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The Powers That Be

"Aaaaa-aaaaaaal," BT whinged one day. "My powers are getting all oogy & grimy from the time you put me in the sandwich I tried to make."
"So have 'em cleaned...I need to get mine cleaned off too, since Davy spilled the milk the other day & a food fight ensued, and I got doused in Reddi-Wip. Not fun," Al said. "Hey, it's 20% off day at the cleaners, too."
"Since when is there a 20% off day?! That's the dumbest thing I ever-"
"SHADDAP. Take 'em off," Al commanded.
BT stepped out of her powers, rolled them up into a shiny lil lump of powers, & put them in a bag. "Teehee," she said. Al did the same (except without the teehee bit), & poofed them off to the cleaners.
"Now you make sure I GET MY OWN POWERS BACK," Al said emphatically.
"We are NOT going to go through that again, or I will personally see that Micky, Mike, Peter, Micky, Davy, & especially MICKY never speak to you again."
"THREE MICKYS?!" BT shouted & started running around.
"NO NO YOU DOINK!!" Al screeched & hit her with the nearest object, which happened to be a shoe tree.
"Ow," BT said, & poofed out to who knows where.

*In the pad*
The doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" said Davy, leaping up from the couch & opening the door. He looked around. "'Ello?" Then he looked down. "Oh! 'Ey, you're even shorter than I am!"
"Why do you think they call us MUNCHKIN cleaners, you dolt? That'll be $15," the short cleaner person informed him.
Davy looked around, & grabbed Mr. Schneider's glasses. "'Ere ya go, and keep the change," he said, shutting the door. Then he opened the bag. "'Ey! What's this?" He took the little power ball lump things out & started tossing them around. Micky walked in.
"Davyyyyy do we have any chocolate syrup?"
Davy ignored him...he was bouncing the powers up and down, enjoying the silly "ping whizzz" sound effects they made. He threw one at Micky, and it bounced off his hair.
"Hey! Anyway, do weeee?? I really wanna glass of chocolate milk & a BPFL sandwich."
Davy noticed him as if for the first time. "Oh, 'ey, Mick! Lookathis!" he said, & tossed one of the lil power ball things to him. It stuck to Micky's shirt, & although he tried to brush it off frantically it just stuck there.
"Aahhh, what IS this?! Get it off, get it off!" he cried, pulling at it. Davy walked up & yanked it off of him.
"Man, what are these?" Micky said, rubbing at his shirt.
"I don't know, man! Some weird midget dwarf height-challenged weirdo came and said 'e was from the Munchkin cleaners, and charged me $15 for this lil bag of whatsis."
"Fifteen dollars? Didja use the gla-"
"Hmmmmmmmmm," Micky said, & fell into Deep Thought.
"Uh-oh, he's gone again," said Davy & poked Micky until he resurfaced.
"Ow, why does my arm hurt so?" Micky asked, rubbing his arm.
"Uh.. I dunno. Anyway, what we going to do with these pingy whizzy things?"
"Hmm," said Micky, picking one up. "Oh, hey they unroll!"
"What!? Really!?" said Davy. He unrolled his. It was approximately Al sized.

"Oooh, you don't think these are...." said Micky.
"Al and BT's powers! Whoa... um.. what say you and I take em for a lil spin?" said Davy with a grin.
"Ah, Davy, we can't... can we?" said Micky.
"I dunno... you could sure get BT back for that time that..." started Davy, but Micky had already grabbed Al's powers.
"Hey, how come you get Al's?!" said Davy.
"Because I wouldn't fit into BT's, you have a better chance. Plus I want to really fix her good.. and she has stupid powers!" Micky whined. Davy shrugged.
"I don't care man, I just wanna make some milkwaterfalls...." replied Davy, hopping into BT's powers. Her powers created a shimmery effect around him until he had them totally on in which they disappeared completely from sight.
"Wow this is neat! I don't feel any different though..."
"Here lemme try too!" said Micky, squirming into Al's powers. "Oh, hey, they stretch!" he giggled.
Davy eyed him evilly as he could have had Al's powers, but he was happily playing with cows and milk and stuff.

Just then Al and BT popped in.
"What the... Oh no.. you guys!!" said Al.
BT looked confused. "What Al?" she asked.
"THEY THEY THEY... OUR... THEY.. POWERS. ON!!" said Al, not making any sense.
BT stared at Davy a bit and then said "HEEYYy! YOU GOT MY POWERS ON!" She proceeded to pounce on Davy, but Davy constructed a frozen milk waterfall to stop her.
"Ouch." she said, rubbing her nose.
"MICKY! DAVY! YOU.. You can't USE them give them back!" Al shouted. But the two Monkees were like kids in a candyshop. They giggled and played around.
Al groaned and just sat down to try and think of something.
BT didn't realize Micky had Al's powers though.
"Mickyyyy where's Al's powers how come Davy has on mine make him give them back I want my powers back Micky micky micky miccckkkyyy!!!" whinged BT.
Micky looked at BT funnily and grinned evilly. "Oh, uh, BT..." he said, blinking furiously at her.
Unfortunately nothing happened and BT thought Micky was giving her some sort of signal.
"OH MICKY!" she screeched and jumped on his head.
"Ah, foop, I can't.. oh there we go!" he said, blinking.
BT promptly fell off his head and began acting stupid. (Well stupider than she usually does.)
Al grinned as she saw what Micky was planning. "Ah, you go Micky!" she said.

Micky had BT sit down, and carefully distancing himself from her, he had her write what he repeated:
"I, BT, will no longer badger Micky Dolenz in anyway, shape or form with any intent of love or admiration and I will regrain from pulling/playing/primping, or anything with his hair, attaching myself to his legs, head or anything else, and ..." and the list went on and on and Micky made sure to cover every area of eveyrthing quite thoroughly. He then had her sign 50 times to ensure validity and then poofer her back to normal.
"Ah, Micky, what the........." she asked, then Micky wagged the paper in her face.
"WHAT IS THAT?! ALLLLL!!!" screeched BT.
Al just looked at her non-sympathetically. "Well, you did ask for it sorta." she said.
BT was about to rip it up when Micky wagged a finger at her.
"Ah ah ah, its a contract, legal and binding!" he said.
"ARGHH!" she cried. It did indeed have her name 50 times in any variation possibly imaginable to her.
She ran around crying and whinging and whining until Al hit her with a large lumbering stick.
She promptly fell to the ground and curled into a lil ball. Micky snickered and turned her into a cat.

"Man, what's with the authors and cats?!" asked Mike, peeking out of the upstairs room.
"SHhh, you get back in there! We're not up to you yet!" said the authors. Well, one of them.
Mike sighed and went back into the room, with Peter.
"Is that us? Do we go now?" Peter asked eagerly, jumping up.
"Nope, they ain't finished with Al & BT yet," Mike informed him soberly. "Just because they like Davy & Micky best..."
"I have a lollipop!" Peter announced cheerfully. Mike groaned.

Back downstairs, BT was banging herself into a force field Micky had created around himself, trying frantically to get through so she could scratch him to pieces & rip his hair out & just do all sorts of unpleasant things. Davy was growing tired of his milk waterfalls, and decided to try something new.
"TEA!" he said happily, & created a tea fall over Al's head. She closed her eyes and looked very affronted.
"Davy," she said calmly, "please take BT's powers off and give them to me."
"Huh? What you want them for?" Davy said, turning the tea fall off & handing Al a teacup.
"Well, I need some, and Micky isn't giving up mine anytime soon, he's having evil fun. And we don't dare let BT get her powers, or she & Micky will start a war & wreak havoc on the nation. The houses will burn, the people will starve, there will be no fruit!"

Davy looked confused, & made a tea waterfall directly above Al's teacup. She moved it so the tea spilled on the floor. Davy moved the tea fall, and Al moved the teacup, and this went on for quite a long while until the teacup was full. Al then proceeded to pour it over Davy's cute lil silky-haired head.
"My WHAT?!"
Al then proceeded to pour it over Davy's head.
"Thank you, that's bettah. Eh, I mean...DON'T DO THAT!" Davy made a giant tea cloud over Al's head & she got very very soaked in tea.
"Oh, yum, that's just lovely, that is," Al said. Then she glanced at BT the cat who was starting to get worn out from banging herself into Micky's evil force field, & glanced at Davy, and whispered something at him.
"Oooohhhhhh!" Davy said, & moved the tea cloud over BT.
"MRRRIAAWROOORRRR!" she screeched, & leapt at Davy. Al giggled in a hysteric fit, until Micky turned her into Tupperware.
"At last, reee-vennnnnge!!" he said gleefully, & poofed up a bottle of chocolate syrup, a bottle of milk, a spoon, & a glass.
"Sheesh Micky, why didn't you just poof up a glass of choc milk?" Al said exasperatedly.
"I want to mix it MYSELF," Micky said painfully, and proceeded to do so.
Al sighed and looked at Davy pleadingly. "If you can't give me her powers can you at least change me BACK?!"
Davy looked at her for a sec and then reached for her.
"OH NO YOU DON'T!" said Al, biting Davy on the hand.
Davy grimaced at her and turned her into a rock paperweight.
Al retaliated by throwing herself at him and then spinning her eyes round and round, thus making him extremely dizzy.
"HAHAHAH!" she said and bashed BT in the head.
"MEEEOOOWW!" she cried and attempted to scratch Al, but Al whirled her eyes round and round and BT the cat fell over in a dizzy stupor. Al then huffed annoyedly and bounced up the stairs, knocking on the door to the upstairs bedroom.

Micky meanwhile had picked up BT and was shaving off her fur.
Upstairs, Peter and Mike opened the door.
"Well, it's about time!" Mike huffed.
"Sorry Mike, next time we'll write a whole story about you!" said Al.
"Well, okay, but what do you want?"
"You gotta help me convince Davy to give me BT's powers! Micky's gone mad and Davy's a little funky too."
"They're WHAT!?" Mike screeched.
"Yeh, well, see for yourself!"
Downstairs, Davy was experimenting with beverage waterfalls and Micky was shaving BT while she tried vainly to move. He'd completely paralyzed her and was just finishing off her tail.
He also trimmed her nails and let her go.
"MRWOWOWOROOEOQWEOAIADNLAS!" BT screeched and tried biting him but since she didnt' have any claws in which to grab on, he merely flicked her off time and again until she got bored with it and stalked off cold and weaponless.
Mike watched this carefully. "Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy," he said.
"If you can't talk Davy into giving up BT's powers, at least make him turn me back into me!!" Al said, & jumped onto Mike's foot.
"OUCH!!!" Mike cried, & toppled downstairs, landing on Micky. Davy pointed, & started rolling around giggling, getting all tea-y due to the spills on the floor. "Oh, ick," he said, & de-tea'd himself.

Peter came waltzing downstairs with a lollipop he'd gotten from heaven knows where, & tripped over Al, falling in the Mike & Micky heap. "Ooooo, it's a trampoline!" he said, jumping up and down.
Peter stopped jumping. "Oh, huh? Hi Micky, hi Mike!"
Micky thought for a minute, & then blinked at Peter, who was now a potted cactus.
"A CACTUS? Micky, that was really dumb," Al commented, and then rolled over to Davy, & stepped on his foot (as much as a paperweight could anyway). "Davy? You reeeeeeeeeally need to take BT's powers off now...really really really you do...this is getting really annoying," she pleaded.
"But I like the tea falls! Oohhh, and I bet if I tried really hard - I could make ginger ale falls!!"
Al rolled her googly eyes, until they pained her greatly, then she sat down for a bit. "Hey, where's BT?"
"BT?!" Micky shouted, & snapped up a force field real quickly.

Suddenly a cat poofed in from what had presumably been Peter's mind. It caught sight of Micky, shrieked "MEEEEEEEWWWRRAAOOWRRRRR!" and banged itself into Micky's force field.
"It must be BT," Davy said.
"But she's got her fur back!!" Al said.
"Was her fur lime green to start with?!" Mike exclaimed.
"Ah, well no, it was sort of a brownish-reddish color, until Micky shaved it all off because he's EVIL, and-" Al started rambling.
"Awwwwww, another cat!" Peter said, & started scratching BT's ears. She purred happily & did the head-bangy thing kitties do. She turned around & made a face at Micky, & hopped up on Peter's shoulder. "Isn't it cute?"
"PETER, that's BT," Mike said painfully.
"Oh!!! How come she's a cat again? Somebody's ALWAYS a cat," Peter remarked.
"I'M a paperweight!! Davy turn me back now, or or or or uhh or uhhh...I'll never let you make milkfalls again!" Al threatened.
"Eh? Oh, I don't care, I can make teafalls," he said happily, & created one, eroding poor Al the rock.

Micky was plotting carefully what evil thing to do next. He had already put BT's contract in a giant frame, & put it up on the wall. "OOH!!" he said, jumping up, & blinking frantically at BT, who subsequently turned into a bowl of sauerkraut & fell off Peter's shoulder, spilling all over the floor & consequently getting tea-y from the waterfalls of Davy's.
"Oohhh, goody!!" Micky yelled, and then BT was a bowl of borscht.
"OH YUCCCKKKKKKK," BT cried. "At least I can talk now," she sniffed.
Micky picked her up, put her in the fridge between the cream cheese & the Spam, and shut the door. "Now, for my NEXT VICTIM!"

Mike grabbed Davy's arm & yanked him aside. "Davy. Micky is insane, Al is a paperweight, BT is BORSCHT of all things, and who knows what he's gonna do to Peter & Me...will you just give BT's powers to Al already?!"
Davy looked confused and wandered away from Al. "NONO DAVY COME BACK PLEEAASSEE! Look, you gimme her powers and I'll grant you the ability to make waterfalls of whatever beverage you like in or out of Peter's mind!"
Davy spun around and grinned. "You promise!?" he asked.
"YES PLEASE!" said Al.
Davy carefully wiggled out of BT's powers and Al quickly hopped into them. There was a huge sparkly pretty amazing twinkly effect and when it finished and faded there was Al. Al grinned evilly as even though she had BT's limited powers, she knew how to use them more effectively than Micky even knew how to use 1/1000 of her own.
She sidled up to Micky.

"AH! You're sposed to be tupperware!" he shouted and winked at her funny. But nothing happened. Micky began backing away, still winking vigorously, but nothing.
"Oh well, at least I have my forcefield." he said. He poofed up a BFPL sandwich, but Al grinned evilly, dissipated his forcefield, turned BT back into a cat with full fur and claws, turned the sandwich into an UNbaked FPL thing and stood back to watch BT proceed to rip the powers off Micky.
Al poofed in and grabbed them quickly, and changed them before BT got her wits about her again, and Micky was throroughly punished, so Al put BT and Micky into seperate cages far away from each other.
"Okay, Davy... here you go!" said Al. She didn't even have to wink. Davy happily went about fooling with his beverage waterfalls.

Al didn't give BT her powers back for a while until BT promised Micky she would not further hurt him.
"I will, but only if Micky promises to nullify that agreement!" BT whined.
"No way!" said Micky. But after careful persuasion, and the threat of bodily harm, Micky reluctantly agreed.
"But remember, if you go back on your word and hurt Micky because of this incident you will become and stay a piece of sand, you dig?!" Al warned her.
BT nodded, took back her powers gratefully and began clinging all over Micky.
Al sighed.

"Well, that's another story under wraps! Next Issue: Al promised to give a story to Mike since he's always being forgotten, so in the next issue, Al decides to give Mike big dragon wings due to a stupid wish he makes."

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