Al And Micky

So they all went to the park and fooled around.
Al played fetch with Mike and the frisbee. The frisbee won.
Then Micky brought out the sandwiches and fed Al and Mike.
Mike liked it and wondered why.
Al thought it was funny and started a food fight.
They got really dirty and jumped into the fountain and splashed around.
Then Mike started plucking at his guitar and Davy went to watch the sunset.
So Micky and Al were on the picnic blanket.

"I wuv you Daddy!" said Al.
Micky grinned and giggled uncomfortable.
"Uh, Al, you do know I'm not REALLY your daddy.." said Micky.
"Huh?" said Al.
"Well, you see... you're really Peter's figment and uh, BT's mother and um..."
"Beeteee ehehe she's dumby!" said Al clapping her hands stupidly.
"Yeh, well, see, I'm not your Daddy."
"Oh, MT?" said Al pulling at Micky's hair and giggling.
"Nooo, I'm Micky!" said Micky.
"Oh, then you Daddy!" said Al.
Micky sighed and picked up Al.
"WHEEEE!" said Al.
"Oh, ha!" said Micky.
Then he fell over cause Al was really heavy.
"WHEEE!" said Al and started playing with his hair.

Micky grabbed Al's hand and took her for a walk around the park.
"Dere's a purty flowah, and there's a sassip and there's a water and there's a treeeee!" said Al sillily.
Micky smiled dumbly and wondered why Al had said Sassip.
But of course it was because Sassip was standing with Davy watching the sunset. Micky shrugged and ducked out of sight, but Sassip already saw him and Al and bounded over and cracked Al evilly over the head.
"WAAAHHH!" said Al and fell over.
"Oh geez!" said Micky and grabbed Al and put her on the park bench while Davy scolded Sassip.. sorta.
"Sassip.. tsk tsk Sassip. You really shouldn't do that.. I mean.. Oh heheheehehe silly girl!" said Davy as Sassip started licking her.
Micky was slapping Al on the cheek lightly. Al made the worst face and with her eyes still closed said "Don't do that."
"Oh.. yer back to normal.." said Micky, not exactly pleased.
"Yeh ugh what happened? My head hurts and it feels as if I ate 20 lemonade pops..." said Al.
"Well, Sassip beaned you and you turned into a kid again." said Micky. "Oh..." said Al and blushed alot as she remembered. "Sorry Mick..."
"Nah it's okay. I kinda had fun."
"I can't believe I lost to a FRISBEE!" said Al.
Micky giggled and ran off. Al shrugged and ran off after him.

Then it got really late and Al is really out of shape so she huffed and puffed and never caught Micky and sat down on the bench and it got really dark and she and Sassip got lost.
"Oh, dang, where's the way back to the pad!?" said Al.
"I know!" said Sassip, grabbing Al by the hair.

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