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Love Is The Ultimate Trip

Peter was sitting in the corner happily playing jacks using Davy's twinklies. Micky became interested, & started playing too. After awhile, everyone except Davy knew about this and was sitting in the corner, either watching the game or playing it.
"Hey, this is cool...I don't even know how to play jacks!" Peter said.
"So where is Davy anyway?" asked Mike.
Not a second later, Davy came sliding down the banister.
"What'dja do THAT for?!" Micky shouted. "That's MY job! I do that! I'm the official banner-duster!"
"Oh, sorry, Mick...'ey, what are you all doin'?"
"We, uh, nothing," said BT, grabbing the twinklies & stuffing them in Peter's pocket.
"Hey, what?" Peter said, & stuck his hand in his pocket, drawing out the twinklies. BT kicked him.
"How'd you kick him?! We're sitting down!" Al griped.
"I dunno...I'm special," BT said & stuck out her tongue.

Davy noticed Peter holding the twinklies in his outstretched hand. "HEY!! What are you doing with those?! Where'd you find them? And you have all my spare sets, too!" Davy seized the pretty sparkly twinklies & started counting them. "Anyway, there's only seven here..."
"Alright, everyone on your feet," Al said. Mike had been sitting on a twinklie.
"YOU SAT ON MY TWINKLIE!" Davy screeched.
"What? A TWINKIE?! WHERE??!!" shouted Micky & BT at the same time, then glared at each other. "MY twinkie."
"There are no twinkies, nor is there fruit!" Mike said. "Does the twinklie still work?" he asked Davy.
"I dunno, let me test it." Davy grabbed the slightly smooshed twinklie, & another one, & put them both in his eyes. Unfortunately (or fortunately...that will be left to Al's discretion), he happened to be looking in Al's direction.

Al was staring at Micky for some reason until Micky started giggling insanely. She turned around to see Davy practically in her face. He grabbed her hand and twinkled.
"Hmm... well, Davy 'ole mate, I see the twinkly's working there eh eh?" said Al nervously.
Davy grinned and grabbed her, placing her in a chair, to which he scrunched down and holding her hand, he began to announce his undying love.
"Oh sheesh Davy get up this is embarassing man!" said Al, blushing.
BT grimaced and kicked Micky.
"OWOWOW whatyadothatfor?!" cried Micky in agony.
"You never do that for ME!" she said huffily.
Micky stuck out his tongue. "That's because I'm not a moron!" he said, and immediately ran upstairs and locked himself in the bathroom.
Al shook Davy off and ran around trying to avoid him. She pounded frantically on the door of the bathroom.
"Yes?" said Micky opening it a crack.
"LEMMEINNOW!" screeched Al and plunged through the door. Micky caught sight of BT and quickly locked it. Davy and BT were pounding on the door. Micky and Al looked at each other.

"Ah, what are we going to DO?!" Al said, huffing from loss of breath.
"Um.. I dunno. I'm cool with it. BT does this all the time. We just wait for them to get bored."
"HOW long is that going to TAKE!?"
"Oh well I dunno... probably a few days. Ya know. Typical. At least we're in the john!"
Al turned bright red again and opened the window. "AH AIR AIR AIR!" she gasped.
"Hey, chill!" said Micky, who was drinking out of the sink.
"Ah, use a cup!" said Al, watching in disgust as Micky lapped up the water as it came out of the faucet.

Outside Davy and BT looked at each other.
"Hmm, what we going to do!?" said Davy.
"We just wait them out." said BT calmly.
"HOW long is that going to take?!" said Davy.
"Well you know, a few days.. whenever. We can join forces MWAHAHAHAHA!"
Davy took a step away from BT.
"Oh.. sorry." said BT, becoming unscary again.
"Well.. I dunno..." said Davy.
"Well, see if we become VERY quiet, they might think we've left.............. that way they'll peek and we can barge open the door!"
Davy grinned. "Oh that's ingenius! You sure you're really BT?"
"Hey! A chick in love has the brains of millions!" said BT crossly.

Back inside the bathroom....
"MICKY! Get off my lap!" screeched Al. She thought she heard BT gasp in awe from outside but she didn't care.
"Wha? I wanna sit down too!" Micky whined.
"Well wait until I'm OFF of the toilet seat sheeesh!" said Al, grumpily getting up.
Al sat on the bathtub ledge and promptly slipped in, back first.
"YARGHGEMMEOUTTAHEREYOUFOOPER!" she shrieked as Micky giggled.
"Yeh, I meant to tell you Peter usually gets the ledge all soapy and you can't sit on it til you wipe it off."
"ARGH MICKY!" shouted Al, and she was about to punch him when she noticed quiet outside.
"Hey do you think its safe?"
"No way! They're trying to flush us out! oops.. no pun intended.. ehehe," said Micky.
"Ohhhh yoooouuuu!" said Al, shoving Micky into the bathtub.

Micky accidentally kicked the water faucet & turned it on, thus getting his feet & ankles totally soaked in freezing water. "YEEOWURGIH ALLLLL!!" he screeched & grabbed her, sticking her head under the faucet.
"OOOOOGGFFF!!" she shrieked & kicked Micky, who dropped her. She subsequently turned the faucet off & glared at Micky.
Micky rubbed the back of his head, which had gotten banged in the scuffle. "Well, YOU shoved me in there."
"Well, YOU kicked the faucet!" said Al, putting a band-aid on her arm.
"Well," Micky stuttered.
"I I I I I I. Do we have anymore Band-Aids?"
"No," said Micky & stuck his tongue out.
"Wasn't that dumb?" Al thought to herself.

Davy & BT were sitting against the door, their backs to it.
"So," Davy remarked.
"Mmm," BT said.
"Nice weather we're having eh what," Davy said.
"Davy, it's raining," BT said, her eyes never moving from the top of the bannister.
"Oh. Hmmm. Read any good movies lately?"
BT turned to give Davy a disgusted look. He grinned sheepishly.

"I think," BT said slowly, "it's time we used tactics."
"Tactics," Davy repeated.
"Tactics," BT said firmly, and stood up. Davy followed. She looked at him for a minute.
"Stop being taller than me."
"I'm not taller than you - you're smaller than I am."
" don't have a hairpin on you, do you?" BT asked, glancing at the door lock.
Davy smiled & pulled one from the back of his hair.
"Awww, this won't do any good, it's all bent out of shape," said BT, & threw it away. Then she gazed at him suspiciously. "WHAT, Mr. Jones, were you doing with a HAIRPIN?!"
"Um..." Davy looked at the authors. "WHAT AM I doing with a hairpin?!" " quiet, Davy," said the author.
Davy looked EXTREMELY puzzled, then shrugged.

"Do you have a ... hmm ... a LOLLIPOP STICK!" BT said, suddenly glancing at Peter, who had just wandered upstairs with a lollipop in his hand.
"What you want something like that for?" Davy wondered.
BT whispered, "I can pick the lock with it." Then she sidled over to Peter & said innocently, "Peterrrr, can we borrow your lollipop?"
"But I just started it! And it's not a lollipop's a Tootsie Pop!"
"It's just for a minute," she said.
Peter frowned & made a pouty face.
"Okay...but can you finish it as quickly as possible?"
"Yeah, see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop!" Davy quipped.
Peter smiled happily. "Okay!!" he said.

*Back in the bathroom*
"Micky," Al said. "We're going to starve if this keeps up. How do YOU, of all people, you, who would eat pond scum if you didn't know what it was, or maybe if you did...survive for even three hours without food?"
Micky grinned evilly, & opened the bathroom cabinet on the left side. It was a mini-fridge.
"OREOOOOOOOOS," Al screamed & launched at it. Micky slammed the door quickly.
"Ah-ah-ah-ah, hands off. MINE," he said.
"NONONONOOOOOO," Al shrieked. "I skipped breakfast this morning!"
Micky gave her a really really disgusted look. "AL. Poof something up. Geez."
"Oh," Al said in a very small voice, & went to sit in the bathtub some more.

Then she got evil and poofed up a baked pickle, lasagna and fish sandwich.
Micky drooled and stared and pointed at himself and then at the sandwich.
"No." said Al. And she ate every last bite of it. Despite the fact she hated them.
Micky stared wide eyed at her.
"Sorry, MINE!" she said evilly and promptly fell asleep in the bathtub. Then she remembed just in time as Micky turned on the faucet.
She poofed herself on his head.
"ARGH!" said Micky, falling headfirst into the tub. Al poofed herself onto the toilet.
Al sniffed evilly and puffed Micky out.
"ARGH AL!" said Al, lunging at her. She skedaddled around the bathroom by going up the walls and the ceiling. And because she was so short, Micky had a really oddly hard time grabbing her, despite the size of the room.

Outside, Davy and BT perked up.
"Oh do you hear something in there?!" said Davy.
"YES YES OMG they are having FUN without US!" shrieked BT.
"HURRY PETER!" they chanted.
Peter was up to five when they distracted him and he bit it by accident.
"OWWWW guys! You messed me up!" he muttered as he finished the Tootsie pop.

BT grabbed the stick and began picking the lock.
Al was in the process of pulling Micky's leg whilst Micky was yanking out her hair when they heard scuffling at the lock.
"Oh dear, they are picking the lock!" said Al. Micky groaned.
"Sorry Mick." said Al, getting off his back.
Micky got up but forgot to let go of Al's hair and thus Al was dragged around the room a bit.
"Dang, this never happened before!" said Micky.
"Yeh, BT's usually a dummard." said Al.
"Yeh" said Micky.
"Yeh." said Al.
"Yeh." said Micky.
"I already said that!" said Al.
"Yeh." said Micky.
"Oh. Um.... Oh shoot!" said Micky, lunging for the door, but it was too late. Davy haed already gotten in. Al slammed the door before BT got in.

"DAAAAVVVYYY!!" she shrieked from outside but Davy was trying to grab Al.
"MICKY! Do something! I always help you against BT!" shouted Al.
"Ha nope no can do!" said Micky, remembering the evil sandwich incident.
"OH YOU!" shouted Al and opened the door. BT trampled Al and lunged for Micky.
"MIIICCKKYYY!!!" she shouted and attached herself to his face.
"OWIORHAKNDAIDAKJ!" muttered Micky unhappily.
Al raced out of the bathroom and fell on Mike as she fell down the steps. They landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.
Mike just adjusted his hat and promptly fell unconscious.
"Urgh..." muttered Al and ran off.

Davy ran down the stairs & stood on Mike, and with one fist in the air, declared triumphantly, "A man in love can never be brought down!"
Micky, naturally, picked that exact moment to come crashing down the stairs trying frantically to detach BT from his head. And he, of course, trampled Davy who kind of went "Eeeoohhgghhg..."
"Oh, sorry, man," Micky apologized hastily, & then finally wrangling BT off of him, dropped her in a heap with Davy & Mike & darted off in the opposite direction Al had gone.

"They're gooonnnnnne," BT wailed.
"What do you usually do at this point?" Davy asked, disentangling himself.
"Whinge," BT replied, and began to wail "Mmmickkyyyyy, Mmickyyyyy," over and over until Davy couldn't take it anymore, so he hit her with Mike's shoe which had come off in the confusion.
"Ow, don't do that," she snapped, & picking herself up, ran off to find Micky.
Davy put Mike's shoe back on him, & ran off to find Al.
Mike laid there, face down on the floor, and started moaning, "Myyy bologna has a first name, it's O-S..."
Peter walked downstairs, stepped neatly over Mike, then stopped & turned around. "Did you fall down?"
"Mmmmffffftt," Mike groaned.
"Oh, I'm sorry," Peter said, & turned around, only to trip on the ball they had used to play jacks, & he fell up into the air & landed backwards on Mike.

*Cut to the chase*
"Wait, wait, wait, what was THAT?!" Micky exclaimed, walking onto the set.
"Hey man, since when do we have a set?" said BT.
"Take two," Al said, & clapped the clapper thingie. "Hey...Micky, neither of us are supposed to be on," said Al, handing the clapper thingie to BT & waltzing off to her hiding place.
"Ooh yeah," Micky said & hid again.
"Take two," said BT.

"HA! Now I know where Micky hid!!" BT said, & darted off madly. She ripped off Mr. Schneider's head, & who popped up but...
"We switched hiding places," she said evilly.
"So I went through the whole chase cut clapboard take two scene thing for NOTHING?!" BT wailed.
"Yep," said Al. "Oh-oh, here comes Davy," she said & put her ... Mr. Schneider's ... head back on.
"DAVY!!!!!!" shrieked BT as piercingly as possible.
"Oooooooooooooo!!" Davy came floating in. BT ripped Mr. Schneider's head off again & yanked Al out, & shoved her at Davy.

Davy began doing the general twinkly-eyed routine, crooning silly things at Al & promising silly things at Al & staring at Al in a silly manner.
Al sighed and turned ointo a trout.
Davy picked her up and headed to the bathtub still filled with water and still promising and whispering sweet nothings in to her fishear. Al sighed again and flopped around annoyedly.
BT sniffed around for Micky and found him hiding behind his drumset. "Some hiding place... wait til I get Al..." Micky muttered as he stood still and just let BT jump all over him and pull and brush his hair.

Peter had obtained another tootsie pop.
Mike had mopped himself off the floor and had hid on the couch.
Al had turned into a bull and was chasing Davy down the steps.
Al thought she had sufficiently fixed Davy but as soon as she turned back he was all over her again.
Al sighed and just let him pick her up and chuck her on the couch.
Unfortunately Mike was already there.
"OOGGGBFFFF!" he said as Al landed on him. "Get your fat tush offa meeee!"
"Snot me, s'Davy!" Al said in a huffy voice.
Davy began playing with her hair and twinkling at her.
"OURGH! Make him STOP!" said Al, getting a bunch of her hair, which Davy had taken out of the scrunchy in her face.

Meanwhile, BT carried Micky over to the couch and dropped him on Mike.
"OOOGGGBBFFFFF" said Mike again and left in a huff to lock himself in the bathroom.
"Ey, how'd you pick up Micky?! You're short!" said Davy.
"I'm just that good!" said BT.
Micky and Al sat on the couch shooting sympathetic looks at each other as Davy and BT primped about them.
"I say we make a break for it!" said Al.
"Nope, won't work. We have to wait until they get distracted. Then they'll forget about us for a while." said Micky.
"A WHILE?! What about for ever?!" asked Al.
"Well, I dunno what happened to Davy. It must be that defective twinkly."
"OOOH YOOUUU!" said Al. "I'm glad Mike got trodden on... he deserves it for messing up that twinkly!"
"I spose if you get it out he'll be normal again." Micky said.
"Great. How?" said Al.
"You have to um.. pretend to like him ALOT." said Micky.
"OH YUGH!" said Al. "Really Micky..."
Micky just gave her a look and went back to his "I am miserable get this foopy chick offa me." except he was more at ease since Al had the same problem.

Al sighed. "Oh.. uh.. Davvvyyy sweetums.. er.... hi. Yeh. Um, how about I sit on your lap and play with YOUR hair eh?"
Davy's eyes twinkled and sparkled and popped.
"Ooh, careful with them man!" said Al.
Davy sat down and Al reluctantly jumped on his lap.
"Okay, well hi.. uh..." she said, fooling around with his hair. "Hmm.. you have nice shiny sily hair" said Al.
Micky looked at her funnily. "Reeeaaaalllll smooth!" he whispered.
Al shot him the Look and then went back to her business.
"Ah, look, uh.. dearest, you have something stuck in your eye!" Al said.
Davy just smiled stupidly.
"Yeh, um, lemme get it out!" said Al. She put on an oven mitt and yanked out his sparklies.
"Yeowch oooh oughghss... er.. where.. what the.. AL! Get off!' shouted Davy, jumping up and spilling Al all over the floor.
"Yargh Davy! You spilled Al! Gah what a messy boy!" and she proceeded to change into old work clothes armed with a bucket and a mop and cleaned Al up off the floor.

Micky looked devious.
"Oh, uh.. BT darling.. why don't you come sit on my lap and play with my hair."
BT's eyes lit up and she pounced on Micky so hard he had to gasp for air.
"Ah, yes.. hmm.. oh. Yes you have something in your eyes..." said Micky, grabbing Al's oven mitts and yanking at BT's eyes. He just managed to yank out BT's eyes.
"YARGH you give them back you boofer!" shouted BT, fumbling around for her eyes.
Micky disgustingly returned them and sneered. "Why doesn't it ever work for meee!?" he whined, spilling BT all over the floor.
"Oh, Micky, why did you go and do that for?" said Al, grabbing up BT's bucket and Mop and cleaning her up.
Micky and Davy sighed and went to find Mike and tell him it was safe for now.
Peter ran in.
"Guys guys! It takes 204 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop!"

The End.

Next Issue: Micky and Davy steal Al's and BT's powers just for laughs.

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