There is no fruit!!!!
Peter In His Own Mind

Al stared at Peter funnily.
"What?" asked Peter na´vely.
Al grinned. "I think I can do it!" she announced.
"What?" Peter asked again.
"I think I can show you your own mind!" said Al proudly.
"Oh yay! I've been waiting for STORIES now!" said Peter with a genuine smile.
"Yup yup... lessee.. Okay. This is what you have to do Peter... BT stop pulling on Micky's hair like that and sit down!" said Al.
"I'm not pulling it!" BT huffed.
"You are when Micky is walking in the OPPOSITE direction!" said Al. She turned back to Peter. "Now, lay down on the couch, close your eyes and image yourself in your mind."
Peter stared at her blankly. "Wha?"
"Hmmm.... Okay. Just close your eyes. And imagine you are walking through this" said Al, creating a facsimile of the purple portal. "Oh.. okay.. imagine myself walking through that. Right." said Peter, laying down and closing his eyes.

Davy and Mike walked in. "Ey, what's going on?" asked Davy.
"Shh, Peter's trying to get into his mind." said Micky, munching on some ice cream.
BT sniffed angrily at Al but Al didn't notice as she was all but holding her breath waiting to see if Peter would be able to do it.
Suddenly Peter went limp and Al popped out quickly.
She popped back in, jumped up and down and clapped her hands joyously.
"He did it!" she announced and popped back out.
The Monkees sighed and followed her in. BT remained outside and huffed some more. Al popped in and gathered her up, amidst her screeching and fighting.

Once inside they all saw Peter wide eyed and speechless, looking around at Al and BT's cast domain of a pad.
"Wow........" was the only word he muttered. "Okay, we're done now," BT announced.
"What?! We just started the story, man!!" Mike exclaimed.
BT pouted & asked Micky, "C'n I have some ice cream??"
"NO!!!" he shouted emphatically.
BT went and sulked.

Meanwhile, Peter was picking up clumps of birdseed & pistachio & sifting it through his fingers. "I thought you guys cleaned this up!"
"We tried," Al said.
"Maybe we could make a casserole!!" said Davy.
"WHAT?!" said everyone.
"Er...I'll just...uh..." Davy poofed up a banana popsicle & started munching it thoughtfully.
"'d you do that?!" Peter said.
"Oh, you just...uh...I forgot," Davy said, & bit into the stick accidentally. "OUCH!"
"Heehee, that was DUMB," BT said.
Davy poofed up an anvil & dropped it on her.
"Ow," she said.
"Teach me how, Al!" Peter begged.
" me," Al said, & poofed up a glass of milk (it does a body good).
Peter stared at this display, & then tried to do it himself. But it started raining milk.
"EEEEEEEWWWAUURGHHH!!" everyone shrieked until they managed to make it stop.
"My shirt is all nasty & milky and ew ew ew ew!!" said BT & tried to fix it mentally.
"Shaddap, BT," Mike said.
"Um...Peter?" Al said.
"I didn't mean to," Peter said & looked at his shoes cutely.
"That was...ahhh, impressive...try again, but be more careful," Davy suggested.

Peter concentrated carefully & this time about thirteen milk bottles appeared on the floor in front of them.
"Well, at least y'didn't break 'em," Micky said, & poofed up a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.
"You can't have it," Micky said carelessly, & started eating it.
"But I want one!!" BT whinged horribly & annoyingly.
"So poof up your own, you vengeful nit!" Micky said, & continued eating the cone.
BT hid behind Mike because she felt very stupid.

Meanwhile Davy was demonstrating carefully to Peter how to make milk appear.
"See, the first time I did it, I made a milk waterfall, and Al got mad 'cause it spilled on the birdseed and made a mess. So that's why you have to make sure it's in a glass or something. Try to do just a little tiny glass of milk."
This time Peter only got six milk bottles.
"Erm..." Davy scratched his cute li'l head. "That', maybe we try somethin' besides milk. Make, ah..."
"A COW!" Micky screeched.
"NO," Al said.
"A cow?" Mike & Peter said at the same time.
Micky felt dumb, so he went & hid behind Al, who hit him with something heavy she didn't know what was.
"Don't make a cow, Peter, please don't make a cow, or we'll get stampeded or something. Try making a..."
"...salt and pepper shakers shaped like cows!!" shrieked BT.
"Shaddap BT!!" shrieked Al, & threw Micky at her, but he hit Mike instead & they both fell on BT.
Davy giggled. "Heehee, *I'm* short, eh?"
BT poured a milk waterfall on his head.

Two seconds later Al was hit on the head by a giant falling pepper shaker.
"Ooooooops," Peter said, & swiftly made it disappear.
Al was rather dazed. "Ougheisheshhhehshes!" she said dumbly.
BT cracked up laughing because Al's eyes were all crossed and weird.
"Ah, there's two BT's!" said Al, cowering behind Davy.
BT looked confused.
Peter giggled and muttered, "Two BT's ehehe," and suddenly there were two.
"NOO! 4 BT's! I CAN'T TAKE IT!" shouted Al.

BT 1 looked swooningly at Micky and BT2 looked evilly at BT1 and hit BT1 on the head with a giant salt shaker.
"OH NO THE 4 BT's ARE FIGHTING MAKE THEM STOP PETER!" shouted Al, hiding behind Mike since Davy was short.
Peter looked confused. "F..." but he never finished because Davy and Mike had caught on to what had happened and shut Peter up as quickly as they could.
"DON'T say it, Peter, we don't want MORE of.. them..." Micky shuddered, as he hid behind Al hiding behind Mike.
"DO something!" said Mike, moving out of the way.
"I can't! Peter has power over me when we're in his mind!" said Al. "Why is there two of everyone?"
"Because! There just is!" said Davy, and started playing with the birdseed.
"Two of everyone?" asked Peter. And suddenly there was.

"Oh man!" said the two Als.
"Cripes!" said the two Mickys. "Oh bugger!" said the two Davys.
"YAYAYYA!" said the two BT's running after the two Mickys.
"Oh brooooother!" sighed the two Mikes.
"My head hurts," said Peter1.
"I hear you Pete!" said Peter2.

Al1 sighed and looked at her double.
"At least I have help with that BT." said Al1.
"Mine is worse." sighed Al2.
They began comparing notes on what each of their BTs did to Micky.
"Yeh, yours IS worse!" said Al2 after a while.
They surveyed the meanderings of the BTs & the Mickys (for whom you really ought to feel deep pity). After a few minutes, the BTs caught the Mickys and proceeded to rip their shirts off.
"Okay, MINE's worse," said the Als.
"Don't do that," said the Als again.
They glared at each other.
"WILL SOMEONE HELP ME?!" shrieked both Mickys.
Everybody ran over & each Mike grabbed a kicking shrieking BT while the Mickys poofed some replacement shirts up.

"Peter?" said Davy1 to the Peters.
"Yeah?" they said sheepishly.
"Can you make there be just one of everyone again?"
"Sure," they both said ... but nothing happened.
"Uh..." Davy began.
"Okay, I did it," they said.
"Um no, we have to pick one of you to stay & one of you to be poofed away," Davy explained slowly.
The Peters looked at each other. "You can stay," they both said.
"NO NO NO NO NO !!!" shrieked the Als.
"I'm confuuuuuused," wailed the Mickys.
"How come we aren't sayin the same thing as each other?" said Mike2.
"I dunno," said Mike1.

The BTs were now attempting to rip each other's hair off, so the Mikes grabbed them & carted them off to the Als.
"Can you please do SOMETHIN' about them?" said Mike1, indicating BT2.
"Like what?" Davy said exasperatedly.
"Do we even know who's real & who's poofed-up anymore?" said Mike2.
"What in the WORLD is that supposed to mean..." said Micky1.
"YOU KNOW!!" shrieked Mike2.
Al studied them closely.
"That one's real," she announced, pointing at a BT.
"Which one?" said Peter2.
"That one," Al said again.
"Nonono I am!" said the other BT.
"Oh stop being difficult," said Al2, & stamped the fake BT with a red thingie that said "I Do Not Love Micky, I Am Merely A Stupid Figment." "How'd you get all that to fit on my forehead?" wondered the fake BT.

Al2 sighed.
"Well, actually we aren't really fake. We're from an alternate dimension, and you seemed to have summoned us all." said Al2 to Peter1.
Peter2 looked hurt. "But what did I do?"
"Okay okay it must have been some kinda weird magnetism. Peter is incredibly powerful when in his own mind." said Al2.
BT with the stamp sighed. "I LIKE THAT MICKY!" she screamed, pointing at BT1's Micky.
"No no no that's BT's Micky!" said Al1. "You can't take him because it would screw up the space-time continuum.
Everyone but the Al's looked at Al1. "How do they KNOW this stuff?" they all shouted to each other.
Both Als looked at each other as if to say "What morons" and went around stamping the "fake" doubles.
"There, now we know for sure. Now we have to figure out how to get you guys home." said Al1.p> Suddenly the stamped Micky was wearing a pair of ruby slippers & a blue & white checked gingham jumper.
"There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's-"
The stamped Mike slapped the snot out of him and said, "DON'T DO THAT."
The stamped BT looked just plain traumatized & jumped into the stamped Davy's arms.
"HEY HEY HEYYYYYY!!" shrieked the stamped Al. "You're too little!" she said, & shoved BT orff Davy. She subsequently went to cling on Micky's leg (he was now wearing nice normal male type clothes).
The "real" BT jumped up on Micky's head & said "Oooh I'm glad you don't do funny things like that."
Micky grinned evilly & was soon wearing a white dress & a cinnamonroll hairdo type thingie.
"Help me, Obi-Wan, y-"
"AAAAAAUUUUGGHHH MICIKYYYY DON'T DO THAAAT," BT cried & jumped into real Mike's arms.
"What in the WORLD is THAT supposed to be?" Mike said, dropping BT.
"Well, ah, it's like with the space-time continuum and all, and see-"
"Micky...please put your real clothes back we gotta talk to the writers," Mike muttered.
"But I LIKE my pretty dress!!" Micky said spinning around.
Davy helped Mike slap the snot out of Micky while BT hid behind Al.

"Okay look this is all good fun," Stamped Al said, "But we gotta get back to our alternate dimension space continuity thingie."
Everyone looked weirdly at Al2 but Al1 agreed.
So they all sighed.
"Well, you Peters have to do it. Peter from this reality has to really try and send the other group back and Peter from the other group has to try and whisk his own group back to his own time. If you both do it at the same time it should work." said both Al's alternating and finishing each other's thoughts.
Both Peters looked at each other and squinched up their faces.

Suddenly the others were gone and all was back to normal.
"WHEW!" said everyone.
"Okay, Peter you have to learn to control your powers! I can't fix them just like BT can't fix mine!" said Al.
"But I don't know howww, I just got heeeere and I didn't mean to and and and-"
"Peter!" Al said & slapped him lightly on the cheek.
"Don't do that," Davy said.
"No, that's only when I slap *you* on the cheek," Al explained. "Oh."
"Sorry," said Peter smiling happily. "Is the Peter from the alternate reality smarter than me? Can he do stuff?"
"Huh?" said stamped Peter.
"I guess not. Okay well, I'll try," Peter sighed.
"What's he doing here?" asked Al.
Peter looked at his double. "I don't know, I thought you went back!"
"Er.. I did, but uh.. I dunno..." Peter 2 looked around oddly.
Al shook her head. "Try it again!" she sighed.

Both Peters closed their eyes and out popped the Stamped Peter.
"There you go. NOW we have to work on those powers of yours!" said Al.
Peter looked upset.
"What is it?"
"I don't know. Where did Micky go?"
BT shrieked.
But Micky popped out of the freezer covered in icecream. "I did," he said sheepishly.
"No no no." said Al, pulling Micky by the ear. "We'll continue this some other time! Now. Back to the Monkee pad!" said Al, poofing them all out.

Next Issue: Davy develops a huge crush on Al, who probably ends up liking it.

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