Al Minus BT

One day BT went away to visit relatives which Al thought was odd because all her relatives were right there in the pad but she let her go cause BT is a boofer.
The first day Al was like whatever. She ran around and read about 60 books. But then she got bored and it was too quiet. Even though MT was whinging his head off and eating lemonade pops out the wazoo.
Al got bored of cleaning up the mind pad so she poofed out and ran into Davy and Sassip.
"Ouch," said Sassip.
"Sorry," said Al, rubbing her nose.
"Shut up!" said Sassip.
"Ugh," said Davy.
"You killed him!" said Sassip, punting Al across the room.
"WARGH!" shouted Al, crashing into Micky.
"ACK!" said Micky and ran around stupidly.
"ACK!" said Sassip and punted him back into Al.
"Sassip!" said Davy.
Sassip blushed and shoved someone into her pouch.

Al got up and staggered around.
"I lost my glasses," she said.
Micky found them and put them on and went blind.
"OMIGOSH I CAN'T SEE!" he shouted and ran around blindly.
"GIMME THEM!" said Sassip and ate them.
"NOO!" said Al and jumped down after them.
Inside Sassip, Al found her glasses but she wished she hadn't.
"Oh, hello, Mike, how'd you get in here?" said Al.
"Uh.. help!" said Mike.
"Hey, how are we fitting in here?" said Sassip's stomach.
"EEEEKKK!" cried Al and Mike and ran out of Sassip.
"BLARGH!" said Sassip spitting them up.
"EWWW EWWWW!" said Mike and Al and began dancing around grossed out like.
Davy thought they were frugging or something and started doing weird things.
"Don't do that!" said Sassip and punted him into Micky who was running around screaming something stupid about getting his sight back.

Al was rolling around on the floor cause she mistook "Stop, drop, and roll" for being swallowed instead of on fire.
Mike kicked her.
"Oh, sorry," said Al getting up.
"Man she's stupider when BT's not here," said Sassip.
"Shut up Sassip!" said Al.
"SEE!? I TOLD YOU SHE WOULD GIVE ME LIP!" said Sassip pointing at Al.
Peter shrugged. "How was I sposed to know?"
"ARGH WHERE DID HE COME FROM!?" said Sassip, punting him into Al.
"SASSSIPPPP STOP IT!" said Al and punched her.
Sassip looked hurt and curled into a ball.
"ARGH!" said Al running away from Sassip who was rolling around trying to squish her.

Al ran out to the beach and screeched.
Sassip squished her into the hot sand. She began to roll back and forth over her until Al turned into a big porcupine and stuck her.
"YEOWCH!" cried Sassip and unrolled in a hurry. "YOU STUPID HUMAN! LOOK WHAT SHE DID!"
Sassip shrieked at Peter.
"So?" said Peter. He shrugged again. "You rolled over her,"
Micky then remembered that BT would not come back and he began dancing and dancing.
"Uh, she's coming back eventually," said everyone.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" said Micky and curled up into a ball.
"But she'll be gone for a while," said Al matter-of-factly.
"Oh, well I can take that," said Micky.
Mike walked in and was toweling off his hat. "Man, Sassip is messy inside."
"NO!" shrieked Sassip and punted Mike across the beach.
"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh......." said Mike as he sailed into the horizon.
"Oh Sassip!" said Davy with horror.
"Oh, Davy is horror!" said Sassip.
"WHAT?!" said Davy.
"Uh, hehe you're cute!" said Sassip and picked him up and licked his hair.
"Heheheehehehehe that tickles!" said Davy.
Sassip stopped and looked at him funny.
Davy quieted down and fell over because she dropped him.

Al was still rolling around on the ground.
"What's her problem?" said Peter.
"I don't know but BT's GONE!" said Micky kicking Al alot.
"OUCH WHY!?" said Al.
"I dunno. Why don't you go get MT?" said Peter.
"NOOO! NOTHING LIKE THAT! NOT HIM! He thinks I'm his daddy," said Micky scaredly.
"Well you are kinda maybe.. sorta..." said Al. She resumed rolling around in the sand.
"Why are you doing that?" said Sassip.
"Causec" said Al stupidly.
Sassip was about to punt her across the sea liek Mike but Davy got in the way and she stopped herself partially so he only flew into the water.
"SASSIP! Stop punting people!" said Davy, coming back all wet.
Sassip shrugged and went back inside.

Peter grabbed Al and Micky followed giggling with glee.
Al ran around alot.
"Don't do thatc" said Sassip and Davy who were watching her.
"I can't help it! She's gone!" said Al who was bored.
"I KNOW!" said Micky who was also running around happily.
"MAKE THEM STOP!" said Sassip.
So they did and everyone sat down and watched some stupid TV.
"I hate this!" said Sassip and punted the TV out the window.
"SASSSSIIPPP!" everyone said angrily.
"I wish Mike were here.." said Peter.
"Yeh, where IS Mike!?" said Micky.
"Stupid Sassip punted him across the water." said Al.
"STUPID!?" said Sassip and punted Al after the TV...

Next Issue: Al and Mike.

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