Al And Peter

Sassip took Davy out to the beach, and Micky and Mike had taken MT to the park, so it was just Al and Peter.
Peter decided to have some quality time with Al but he had to wait because Al was still tired out from the other night.
When Al finally woke up he gave her breakfast in couch.
"Oh, thanks Peter... what's up?" she asked as she munched on some scrapple.
"I dunno. I just thought we could do some stuff," said Peter.
"Oh goody!" said Al, downing her lemonade.
"Well.. what do you want to do?" said Peter.
"I dunno. How about we uh.. oh well you wouldn't believe what Davy and I did last night!" said Al.
"Yeh I read the last story. That was weird. I hope nothing happens like that to us!" said Peter looking around warily.
"Oh well. I think she's dead now," said Al.
"Am not!" said the Author.
Al looked scared. "Oh well uh, let's go um.. I dunno."
Peter looked sad.
"Well..." but Al couldn't think of anything.

"Well you got to go to the park with Micky, go to a desert island with Mike, go to the park and do weird stuff with Davy, and play games with MT, and wander around the park with Sassip. What is left for us?" said Peter.
"I don't know.. oh oh! I know. We can turn into super heroes and save people!" said Al.
"Okay! I can be a Monkeeman, but what are you?" said Peter.
"I'm SUPER Me!! silly!" said Al.
"Oh yeh!" said Peter grinning.
So they went and changed.
Peter put on the thick black glasses with no lenses and Al threw her glasses away.
"Okay, SUPER Me!! Let's go!" said Peter in a fake deep voice.
"Right Monkeeman! Just one thing," said Al.
"What's that?"
"I can't SEE ANYTHING!" said Al, groping around for her glasses.
"Oh, well no matter!" said Peter grabbing her hand and flying off.
"SUPER Me!!, your costume is horrible.." said Peter noticing what she was wearing. She was just wearing her normal thing except she taped a S onto her shirt and she put on a purple shiny cape and took off her glasses and put on a lil eye mask.
"No one will ever recognize meeee!" said Al.
"Oh okay!" said Peter and grinned. They flew over the beach and spotted Davy being harassed by Sassip.

"HA! Trouble!" said Peter.
"But that's just Davy and Sassip," said Al. But they landed anyway.
"OMIGOSH! It's the dumb idiot and Peter!" said Sassip.
"How'd she know?" Peter and Al asked each other.
Sassip snorted and whacked the two of them off into space.
"YES! MONKEEMAN AND SUPER ME!! IN SPACE!" said Peter in a deep voice again.
"Huh? This is bad Peter," said Al.
"MONKEEMAN!" said Peter.
"Oh sorry! Monkeeman!" said Al.
"Oh but look SUPER Me!! there is a huge meteor approaching earth!" said Peter.
"Wow you sound smart Monkeeman! Let's go save the planet!" said Al.
They flew off and thwarted the evil meteorite. Except they got meteorburn.

"Wow that was a doozie but we saved Earth!" said Al.
"Yes! We'd better return to the pad though before they suspect," said Peter.

They went back and changed before anyone else got home. Then they cooked dinner.
"All in a good day's work!" they winked at each other just as everyone came in and the dinner was done.
"Wow, you guys, that smells great!" they all said. "But uh... why are you all sunburned?"
"Meteorburned!" they corrected them and giggled stupidly and rolled around on the floor.

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