
Leon Chappel
The Charades by Al Kelly
The Charades (2nd article) by Al Kelly
The Chargers by Al Kelly
The Charioteers
Bobby Charles
Ray Charles
Chubby Checker
Clifton Chenier
Leonard Chess
The Chessmen bu Al Kelly
Jay Chevalier
Harry Choates
The Chords
Lew Chudd
Eugene Church
Savannah Churchill
Savannah Churchill (2nd Article)
Jimmy Clanton
Dee Clark
Dick Clark
Sanford Clark
Joe Clay
Eddy Clearwater
Jack Clement
Buzz Clifford
Doug Clifford
Patsy Cline
The Clovers
Eddie Cochran
Hank Cochran
Jackie Lee Cochran
Commander Cody
Jamie Coe
Alma Cogan
Paul Cohen
The Coronets bt Al Kelly
Cozy Cole
Don Cole
Nat "King" Cole
Cornelius Coleman
Albert Collins
Larry Collins
Lorrie Collins
Tommy Collins
Jessi Colter
Chuck Comer
Perry Como
Bobby Comstock
The Concords by Al Kelly
Arthur Conley
Bert Convy
Russ Conway
Sam Cooke
The Cookies
Eddie Cooley
Spade Cooley
Les Cooper
The Coronets by Al Kelly
Cowboy Copas
Dave "Baby" Cortez
Orville Couch
Cousin Joe
Don Covay
Herbie Cox
Billy "Crash" Craddock
Jimmy Crain
Floyd Cramer
Sugar Boy Crawford
Pee Wee Crayton
Crazy Cavan
Bob Crewe
The Crickets (Dean Barlow &)
Cleveland Crochet
G.L. Crockett
Dash Crofts
Tony Crombie
Steve Cropper
Scatman Crothers
Scatman Crothers (2nd Article)
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
Frank Culley
Joe Cuoghi
Pat Cupp
Dick Curless
Mac Curtis
Sonny Curtis
Johnny Cymbal


Pappy Daily
Alan Dale
Dick Dale
Damita Jo
Rich Dangel
The Danleers
Bobby Darin
James Darren
Barry Darvell
Barry Darvell by Al Kelly
Cow Cow Davenport
Billy Davis (Obituary)
Link Davis
Martha Davis
Maxwell Davis
Skeeter Davis
Ronnie Dawson
Doris Day
Eddie Dean
Jimmy Dean
Jimmy DeBerry
The De'Bonaires by Al Kelly
Sonny Deckelman
Jimmy Dee
Joey Dee
Dik DeHeer
Eddie Delmar by Al Kelly
Alton Delmore
The Del Satins by Al Kelly
Claude Demetrius
Terry Dene
Lee Denson
Karl Denver
Sugarpie DeSanto
Jackie DeShannon
Al Dexter
The Dials by Al Kelly
The Diamonds (Mercury label)
Little Jimmy Dickens
Deke Dickerson
Bo Diddley
Varetta Dillard
Dion DiMucci
Mark Dinning
Floyd Dixon
Luther Dixon
Willie Dixon
Carl Dobkins, Jr.
Doctor Ross
Bill Doggett
Ray Doggett
Johnny Dollar
Fats Domino
The Dominoes, part 1
The Dominoes, part 2
Lonnie Donegan
Jimmy Donley
Larry Donn
Ral Donner
Ral Donner by Adam Komorowski
Harold Dorman
Lee Dorsey
Craig Douglas
K.C. Douglas
Steve Douglas
Tom Dowd
Joe Dowell
Big Al Downing
Charlie Drake
Pete Drake
Rusty Draper
The Dreamlovers by Al Kelly
The Dreamtones by Al Kelly
Jimmie Driftwood
The Duchess Obituary
Dave Dudley
Arlie Duff
Cleve Duncan
Johnny Duncan
Donald "Duck" Dunn
Champion Jack Dupree
Big Joe Duskin
Huelyn Duvall
Huelyn Duvall (2nd Article)


Vince Eager
Jim Eanes
Jack Earls
Duane Eddy
Ray Edenton
Dave Edmunds
Bobby Edwards
Nokie Edwards
Tommy Edwards
Willie Egan
The Elegants by Al Kelly
Jimmy Elledge
Joe Ely
Billy Emerson
Buddy Emmons
Melvin Endsley
Preston Epps
Ahmet Ertegun
Nesuhi Ertegun
The Escorts by Al Kelly
Paul Evans
Don Everly
Phil Everly
Vince Everett


Fabulous Five Flames by Al Kelly
Tommy Facenda
Werly Fairburn
Adam Faith
The Falcons by Al Kelly
Santo Farina
Jimmy Lee Fautheree
Charlie Feathers
Charlie Feathers - by Roger Ford
Terry Fell
Narvel Felts
Freddy Fender
Leo Fender
The Fendermen
Al Ferrier
Ernie Fields
Frank Fields
Larry Finnegan
Sonny Fisher
Sonny Fisher (Obituary)
Five Debonaires by Al Kelly
The Five Jets by Al Kelly
The Five Keys
The Five Royales
The Five Royales by Al Kelly
The Five Superiors by Al Kelly
The Five Trojans by Al Kelly
The Five Wings by Al Kely
The Flairs
The Flamingos
Wade Flemons
Phil Flowers
John Fogerty
Tom Fogerty
Red Foley
D.J. Fontana
Eddie Fontaine
Emile Ford
Frankie Ford
Tennessee Ernie Ford
Jimmy Forrest
Fred Foster
The Four Preps
The Four Jacks, Mack Burney & by Al Kelly
T.J. Fowler
Kim Fowley
Connie Francis
Panama Francis
Edward Frank
Aretha Franklin
Tillman Franks
Thomas Fraser
Dallas Frazier
Joe Frazier
Stan Freberg
John Fred
Alan Freed
Bobby Freeman
Ernie Freeman
Lefty Frizzell
Frank Frost
Bobby Fuller
Jerry Fuller
Jim Fuller
Johnny Fuller
Lowell Fulson
Johnny Funches
Harvey Fuqua
Billy Fury
Billy Fury (2nd Article)


Milt Gabler
Slim Gaillard
Grady Gaines
Bob Gallion
Cliff Gallup
Cecil Gant
Carl Gardner
Gene Garf
Hank Garland
Clarence Garlow
Snuff Garrett
Danny Gatton
Marvin Gaye
Paul Gayten
The Genies by Al Kelly
Barbara George
Georgia Gibbs
Don Gibson
Steve Gibson & the Red Caps by Al Kelly
Mickey Gilley
Jimmy Gilmer
Gino & the Dells by Al Kelly
Dick Glasser
Glen Glenn
Llloyd Glenn
Henry Glover
Gerry Goffin
George Goldner
Jack Good
Jack Good 2nd article
Dickie Goodman
Shirley Goodman
Curtis Gordon
Rosco Gordon
Berry Gordy
Sammy Gowans
Charlie Gracie
Gerry Granahan
Earl Grant
Rudy Grayzell
Joyce Green
Lloyd Green
Ellie Greenwich
Big John Greer
Buck Griffin
Buck Griffin (2nd Article)
Don Guess
Guitar Gable
Bonnie Guitar
Guitar Slim
Arthur Gunter
Cornell Gunter
Hardrock Gunter
Jack Guthrie
Woody Guthrie
Billy Guy
Buddy Guy


Merle Haggard
Bill Haley
Larry Hall
Rene Hall
Rene Hall (2nd Article)
Roy Hall
Tom T. Hall
Johnny Hallyday
Johnny Hallyday (2nd Article)
Stuart Hamblen
George Hamilton IV
Roy Hamilton
Jack Hammer
Lionel Hampton
Glen D. Hardin
Pat Hare
Buddy Harman
Harmonica Frank
Slim Harpo
Jimmy Harrell
Ace Harris
Don "Sugarcane" Harris
Emmylou Harris
Hal Harris
Jet Harris
Peppermint Harris
Ray Harris
Thurston Harris
Woody Harris
Wynonie Harris
George Harrison (updated January 2005)
Wilbert Harrison
Freddie Hart
Dale Hawkins
Hawkshaw Hawkins
Ronnie Hawkins
Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Mickey Hawks
Homer Haynes
Lee Hazlewood
Roy Head
Jimmy Heap
Bobby Helms
Bobby Hendricks
Al Hendrix
Clarence "Frogman" Henry
Bennie Hess
Bennie Hess
Ersel Hickey
Chuck Higgins
Darrel Higham
The Hi-Lites by Al Kelly
Bunker Hill
Jessie Hill
Raymond Hill
Tommy Hill
Gaynel Hodge
Smokey Hogg
Ron Holden
Billie Holiday
Eddie Holland
Buddy Holly
Glen Honeycutt
Lightnin' Hopkins
Earl Hooker
John Lee Hooker
Johnny Horton
Walter Horton
David Houston
Joe Houston
Camille Howard
Harlan Howard
Howlin' Wolf
Helen Humes
Maylon Humphries
Ivory Joe Hunter
Tab Hunter
Ferlin Husky
Brian Hyland


Frank Ifield
The Imaginations bt Al Kelly
The Ink Spots
James Intveld
Jerry Irby
Big Dee Irwin
Rusty Isabell
Jimmy Isle
Ronald Isley
Rudolph Isley


Bull Moose Jackson
Cordell Jackson Obituary
Chuck Jackson
Mahalia Jackson
Roddy Jackson
Stonewall Jackson
Wanda Jackson
Willis "Gatortail" Jackson
Dick Jacobs
Illinois Jacquet
Elmore James
Etta James
Skip James
Sonny James
Roland Janes
Johnny Jano
Felton Jarvis
Jerry Jaye
Waylon Jennings
Kris Jensen
Young Jessie
The Jets
The Jive Five by Al Kelly
Jivin' Gene
The Jodimars
Joey by Al Kelly
Little Willie John
Robert John
Buddy Johnson
Ella Johnson
Johnnie Johnson
Kripp Johnson
Lonnie Johnson
Marv Johnson
Plas Johnson
Plas Johnson interview
Pete Johnson
Robert Johnson
Virgil Johnson
Bob Johnston
Booker T. Jones
George Jones
George Jones, Jr.
Gloria Jones
Grandpa Jones
Jimmy Jones
Joe Jones
Randy Jones
Spike Jones
Will "Dub" Jones
Scott Joplin
Louis Jordan
Benny Joy
Don Julian
Jimmy Justice
Bill Justis


Murray Kaufman
Kalin Twins
Eden Kane
Ernie K-Doe
Bob Keane
Marion Keisker
Jerry Keller
Jackie Kelso
John Kennedy (UK)
Jerry Kennedy
Chris Kenner
Anita Kerr
Doug Kershaw
Rusty Kershaw
Stan Kesler
Barney Kessel
Johnny Kidd
King Curtis
Albert King
B.B. King
Ben E. King
Carole King
Claude King
Earl King
Freddy King
Jewel King
Pee Wee King
Sid King
The Kingsmen (Club 51 label) by Al Kelly
Bill Kirchen
Leroy Kirkland
Don Kirshner
Christine Kittrell
Annette Kleinbard
Larry Knechtel
Baker Knight
Gladys Knight
Buddy Knox
Kris Kristofferson
Harold Kudlets


Sleepy LaBeef
Dorothy Labostrie
The Ladders by Al Kelly
Frankie Laine
Mickey Lee Lane
Don Lang
The Larks
Roc LaRue
Steve Lawrence
Lazy Lester
Lafayette Leake
Albert Lee
Brenda Lee
Curtis Lee
Dickey Lee
Freddie "Fingers" Lee
Julia Lee
Leonard Lee
Peggy Lee
Jerry Leiber
The Len-Dells by Al Kelly
John Lennon
J.B. Lenoir
Joe Leonard
The Leopards by Al Kelly
Ketty Lester
Eunice Levy
Morris Levy
Bobby Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis - article from Observer Music Monthly, 20 March 2005
Linda Gail Lewis
Meade Lux Lewis
Rick Lewis
Rudy Lewis
Sammy Lewis
Smiley Lewis
Stan Lewis
Carl Sonny Leyland
John Leyton
Jimmy Liggins
Joe Liggins
Lightnin' Slim
Max Lipscomb
Little Anthony
Little Esther
Little Eva
Little Joey & the Flips by Al Kelly
Little Milton
Little Milton Obituary
Little Miss Cornshucks
Little Richard
Little Walter
Little Willie Littlefield
Jimmy Lloyd
Brian Locking
Hank Locklin
Horace Logan
Laurie London
Lonesome Sundown
Ron Loney
Shorty Long
Trini Lopez
Bobby Lord
Lord Rockingham's XI
Alton Lott
John D. Loudermilk
Joe Hill Louis
Louisiana Red
Ira Louvin
Darlene Love
Bernie Lowe
Jim Lowe
Herman Lubinsky
Matt Lucas
Robin Luke
Bob Luman
Joe Lutcher
Frankie Lymon
Barbara Lynn
Loretta Lynn


Willie Mabon
Bill Mack
Lonnie Mack
Warner Mack
James Maddox
Rose Maddox
Johnny Maestro
Magic Sam
Vince Maloy
Gene Maltais
Sid Manker
Barry Mann
Carl Mann
Kal Mann
Richard Manuel
Joe Maphis
John Marascalco
The Marcels
Bobby Marchan
Ernie Maresca
Dean Martin
Grady Martin
Janis Martin
Wink Martindale
The Marvels
Hank Marvin
Sammy Masters
Carlo Mastrangelo by Al Kelly
Cosimo Matassa
Arthur Lee Maye
Percy Mayfield
Jerry McCain
Leon McAuliffe
Paul McCartney
Delbert McClinton
Charlie McCoy
Jimmy McCracklin
Luke McDaniel
Gene McDaniels
Skeets McDonald
Brownie McGhee
Stick(s) McGhee
Rollee McGill
Scotty McKay
Tommy McLain
Oscar McLollie
Big Jay McNeely
Clyde McPhatter
Jay McShann
Jack McVea
Carl McVoy
Chuck Mead
Huey P. Meaux
The Medallions (Vernon Green and)
Bill Medley
Tony Meehan
Joe Meek
Johnny Meeks
John Mellencamp
The Mello-Kings by Al Kelly
Joe Melson
Memphis Minnie
Memphis Slim
Jerry Merritt
Big Maceo Merriweather
Irving Micahnik
Amos Milburn
Clint Miller
Frankie Miller
Hal Miller
Jay D. Miller
Mitch Miller
Ned Miller
Roger Miller
Warren Miller
Lucky Millinder
The Mills Brothers
Roy Milton
Garnet Mimms
Sal Mineo
Bobby Mitchell
Guy Mitchell
Willie Mitchell
The Mixmasters by Al Kelly
Billy Mize
Hank Mizell
Bobby "Fats" Mizzell
Curley Money
The Monotones
Bill Monroe
Chris Montez
Bob Montgomery
Roy Montrell
The Moonglows
Bob Moore
Johnny Moore (Three Blazers)
Johnny Moore (Drifters)
Lattie Moore
Merrill Moore
Red Moore
Sam Moore
Scotty Moore
Wild Bill Moore
Jaye P. Morgan
Ella Mae Morse
Jelly Roll Morton
George Motola
Moon Mullican
Jimmy Murphy
Matt "Guitar" Murphy
Murray The K
Micke Muster
Jimmy Myers
Big Boy Myles
The Mystics


Murray Nash
Syd Nathan
Jerry Naylor
Earl Nelson
Ken Nelson
Ricky Nelson
Sandy Nelson
Willie Nelson
Nervous Norvus
Bill Nettles
Aaron Neville
Art Neville
Mickey Newbury
Anthony Newley
Jimmy C. Newman
Jack Nitzsche
Eddie Noack
Terry Noland
Bobby Nunn


Johnny O'Keefe
Johnny Olenn
The Olympics
Roy Orbison
The Orchids by Al Kelly
The Orioles
Johnny Otis
The Outlaws (U.K.)
Mack Owen
Buck Owens
Shirley Owens


Earl Palmer
Kenny Parchman
Bobby Parker
Junior Parker
Robert Parker
Col. Tom Parker
The Parliaments by Al Kelly
Fred Parris
Bill Parsons
Gram Parsons
Dolly Parton
Bunny Paul
Les Paul
Leon Payne
Bobby Pedrick, Jr.
Paul Peek
John Peel Obituary
Tracy Pendarvis
Hank Penny
Joe Penny
Hugo Peretti
The Perfections by Al Kelly
Carl Perkins
Laura Lee Perkins
Luther Perkins
Pinetop Perkins
Roy Perkins
King Perry
Bobby Peterson
Ray Peterson
Norman Petty
The Phantom
Slim Jim Phantom
Dewey Phillips
Gene Phillips
Marvin Phillips
Phil Phillips
Sam Phillips
Piano Red
Vito Picone
Bobby "Boris" Pickett
Wilson Pickett
Webb Pierce
The Piltdown Men
Bill Pinkney
Gene Pitney
Barbara Pittman
The Playmates
Rudy Pompilli
Doc Pomus
The Poni-Tails
Groovy Joe Poovey
Royce Porter
Chris Powell
Jesse Powell
Jimmy Powell
Duffy Power
Perez Prado
Dave Prater
Elvis Presley
Jimmy Preston
Johnny Preston
Lloyd Price
Ray Price
Charley Pride
Dickey Pride
Louis Prima
P.J. Proby
Professor Longhair
Red Prysock
Whitey Pullen
Whitey Pullen (2nd Article)


Clarence Quick


Ma Rainey
Marvin Rainwater
Don Ralke
Buck Ram
The Ramrods
Teddy Randazzo
Boots Randolph
Wayne Raney
Danny Rapp
Lou Rawls
Johnnie Ray
Johnnie Ray (2nd Article)
Wade Ray
Don Raye
Mac Rebennac (Dr. John)
Otis Redding
Teddy Redell
Jerry Reed
Jimmy Reed
Lula Reed
Della Reese
Del Reeves
Jim Reeves
Django Reinhardt
Googie Rene
Leon Rene
Johnny Restivo
The Re-Vels by Al Kelly
Paul Revere
Jody Reynolds
Todd Rhodes
Charlie Rich
Cliff Richard
Richie & the Royals by Al Kelly
Tommy Ridgley
Billy Lee Riley
Tex Ritter
The Rituals by Al Kelly
Johnny Rivers
Hargus "Pig" Robbins
Marty Robbins
Brandy Roberts
Don Robey
Don Robertson
Robbie Robertson
Carson Robison
Bobby Robinson
Fabor Robinson
Smokey Robinson
Sugar Chile Robinson
Joe Rock
The Rock-A-Teens
The Rock-A-Teens Follow Up
Rockin' Dopsie
Rockin' Sidney
Jimmie Rodgers
Jimmie F. Rodgers
Jimmie F Rodgers (2nd Article)
Tommy Roe
Weldon Rogers
Chan Romero
The Rondels
David Rose
Wesley Rose
The Routers
The Royals by Al Kelly
The Royal Teens
The Runarounds by Al Kelly
Art Rupe
Otis Rush
Leon Russell
Charlie Ryan
Bobby Rydell
Mitch Ryder


Vic Sabrino (photo)
Doug Sahm
Sam The Sham
Bob Sanderson
Tommy Sands
Joe Saraceno
Wil Sargisson
Mike Sarne
Bill Savich
Ray Sawyer
Clifford Scott
Jack Scott
Earl Scruggs
Jimmy Seals
Troy Seals
Big Al Sears
Neil Sedaka
Bob Seeley
Mack Self
Ronnie Self
Brian Setzer
David Seville
Del Shannon
Helen Shapiro
Dee Dee Sharp
Ray Sharpe
The Sharps by Al Kelly
Sharon Sheeley
Jean Shepard
James Sheppard
The Sheppards by Al Kelly
Billy Sherrill
Arkie Shibley
Steve Sholes
Troy Shondell
The Showmen
Eddie Shuler
Eddie Shuler Obituary
Mort Shuman
Lester Sill
Al Silver
Gene Simmons
Frankie Lee Sims
Frank Sinatra
Hal Singer
Shelby Singleton
Henry Earl Sinks
Freddie Slack
Frank Slay
Arlene Smith
Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
Bessie Smith
Carl Smith
Effie Smith
Huey "Piano" Smith
Keely Smith
Melvin Smith
Ocie Smith
Pinetop Smith
Ray Smith
Ray Smith by Adam Komorowski
Warren Smith
Smokey Joe
Hank Snow
Jimmy Soul
Sounds Inc.
Joe South
The Spaniels
Otis Spann
Sparkletones, Joe Bennett & the
Speckled Red
Phil Spector
Phil Spector (2nd Article)
Ronnie Spector
Benny Spellman
Jimmy Spruill
Clyde Stacy
Terry Stafford
Andy Starr
Kay Starr
Tommy Steele
The Stereos / Tams by Al Kelly
Dodie Stevens
Ray Stevens
Shakin' Stevens
Wynn Stewart
Gary Stites
Gordon Stoker
Mike Stoller
Cliffie Stone
Jesse Stone
Roland Stone
Warren Storm
The String-A-Longs
Barrett Strong
Nolan Strong
Brad Suggs
Eddie Sulik
Big Jim Sullivan
Ed Sullivan
Niki Sullivan
Gene Summers
Sunnyland Slim
Screaming Lord Sutch
Billy Swan
Roosevelt Sykes


Tom Tall
Tampa Red
The Tams / Stereos by Al Kelly
Tarheel Slim
Chip Taylor
Koko Taylor
Sam "The Man" Taylor
Vernon Taylor
Vince Taylor
Tommy Tedesco
Nino Tempo
Al Terry
Sonny Terry
Joe Tex
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Bob Thiele
Huey "Cookie" Thierry
Cliff Thomas
Irma Thomas
Kid Thomas
Rufus Thomas
Hank Thompson
Hayden Thompson
Sonny Thompson
Big Mama Thornton
Sonny Til
Floyd Tillman
Mel Tillis
Johnny Tillotson
Bob Timmers
Tiny Tim & the Hits by Al Kelly
Tiny Topsy
The Tokens
George Tomsco
The Tornados
Mitchell Torok
Dean Torrence
Allen Toussaint
Bobby Lee Trammell
The Traveling Wilburys
Merle Travis
The Treniers
Trigger (Roy Rogers' horse)
Lloyd Trotman
Bobby Troup
Ernest Tubb
Justin Tubb
Tommy Tucker
The Turbans by Al Kelly
Big Joe Turner
Ike Turner
Jesse Lee Turner
Sammy Turner
Tina Turner
Titus Turner
Zeb Turner
T.V. Slim
Conway Twitty
Alvin "Red" Tyler
Kip Tyler
T. Texas Tyler


Phil Upchurch
Gary Usher


Ritchie Valens
Frankie Valli
Sylvia Vanderpool
Leroy VanDyke
Jimmy VanEaton
Billy Vaughn
Bobby Vee
Nick Venet
Larry Verne
Mack Vickery
The Videls by Al Kelly
Jim Vienneau
Gene Vincent
Johnny Vincent
Frank Virtuoso
Wes Voight
The Vows by Al Kelly


Porter Wagoner
Jimmy Wakely
Billy Walker
Cindy Walker
Johnny "Big Moose" Walker
Junior Walker
T-Bone Walker
Wayne Walker
Sippie Wallace
Fats Waller
Harry Vann Walls
Mercy Dee Walton
Billy Ward
Si Waronker
Washboard Sam
Dinah Washington
Gino Washington>
Leroy Washington
Tuts Washington
Muddy Waters
Geraint Watkins
Dale Watson
Johnny "Guitar" Watson
Noble "Thin Man" Watts
Alvis Wayne
Bobby Wayne
James "Wee Willie" Wayne(s)
Thomas Wayne
Katie Webster
Don Weise
Hy Weiss
Richard Weize
Bruce Welch
Kitty Wells
Dottie West
Rudy West
Sonny West
Speedy West
Jerry Wexler
Onie Wheeler
Tony Joe White
Barrence Whitfield Slim Whitman
Marty Wilde
Marty Wilde (2nd Article)
Chuck Wiley
Marijohn Wilkin
Jess Willard
Slim Willet
Andre Williams
Andy Williams
Charles "Hungry" Williams
Clarence Williams
Hank Williams, Jr.
Hank Williams, Sr.
Larry Williams
Lew Williams
Maurice Williams
Otis Williams
Paul Williams
Sherman Williams
Tony Williams
Sonny Boy Williamson I
Sonny Boy Williamson II
Chuck Willis
Billy Jack Wills
Bob Wills
Don Wilson
Jackie Wilson
Willie Winfield
Mac Wiseman
Jimmy Wisner
Jimmy Witherspoon
Danny Wolfe
Wolfman Jack
Del Wood
Randy Wood
Sheb Wooley
Link Wray
Billy Wright
Dale Wright



Jimmy Yancey
Dwight Yoakam
Malcom Yelvington
Rusty York
Ernie Young
Faron Young
Timi Yuro


John Zacherle
Axel Zwingenberger

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