Oh, boy.
She Cannot Be A Part Of Me
'Cause Now She's Part Of You

Al and BT had come out for another visit (well what do you expect? This IS the Al and BT chronicles of course) and the guys had gotten used to them so they were kinda like just some more residents in the pad.
BT had a plan this time.

"I wanna stay out tonight!" BT whinged at Al. Al finally said "FINE!" and popped back into Peter's head.
Being figments, Bt and Al were unusually receptive of other people's imagination's besides just Peter's, so BT kept it up for a long time, "sleeping on the couch." What she REALLY did was creep into the guys' room late at night and examine Micky's mind.

Eventually she got the hang of it, and one night she managed to visit it. Over the course of a month she eventually managed to move her whole person into Micky's mind permanently.
Al suspected, but had no proof, until she woke up one day and all BT's stuff was gone. Al didn't come out nearly as much as BT, so when she popped in, the guys were a little shocked.
Micky and Peter didn't look so good. Peter was slow and sluggish and tired, and Micky was over active and actually QUITE insane. And I don't mean his normal insanity either.

"Uh-oh..." said Al when she saw the two.
"What what?!" cried Micky and Davy.
"Well, I woke up this morning and BT's stuff was.. well, gone!" Al said.
Davy and Mike looked confused. "So?"
"She's OUT of Peter's imagination! She's no longer part of him!! Or me for that matter! I wonder why I'm not so sick?" Al wondered.
Is that why Micky's bonkers?" Mike asked.

"Yup. Micky has too much imagination and it's caused him to go nuts. Peter doesn't have enough to he's all worn out and tired." Al replied.
"What the ... how do we get him back to normal?!" Mike asked.
"Well, we have to get BT OUT. The only thing is that Micky has to be asleep. I can then "learn" his mind and..... well manage to get in. But he's too crazy and won't go to sleep very easily..."
"That's nuts!" Davy shouted.

"Yeh. Someone get the mallet..." Mike said. Davy and Al looked at him. Mike steeled his expression and smacked Micky over the head.
Micky screamed "WEEEHAHAHAHA' and then promptly fell over.
Al got down on the floor next to Micky and put her ear against his head
"Hmmm.. yep! She's running aorund like an idiot in there." said Al.
After a few hours, Al was ready. She was much more experienced than BT was,m having been a figment longer.

"Come on Davy!" Al said.
Davy gave her a weird look.
"COME ON DAVY!" Al repeated, louder.
"Go on, man. Whatever we can do to help!" Mike said, pushing Davy towards Al and Micky.
Davy cast an evil look at Mike and reluctantly went forward.
"Mike you stay here and make sure Micky stays unconscious til we get back!" Al said, grabbing Davy's hand.
"NYAAYAYAYAYA!" Davy whined right as they disappeared.

*In Micky's mind*

"Oh man, is it ever a mess in here!" said Al disparagingly.
"It isn't half as bad as having pistachio nuts & birdseed all over th-"

BT appeared reluctantly. "Hi! Why are you here? It's messy in here, isn't it? I should clean it up..." she squinted, and most of the stuff was picked up. "I haven't quite got the control of Micky's mind the way I did over Peter's, but it isn't that hard once you-"
"BT!!! You are messing up Peter & Micky, man! Why d'y'think I went to the bother of trying to get in here, and bringing Davy with me? Sheesh, you are such a boof!"
BT stuck her tongue out. "I am not a boof."
Davy looked at Al. "She's right. Irritating and twerpy, maybe, but not a boof."
"HEY!" shrieked BT.

"Look, BT," Al explained. "Peter's slowed down a bunch because you aren't there, and Micky is WAY too active becasue you're in here, and so you gotta get out!"
"No," said BT firmly.
"Why not?!"
Al looked at Davy, they exchanged looks and then they both lunged for BT. Unfortunately BT had been in there long enough to figure it out a bit and she popped away if not easily, at least effectively. Al and Davy fell in a big heap.

"OUCH MY HEAD!!" cried Al.
"OUW MY TEETH!" Davy moaned.
"Fine, then we stay here til we get the hang of this and we can use Micky's mind to OUR advantage as well, okay Davy?" Al whispered VERY quietly into Davy's ear. She saw BT looking intently at them, but she was careful to only be loud enough to let Davy hear.
"WHAT?!" Davy shouted.
Al repeated it a LITTLE louder and Davy got the gist.
"Ah, yes." he said.

"So, uh, Davy, guess we'd better be leaving. She's not coming out so there's nothing for us to do but wait for Micky to die or something." "And Peter." answered Davy.
Al and Davy put on sad frowny faces and "poofed" out.

BT, seemingly left on her own was wigging out.
"DIE!?" she shrieked.
Al and Davy giggled from their hiding spot, but silently.
BT looked around but didn't see anyone. It sure was lonely in Micky's empty empty brain.
She walked around and kicked at things that were in a mess.
"Well I guess I should go back but I like being in Micky's mind!" she mused out loud.

Davy & Al nearly burst out giggling hysterically.
"D'y'think this'll work?" mouthed Davy.
"Sure, this is BT we're talkin' about here!" Al mouthed back.
"What'd you say?" mouthed Davy.
"Never mind."

BT started walking around in circles frantically. "I mean maybe they were just kidding about Micky & Peter dying, just as a trick to get me out, but what if they weren't, and what if Micky DIED, and what if I was still in here and I disappeared and EEK EEK EEK and but I don't wanna leave cuzIlikeitherebutIgottagobutIwannastaybut AUUURRRGGHHHEEEEE!!"

BT quickly made a beanbag chair and collapsed in it, curled up, and thought. "Okay, okay...I think..." suddenly she got an odd feeling. BT got up and looked around. "Al and Davy, I KNOW you are here and you are LEAVING now, or I won't go!"
"You won't go anyway," Davy pointed out.
"I might," BT said defensively.
"But you won't," said Al.

*Back in the pad*

Mike stood and walked around nervously...and suddenly, the doorbell rang. He dashed over quickly to open it, so as not to get in anybody's fading path, and flung it open.
"Hi!" greeted a cheerful, yet apparently invisible voice. Mike looked down.
"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Coo-"
"EEEK!" Mike shrieked. "Er, um, what I mean is, no thanks, 'cause, we ah, we make our own, and they're just real good but here's a couple bucks anyway and I hope you've enjoyedyourstaybye!" and slammed the door. Micky was still asleep.

*Micky's mind again*

BT started poofing all around and running away from Al & Davy, hiding in different places in Micky's mind. After a few minutes, Davy gave up. "Man, this mental tag isn't gettin' us anywhere...I say we just drag her off kicking and screaming, because it's the only thing that'll work!"
"Well, I almost have the hang of Micky's mind. TOTALLY!" Al nearly shouted. She was ecstatic. She knew it could be done but she had never had a chance to try out her prowess before. BT was good, but not nearly as good as Al. She couldn't even completely control Peter's mind.

"OH BTTTT!!!?!?" she called.
"Hey man, you're scaring me!" Davy said, cringing against the wall.
"Oh sorry. Its a power thing." said Al, quickly snapping out of it.

"Look, you know how to get out of here, right?" she asked Davy. Davy nodded.
"Do you think you can take BT with you?" Davy shrugged.
"I think." he said. He was getting the hang of it, too, and he wasn't even a figment!
"Good boy!" Al said, slapping Davy lightly on the cheek.
"Don't do that." he said.

"Sorry.. alright. I'll flush her out, you grab and POOF. and don't let her go. She hasn't gotten the hang of poofing in and out yet and if you are holding on she'll have to take you with. Got it?" Davy nodded and took a deep gulp.
"Right.. here we go!" Al said. She popped all around and scared BT. BT was starting to worry. Al had the hang of Micky's mind ALREADY, and she'd been practicing for a MONTH!
"ITS NOT FAIR!" she whined. Then she blundered over to Davy, who grabbed her and quickly poofed them out.

"Wow, Davy you're getting good at this figment thing!" Mike said, slapping him lightly on the face.
"Don't do that!" Davy said aggressively.
Al soon followed Davy and BT with all BT's stuff. They barely saw her as she poofed out again, and then came back empty handed.
"Well, now that's in order..." said Al, dusting off her hands.

"No no no no no!" said Mike. "I hit him over the head with a ... er..."
BT made a horrible face at Mike and went over to Micky & slapped him on the cheek a few times to wake him up.
"Don't do that," he said.
"'Ey, that's my line!" Davy said.
"Oh, sorry."
"MICKCYYYYY YOU'RE NOT DEAD!!!" BT said, and threw herself on him.
"I'm...not dead? Uhh, no, no, I'm not...so is she outta my mind & stuff Al?"
"Outta YOUR mind?!" said Al, shaking her head. Then she went over and nudged BT. "There's something you need to say, you boof."

BT stared at the floor and mumbled, "I'm sorry."
"It's okay," Micky said.
"Really? You don't hate me?"
"Gosh, no!"
Micky stood up and smiled.
"BUT IF YOU EVER PULL A STUNT LIKE THAT AGAIN I'M GONNA-" Mike grabbed Micky and held him back. "Ummm, maybe y'all should split now," he said, nodding to Al & BT.
BT quickly poofed out.

Al winced at Micky who had calmed down since BT the boof disappeared.
"Sorry Micky. Had I known what she was up to I would have stopped her." she said.
"Well, its okay. Its just weird having a fan that can .. like.. be IN my mind..." Micky said struggling for the right words.
"Yeh, and WHAT a mind..." Davy said huffing a bit.
Micky glared at him and Davy giggled. "Its a MESS man.. but surprisingly empty."
"What would YOU know?" Micky grinned and the two of them began wrestling.

"Oh.. wow I feel loads better!" Peter said stretching. "That was weird! Oh Al, ya coming home?"
Al winked at him and thanked Davy for his help, then poofed out.

Next Issue: Al gets turned into a giant purple Dragon thanks to some weird pie Davy makes.

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