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Out Of Mind, Out Of Body

"Peter? Peter, where's my hat?"
"It's upstairs like always."
Mike came downstairs and glanced narrowly at Peter. "Yeah, I KNOW that, but I mean my blue one."
"Petah?" Davy came through the door to the pad. "Where're my red maracas?"
"Hey, Pete? Pete?" said Micky, appearing out of nowhere (he'd been sleeping on the couch.) "Where are my drumsticks?"
"I don't knoooow!!" shrieked Peter, and cowered on the floor.

"OOHHHH I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT!!!" shrieked a voice from the kitchen.
"Oh, man, it's BT!" said Davy.
"But I'm awake!" said Peter confusedly.
Micky took one of Peter's hands, Mike took the other, and they covered Peter's face. "Guys?"

Mike walked over to BT cautiously. "How'd you get out?"
"I found out how! There's this little thing, and you go through it, and...oh, well, it wouldn't make any sense. Al's trying now, I hope I explained it well enough..."
*POOF* There appeared next to Peter the figure of Al.
"Hey, BT, you were right! I...I...I'm over there. Um, I don't think I did it right, because Al is standing there, but I'm not..." Micky said. BT stared at Micky, Peter & Al strangely.

"What do you mean 'AL is over there and I'm not'?" asked BT. "You're Micky so naturally Al would be over there!"
"Nono I'm Al. But I'm Al over there too." Said Micky/Al.
"WHAT!?" said Davy who had just walked in.
"I SAID! I'm Al.. But..." started Al.
"WHAAAA!!" said Al/Micky. "I'm a chick man!"
"Yeh ain't it funny" giggled Al.
"Hey this isn't funny! GIMMEBACKMYBODY!" shouted Micky, grabbing his body and pulling.
"Okay, first off, right now its MY body, and secondly, THAT HURTS LEMMEGO!" cried Al.

BT just stared at the two of them and started to whimper much like Peter had a habit of doing. Peter wasn't very used to the two of them outside his imagination and so he was confused. Though he usually is anyway.
"Ah, BT your shortcut seems to have some flaws." Al said. She was surprisingly calm. Micky, on the other hand, made up for the calmness by screaming at the top of his lungs and flailing his arms wildly.
"Idon'twannabeafigment, Idon'twannabeafigment!" he cried hysterically.

Mike just stared. "Ohhhhhh, MAN."
BT looked horribly confused. " worked fine...I'm just me, and I'm here, being BT and thinking BT and OOHHH ... waitasecond did you go where the thingie was or that other place?"
Al/Micky looked at BT funny. "What?"
"Mmm, I didn't explain it very well, did I..."
"The heck you didn't! Hey, this is fun, I'm taller now," said Al, walking around and tripping a little.

"Aargghhhbrreepi'machicki'machick!!" shrieked Micky in a high-pitched silly voice.
"Look, ah, willya just calm down..." said Mike.
"CALM DOWN?! I can't calm down, I'm I'm I'm AL or something and I'm all with the and the and oohhhhhh what'll we do whatll we do I can't STAY like this heck no way UH-uhhhh!!!"
"Wait...wait, I think I know what happened," said BT, who had been thinking furiously.
"What?!" said everyone.

"Okay...Micky, where were you when Al appeared?"
"I was walking around over by Peter..." he said hesitantly.
"Micky!!" BT sounded horrified. "YOU STEPPED IN AL!"
" that's why I'm a chick?!"
"Yes, that's why you're a chick," BT said indignantly. "Honestly, don't you know better?"
"Nooooo but I"ll nevereverdoitagain if y'all will just get me outta this, EEEEEEP!!"

Al was enjoying being tall. "Hey Davy you oughta try this! WHEEE its fun!"
Davy just made faces. "I like my height." he huffed.
Al shrugged and continued being tall.
Micky was running around throwing fits.
"HEY! Watch the body! Its on loan for you!' Al said looking at Micky out of the corner of her eye.
"Yeh yeh whatever" Micky griped.

"Okay, now, Micky you have to learne to get BACK into Peter's head so that you can pop back in while I walk by again." Al said.
BT and Al looked at each other. "This won't work easily." BT said.
"Well, BT you're going to have to teach him, as I can't do ANYTHING being in a REAL body." Al snickered. Micky would be one hard guy to teach. Davy was hard enough and he wasn't so hysterical. Well he WAS.. but watching Micky...

BT walked over to Micky. "Okay. First we... we.. MICKY YOU HAVE TO STOP SCREAMING!" BT screamed.
Micky stopped and looked at her.
"Good! Now Al.. er.. Micky *giggle*"
Micky was not amused.
"Sorry, it's just funny it's like I'm teaching AL how to do stuff and she's usually the one to teach me everything and eheheheh"
Micky just grimaced at her.
"Oh fine be a spoil sport!" she said.

"Anyway, since I opened up that special gate thing, we are free to go in and out as we please. We DO have to find out a way to POP in instead of fade in though. Fading in causes mistakes like this..." BT was giggling again and Micky looked very unhappy.
"Geez, BT, worry about popping in later. Right now he HAS to fade, or else he'll just land IN me or on TOP of me or someting..." Al had a pained look on her face at the prospect of being ATTACHED to Micky.

"Well, um, okay, um, ah, well..." BT stammered. She really wasn't nearly as experienced at this as Al, the most they'd ever done was sneak out of Peter's mind at night for snacks at 3 AM until that time he got sick. "Oh, gosh, I don't know what to do!!!"

"Oh, man, BT, don't you start freakin' too!" said Al.
"Look...BOTH of you have to calm down or you won't be able to think and he won't be able to learn anything...not that that would change otherwise...but still."
BT took a deep breath and thought some more.
"Okay...if...or...Al, should we use the way we usually come in, or would that foul stuff up since Peter's awake?" BT asked.
Peter blinked and said, "I don't have to go to sleep again, do I..." "NO," said everyone.
"I don't know, found this weird gate thing anyway, you're gonna have to figure it out," Al said.

BT turned around and Glared at Micky. "I'M THINKING!" she shouted at the top of her lungs.
"Okay," she announced a few moments later. "I think I know what we need to do."
"What what what what what what-"
BT smacked Micky across the face. "QUIT TALKING AND LISTEN!"
"Yes ma'am," he said sheepishly, and sat down.

"Okay. This won't help much, but try & think about the inside of Peter's mind," said BT.
"I try not to," Micky muttered.
BT ignored him, focused with all her might, grabbed his hand, and they both went *POOF*.
"So, Micky's gonna come back and Al's gonna step on him, and they'll switch again?" said Davy.
"That's how we think it'll work," said Al.

Al got ready to walk by next to Peter. She paced back and forth, back and forth.
"BT!? Where ARE you?" she hissed.
Suddenly BT and Micky popped out again. Micky looked frazzled.
"Man, Pete, I do NOT like the inside of your mind one bit! It's covered floor to floor with birdeseed and pistachio nuts and when you CAN see the floor there are these weird buttons that do things andnandna..." Micky was definitely spazzing.
"Hey, I thought it was pretty groovy a pad for Pete's mind." Davy said. "Well, other than the milk waterfall..."
"Um, that was yours Davy." Al reminded him. "Anyway, what happened?"

"There's a small problem, Al." BT said nervously. "I don't remember how to fade in. And speaking of which, why did YOU?"
"I was going to give them some warning of where I was popping in. Leave it to Micky to ignore me!" Al said and sighed. "Besides! Who ever heard of popping into the kitchen! Don't even say high or anything!"
BT sneered at Al and then demanded to know how to fade in and out.

"Well, first you have to get the feeling for poofing around. Once you get the feel of it... well its like a rubber band. You can pull it fast and let it go right away. That would be equivalent to the pop. But, if you pull it VERY slowly and THEN let it go... that's equivalent to the fade... because.. well you're winding up for it slowly, not just launching yourself out at people."

BT looked confused and Micky looked despairingly at Al.
"Okay, BT, you get the hang of it first, and Micky, okay?" Al explained slowly.
BT nodded, and flashed out. She popped in and out a few times. Then gradually her popping got more into fading. On her very last attempt, the phone rang. Davy forgot all about BT and ran to answer it. Naturally he had to run right into the pth of BT just as she finished getting the hang of fading.

"YAY I DID.. it.. why am I over here by the phone!? I clearly aimed for right in front of.. uh.. uh-oh....." BT said as she looked down. These were DEFINITELY NOT her clothes!
"YIKES!" she head Davy screech.
Everyone turned to look at Davy.. er.. BT we should say.
"AHH! I'm BT now!" he said. "And me accent's gone!"
"'Eh! I got one now ehehee" said BT.

Micky stared at BT in disbelief, and then burst out laughing.
"HEY, CUT IT OUT! This isn't nearly as funny...I'm a GUY, and I'm SHORT!"
"Actually, you're taller," said Peter.
BT sighed..."Oh, gosh, Al...neither one of them knows a thing about fading, what're we gonna do now? EEGH, I can't get rid of this accent, it's weirdin' me out!"
Davy was freaking, but not as badly as Micky. "So...ah...what do we do?"

"Well, we're just going to have to explain it to you, because we can't poof or pop or fade in and out of ANYWHERE in your bodies. It just doesn't work. So you had better listen VERY carefully to every little thing we say, okay?"
"Okay," said Davy & Micky.
"I'll just stand over here, and not walk, and not move, and not turn into anybody else," said Mike, backing up against a wall and looking rather frightened.
Peter started wandering around.
"Pete, you better go over there too," said Micky, and passed him along to Mike.

"Okay. Now, you know what I said earlier, about the rubber bands and all," said Al. (BT would have tried explaining things, but she was in the corner freaking about being a guy.)
"Yeah?" said Davy & Micky.
"Well...okay, Micky, you've at least been in Peter's mind once, and Davy's more familiar with it than he'd like to be, I'm sure..."
" that right..." Davy muttered.
" I think the best thing for you to do is focus very carefully on Peter's mind. That doesn't help very much, though."
"Tell 'em about the gates," BT said, and went back to freaking and jumping up and down and falling over because she wasn't used to her height.

"Uh.. well there are these gates. They look like big mirrors. Imagine yourself walking into one of them. The way in is PURPLEnd the way out is BLUE. Do NOT forget that or you will end up in a mess. By the by, if one of you gets the hang of it, you can take the other along with you, but that won't work when we actually try changing back. Three of us, or all four of us might end up who knows how!!"

Al sauntered over to BT and picked her up. She had already adjusted to the. She also looked oddly at BT as Davy wasn't that much taller than her at all.
"Sit there and be good, BT. You really messed stuff up now." Al giggled. She hadn't been a boy since that one time Peter thought it would be fun to imagine BT and Al as boys instead of girls. BT had freaked then too, but at least they had essentially their own bodies that time. "Davy, you try first." said Al. "After all, I sorta taught you some tricks before.

"Right." said Davy, flinching at the sound of his non-accented voice. Squinching up his (or shall we say BT's) eyes he suddenly but slowly dissapeared.
"Ooooh! He has the fade down!" said Al and BT, dancing around.
Davy faded back in, slowly.
"How was that?" he asked. He looked worn out.
"Good! Did you feed my hamsters while you were in there!!?" BT asked.
"What!?" Davy sighed.

Al shoved BT out of the way.
"Hey! Watch my body!" cried Davy.
"Oh.. sorry. I keep forgetting. Anyway. Wow I am much stronger than I used to be!"
BT attached herself to Al's leg.
"Um, BT, this doesn't look right." muttered Al. The others were staring at them oddly.
"AAAAUUUGGHHYOU'RE NOT MICKY!!!!" shouted BT and fell backwards, rolling away as fast as she could.

"Ugh." said Al. "Now, anyway, Davy, you try popping out by that chair there. I'll have BT walk through you."
BT got ready and Davy poofed out. Then Davy began fading in.
"NOW!" cried Al and BT quickly walked through him.
"WOW I'M ME AGAIN!" cried BT, attaching herself to Micky.
"ERM... BT, this doesn't LOOK right..." Micky whispered to her.

"Well technically it's Micky..." Al reminded her.
"EWW AL I .. AL EWWW" BT was rolling on the floor again.
Al kicked her hard in the back.
"OUCHHCCHCHCHC!" she shouted and stood up.
"Listen, BT, I've been calm up to this point, but FIX ME ALREADY!!!" shouted Al.

She instantly calmed down afterward.
"You HAVE to teach Micky! Okay? Otherwise you'll NEVER be able to attach yourself to him again! And Davy, Don't answer any phones or doors or walk anywhere! Over with the others!"
Davy gladly obliged and everyone waited for BT to teach Micky.

"Okay," started BT. "This shouldn't be too bad, since EVERYONE IS GOING TO STAY VERY STILL, and NOBODY WILL MOVE, and nobody will GET IN THE WAY AND MESS THIS UP. So..."
"Wow, BT, you're bossier than I remember you," said Peter.
"I'm panicking for various reasons," said BT. "Now. You remember which gate is which, right?"

"Uhhh, yeah, the one that goes in is blue, and-" said Micky.
"No no is out. Blue is on the left, and it goes out, right?" "Right...the blue one is on the right, and it-"
"No, the purple one is on the right, and it goes in."
"In where?"
"Peter's head!! Sheesh, Micky-"
"Okay okay I got it - the blue one...ah..."
"Look ... um...okay. Blue has an L in it, right? So L is for Left."
Micky thought for a second. "But, BT, purple's got an L in it too."
"But it also has an R."

BT sighed, ran her fingers through her hair, curled up on the floor and started whimpering.
"IcantteachhimtoodumbstupidknowsnothingcannotteachMickywillnotlearnpopping CANNNNNNTDOOOOIIIIIITAAHAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!" she whinged.

Micky suddenly looked remorseful and said, "The blue one goes in, right?"
BT sprang up. "YES, YOU GOT IT!"
"OUT! Blue goes out, purple goes in."
"Yes, I can."
"Are you sure?"
"No, I'm not!"

"OIIYYYY!! Okay...well Micky, for now just picture a big giant purple mirrorlike type thing, okay? Did you see it when we did get in Peter's mind?"
"Ohh, well...ah...well, just think about it. Pretend you did., just...poof. You know, just...pop, fade, whatever...can you do that?"
"Nooooo!" Micky said in a babyish voice.

" should probably go with him the first one or two times, to see that he figures it out," said Al.
"Okay...ahhh, okay...think about the big purple mirrorgatethingie, and just kind of fade out," said BT, and they both disappeared.

*In Peter's Mind*

"OKAY!! You made it!" shrieked BT.
"Where's the big blue gate?" Micky asked.
"Over here, c'mon," said BT and dragged him through Peter's mind until they got to it.
Micky stared at the blue mirror. Then BT dragged him to the purple one. And back to the blue.

"Now. WHICH does WHAT!?" asked BT.
"Purple In.. blue out." Micky said.
"YES YES YES!" said BT hugging Micky. "Now, we walk out of the mirror. Do you remember which one?" BT asked.
"Blue." Micky said.
"Right! See if you can do this. Physically hold yourself back for a teeny amount of time... it will feel weird cause you guys aren't used to it, but try anyway."

Micky stepped through the gate and it looked weird and black holish. His form (or Al's that is) seemed to go half way in then stretch weirdly.

Back outside they saw a faint outline of Micky. Al quickly ran through him and then Micky popped all the way out.
BT appeared shortly after (popping in and not fading!) and Micky jumped up and down.
"I'M TALL AGAIN! AND.. er.. BT get off my leg huh?" he asked.
"Good. Now that we're all back to normal, what say we get some Chinese!" Davy said. He was famished.
"RIGHT!' everyone agreed and ran about to get out the dishes and order the food.

Next Issue: BT leaves Peter's imagination and tries to take up residence in Micky's.

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