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#1: A Filament Of My Imagitation
#2: Psychiatrically Insane
#3: More Mixed-Up Mental Monkee Mishaps
#4: Alien Abduction Antics
#5: Out Of Mind, Out Of Body
#6: She Cannot Be A Part Of Me 'Cause Now
She's Part Of You

#7: A Very Hair-Raising Experience
#8: Never Underestimate The Power Of A
Baked Pickle, Fish & Lasagna Sandwich

#9: Reality Never Dies
#10: I Kretch Micky!!
#11: Your Fish Is Fried
#12: Feline Fever
#13: One More Remark Like That And I'll
Hit You With Me Purse

#14: I Thought Love Was Only True In Fairy Tales
#15: You Misremember This
#16: While Peter's Away The Figments Will Play
#17: It's All Fun And Games Until Someone
Reverts To Childhood

#18: Well It's Been A Year Or So And I
Wanna Grow Back Again

#19: Sand On The Brain
#20: Got Mick?
#21: Power Surge
#22: Peter In His Own Mind
#23: Love Is The Ultimate Trip
#24: The Powers That Be
#25: Learning To Fly: Mike's Foopy Flight
#26: They Ain't Your Average Twinkies
#27: Personality Hygiene
#28: Mind Your Own Business
#29: There's Hair In My Pound Cake
#30: The Little Hat That Could
#31: Micky Beside Himself
#32: Can We Keep Her?!
#33: Ask Your Mommy And Daddy
#34: One Poofed Off To The *Cuckoo* Nest
#35: Blood Donors Can Change Your Life!
#36: Being Human Only Gets You So Far
#37: Pocket Micky
#38: MT's Terrible Twos
#39: Monkee Madness
#40: MT Finds A Friend
#41: NBT (Normal BT)
#42: The Life And Times Of Sassip

Al Solo Stories
#1: Al Minus BT
#2: Al And Mike
#3: Al And MT
#4: Al And Micky
#5: Al And Sassip
#6: Al And Davy
#7: Al And Peter
#8: Al And Her Past Up Til BT And Maybe Beyond
#9: Sassip's Past
#10: Al And A Stupid Story
#11: Al The Cat
#12: Davy Gets Unbearably Cute
#13: Lemmyade Pops Arrives! (Written with LP)
#14: Al And The Thing That Is The Thing
#15: Mike And Micky And The Thingy
#16: Obvious Problems (Written with LP)
#17: Power Problems (Written with LP)

We now return you to our regularly scheduled
Al-&-BT-concocted fiction.

#43: More Than You Ever Really Wanted
To Know About Sassip

#44: How To Succeed In Superheroism
Without Really Trying

#45: Oh Goody, More Regression
#46: You Are Not My Mother, You Are A Snort!
#47: Pound Cake Keeps Falling On My Head
#48: Mind Games
#49: He's Just A Typical Psychopathic Killer
#50: Lily Pad
#51: Caution: Shortness May Result In Death
#52: Micky and BabyFace-d MT
#53: Salvation Through Gravy
#54: Animated Fun
#55: Bad Luck Sticks To You Like A Bowl
Of Oatmeal

#56: Human Conditions
#57: That Guy With The BPFL's A Bit
Effeminate, Isn't He?

#58: Again With The Cats
#59: I'm Like A Toy Balloon
#60: When You Wish Upon A Bean (Can)
#61: Mind Control: May Cause Drowsiness
#62: Hats Do Wonders For Your Love Life
#63: Plankboy Strikes Again (For The First Time)
#64: Who Let The Chihuahua In? Oh...It's Sassip
#65: 17 + 5 = 21
#66: Residual Plot Chaos
#67: Needle-less To Say...
#68: Double Your Pouch Time, Double Your Fun
#69: The Dumbest Boofed-Up Manuscript Ever Written
#70: A Rather Egg-xact Transmogrification
#71: Zomberific Expidentures
#72: Squeeing Piecatchers
#73: Hat Comes Back
#74: The Attack Of The Killer Fro
#75: Don't Count Your Peeps Before They Hatch
#76: A Link To Horror (Click If You Like Horror)
#77: Hats Off, Cheerios In
#78: Adopt-A-Fooper
#79: Chef-Boy-BT
#80: Antler Angst
#81: Three Stupid Figments, Two Cute
Percussionists And A Wishbird In A
Monkees' Pad

#82: Screech Out And Touch Someone
#83: When Sassip Falls In Love, Things Happen
#84: Who Let The Chick Out Of The Mindpad?
#85: Link And The Stupid Squad
#86: Have Antennae, Will Drool
#87: Mopcan Micky
#88: Laugh Riot
#89: This Is The Tale That Has No Plot,
It Was Writ Without No Thought

#90: Figment Of The Bride
#91: Davert Mikas: Two Monkees Merged
#92: Pogo Pride: Sticking With It
#93: 6 and 1/2 Weeny Sassips All In A Row
#94: Mike's Misfortunate Mishap
#95: A Life In The Day of A Feylower

Miscellaneous Stuffs

Guest Spots
~ Al & BT Meet Their Match! (written with
the Monkee Twins)
~ My Questions Need An Answer Or A Vacuum
Will Appear
(written with LP)

Al's Stuff
Wordy Stuffs:
~ Al Misplaced Her Brain And Panicked Not
Part Of The Al And BT Chronicles Story

~ The Name Game
~ Al's Story About BT's Pants
~ More Shorts! (Latest story added: 9/1/01)
~ Drawing of Al & BT with the Monkees
~ Everyone plus MT & Sassip
~ Everyone eating pops
~ Sassip with Mike and.. uh.. Davy.
~ Sassip and Pink Thing
~ Sassip, pointing at horror
~ A chickeny trap
~ Peter, Sassip and Pink Thing
~ Cute Peter as a sea thingy
~ Sassip and MerDavy
~ Sassip as a cat
~ Sassip looking happy
~ Sassip looking mad
~ Sassip and some gum...
~ Micky and his antlers
~ Peter pilfers lines!
~ Mike and some amorous hats
~ A weird group pic
(Added 10/27/01)
~ Antler Problems...
~ Davert Mikas
~ Seabeast Mike w/Davy
~ Mike as a Bull
~ Mike Pogoing
~ SB Mike w/Sassip
~ Sassip with a Pouchcat
~ SB Mike playing guitar

BT's Stuff
Wordy Stuffs:
~ The BT-Wanted-To Write-A Short-Like-Al-So
She-Knocked-This-Off-Real-Quick-Like Story

~ A brilliant rendering of Al, BT, the Monkees, & MT

~ Al & BT Shorts
~ Weird One-lined Type Story Stupid Things
~ Al & BT FAQ

Al and BT Fanfic (Of sorts)
~ Gina's Story (crossover)
~ Sam's Crossover Story

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