Al And Her Past Up Til
BT And Maybe Beyond

After all the foopiness happened, Al went to bed for three days straight. Saving the world just made her really tired.
Finally she woke up and poofed out of Peter's mind. Everyone looked shocked to see her.
"Wow I thought you were gonna sleep for several days!" said Peter. "She did," said Sassip.
"Oh. Well several days more," said Peter.
"We're bored and Sassip flipped the TV out the window!" said Micky.
"Yeh. Can you do anything fun?" said Sassip.
"Not really..." said Al, not knowing what they wanted her to do.
"Oh, I know! Tell the story of you and me and all!" said Peter.
"Well..." said Al. Everyone looked at her.
"Well... it's better than just sitting here," said Davy unsurely.
"Hey I can flip you all!" said Sassip, wagging a flipper menacingly.
"TELL THE STORY!" shouted Mike.
Al shrugged and began.

Once, about 10 years ago Peter made up a little girlie who he named Al for no reason and every reason at all. Then he gave her a home and a whole world to romp around in and she kept him busy for a while. We won't even go into Peter's life cause Al didn't know that he existed at the time.
But Peter would often imagine himself in to play with Al, and she thought that he was just some guy that came over to play.
At the time Al didn't know about her powers or anything, or that she was imagined or anything. But she did get rather bored fast. So she began collecting animals, which is how she got her menagerie.

She didn't think it was odd that she could collect animals and Peter never told her otherwise so she ran around and acted stupid and stuff. Peter tried to teach her music but she barely could play piano and only got a little clarinet down, but Peter was happy just seeing her collection and eating lemonade pops.
Al was probably about 10 then because Peter was still young and wanted a little sister person thing. But by the time Peter hit 20, he decided he wanted Al to be 20 too, so Al was magically 20.
Al and Peter got along famously but after a while Peter stopped coming in so much and Al got bored. She waited and waited and waited but Peter came less and less and she got lonely too. So she made up a little 10 year old girlie.
The girlie didn't have a name for a while until one day she said "What should I call you?" and Al replied "If you be my bodyguard I can be your long lost pal. I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me you can call me Al," because she was somehow recieving music from the future, and BT though it was dumb but she called Al Al because that was her name and Al said "Oh, wait you have to be Betty Two." and BT made a face but then she was called BT and that was that.

So BT was 10 and she was dumb because she was just made up and she tra-la-laed around and played with blocks.
Then Al realized about a year later that she could foop around with things in Peter's mind. And somehow later she figured out that Peter was outside and she was inside and that she could escape when he slept. So she practiced with her powers and got better and better. By that time, Peter was 24, Al was still 20 and BT was 14.
Al was very good with her powers and she started teaching BT. Which she woud regret of course, but luckily BT was a slow learner.
Their powers somehow manifested themselves in glowy shimmery masses that would form a sort of "skin" around them and then go invisible. Which neither one of them thought was odd. So naturally when they both got out to the real world it was really weird.
Now Al and BT would occasionally watch the world through Peter's eyes and think it was really weird. Like really really weird. But that is also how they got acquainted with the other Monkees at first. Al didn't let BT out of Peter's mind, but BT eventually learned to raid the fridge, because she just liked eating real food. But BT got this weird huge insane crush on Micky and Al thought that was odd. So she just let BT so whatever. But little did she know...

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