Al And Mike

Al flew out the window, over the horizon and landed on Mike.
"OUCH!" said Mike.
"OOF" said Al.
"AL!" said Mike and started shaking her.
"Ouch.. whaaaa?" she said dreamily.
"ALLL!" said Mike, shaking her harder.
Al barfed.
"Ugh," said Mike.
"Sorry," said Al, falling over cause Mike let her go.
"Man! That Sassip has to go!" said Mike.
"I heard that!" they heard Sassip say from far far away.
"Ergh... what did you do?"
"I called her stupid."
Mike and Al sat there for a while.
"Well? Poof us back!" said Mike irritably.
"No way! I'm bored this is fun!" said Al.
Mike looked about to throttle her.
"Sorry Mike. BT's gone and I'm sooo bored. I think there's treasure here," said Al.
"You're stupid," said Mike.
Al was about to punt Mike, but she didn't cause she was bored.

"So what are we going to do?" said Mike.
"Isn't that Davy's song?" said Al.
"WHAT!?" said Mike.
"Uh, nevermind. Anyway, let's rough it for a few days. It'll be fun!" said Al.
Mike sighed. "Fine," he said just cause he knew Al wouldn't poof them back anyway.
So they began making a tent out of an old sail they found floating around. Al poofed up some food and they made a campfire.
"Well I guess its not that bad," said Mike. He was still miffed but at least he had some food and shelter now.
"Yeh this island is nice and roomy!" said Al happily.
Mike looked at her as if she were insane.
"You're nuts!"
"Yeh, well, I'm bored and this is fun," said Al.
"Why are you doing this?" said Mike.
"I want to see how long it takes them to get Sassip to come out and find us," said Al evilly.
Mike was catching on. "Ahh! I see!"
So they sat on the island doing dumb things waiting to see if Sassip would ever feel bad.

Meanwhile, Micky was still dancing about BT being gone. Davy was annoyed with Sassip and Peter was worried. MT was whinging about his mommy and wanting lemonade pops which could not be poofed up since Al was not around.
"Sassip! Come on!" said Davy pleadingly.
"No they deserved it!" said Sassip.
"Sassip please!" said Peter.
"No no no!" said Sassip.
"Aren't you the LEAST bit worried?" said Peter.
"NO!" said Sassip. "Rude Al can get herself out of this herself."
"But want about Mike?" said Davy.
"Well I dunno. He's too bossy!" said Sassip.
"Well we like him!" said Davy.
"Yeh. I do too," said Sassip.
"Well then!" said Peter.
"Well then what?" said Sassip.
"LET'S GO GET THEM!" said Peter and Davy.
"Well.. maybe tomorrow. I'm tired," said Sassip falling asleep.
"Awww come one girl!" said Davy but Sassip didn't move.
"Oh well, let's go to bed." said everyone, except Micky who stayed up partying and MT who stayed up whinging.

The next morning Micky and MT were sleeping and Davy and Peter went out on Sassip to find Al and Mike.

Al and Mike were still sleeping in their tent when Sassip rudely broke down their tent and punted them both homeward bound.
Al and Mike woke up mid flight looked at each other and started screaming.
They flew right on top of Micky and MT.
"YARGGHH!" they all screeched and attacked Sassip when she came back. Sassip managed to punt half of them onto the beach, flipped Micky against the wall and smashed Al over the head.
Al woke up an hour later and asked for a "lemmyade pop".

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