Whatever happened to Polly Pocket anyway
Pocket Micky

One day Peter & Mr. Schneider were playing three-way checkers with Davy & Al.
"Hey," Davy said suddenly.
"What?" said Peter & Al.
"You stepped on my dialogue," said Al.
"Did not, that was mine," said Peter.
"Well anyway, how are the four of us playing three-way checkers?" Davy asked in a perturbed tone.
Peter looked at Mr. Schneider, & drew Al & Davy closer & whispered, "Well, we shouldn't hurt his feelings...but Mr. Schneider isn't really playing because he's the dummy."
Davy snorked pound cake out his nose while trying not to giggle and Al thought that was disgusting so she left Peter & Davy to play three-way checkers by themselves. They'd just have to figure out a way.

Al went outside & tapped Mike on the shoulder. "Where's MT?"
Mike was watching his spark plug, which was very odd, because a little bolt of metal was starting to pop up out of the ground. No-one was quite sure yet what this signified. "MT? Uhh, I dunno, he's somewhere...I think he's playing with Tinker Toys in Peter's mind."
Al popped into Peter's mind & looked around. "Hey MT! Where's your Mommy?"
"Mommy said not to tell you she was in your lab thingie," MT said. He was constructing a giant thing that Al couldn't tell what it was, nor in fact could MT, but he didn't care, he was a Micky clone.
"Thank you, MT," Al said patting him on the head absently & poofing into her lab angrily.
"BEE-TEEEEE," she said peevishly. "You ar-en't supposed to mess with stuff in here, because you are a boofer & foop things urp."
"Do we have any chocolate?" BT said innocently & holding something behind her back.
"What do you have? Is that a potion?" Al said suspiciously.
"Nnnoooooooooooooo," BT said peevishly.
"I already said something peevishly, we've DONE that. And it's a weird word anyway," Al said peevishly. "Oh no, not again..."
"Well I'm gonna go make a BFPL bye!" BT said quickly & poofed into someplace.

Al sighed and followed her.
BT was petting MT and didn't notice.
"How do you not notice me with the shouting and the irkedness?" Al asked incredulously.
BT looked at her. "Oh, hi Al. I made a sandwich. Want one?"
"BLECK!" said Al, knocking it out of her hand.
MT grabbed it off the floor and gulped it down.
"Darn don't you feed that kid?! He just.. he ... he just... devoured.. that.. THING" said Al, her eyes popping out of her head.
MT giggled and put them back in.
"Oh, thank you MT..." said Al absently. The eye popping thing hurt so she forgot what she was on about and went away to find Micky.
"Micky?" said Al, looking in Davy's hair.
"Micky?" said Al, looking in Sassip's mouth.
"Micky?" said Al, looking in the fridge.
"Micky!?" said Al, looking in Mike's hat.
"Don't do that man. What are you looking for?" said Mike.
"MICKY! Didn't you hear I said it 4 times!" said Al.
"Oh, ah, I saw Micky go with BT." said Mike, staring at the sparkplug which began sprouting leaves.
"Mike, what's up with that thing?" said Sassip, trying to eat it.
"NO!" shouted Mike and squirted Sassip with water.
Sassip shrugged somehow and went to find Davy.

Al decided she wanted some fried Micky so she was getting annoyed at the fact she could not find him.
"BT WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MICKY!? I wanna make him into a pie or something!" said Al annoyedly.
Al sniggered.
BT popped in at the speed of light and grimaced. "YOU CAN'T EAT HIM!' she said.
"I know, but I thought that would get you in here pronto. NOW, where IS he!?" said Al. Micky had promised to take her to the store.
"Uh.. I dunno!" said BT and tried to poof out, but Al stopped her.
"Ah ah ah, not til you tell me! I know you know so tell me now!"
MT poofed in. "Mommy, can I play with Micky?" he asked innocently.
"NO, ah, I don't know where he is!" said BT turning beet red.
"Yes you do Mommy! He's in your po..." said MT, until BT interrupted him with her fist in his mouth.
"He's in your PO?!" asked Davy.
"I didn't know you had a po. What's a po? Is it like a pouch? I have a pouch!" said Sassip stupidly.
"POCKET!" said Al loudly.
Sassip was scared and hid under Davy.
"You have him in your POCKET! Yes, Sassip, its like a pouch... but you can take it off!" Al said.
Sassip looked disgusted.

"Yay!" said Peter.
"Why did you say that for?" asked Davy.
"Uh, I dunno." said Peter.
"Okay then..." said Davy and tried to get off of Sassip.
"Mommmmyyy I wanna play with teeny Micky!" said MT, but BT had long sinced poofed out.
"Dang it all, Sassip! You distracted me!" said Al.
"Hmph!" said Sassip and put Al and Peter in her nice warm pouch. The only problem was that when she stood up normally all her wait was on her pouch.
"OOoogh..... mmmmmppphhh!!!" said Al and Peter.

Meanwhile, BT had taken Micky out of her pocket & was letting him stand on the thing MT had made out of Tinker Toys.
"BT!!!!" he said in a tiny voice.
"Yes?" she said innocently.
"Do what?" she said innocentlier.
"Man, you could get SUED, putting Tinker Toys in this story!"
"Oh. Oopsie."
"And besides that, I'm THREE INCHES TALL!!"
"Three and a half."
"SO?! Whyyy did you make me TINY?!"
BT thought about that. "Actually, I'm not sure. I wanted to see what would happen if I did, and you're CUUUUTE besides."
Micky snorted. "You are a NIT. AAAAA NIT!!!"
BT said, "Hhmm... I think I'll put you back in my pocket now." And she did. Then MT poofed in.

"Mommy Mommy can I play with tiny Micky?"
"SSSHHHHHHHH!!" BT screeched.
"Mmmfffttt!" Micky said in such an eentsy-weentsy voice that nobody heard him at all except BT who hears everything Micky says because she is an obsessive stalker figment girlie.
"Doooon't taaaalk about tiny Micky, he's a SECret."
MT looked bewildered. "But why? He's a fun toy! Can I put him in the spaceship I made?"
"Uh, no, why don't you go to sleep?" said BT, & poofed him to sleep. But then MT woke up.
"Don't wanna!"
"Uhhh..." BT scrambled for an idea. "PUDDING! Give him pudding!"
"What, Mommy?"
"Erm, did I say that out loud? Hey sweetie...if I give you pudding will you not talk about Micky for awhile?"
"CHOColate pudding?"
"Yes yes yes vats of it, vats of chocolate pudding. Here is some," BT said & poofed up a vat of chocolate pudding & a kiddie spoon.
"OH GOODY!" MT said & started eating it. BT poofed out again.

"Hi BT," Sassip said, still squooshing Al & Peter.
"Hmm. You know, I think you're suffocating them," BT said thoughtfully.
"Who?" Sassip said blankly.
BT gave her a Look. "Aaaallll and Peeeterrrrrr!!"
"Oh," Sassip said & rolled over. BT went over & yanked Peter out first because at the moment she felt kindlier toward him. He was a pretty shade of lavender..
"Awww you're all purply," BT said.
Peter gasped & regained his normal color. "She SAT on me!!!"
"No, she put you in her pouch & THEN she sat on you," BT corrected him. "Shouldn't we pull Al out?" Peter said.
BT looked at her watch, waited a minute & then pulled Al out. She was more of a plum color.
"BT...I am going to-" Al said & started forward, with the intention of wringing BT's scrawny little neck, but Davy & Peter grabbed her by the arms.

"Sassip sat on us," Peter informed her casually.
"OH, DID SHE?!" Al shouted. "Davy, Peter, if you let go of me I will give you poundcake."
"OKAY!" yelled Davy, so they did and she did and they ate it ravenously.
"Well, really, she didn't sit on you so much as lay on you," Mike said thoughtfully. He had been observing the proceedings cautiously.
"Well anyway...hey what was the point of this story anyway?" Al wondered. "OH, right. Where's Micky? No, I mean...BT!! What did you do to or with Micky???"
BT blinked. "I gave him a sandwich," she said happily.
"No no no not a zillion stories ago I mean NOW."
"Well right now I'm not doing ANYTHING to or with Micky."
"No no no not NOW, but...ARGH!" Al shrieked & sat down for a bit to collect what wits BT had left her.
"Peter! Gimme that!" said Davy, grabbing the last piece of poundcake.
Al giggled absentmindedly. "Peeetah!" she said, mimicing Davy's accent.
MT had since poofed in, covered in pudding.
"Pita! Pita!" he shouted.
Peter looked bewildered. "Huh?"
"Pita pita! PIIITTTAAA!" shouted MT happily.
"OH CRIPES! He's hepped up on sugar!" shouted Mike.
Al, Sassip and Davy and Peter all dove for cover.
"QUICK! IN HERE!" whispered Sassip, holding her pouch open. Peter, Al and Davy crawled in not realizing.
"OH CRIKEY!" they shouted as Sassip giggled and sat on them again.
"Ehehehe!" said MT, "I'll save you Aaaalll! I'll save you Pita! Davyyy!!!" and he proceeded to tickle Sassip til she rolled over on her back and flailed her flippers.
Mike was laughing at the stupidity of the three but got smashed by her tail and flung outside onto his sparkplug.
"OURGH!" he shrieked.
"WE'RE FREREEEEE!" said Peter, Davy and Al running and hiding from Sassip.
"She's evil!" they all agreed.
"Thank you MT! Now, if you tell us where Micky is I will give you a lemonade pop!" said Al.
MT's eyes lit up. "OOOHHHHMommyshrunkMickyandhe'sinherpocket!" he said.
"Oops, a lil slower boy!" said Davy.
"He's not Sassip!" said Al, shoving Davy out the way.
"Heeeyy!" said Sassip.
"Mommy.... shrunk... Micky... and... he's.. in...." said MT.
"YES? YES?!"
"..her.... pocket..." said MT.
"Ooookie.... thanks MT." said Al, handing over the lemonade pops.

Al turned on BT.
"GIMME!" she shouted and pounced... carefully.
She confined BT in a BT proof bubble and began searching her pockets.
"NO NO NO!" shouted BT angrily, but she couldn't get out.
"HA!" said Al, carefully grabbing Micky out.
She left BT in the bubble and poofed herself and Micky out of the bubble.
"Lemme OUT!" said BT fogging up the bubble until she couldn't see anymore.
"NO I CAN'T SEE NOW!" said BT foopily.
"Ah, hellp!" said Micky.
"Righto!" said Al and poofed him big again.
"Hey, I was taller!" he said.
Davy laughed and fell on the floor.
"Don't do that!"
Mike giggled at him.
Micky made the worst face.
Al sighed and turned Micky normal again.
"NO NO NO!" shouted BT.
They decided to leave BT in the bubble until next story, because she was a fooper.

The End.

Next Issue: MT regresses even deeper into babyhood cause he never got to be a baby before.

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