17 + 5 = 21

One day after the last story Davy came back all dirty and eaten.
No wait, no one ate Davy because he was a Monkeeman and they are hard to catch and even harder to fry. So Davy came back unscathed but horribly dirty.
"Where were you?" asked Micky suspisciously.
"Shhhh" said Mike, walking by and winking at Davy.
"Uh.. nowhere Micky. Where were you?"
Micky looked confused. "I.. I dunno.. I thought.. wasn't I right here? PPPPEEETTTEEERRR!"
Micky ran off to find Peter leaving Mike and Davy winking stupidly at each other. Suddenly Micky and MT walked in followed by Al. She had turned back into a girl and chucked the hat with the thing at Sassip who avoided it at all costs as she hated being a boy thing.
"You never were!" said Al.
"Well still!" said Sassip and ate Al.
"Oh, well this *IS* odd innit..." said Al all echoey like from inside Sassip.
"Sheyutup!" said Micky.
"Uh, in Sassip thingy thing!" said Micky.
"They are stupid! I wonder if it would make any difference if their ages were switched?" asked Mike.
"Oh ho good plan!" said BT evilly. "Maybe MT will like me and and and.... and and... well MWAHAHAHA" and she blinked alot at MT and Micky. Suddenly Micky made an odd face and slumped down a bit and MT stood up and looked confused.

"Mooom!" he said but didn't shout it loudly and foopily. He wasn't very cute with it either though.
"Right here MT baby kid thing!" said Al, muffled.
"But Mom, I'm 21!" said MT.
"Oh my.. 21.. what a big boy!" said Al stupidly.
"Are you okay?" asked MT.
"Ugh if you are 21 then how am I your mother?" asked Al.
"You know, silly mother thing!" said MT and walked off to throw out his tinkertoys and get a chemistry set and a gueetar.
"No son of mine is learning the gueetar! You'll learn a wind instrument and like it!" said Al firmly but muffled.
Meanwhile, Micky was playing with his shoelaces intently.
"Whatcha doin'?" asked BT.
"I am pwaying with my shoewaces!" said Micky with a big dumb smile on his face.
BT made cooey noises and Micky giggled stupidly at her.
"OH HE"S LIKE MT!" said BT. Then she stopped and thought. "But if Micky is like MT and MT is like Micky then why didn't I just try and seduce MT? Oh I remember. He hates me, tra la la!"
"Darn tootin'!" said Al from inside Sassip.
"Ugh, noisy foods." said Sassip and spit Al out.
"Ah air.. fresh air!" said Al, kissing the air. Micky made a face and began to howl with kiddie laughter.
"AHAHAHA AL KISSY FACE AHAHA!" he shouted and rolled around.
"Ugh." said Al. "MT, why are you calling me Al and why are you dressed in Micky's clothes?"
"That's not MT that's Micky!" said BT evilly.
"Oh!? Well then why are you acting like MT, Micky?"
"Huh? Al make sense sense no no thingy lalal" said Micky.
"What the.... *I* make no sense? thingy lala? Um, Micky, has MT been force feeding you breakfast cereals again?" asked Al.
"SEEER-IIIAALLLSSS!" said Micky, rolling the word around in his mouth.
"Yes Micky thing honey dearest sweetums sticky yuck yucky sugar comb," said Al, in a dumb condescending tone.
"SUGAR YUM YUM!" said Micky and ran off to who knows where.
"Ugh he's worse than MT!" said Al. "I don't want to have to deal with two of them!"
"But MT is normal!" said BT with a dumb smile. "I shall woo him and he shall be mine!"
Al made a face at her and decided she needed a swim in a drool pool so in she dunked BT.

Suddenly MT and Davy walked in.
"Hey, Al, Micky's acting oddly," said Davy, pointing at MT.
"No I think that's MT..." said Al.
"I know but BT did soemthing stupid and she's taking a time out in the drool pool now. By the way, where DID you and Mike go last night?"
Davy looked about him in abject horror and ran off, muttering something about utter sworn secrecy and Mike's problem.
"So um, MT honey?" asked Al.
"Yo, ma, where's the grub? I'm starved?"
"Um, don't talk like that!" said Al backing away slowly.
"Oh okay. Anyway..."
"Ugh he's like 17. I thought you said you were 21."
"Oh I am but I like to try things out. Its like fun."
"Oh, well you smell like fish. Go take a shower."
"A what?"
"A shower! Shower!!!" said Al, wondering why her stupid 21 year old kid was so dumb. She was losing patience by the second.
"Oh oh are you back little boy cute baby thing!?" said Al getting all stupid and motherly.
"Huh? Take a.. SHEEE-YOWEER? I don't know what that is mom..." said MT, looking genuinely confused.
Al sighed. "You know. A bath. A shower. Water and soap in which to cleanse yourself with because you smell like fish."
"Oh, a thing! K mom!" said MT and shuffled off like a good little 21 year old.
"My but he's a momma's boy..." said BT a bit dismayed.
"Shut it.." growled Al. "I want my baby boy cute thing baaaccckkk!"
BT looked alarmed as Al began to wail loudly about something sticky yum yum kiddie thing.
"How come you don't wail loudly over meeee?!" shouted BT.
"Cause you're all growed up and foopy now!" said Al, dazing off to when BT was cute and stupid and little and fun to throw about and use as a peapong ball.

MT came back smelling nicely of Zest. Peter shuddered and Davy followed him around for three minutes until he realized who it was and walked away without a word.
"Oh, that was weird..." said Mike.
"Miiikkeee! MT is Micky age but a momma's boy and Micky is MT's age and extra kiddie and BT is dumb and Al is lamenting and Peter is shuddering because MT smells like Zest that Peter once was and Davy is secretive and Mike is lookiing confused!" shouted Peter at Mike.
Mike looked at Peter oddly. "Why are you talking about yourself in the third person, narrating what *I* am doing right here before you now that I know what I am doing right now before you, and why in gad's sake did you leave out SPARKPLUG!?" shouted Mike incoherently.
"AND MEEEEEEEEE!" shouted Sassip so loudly that everyone for a 6 mile radius realized she was left out.
"Oh, well Poundcake is sunning himself with the fridge light and Sassip was eating people and Sparkplug is growing..." said Peter.
"Okay then. Well. I think I'm going to.. uh.. Detroit. Coming Davy?" asked Mike, winking slyly.
"I SAW IT!" said BT but they were gone.
MT looked confused. "I have a date, you want to come, Pete?" he asked, nudging Peter. Peter looked confused. "Uh, sure MT.. can I drive?"
"Yeh, I guess. But I get shotgun!" shouted MT loudly and Peter and MT ran outside giggling and talking of how their date was going to go.

"Allllll why is MT and Pita going to thingy?" asked Micky.
Micky stared at BT and BT swooned at Micky.
"Funny BT thing scares me," said Micky to himself and played with some blocks MT left on the floor from when he was still a kid.
"HE'S CUTE!" said BT as if noticing for the first time.
"OH please," said Al. "He should be his foopy self cause I want my baby MT thingy back," she sniffed.
"You didn't answew my question," said Micky.
"What question?" said Al absently.
"Why did MT & Pita go to thingy?"
"Oh they went to Detroit," said Al.
"No Mike & Davy goed thewe."
"FOOOOOOOOOOOOOP," shouted Sassip & sat on everyone.
"DON'T DO THAT," said BT, shoving her off.
"You did not do that, *I* did, you weren't strong enough," said Al.
"Hmph," said BT & brushed Micky's hair.
"I'm not DOING anything," said BT & continued.
"Oh you're no fun," said BT disgustedly & left.
Micky sniffled. "I'm noooooot??"
"OOH HE'S CUTE," said BT & came back & flung herself on him.
"Ummm...... AAaallll....BT thing... all foopy... HELP!" he shrieked.
"Oh honestly," said Al & flung BT across the road to the neighbors' house, where she had a cup of tea & played five things of Bridge & lost them all badly & then came back.

"While you were gone I helped Micky build a block fortress," Al said proudly. The entire living room was filled with blocks.
"That's not a fortress it's just a big sea of blocks," said BT swimming around.
"I thought you couldn't swim," said Al.
"Oh...uh..." said BT.
"SWIMMMMMM!" said Sassip, bounding in & displacing all the blocks.
"OH good grief there's blocks out the windows & out the doors & I can't breathe, ugh," said Al.
"Does MT have to be home by a certain time?" BT inquired of Al.
"YES. He must be home by seven o'clock. Well, no, nine...hmm..." Al said & fell into Silent Motherly Pondering. "Why?" she asked suspiciously.
"I wanted to know if you were going to set a curfew for me when *I* start dating," BT said fixing an evil gaze on Micky until Sassip slapped her around & ate her.
Al sniffed. "Yes you have to be home by 5 PM," she muttered evilly.
"Ugh," said BT and flung herself at Micky.
"EEK!" said Micky and skedaddled out of the way.
"OUCH!" said BT landing on her face in blocks.
"OOOH!" said Sassip happily, reveling in BT's misfortune.
"STOP WITH THE INTERJECTIONS!" shouted Al, rolling around in the blocks. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"
"Hey.. chill out!" said Sassip and BT.
"Yeh Al, chill thing!" said Micky and picked her up and carried her away.
"OMIGOSH WHERE DID SHE TAKE MY MICKY!?" shouted BT and rolled around in horror.
"NOOOOO HOOORRRROOORRRRR!" shouted Sassip in horror. "Oh fudge..." she said and rolled over everything in the room, and somehow this included herself.
"Anyway, Micky took Al somewhere, not the other way around." Sassip said when she was done. "Gads I'm glad I'm not teensy anymore because I can do this!" and she punted BT after Micky and Al.
BT landed in the sand a few feet away from Micky and Al.
"OH! BT can come tooo!" he said happily, stooped down, picked up BT and then walked to the ocean. He flung both Al and BT in and then sat down in the drier sand and played with it.
Al swam to shore and sighed heavily. BT turned into a cabbage and floated in on the tide.

"MICKKKY I LOVE YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU TRIED TO DROWN ME!" she shouted and rolled up to Micky. Micky looked perplexed at the talking of the cabbage but picked her up anyway and started peeling off her leafy layers.
"UGH NO NO I'LL BE NAKED!" she whinged in horror.
"NOOO HORRROR!" shouted Sassip, galloped up to Micky, stopped just short of smashing into him, and punted BT from his very hands. She sailed so far away, she ended up being intercepted by Davy's bonce, and they brought her back with them when they returned from their *wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more* event.
"It's just a chicken fry party, you know." said Al, matter-of-factly.
"I KNEW IT!" shouted Peter and MT.
"Ah, back already?" asked Al.
"No, we brought some groovy chicks back!" said Peter and MT happily.
"Oh I see.." said Al, trying not to look disappointed.
"Chicks? Where??" said Davy.
"BAD BOY," said Sassip & seized him & stuffed him in her pouch.
One of the chicks looked deeply perturbed. "What is THAT???" she said.
"Oh that's Sassip, she's the sea monster foopy evil thing that lives with us," MT said carelessly.
"I see," said the chick, clearly not comprehending.
Micky took one look at Peter & MT & the chicks & hid shyly behind Al.
"OH CUTE!!!" yelped BT until Sassip ate her.
"Oh, um, I should introduce everyone," said Peter, and he did, because it saves time to just say he did rather than write dialogue for him introducing everyone. Um, anyway.
"I'm Sparky!" said one chick brightly. "I'm Triff!" said the other.
"Um... okay..." said Mike, summoning all stoic deadpanness available to him so he would not laugh.
BT gave Sassip heartburn so she spit her out & after poofing the Sassip drool off her BT sat on Mike's shoulders & said dumb things.
"Shut up," said Al.
Davy made muffled noises from Sassip's pouch.
"What honey thingy?" said Sassip & let him out.
"I want a chick, I never get to get a chick, Micky had a chick & Peter & MT have chicks and-"
"YOU HAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" shrieked Sassip & Al both & then looked at each other & both looked horribly embarrassed & shut up.
"I don't have a chick," said Mike.
"YOU HAVE ME!!" said BT but Mike calmly shook her off.
"Oh you are boring, you don't even fling me," BT said & went to play Go Fish with Micky. Rather, she dragged him off to play Go Fish.

"So this is the pad," said MT. "Mom, do we have any lemmyade pops?"
"LEMMYADE POPS!! I LOVE THOSE!!" screeched Sparky.
"Uh... ye gods," said Al under her breath but then said, "Oh yeh uh there's some in the fridge..."
"Match made in heaven," Mike remarked stoically to himself but nobody heard except Sassip and she didn't care.
Sparky dashed inside followed closely by MT & Peter & Triff & Sassip & Mike & Al looked badly confused.
"That was a BADLY written sentence," said Mike.
Sparky dashed inside, followed closely by MT while Peter & Triff & Sassip & Mike & Al looked badly confused.
"Much better," Mike said nodding his approval. "Go on."
Peter went to teach Triff to play three-headed checkers & Mike left with Davy to play golf using toothpicks & crumbs, which left Al & Sassip.
"Oh you're good at math," Sassip the smartaleck sea monster informed the author.
"Shaddap," said BT author.
"I fear for my son's mental health," Al stated.
"He does pick up strange pullets," said Sassip.
"PULLETS?!" said Al.
"Chicks, whatever," said Sassip.
"I know Mike and Davy are going to chicken fry .. *YEOWCH!*" shouted Al and grabbed her tush.
"What what!?" said Sassip, "Are there starfish assasins!?"
"WHAT!? I DUNNO OUCH!" shouted Al and ran around.
"No Mom it was me!" giggled MT mischievously.
"Um what are you doing MT?"
"I'm using my figmental powers!" he said as if it were a given.
"But MT honey you aren't even a figment!" Al nearly shouted. Sparky had gone to the bathroom or something. Or maybe she rolled off to a lemonade pop freeze.
"Yes I am mom," said MT.
"Oh my..." Sassip giggled and hid behind the wall to watch this domestic situation take place.
"Why is that stupid green thing giggling at us?" asked MT and zapped her. "Oh I turned her into a frog!" he announced happily.
"MT you just zapped her. And who gave you your crystal?" asked Al.
"Oh, I took Micky's because he didn't need it." MT said and was rooting around in the fridge.

"Look, MT if you're going to be all old and stuff, you need a job, K sweety pumpkin not so baby kiddie thing?"
MT stared at her vacantly. "JEEE-YOOOBBB!?" he shrieked.
"Ugh stop DOING that!" shouted Al and spun around thrice.
"Why did you do that Ma?" asked MT confusedly.
"I dunno. I like thrice.." said Al vacantly. "Anyway, yes, a job. You know. Money. Earn your keep. Gimme cash cash yum!"
"She's bonkers!" said Sassip.
"I bet you didn't even shower for your girlfriend thing," said Al with a sigh. "Kids these days."
"SHEEEE-YOWW..." said MT, but Sassip cut him off by punting him.
"Where did Sparky go?" asked Al.
"Oh, she went home. She used me for lemonade pops... but I like her." said MT swoonily.
"Oh my...." said Al.
"I like Davy!" said Sassip, somehow got a flipper on him and licked his hair.
"'Ey! I was.. I was at a chicken.. er.. golf outing with Mike! Sassiiiipp how did you get me here!? HOW!?" said Davy, all his seriousness dissolving into hopeless giggles.
"Look MT, I think.. um... hmm... its time to lay down the rules." said Al, not sure how to face this unexpected issue.
"Rules? What rules? We never had rules!" said MT looking around frantically as if the rules would appear as if from nowhere and beat him on the bonce mercifullessly.
"Well.. you were just 5 a few hours ago and now you're 21.. its kind of hard to figure out this. But here are the rules. You gotta get a job and pay room and board. You got a curfew of 9 PM. You have to shower regularly, and .. uh.. oh I don't know..." said Al, collapsing on the floor and melting into a funky plasticene blob.
"Oh Mom, PLEASE don't do that! I need some more lemonade pops!" said MT.
"OMIGOSH!" shouted Al and stayed a blob. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! BBBEEEETTTEEEEE!!!!"
BT appeared from where ever the heck it was that she was, with a cute little innocent grin on her face.

"Yes mommy dearest?" she said in her most sugary sweet condescending voice possible.
"Ugh, BT you change those boofers around right now!" said Al.
"Al BT made me lose 6 times." said Micky.
"I did not!" said BT.
"She tooks my cards and stoled them and then made me take her foowepy cards and put them on the table and do things!" said Micky.
Al stared at him incomprehensibly.
"Al is a plasic thingy." Micky stated casually and peeled her off. He used her as silly putty and copied the comics from the newpaper.
"Ugh, I'm all comicky!" said Al.
"MOM! I ... I got a date Mom I'm going out!" said MT.
"But you just got HOME! UGH BBEETTEEE CHANGE THEM BACK NOW!" shouted Al. "He's so STUPID because he hasn't had time to learn things PROPERLY so he's all weird and half this and that and ughghghg and Micky is just dumb."
"Al is dumb!" said Micky indignantly and threw her against the wall to watch her drip solidly down.
"Mmm isn't this FUN?" said Al in a pained voice.
BT was rolling her head off. Micky thought it was funny and picked her head up.
"NOOO MICKY GIMME!" said BT, grabbing at her bonce futiley.
"S'peapong ball!" said Micky happily. MT rolled his eyes.
"What a child.." he sighed. "Mom, stop paying attention to those two and pay attention to ME! I'm your kid and I need the Monkeemobile keys and 5 boxes of lemonade pops and I need a.. SHEE.. SHEE-YOOOWWWEEERR but I forgot how to take one."
"You are outusing that joke." said BT matter-of-factly.
"Well you are losing your head!" said MT snitchily.
"I CAn'T DO A THING!" cried Al. She shot a look like knives at BT.
BT finally realized she could poof her head back on & did so & then juggled the look like knives.
"LOOKY, I CAN JUGGLE KNIVES!!" she said but nobody was impressed except Micky because he was a little kid & little kids are impressed by dumb things & he wanted to try but Al would not let him because he would hurt himself & her motherly instincts were flipping out & he got mad at BT & Al, and Al got mad at BT, and BT got mad at Al because Al was mad at her.

"I WANT PUDDING!" shouted Micky.
"Okay," said BT & poofed him into a vat of chocolate pudding.
"BEETEEEEEE!!" Al shouted in exasperation.
"MOM!!! Listen to me!!" said MT.
"I did, you can't have the keys without asking Mike because Mike is always in charge of the Monkeemobile in these stories, and you don't need that many pops & you do TOO know how to take a SHOW-er," Al said in a rush.
MT looked angry. "Just because YOU have figmental powers!!" he said.
"You never stay home anymore!! You're always off on dates, or things, you don't care about your poor old mother!" Al cried. "I suffered for years, I made so many sacrifices for you, and now-"
"AL!!! No you DIDN'T!!" Mike said, slapping her around a bit.
"Thank heavens you've come!!!" BT said in a dumb voice.
"Oh thank you Mike, I needed that," Al said in relief.
"Yuck, my hands are all putty-y," Mike said in disgust & went to wash them.

Micky meanwhile was eating the vat of chocolate pudding and making himself a DISGUSTING mess because he had pudding in his hair which BT thought was cute but everyone else thought it was atrocious.
"Mickyyyy go take a shower," said Al.
Micky blinked & looked confused. "Sh-" he started but was cut off by Davy who had apparently gotten back at the same time as Mike.
"DON'T SAY IT, MICKY!!!!" he shrieked.
Micky looked perplexed as if he might burst into howling kiddie tears. "But but but I was only gonna say sh-sh-sh-ower!!!!!" he wailed & got all quivery-lip-ish like little kids do.
"Ooh, pudding for me?!" Micky said & clapped with glee.
"Ummmm, NO," said Davy. "Here we'll go get some pudding or something," he said, gingerly reaching out & picking up Micky by his shirt collar & poofing off to Peter's mind to clean him off.

Meanwhile Al had managed to de-putty herself.
"Mom, that's not FAIR!! If I had powers you wouldn't care if I had twenty boxes of lemonade pops," MT whined.
"Yes I would," said Al.
"No you wouldn't."
"Oh, well, maybe not."
"UGH," shouted MT & went to get keys from Mike.
"Hi Mike gimme keys," he said.
"Huh?" said Mike.
"I need the keys to the Monkeemob-"
"Aw, c'mon, why not?" MT pleaded.
"Because," said Mike & sat on them but it hurt so he hid them in his hat.
MT sighed and tricked Davy.
"Hey Mike, can I borrow the keys?" Davy asked.
"Sure thing bud." said Mike stupidly.
"I'm uh.... going to a Chicken fry party," said Davy while MT made eyes at Micky.
"Oh sorry the author is being stupid." Mike informed everyone, holding up his hands to signal no alarm needed.
Every breathed a sigh of relief and the story continued because MT never made eyes at Micky.
Well he did but he didn't. Well nevermind.

Anyway, Mike looked at Davy suspisciously.
"Why you wanna borrow the keys to the car when you can roll, man?" he asked.
"Uh, well, MT is uh.. he wants to try them but he.... hmmm he can't roll cause.. he has a bad back.. and um....." said Davy.
"Man you KNOW you can't get to them funky fries without rolling!" said Mike.
Davy looked at Mike dreamily and they both winked at each other and rolled off as if by some secret cue.
"ARGH!" said MT as Mike had the keys.
"Ugh I dunno if I like Cute Davy anymore." said Al, staring after them in horror.
"NOOO HORROR! BAD THINGY!" said Sassip, sitting on Al.
"ugh" Al was heard to moan.
MT zapped Sassip who looked freaked and moved on to greener oceans. Then he zapped Al 50 times because he was mad at her for everything.
"Mom you suck lemonade pops that are melted and warm!" he shouted. Al was hurt because that was the worst insult MT knew in his odd 17/21 age.
"Huh." said Al and rubbed her tush.
Davy came back briefly to help her but she gave him a look and he rolled off again.
Micky thought it was funny and tried to emulate the same thing on BT but Al gave him a look and he giggled and rolled off to the bathtub to play with the duckie.
BT was mad. "AL YOU SUCK LIKE FINGERPAINTS THAT GOT CLOGGED IN THE SINK AND YOU NEED A PLUNGER TO GET THEM OUT!" she shouted. Al stared at her and then laughed because that was the most ridiculous thing she ever said in her figmental life.
"*I* Want a figmental life! WHY CAN'T I BE A FIGMENT MOM!?" shouted MT.
"Because you're still immature." said Al.
"Hey, MT, if you let me be your mommy I'll give you whatever you want." said BT.
"Oh okay!" said MT.
"Ugh, fine. Just do that but you'll be sorry! MWAHAHAH!" said Al and swung her cape around her consiratorialy.
"Huh? Al, you don't wear a cape." said BT.
"Oh.. well.. you'll be sorry!" muttered Al incoherently and sulked off into the mind pad.
"Okay new-mom! Gimme a cool car and lemonade pops by the factory and and and...!" said MT.
"WHOA WHOA WHOA do what??? Um... okay..." BT said & poofed MT & herself off by a factory. "Alright, now here's some lemonade pops, *poof* and a car made of ice," BT said.
MT looked horrified. "WHAAAT???"
"Well you have lemonade pops by the factory and-"
"NO NO NO NO!! Ugh you're even a worse mother than Al," MT said & stalked off. Then he realized he couldn't get back home because he didn't know where he was.

"M...I mean BT, poof me back home," he said imperiously.
"No," BT said, regarding him coolly.
"NO?! But but but but... but I can't and I'm stuck here, and-"
"You deserve it, you twerp," BT said gleefully.
"Stupid sadistic torture thing," MT muttered.
"MT do you know why Micky doesn't like me?" BT started. Al sensed BT was up to no good & came & stole MT so BT poofed back to the pad with them.
"I LOVE YOU MICKY!!!!" she shrieked & launched at him, blinking hard.
"What-" Micky started but was tackled by BT. "UGH GETOFFA MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" he shouted & flung BT across the galaxy.
"WAAHHHH Mommy I'm tired," said MT & started crying.
"Oh good grief," said Al.
"What was THAT? Why...where's my..." Micky said.
"Where's your?" said Al.
"Where's my CRYSTAL?! I can't... I can't live without it...I NEED it... to protect me...from....from HER," Micky said shuddering & crumpling up on the floor & whimpering.
"Oh for cripes' SAKE!!!" said Al & gave him back his crystal.
MT patted Micky on the back congenially. "Micky go cry cry?" he asked sympathetically.
"OH MY BABY!" said Al and carted him off to bed and fed him some pudding and lemonade pops. She came back to find Micky a crumpled whimpering mess still.
"Oh.. she.. touched.... meee..... crystal.. not.. there.. how.. howw!?" said Micky. Davy appeared as if from nowhere and giggled.
"How... HEHEHE" he said and then rolled off, muttering something about telling Mike.
"Hey Miiiiccckkkyyy..." said Al stupidly.
"Whaa?? Why.. what? Why did .. you not STOP the.. thing.... thing.. ughghg."
"Hehehe you know what happened? Here's what happened. BT though it would be funny if you and MT switched ages so she did and you were a dumb cute kid and liked BT and she played with you and fed you pudding and MT was an obnoxious 21 year old that acted like a big babyish spoiled 17 year old and he stole your crystal because he had figment power envy and you didn't need it cause you were too young to be scared of BT.. er.. muchly, and then you trieed to rub her tush because you were a dumb foopy 5 year old and..."

But Al never got to finish because Micky suddenly sat up bolt like and turned the deepest red on the face of the earth and shouted "YEEAAARRGGGHHHH BBBBEEEEETTEEEEEE!" and stood up so fast it looked like all one movement and all of a sudden poofed out in a giant red inferno.
"Wow he was MAD!" said Al.
"BUT IT WASN'T MY FAULT!" whinged BT, who had poofed back in and was backing behind Al scaredly.
"Oh but it was BT. It was. You turned him 5. Tsk." said Al with a grin and stepped aside. "NO AL AL!" shouted BT and tried to cling but Al poofed far far away and went to the grown up Chicken fry party with Mike and Davy because she could and Micky got *REALLY* close to BT and BT thought he was gonna hit her but he put on his crystal and he caught her in the forcefield for 18 years until she was an old boofy woman and couldn't stop whinging about dumb things.

The end.

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