Al And MT

Davy rubbed his face. "Not againnn Allll!" he said.
"DADDY!" said Al, leaping into Micky's arms.
"Aaaalll!" said MT happily.
"MTTEEEEE!!!" said Al and hopped down.
They ran off to play with the tinker toys.
"Oh man what are we going to do NOW?" said Peter.
"I like them that way!" said Micky and Sassip.
"Huh?" said Peter.
"She's cute!" said Micky.
"She's super dumb!" said Sassip happily.
Al and MT skipped around the pad doing dumb kid things.
"Aaaalll I wanna pop!" said MT.
Al poofed up two and they ate them quickly.
"AHHHH BWAINFREEZE!" they both shouted and writhed around on the floor stupidly. Sassip laughed at them.
Davy giggled and Micky grinned stupidly. "How cute!"
Davy stopped and nudged Micky. "Ey, how come you like MT when he's with kiddie Al, but you don't like him otherwise?" said Davy.
"Cause he has a playmate and he doesn't bother me as much!" said Micky.
"Stupid Father Micky," said Sassip and punted him into the wall.
Al and MT giggled dumbly and grabbed Micky and bounced on him.
"UGH I take it.. BACK... ughghg," said Micky.
Al and MT stopped that and ran off doing more dumb things.

"Sassip what did you do to Al!?" said Davy.
"I dunno. I just smacked the lemonade pops out of her." Sassip shrugged.
"Man, well... what are we going to do NOW?" said Davy.
Sassip grinned evilly. "I can smack her again!"
"No.. better not. Anyway," said Davy.
"Hehe you're silly!" said Sassip and grabbed Davy and ate his hair.
Davy giggled dumbly.
"Man what happened to Al?" said Mike, wandering in with his hat and hair all boofed up.
"Um, she thinks she's a little kid now!" said Micky grinning.
"Man you're messed up!" said Mike shaking his head.
"What? She's cute!" said Micky.
"Yeh.." said Davy dumbly.
"No!" said Sassip and punted him.
"Oooowwww Sassssiiipppp!!!!" said Davy whingily.
"Sorry!" said Sassip and licked him a lot.
"EUGH!" said Micky, Peter and Mike.
Davy wandered off to take a shower.
Mike and Peter stayed away from Sassip and Micky went to find Al and MT.
"I wish that boofy one was around." said Sassip, rubbing her fins together at the thoughts of which she would like to do to BT.
Micky stopped and did the same thing, grinning evilly.
"NO SHE'S MINE!" said Sassip and tried to punt him but he ran away quickly.
"Darn!" said Sassip disappointedly. She just loved punting things so much!
Sassip finally decided to take a nap and dream of punting BT alot.

Davy came down from his shower and sat down and took a nap with Sassip.
Mike and Peter tiptoed around and attended to their business.
Micky started planning evil things to do with BT too, but then Al and MT came by again.
They began sliding down Sassip.
"No nono nonono!" said Mike and Peter quietly. They held out lemonade pops which the two quickly abandoned Sassip and ran over.
"You be good, K? Don't wake up Sassip!" they said and the two agreed and grabbed the pops happily.
Micky sat down and they ran over and sat on his lap and after they got everything sticky within a 4 foot radius they went to bed.
Micky half smiled half grimaced, because he was having fun but then he didn't like being sticky.
Eventually the two woke up and pried their sticky selves off Micky.
"Okay.. bath time!" said Micky and dragged Al and MT off to the tub.
Screeches of dismay and then later delight followed, along with Micky's screaming about stop splashing and stuff.
He finally emerged, carrying MT and Al, all three soaked to the bone.
"Geesh, Micky, didn't you take off their clothes or anything?" said Mike.
Micky turned bright red.
"NO WAY!" he said and brought them downstairs.
"Oh well they'll dry off!" said Peter and grabbed a bunch of towels.
The three ran off to the beach then, but they woke up Sassip on the way.
Peter and Mike went back to the far wall to hide.

Al and MT did everything from fly kites to build massive sand castles and eat about 10 lemonade pops apiece. When they finally came back in, Micky was exhausted but the two kiddies wanted to play more.
Mike took over watching them for a while so Micky could take a nap and when he woke up he wanted to take them to the park.
"I wanna stay with Sassip!" said MT.
"Well I wanna go to the park!" said Al.
"Okay, Peter you stay here with MT and Sassip and me, Micky and Davy will take Al to the park," said Mike.
"Why me!?" said Peter.
"Because MT's pulling on YOU!" said Micky giggling.
"Oh okay guys. Hurry back!" said Peter and ran off to play with Sassip and MT.
Mike, Micky, and Davy all packed up a basket for the park.

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