Al And Sassip

"OUCH LEMME GO!" shouted Al. She wished Davy was around.
"DAVY!? WHERE?!" said Sassip dropping Al.
"I dunno I just said.." but Sassip had already trampled her.
"Ugh.. come back you ..." said Al, but rethought calling her fat because of the time she got flipped out on top of Mike on that island thing.
"FAT?!" said Sassip.
"Fat? Where!?" said Al.
"YOU! You're fat! Now get us back!" said Sassip.
"I can't!" said Al.
"Why not?!" Sassip demanded, burnishing her flipper evilly.
"Put that down! I can't because I got the lemonade pops smacked out of me, but SOMEBEAST..." said Al.
Sassip shrugged. "Umm, who could that be?"
"Gee, I dunno!" said Al, rubbing her head and looking around.
"Where did Micky and Davy and Mike go?" said Sassip.
"I DON'T KNOW!' said Al, looking around some more.
Sassip contemplated smacking her but thought about it again.
Then she smacked her.
"SASSIP!" said Al, evilly.
"Oh shoot I was trying to turn you stupid and dumb and little again." said Sassip.
Al glared at Sassip and punched her. "STOP HITTING ME OR WE'LL NEVER GET HOME! Ugh my head.."
Sassip looked scared. "Oh, so you mean you're SERIOUS about not getting us home..?"
"YES.. ouch." said Al, holding her head.
"Oh, well, then." said Sassip and she just punted Al across the path.
"Sorry. Reflexes." said Sassip looking around. "DAVY!" she said suddenly and bounded off.
Al sighed heavily and plodded after her.

She found Sassip molesting the hair of a 12 year old.
"EEEKKK!" he screeched and ran off.
"SASSIP! You fool! Stop doing that I think they went home!" said Al.
"Shut up. Listen. We have to go back to the pad." said Al.
"DUH" said Sassip.
"Well, let's go then." said Al.
"Okay." said Sassip tra-la-laing away.
"No no no, we have to do it QUIETLY you fat boofer!" said Al.
"WHAT?!" said Sassip.
Al shook her head and moaned. Sassip put her flipper down reluctantly.
"Lookit what you did to my head! Ugh it hurts.." said Al staggering around.
"Oh stop it it's not that bad!" said Sassip.
"Oh fine. But you whacked the powers right out of me!" said Al huffily.
"Give them to me and let me try!" said Sassip evilly.
"NO WAY!" said Al. She wrapped her powers around her tighter.
Sassip looked greedily at the sparkly powers as they shimmered and glowed.
"GIMME GIMME!" she said jumping up and down. The powers faded into invisible.
"NO!" said Al and started walking.
"Where are you going?" said Sassip.
"To find the pad! If we don't, before morning, they'll try and catch you to dissect you," Al said.

Sassip contemplated this for a while and then bounded off after Al.
"Can't I flip them off?" she said, making a flipper fist.
"No, cause they'd have guns and bombs and who knows what else," said Al.
"Oh. Davy would come and help!" said Sassip happily.
"Davy can't help! What would he do, make a milk waterfall on their heads?" said Al snitchily.
"Well you and Micky were sure stupid tonight." said Sassip.
Al made a face. "S'not my fault you made me into a lil kid!"
Sassip giggled.
"Like you and Davy aren't stupid." said Al and giggled. Sassip made the worst face and tried to smack Al but Al ducked and Sassip hit a tree.
"OUCH!" she said and sucked her flipper. "I hate you!"
"Hehe oh well." said Al.
"Oh, there's the pad!" said Sassip.
"No, that's not... its a street!" said Al. She stopped. Sassip ran her over.
"OH .... um.. shoot, what are we going to do now?" asked Al.
"OH THERE'S DAVY!" said Sassip.
"Yeah right. Please Sassip." said Al, trying to pick herself up from the ground.

Micky helped her up and Davy brushed her off.
"Oh wow you guys! I thought she was hallucinating again!" said Al.
Sassip tried to smack her again but Davy made her stop.
"I'm hungry." said Al suddenly.
"Yeh, let's go to dinner!" said Davy.
"I don't want anything." said Micky.
Everyone looked at him incredulously.
"I'm too tired. Kiddie Al and MT really wore me out," he yawned and staggered off in the direction of the pad.
"You go too, Sassip! I'll be back later." said Davy.
"NO NO NOT WITH AL YOU DON'T!" she shrieked.
"SHHHH!" said Al and Davy.
Sassip huffed after Micky and sulked.
"Well, guess it's just us for dinner then huh?" said Davy.
"Yup. Where do you want to go? I feel like a cheeseburger," said Al.
"Fine with me!" said Davy with a grin and they headed off towards the nearest fast food joint.

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