Lily Pad
Thanks to Gina, who gave us the idea for the plot.

One day everyone was fooping around the pad like lazy bums because it was too hot to do anything and the water was too cold to swim in.
So Micky went out to get some ice cream, but no one else wanted to go because it was so darn hot. By and by he came back with an ice cream and a chick.
BT immediately snapped to attention.
"HUH!? MICKY!?" she said.
"Hey guys! This is Lily." said Micky.
"HEY!" said Sassip. "She stole my name!"
Micky ignored BT and Sassip and continued with is introductions.
"This is Davy, that's Mike, there's Peter, that one's Al, the little foopy one is BT, and that other thing is Sassip, and there's someone who looks like me around here somewhere and he is MT." said Micky.
"Oh, well pleased to meet you all!" said Lily and sat down.
Davy twinkled at her until Al sidled over and punched him on the arm.
"Ouch! Okay okay.." muttered Davy and Lily looked at them oddly.
Micky grinned and casually said "This is my new girlfriend!"
Everyone looked at him and BT turned beet red and blew steam out of her ears.
"LOOOK! BEETEE is a TEAKETTLE!" said MT who appeared as if from nowhere and giggled cutely.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted BT and hopped around crazily.
"Oh dear. Anyway, she's a bit in love with me, but my heart belongs only to you!" said Micky.
BT turned dark blue and began to look as if she might explode at any minute. "MICKY DOLENNNZZZ!" she shouted at the top of her lungs and then proceeded to pop sticky blue stuff on everyone, but mostly on Lily and Micky.

"Uh oh man, you've incurred the wrath of BT.." said Mike, sidling over to the door in a hurry.
BT had since rematerialized and was stomping around on the floor and screeching incomprehensible things at the top of her lungs. Micky sighed.
"BT KNOCK IT OFF! I HAVE COMPANY!" he shouted, but it was to no avail. BT just shrieked louder and proceeded to pop three more times before Al kicked her and made her stop.
"AL MAKE MICKY LIKE MEEEEEEEEEEE," she shrieked and punched Al out for no reason at all.
"OUCH BT!" said Al, and then swooned on the floor in a big messy heap of figment.
"ARGH!" shouted BT and kicked Al naughtily until she saw it was to no avail and then began to kick Micky hostilely in the leg. Then she realized that Lily was the cause of her angst and got a big foopy EVIL grin on her face. Lily looked scared but clung to Micky none the less.
"Uh-uh, I call him Pita, Beee-teeeeeeee," protested MT childishly until BT dropped a big pile of lemonade pops on him. "Oh yummy," said MT & started unwrapping them.
"Pita pita pita pita," said BT & jumped up and down in front of Peter.
"Yes?" said Peter.
"Make Al make Micky like me!!" whinged BT.
Peter looked at BT. Then he looked at Micky, at Al, & back at Micky.
"Micky's got a girl on him," he commented.
BT sighed & zapped Micky just because she could.
"Don't do that," said Micky.
BT made a really horrible awful drastically terrible face & then smiled sweetly & quickly went to find Sassip.

"Hey big green monster thing," she called out happily.
"I'm right here," Sassip said grouchily. "Don't call me a big thing-you-said."
"Alrighty green being," said BT. "Can you do me a favoooor?"
"Only if you call me Sassip."
"Can you pleeeeeeeeease punt Micky or the chick or something? Or eat them? Or...OOH!! You could put them in your pouch!" BT rambled excitedly.
Sassip frowned. "I don't know, I think I like her better than you. She's quieter," said Sassip & chewed on BT's hair.
"Noooooooo," said BT disgustedly. "Don't eat my hair. Anyway...she stole your name..." BT said evilly.
"Hmm, well there is that. I'll think about it."
"When can you let me know?"
Sassip frowned & thought. "Oh wait, I already frowned." Sassip furrowed her brow in concentration and, "HEY!! What is this brow-furrowing business? I HATE that expression," shouted Davy.
"Where did you come from? Back to your spot," shouted BT the whiny author & shoved Davy away.
Sassip thought really hard & then looked up at BT. "Spring thaw," she announced.
BT turned a vivid green & started to glow but then she calmed down & went to devise a plan.
"Your eyes-" Micky started.
"NO NO NO!! I told you not to steal that line!!" said Davy.
"No you didn't," Micky protested.
"Yes, yes, I was about a hundred stories ago, but it still stands," said Davy firmly. "But I don't have any good lines!"
"Your problem, not mine," announced Davy & tried to use his crystal to make pound cake but it failed miserably, & he wound up making a little barely visible force field the size & shape of pound cake.
"OH! Look at this!" said Davy, & tossed it to Mike, who catched it & stared at it, turning it around in his hands. "Hey, man!" Mike threw it back to Davy & a giant game of barely-tangible-not-quite-pound-cake ensued.
"Are they always like this?" Lily said apprehensively.
"Uhhhhhmm..." said Micky.

Meanwhile, BT was being evil. "Hey MT sweetie? C'mere for a second."
MT rolled his eyes. "Noooooo Bee-teeeee you CAN'T be my mommy!!!"
"Nonono it isn't that, just c'mere! I'll give you pops..." said BT.
"Hmm," said MT, & followed BT to her playroom in Peter's mind.
"If I switched you with Micky..." BT started.
"Don't wanna!!" said MT & poofed away.
"UGH," BT shrieked.
Micky laughed at her after MT blabbed what happened. "Listen, BT you are NOT ruining this for me!" he said.
"BUT BUT BUT!" said BT turning a funky purple color.
"No, that's mine." said Al and turned her ghastly white.
"UGH!" said BT and turned chartreuse. "ANYWAY, I know what I'll do!"
"Oh PLEASE no BT! If you ever loved me you'll leave me ALONE!" shouted Micky.
"NO NEVER MWAHHAHAHA!" shouted BT and ran around like a nit.
Micky sighed and zapped her 20 times.
"YEOWCH!" she shouted and toppled off the balcony into a giant cake Peter was making.
"Mmm.. rootbeer?" she asked.
"Yup!" said Peter smiling proudly.
"Needs sugar!" said BT, getting up all cakely and leaping onto Lily with a pounce.
She succeeded in sufficiently caking up Lily and then went back and cleaned herself off at the mind pad.

Al was tsking BT.
"You shouldn't interfere with Micky's happiness. After all he doesn't LOVE you and he barely LIKES you and if you want him to even consider liking you you'd better show him a bit of respect and privacy." said Al. She followed Al out of the room, out of the mind pad and out into the Monkees pad.
"Hey, I'm sposed to be following you!" said Al.
"Yeh but this way you ain't waggling yer finger at me MWAHAHAHA" shouted BT and ran around dumbly.
"Oh my, her tiny stupid mind has snapped...." said Al and sat down far away from the doom that was about to descend on Micky and Lily.
"WAAHHH MY forcefield!" shouted Davy, trying to wrench it from Mike's grasp.
"No no now look! You've already destroyed a lamp throwing this thing around!" said Mike.
"Okay okay.." said Davy huffily and let it go.
"WARGH!" shouted Mike and flew backwards.
"SAAAAAASSSIIIPPP!! CAN YOU PPPLLLLEEEAAASSEE!?" said BT in a dumb whiny annoying voice.
Sassip made a face. "What do you want, Squirt?" she asked.
"I want you to put Micky and Lily into your pouch and zip it up and never let them out again!" said BT evilly.
"No...... well...... maybe." said Sassip. "Pouch Time is fun. But do I REALLY hate that Lily as much as BT says I do?"
"Nah you don't!" said Davy petting Sassip happily.
"DAVVVYY!" shouted BT and zapped him across the room.
"HMPH! Just for that I'm gonna stick just Micky in the pouch!" said Sassip, and before BT could stop her she did.

"OMIGOSH! That giant.. THING just took my sweet Micky thing!" shouted Lily.
"She sounds like BT," snickered Mike and Davy.
Al sniffed and made a face. "SOME of us are trying to read." she said to no one in particular.
"Always reading and not smart at all, tsk tsk tsk!" said Mike and punted her book across the room.
"AWWW MIIIIKKKEEE!" Al whined and huffed about in the chair.
"Now, Sassip, you let him out RIGHT NOW!" BT was shrieking at Sassip.
Sassip was asleep and didn't wake up, or at least pretended she wasn't.
BT then got a bright idea.
"Ah, BT turn off that idea.. you're blinding me!" said Peter and Davy, sheilding their eyes.
"Shut up!" said BT and waltzed over to Lily.
"Hi!" she said evilly.
"Uh, hi!" said Lily.
Suddenly Lily was a cat, and the sofa was a giant tub of water. All anyone heard was frantic meowing and evil boofy BT laughter echoing around the pad.
"BT!" shouted Al and whonked BT o'er the head with a stick.
She proceeded to take Lily out, dry her off and restore her to normal. But once Al left, BT snickered again and snuck up behind Lily.

Meanwhile, Micky was kicking Sassip like crazy, & she finally got annoyed & let him out. And just as BT was about to do something to Lily that we don't know what it was but it was probably evil, Micky picked BT up by her hair, whirled her around & let her fly out the window.
"Is that safe?" said Lily.
"No," said Micky.
Al got disgusted & left before they started doing something resembling nose-doinking.
"OUCH!!!" she shouted because BT had poofed directly onto her.
"Oh man...just think what would've happened if I'd been fading!" BT said & started giggling.
"NO," said Mike loudly & went & put one fist on BT's head & whacked his fist with his other fist.
"Ow, what'dja do that for??" BT whinged, rubbing the back of her head.
"I saw it in a movie once," Mike said in an embarrassed tone & rolled himself off to another chicken fry party.
"What the heck?! Why does he keep doin' that??!!" Davy shouted & got so scared he picked BT up by her feet & started hitting all the ants crawling around with her.

"Oooouucchhh, she's LOUD," said Davy and dropped her.
"What in blue tarnation is going on?" said Peter.
"That's MY line," said Mike.
"Oh, sorry. What in lemmyade p...nono...okay, the author screwed it up again," said Peter giving BT author an exasperated look.
"Ssshhhhhh don't refer to me!!" she said & made frantic waving motions with her hands. Everyone rolled their eyes & focused on the scene again.

"Sassip is so neat. She can do so much stuff," said Davy idly.
"Shut up," said BT.
"She can swim."
"And fly."
"And she's green."
"DAVYYYY," BT seethed.
Davy sighed. "It's 'cause I'm short, isn't it? That's it. That's why, it's 'cause I'm short."
"But I'm shorter than you," said BT. "Will you help me make the chick go away?"
"What chick?" said Davy.
"WHAT CHICK?! DAVY SAID WHAT CHICK!!" shrieked Peter & started giggling around helplessly.
"Peter's unchamacteriffic," said MT.
"Huh??!!" said everyone.
"Uh-oh!!" shrieked MT & giggled his cute little head off.

"OH! The CHICK!" BT shouted & suddenly rememebered the plot.
"YEAH, OKAY!" said Micky.
"WHAAAAT?!" said BT in confusion.
"BT, just go in there if you have to be a foopy boofer, you're giving us a headache," said Mike & shoved her.
"EEHEE!" said BT & turned Lily into a glass of Spam.
"What?!" said Micky. BT changed her mind & made Lily a glass of borscht.
"Oooohhhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!" Lily burbled unhappily.
BT pointed & laughed & giggled, but then she picked the glass up & ran out toward the sea.
"NONONONONONONO!" Micky shrieked & ran after her.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!" shrieked BT because she stepped on a pointy thing.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!" shrieked Lily because she was in a glass.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!" shrieked Sassip from the pad, because someone, somewhere, was horror.

"Nonono wait BT wait wait wait wait don't throw her in the ocean oh oh PLEEEEASE don't throw her in the ocean uh-uh waaait pleeease oh please don't don't don't," said Micky. And then he made a cute face so BT stopped for a minute & stared at him.
"Hand my girlfriend back please," Micky said politely & extended his hand.
"Uh-uh! Mine!!" said BT.
"WHAT?!" glurped Lily.
"Oh ew she glurped," said BT trying not to step on the borschty sand where she'd gotten spilled a little.
"Turn her back NOW!!" said Micky.
"NO!" said BT.
Micky then managed to put on his cutest face & so BT succumbed to the foopy wrath and stupidity & turned Lily back. But unfortunately she was missing her elbows.
"WHAAAAAAAT???!!" shrieked Micky. "You were gonna turn her BACK back!"
"I did turn her back back, she has a back, you've got your arm around it," pointed out BT.
"But she doesn't have any ELBOWS!!"
"I don't have any ELBOWS!!"
"They must have gotten spilled," said BT carelessly & skipped back to the pad.
"Roll, it's more fun," said Mike rolling past, going to who knows where.
BT stopped and looked oddly after Mike. Then rolled around but it made her too whonky so she got up and staggered.

Then Micky came up behind her and got her caught in his forcefield.
"AHAHA NOOO NOOOOO ARGGHGHGHGH!" shouted BT trying to get out.
"You better change her back NOW!" said Micky, tickling her more to add to her problem.
"I dunno.. I don't trust you.." said Micky..
Micky wasn't going to but he was nice. So he let her out but had firm hold of her hair.
"If you try anything, the next time I see you I won't ever even acknowledge your presence!" said Micky hissily.
BT whinged but agreed, plus Micky was hurting her hair. BT sighed, and went over to the yucky borschty sand, put it on where Lily's elbows would have been, and then blinked at them a few times. After a while she had both elbows back.
"OMIGOSH! SORRY MICKY!" she shouted, didn't look twice, and ran off down the beach to freeeedddoommm.
"ARGH BT!" shouted Micky and ran off back to the pad after BT.

The End.

Next Issue: Davy gets temporarily killed and comes back as a ghost for a while until Al finds away to fix his apparent deadness.

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