Al And Davy

They came upon a little diner.
"Care to go in?" Davy said.
Al giggled. "Sure thing!" she said and they went in and sat down.
A waitress came over and took their order and they ate. Then they went back to the pad.
Everyone but Sassip was sound asleep.
"Thanks Davy!" Al said quietly. Davy winked at her.
They went inside and Al decided to give her powers a rest and sleep on the couch.
However, she wasn't very sleepy, for some reason, and laid there for a while. Finally Davy came over and poked her gently.
"Hmm?" she asked.
"You sleepy?" said Davy.
"Nope." said Al.
"Wanna go walk on the beach?" he asked.
"Sure!" said Al.
Sassip had fallen asleep since Davy had gotten back and so Davy and Al went out to the beach and took a walk.

"How come you always wear the same clothes?" said Davy.
"Well you do too," said Al.
Davy realized that all the Monkees always wore their red button shirts. "Hey, you're right! Why is that!?" said Davy.
"Cause Al the Author is too lazy to draw in other clothes," said Al.
"Oh," said Davy. They sat out on the jetty and watched the moon.
"Huh, it's a full moon," said Al.
Davy giggled. "You might turn into a werewolf!"
"Me?!" said Al. "You!"
Al's powers fizzled a bit.
"Ooops.." said Al, but Davy was looking at her oddly.

"You didn't!" he said.
"Hehe er... not my fault. It was Al the Author's stupid idea!"
Davy looked at Al the author. "What's your PROBLEM?" he asked.
"Oh, sorry, it's just the Micky story ended all stupid and mooshy and dumb, so I don't think this one should continue that way. It was an accident anyway!" said Al the Author.
Davy sighed. "Oh well, guess I'm a werewolf now!" he shrugged and turned into one.
"Oh dear," said Al playing along.
"Help help, I can't control it," said Davy in a foopy deadpan voice.
Al and Davy started cracking up and rolling around on the sand.
"NO NO! Come on you guys! Do it RIGHT! Sheesh!" said Al the Author.
"FINE!" they huffed.
Al shrieked and Davy jumped on her and growled.
Then he looked up at the moon, howled and ran orff to find some prey that didn't have purple blood.
Al sighed and ran orff after him.
"Ah!" she said and turned herself into a dragon.
She hunted Davy for half the night until the moon went in and she found Davy lying over a rock panting.
"Ugh this acting is tough!" he whined.
"Yeh I know I've been looking for you for uh... *scrolls up* oh, half the night until the moon went in and I found you lying on a rock." said Al.
Davy looked at Al weirdly.
"Oh crap the moon's coming out again..." said Davy. He transformed again, sighed heavily, grimaced at the author and ran off growling again.
"Geez, you can stop this any time you know!" said Al to Al the Author.
"I know." said Al the Author. "Just.. go! Go on!"
Al sniffed and flew orff.

So Al finally found Davy again, as he was about to terrorize a couple making out on the beach.
"YAA! Go go! Run!" said Al.
"Oh, look. Its a werewolf and a dragon. Which do we run from?" the couple discussed casually.
"Look, this wasn't our idea," said Davy.
"Yeh it was the dumb author's," said Al.
"Oh. Well, what do we do?" said the girl.
"You run away and pretend Davy's trying to eat you," said Al.
"Oh okay. Ready honey?" said the guy.
"Yeh I guess. If I break a nail..." said the girl.
"Blame the author!" said Davy.
"Okay... one two three..." said Al.
Davy growled menacingly and the couple ran away.
"Oh. The horror. Help. Help help. Someone please. Help," they said stupidly.
"Oh for the love of.. FINE." said the Author.

Suddenly Al had enough power back to turn Davy back into regular. She then turned herself into regular and they staggered back to the pad. Al fell asleep on the couch and Davy plopped down on Sassip.
An hour later everyone else woke up.
"What's up with those two?" Micky and Mike wondered at each other.
"I dunno. You think Davy turned into a werewolf and Al had chased after him all night or something..." said Mike.
Mike and Micky looked at each other and burst out laughing.

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