Now, "crayon" I can say
A Very Hair-Raising Experience

"Mike, do we have any vanilla?"
"Vanilla? Whaddaya want vanilla for?" asked Mike, wandering into the kitchen, where Davy was messing about.
"Well, y'know, I'm gonna try & make a pie."
"A pie? Whaddaya wanna do that for?"
"Well, I don't know, I just-"

Peter came in. "Hi!"
"Hey, we have any blue food coloring?"
"Yes, it's in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom."
"What?? What's it doin' there?"
"Ask Micky, he-"

"Hey, guys," Micky walked in. "What's with-"
"Davy's baking a pie," said everyone.
Micky slowly backed away. "Um, I'll just be over here, y'know, by the phone, ready to call the fire department, the police, and 911 in case of food poisoning, so..."
"'Ey, cut it out! Alright, let's we have, um, any milk?"
Mike frowned. "You mean, like, solid milk or the kind you pour?"
Davy made a face.

Pushing everyone out, Davy stayed in the kitchen area for about 6 hours. Around the time the pie was done, Al and BT popped out.
"Hey guys!" they said. They plopped down in front of the TV as if they lived there. No one thought anything otherwise.
"Hey, want some pie?" Davy came in, holding a tray full of plates with pie and ice cream on them.
"Sure!" said Al, grabbing a plate before anyone could object. "Mmmm! S'good!" she said in between mouthfuls. "Its a lil stringy though."

The others looked at each other and only Peter tried a piece also.
Al finished the rest. She was hungry.
"Wow that was great! That first piece was a lil stringy though. Wonder why. Oh hey where'd you get it?"
"I made it!" Davy said proudly.
"Wow, I'm shocked!"
"No you're not! You're not even near a socket and there's no lightning!" Peter said.
"Uh, no Peter.,. never mind." said BT.

They sat around for about an hour watching TV when they heard Al's stomach rumbling.
"Geez Al you just ate!" said Micky.
"Uh, no I'm not hungry. Ugh I dun feel good."
"Well you DID make a pig out of yourself!" Mike said. No one was looking at her.
"No! OUCH! I... OUCH! I think I'm growing BIIIGGER....." said Al, and her voice got visibly ... scratchier.

"Hey man, quit making noise we're trying to.. WHOAOOO!" said Micky.
He had turned around and discovered Al was slowly turning purple, scalier and bigger. Also she had wings and horns and spiked sprouting all over.
"OWOWOWOWOWOWOW!" she was shrieking and began stomping around, which was bad as she was getting bigger.
Within 20 minutes she was a full grown purple dragon.
"Whew! Glad THAT'S over. But I doubt I'll fit in Peter's mind anymore." Everyone was in an awed silence.
Just then came a knock on the door.

"Landlord?" said BT in confusion.
"Ohgoshohgoshgohgosh," mumbled Micky & Mike.
The knocks got louder. BT quickly popped into Peter's mind.
"Hey, where'd-" Mike started.
"Never mind, man, we gotta answer him," Micky said, dragging Mike over to the door.

Micky opened it just a crack. "Hellooooo?"
"Alright, if you guys don't have the rent this time, you are REALLY OUT!" Babbit screeched.
BT quickly popped back in, tapped Micky's shoulder, & shoved something int ohis hand.
Micky turned around while Mike stalled, and figured out it was counterfeit money, which he quickly threw at Babbit and slammed the door.
"How did you get that OUT of Peter's mind?" said Al to BT.
"I don't know," said BT, after thinking a minute. "I panicked."

"Darn, I wanted to scare him too," said Al evilly.
"NONONO!" Mike yelled. "No pets allowed. We'd be kicked for sure!"
Al tried to turn around and ended up wacking Davy off the stage with her tail.
"HEY! Watch it with that thing, Al!" Davy whined while rubbing his head.
"SORRY! I'm not used to this..." said Al. She popped into Peter's head outta misery and popped back out immediately.
"I CAN'T FIT IN MY OWN PAD!" she cried out loud.
She appeared rather squished.

BT looked at her and laughed. "Davy what was in that pie!?" she asked. "Just some blue food die, vanilla, apples, cherries, sugar, flour, and, eggs." Davy replied.
"Well.. there was NOTHING else?" Mike pressed him.
"Nope. Oh.. wait.. well there was.. um.. weeeelll.. there was a hair that fell in there. I couldn't find it and so I thought it wouldn't hurt." Davy said sheepishly.
BT perked up. "Oh nonono! Hair makes us change shapes!"
Al moaned. "Oh well. I like this, except I can't get home!"
BT giggled. "Apparently Davy hair makes us into dragons! WHEEE!"

Before anyone could stop her, BT ate one of Davy's hairs. And then immediately regretted it.
"BT you idiot! What did you go and do that for!? That's gross!" Al shuddered.
Then she watched in amusement as BT changed into a little baby dragon.
"OWOWOWOWOWOW" she screamed as per Al, for about 20 minutes til she was fully a dragon.
"Well at least I can get home hahaha you big fat reptile thing you!" BT snickered. Al breathed fire on her and pushed her down. "Ha!" she said.

"Now. We have to find someone's hair that turns us back into FIGMENTS! Oh, maybe Peter's!" said BT, grabbing one of Peter's hairs.
"OUCH!" he said as she gobbled it down with some water.
"Hmmmm... WHoooaaaaaaggghh!" and then she was a horse.
BT grabbed one of Micky's and cackled evilly.
She turned into a fish.
"Oooh! Someone get her in water!" Al cried. Davy did and she blubbed around miserably.
"I wonder..." said Al, grabbing one of Davy's hairs. This time she changed into a Unicorn.

"Hmmm... it appears as if Davy's hair makes us into mythological creatures..." she fed one of Davy's to BT who turned into a Griffin.
"Yup! We start out as Dragons when we are figments... and when we are anything else it depends."
BT whined and stretched her wings.
"I wonder what Mike's does?" Al said. But she was afraid to try.

"Uh, you go ahead, BT.
"Don't wanna!"
"DO IT!"
"You don't really wanna stay a griffin, do you BT?" Al said.
BT sighed, thought this over, and tried one of Mike's. She promptly turned into Al.

"WHOA!!! Uhh, well it's a start..." she said, and grabbed another one. "OUCH man, willya cut that out?" Mike complained.
This time BT turned back into BT, & she attached herself to Micky, as she had not done so through the whole story.
Then someone knocked on the door again.
Everyone ran for the door, including Micky who knocked BT off him. "Who is it?" said Al. Peter peeked through the little peekthingie. "It's Mr. Babbit again."

Al forgot she was a Unicorn and stuck her head out the door, just missing poking Babbit in the eye.
"Look, can you come back in a bit? It's a bad time." she said and Mike closed the door.
Babbit just looked confused and went home to lie down.

"BT, get me some of Mike's hair please?" she said.
"BT grabbed 3 hairs and fed one of them to Al.
She promptly poofed into Davy.
"Hmmm...." she said and ate another hair.
This time she was Mike.
"Hmmmmmm," she said. And ate the last one.
This time she was herself.
"YIPPEEE!" they all cried and danced about.

"Okay, no more pies!" said Davy. "All agreed?"
"Yes!!" said everyone except Peter, who looked thoughtful. "I don't know - it was pretty good, and *I* didn't turn into anything." Al shot Peter a bit of a look, & BT jumped onto Micky again. "Let's watch some TV," said Mike.
"No!" said BT. "We always watch TV, and I don't wanna watch TV! Play a sonnggggg!"
And so everybody played a silly song, and nobody turned into any fruit bats or orangutans or breakfast cereals.

Next Issue: Al & BT get locked out of Peter's mind.

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