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Power Surge

One day, Al decided to send her powers out to the dry cleaners. She took them off and shipped them out. Then she stayed around the Monkees' pad for a while. It was only supposed to take a few hours, for some reason, but she was sleepy so she laid down on the couch and somehow managed to get some sleep with all the hubbub going on around her.
Eventually, about 5 hours later there came a knock on the door.
"I'll get it!" shrieked BT and frolicked over to the door. She looked through the peekhole like Davy usually does and grinned sillily. Then she opened the door.
"Hello!" she said.
"Hi. Dry cleaning?" said the guy.
"Wow yeh! Um.. oh.. you want money.. er..." BT turned around, grinned and poofed up some moola quick. "Ah, there you are mister!" she said, taking the items.
Then she noticed it was Al's powers. "Ooooooohoooo!" she said.

She ran up to Peter, poofed into his mind, and quickly took off her powers. Then she hid them carefully and put on Al's. She giggled insanely with power and poofed out.
Al woke up. "Huh, wha.. ah, BT, was there a knock on the door? I'm expecting my powers back from the dry cleaning!" she said sleepily.
BT giggled. Al looked at her suspiciously.
BT turned Al into a cat.
Al's eyes narrowed and she jumped at BT, but BT threw her back into the couch.
"MERWOWOWOW!" said Al and stalked off.

BT giggled and winked at Micky. Micky suddenly turned around with the goofiest look on his face. "What's the matter, Mick?" said Mike.
"I.. just... LOVE.. BT," said Micky, staggering over to BT.
"Micky, are you sick?" said Peter.
"Uh, Mick, you'd better sit down a spell." said Davy.
But Micky went over to BT and sat her on his lap and BT primped and played with his hair and Micky smiled stupidly.
"Heeheehee!" he giggled in a high-pitched silly manner. BT quit messing with his hair and gazed at him ridiculously.

"Uh...Micky?" Davy waved his hand in front of Micky's face.
"Don't DO that," Micky said irritatedly, & giggled again.
"Micky...MICKY!!!" shouted Mike. No response. "Oh man, guys, I think Micky's gone again..."
"But why?? He'd never behave this way on his OWN," Davy said, giving BT a funny look. She was meticulously brushing Micky's hair, & said nothing.

"Mrrriaaaaaaaaaoowrrrrr?" Al said inquisitively, banging her head into Peter's leg.
"Oooh, a cat!" Peter said happily, & picked Al up. She started meowing frantically. "Awww, nice kitty cat. Let's go find you a snack, huh?" said Peter, & took the squirming furry mass of Al kitty into the kitchen.
"Things just keep gettin' weirder," Davy mused.
"Mike?" BT said.
"'Ey, she talked!!" Davy exclaimed.
BT ignored him. "Mike, do we have any paper?"
"Uh, yeah..." Mike said, & a paper airplane came sailing across the room and landed in his hat. Mike made a silly face, & handed the paper to BT. She flattened it out and got a pencil.

"Micky sweetie?"
"Yes, BT?" Micky said devotedly.
Davy made a face.
"C'n you write somethin' for me?"
Micky gave her a "yeah right" look, & she blinked at him. "Oh, sure, baby doll!! Whaddaya want me to write?" Micky asked, & gazed at her.
BT smiled semi-evilly. "Alright, now just write down what I say. I, Micky Dolenz, being of sound mind-"
"Since when?!" Mike said incredulously.
BT glowered at him & continued, "-do hereby write the following of my own free will," and what followed was an overlong series of statements revolving around Micky's newfound love for BT, unnecessarily filled with terribly sappy terms of endearment such as "honey bunch", "sugar plum", and the less conventional "minty muffin".

Mike & Davy watched in absolute horror. "BT, what are you DOING?! You can't make him write all that, it's...that's SILLY!" Mike cried.
Micky shot a murderous glance Mike's way, & continued writing.
BT looked down her nose at Mike, who said, "Ooh, I better go check on the sink again!" and exited to the kitchen.
Davy stared. "Man, this has gotta stop. Since when can you do stuff like that, BT?!"
"Eeheee, I got specialler!" BT said cheerfully, & turned Davy into a sheet of bubble wrap.
"Oooooo, look BT it's bubble wrap!" Micky said excitedly.
BT smiled fondly at the slightly-subnormal Micky & patted him on the head. "Yes, yes it is." He grinned happily.

Just then Peter came in with Al the cat. "What do you feed cats that don't like cat food?"
"We don't have any cat food," said Micky.
"Well...oh. Hmmmm," Peter thought.
Al jumped up on Micky & started pulling at his hair. BT shrieked "CUT IT OUT!!!" & picking Al up, flung her across the room, where she landed on Mr. Schneider's head. "Poor baby, did the mean cat hurt yooouuuu?" BT said.
Micky pouted. "She messed up my hair!!"
"Awwwwww," BT said, & kissed him on the forehead. He smiled sillily.

"That's sick, just SICK," said Davy bubble wrap, looking as if he might pop. "Where is Al??"
The cat hissed from the corner, & looked VERY annoyed at BT, who shrieked, "EEP!!", jumped up into Micky's lap, & hid. He instantly wrapped his arms around her protectively & gave the cat a suspicious look.
Peter watched this process with interest. "Aren't you guys gonna do the, ah, the, the doink nose thing?"
"NONONO! NO NOSEDOINKING!" Davy shrieked, & popped one of his bubbles. "Aaahhh!!"
"Oo oo oo I wanna pop the bubble wrap, can I BT, pleeeeease??" asked Micky eagerly. But BT wasn't paying any attention. "BT?"

She was sitting in the middle of the floor, with her eyes closed, concentrating very hard. Suddenly, the pad turned into a sort of very odd palace type place.

BT opened her eyes. "IT WORKED!!" she shrieked happily, & jumped into Micky's arms, knocking him over, as he was unprepared for this outburst. "Ooowwwww," he whined.
"Awwww, sorry cheesy-cake," BT said, & doinked Micky's nose. Two more loud pops were heard from Davy, who said, "Noo, please don't do that, I can't take it! And what 'ave you done to our PAD?!"
Al stalked up to BT and attempted to scratch her but BT threw her against the wall.
Al hissed but stayed where she was.
"Where's Al?" asked Peter.
"Mreow!" said Al defiantly.
"Aw, is Kitty hungry again?" Peter said.
Al seemed to ponder this, but then remembering that nasty can of catfood Peter tried shoving into her mouth, she quickly hopped down and began rubbing Mike's leg.

"Get outta here!" he said and pushed her over.
"BRRRRRRRR," said Al angrily.
"Wow, I think that's Al." said Peter, staring.
"WHAT?" said Davy popping more of his bubbles.
"I think that's Davy!" said Peter.
"No, I'm Davy." said Davy.
"Oh. Well than that must be Mike!"
"No Peter." said Mike.
"Yes Peter!" said Davy and Mike. "Now, how did you know that?"
"Well, I can understand her. Can't you?" said Peter.
"No!" said Davy, trying not to pop some more bubbles.

Mike walked up to BT and Micky. He grimaced, and stepped back, then took a deep breath and entered into the "region of nosedoinking."
"BT! Listen here! You change Al and Davy back right this.. oh goshdarniit... RING RING oops.." said Mike, for he was in fact a phone.
"What did you go and do that for Mike?" asked Peter.
Peter decided it was best not to mess with BT so he stayed a little to the side. However, BT was in a silly mood. Concentrating very hard, she made 5 servants appear.
One threw Davy in the trash, another put Al in a litterbox and a third hooked Mike up to the phone jack.
A fourth picked up Peter and asked, "What should we do with this one Master?"
BT smiled evilly and turned poor Peter into a lamp.
"He never was too bright..." said Micky absentmindedly and doinked BT's nose again.
"Not right now honey..." said BT coo-ily.

"HEY LEMME OUT OF HERE LEMME OUT OF HERE," shouted Davy, popping the remainder of his bubbles. BT sighed and poofed him into a dictionary. Davy got mad and flapped his pages, propelling himself through the air and at BT.
After a few minutes of this, BT got annoyed as Davy was seriously cutting into her nose doinking.
"AH GET OFF YOU!" she shouted and turned Davy into a pamphlet. Davy sighed as a servant caught him and stuck him on a bookshelf between two large encyclopedias.

"RING RING.. I mean HELLP!" shouted Mike.
"Yeh, my nose is awfully hot..." said Peter, trying to touch his light bulb nose with his lampshade head.
"EWWW cat litter!" shouted Al, galloping out of it..
"Hey you can talk!" said Mike.
"Course I can. Now that you're an item you can understand stuff human beings can't. Anyway, where's Davy? I dont' see him. Don't tell me.." said Al.
"No, he's up there you can barely see him between the encyclopedias." said Mike.
"Grrrrrrr that BT...." said Al. She carefully arranged herself on a nice rug and began clawing the crap out of it.

"It's Mike," said Peter.
"Aaagghhhh, this feels really funky!" Mike whined.
"Give 'em a busy signal," Al suggested.
"I dunno, YOU'RE a phone," Al said, & started clawing at the rug again. "Gee, am I?" Mike said sarcastically, but he stopped ringing.
"Mm gnnn swfft!!" said Davy from the bookshelf.

BT paused from her nosedoinking, & got Davy down and started reading him.
"You're a boring pamphlet," she said, and turned him into a sheet of paper. "OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" she shrieked, for the first thing Davy had done in his annoyance was to give her a paper cut.
"Man she's even louder than usual," Mike said.
"Awwwww are you okay minty muffin???" Micky said.
"MINTY MUFFIN?!" everybody cried.
BT glared at Davy, & tried to think of something harmless to turn him into. Three seconds later, Davy was an extension cord.
"Oh, now, this is just ridiculous," he said.
Peter scooted over to him, & plugged himself in. "Now I can move around more!" he said gleefully.
"You can barely move around at ALL," Al commented.
"Well, this is all really amusing...but...hey, how did you MOVE in the first place, Peter?" Mike wondered.
Peter glanced unsurely at the author. "How?"
"HOW???!!!!" Davy giggled insanely.
"Be quiet!" BT snapped, and started brushing Micky's hair.

Mike thought. "Okay, guys, which is worse - hairdoinking, or nosebrushing? I mean..."
"Forget it, Mike. Something must be done. This is gettin' waaaay out of hand," Davy said.
"But what are we going to do? Al is a kitty, & we don't have any powers...ooh, kitty! Are you still hungwyyy?" Peter said.
Al grimaced. "NO. Anyway, what happened I think is that BT picked my powers up from the cleaners, and most likely will not give them back. If I could find wherever she left hers...maybe I could do something about her."
"Well, where would she have left them?" Mike asked.

BT blinked at one of the servants, & Al was immediately put into a little carrying case.
"Aaaouuwrgghh, BT this is not fair!!!" she cried.
BT giggled and went on nose doinking. Then Al remembered something.
"Oh! I can still get into Peter's mind! Once a figment always a figment!" said Al.
"In fact, so can you guys...."
Al poofed out and so did Davy Mike and well not Peter. He stayed a lamp and was getting frustrated.
"Sorry, Peter, we never did that story in which you can enter your own mind yet!" called Al. Peter made sad puppy lamp faces and tried to touch his light bulb.
"Okay.. now.. LOOK!" said Al. Unfortunately they were all still items. "Gah! I'm confused." said Al again.
She padded around the pad and got lost in some seeds and nuts. "ARGH I CAN'T ARGH I'VE NEVER BEEN A CAT IN HERE BEFORE!" she shrieked.

They seemed to be able to control things but not actually change themselves back. The guys helped Al look by moving things with their minds, since Al was the only one who could move. She went under things and in things.

"UGH! NOTHING!" said Al. She sat on her bed and scowled.
Davy found he could move much like a snake and slithered in and out of various cracks. Mike sat there and rang occasionally.
"Look, it's no use! She must have hid them really well! What if they're not even in here!" said Mike. He emitted a dial tone loudly.
"Don't do that." said Al, sticking a paw in her ear.
"Sorry. I'm frustrated." said Mike.
"Well we can't go BACK in there she's sadistic man!" said Davy.
"Well what are we going to do we can't leave Peter in there!" said Al.

She poofed out and stalked over to BT.
"Look here! You really suck and.. uh... I hope you blow yourself up with my powers!" said Al and stalked off. She knew BT would mess up eventually, as she wasn't used to having such strong powers.

"Pleeeeeeeeease stoppppppp!!!!!" Peter cried. It had been cute the first time but now he understood how Mike had felt. "Noooo nosedoinking pleeeeeeeease," he pleaded pitifully.
BT & Micky paid him no notice whatsoever.
"What??? Eeeek nooooo!" BT said, & quit nosedoinking. "You wouldn't really do that, would you?"
Peter lampsmiled. "Naw, I just wanted you to knock it off. Promise me no more noise doinking?"
"Noise doinking?" BT said puzzledly.
"Nose doinking."
BT glanced at Micky doubtfully. His nose was looking a little bit more smooshed (than usual). "Okay..." she said.

Peter smiled with relief, & wished Al would find BT's powers quickly. He only had a 40-watt bulb, & it was flickering.
"Ooooo BT lookit the pretty lamp go on-offy!!" Micky said pointing happily. BT glanced at the lamp-Peter dubiously. She hadn't meant to make Micky STUPID, as she evidently had. She blinked at him.
"Uh...BT...get off...why are you here??" he said confusedly. BT blinked at him again.
"Ooohehehehe," he said dumbly, & started singing the Coca-Cola jingle. She rolled her eyes. This was getting annoying. BT wished she knew how to use Al's powers more effectively.

*Back in Peter's lightbulb - er mind. I mean, it's ... OH SHEESH
*Back in Peter's head*
"Man, the author had better get it together or we're never gonna find anything!!" Mike said.
"Author?" Davy said confusedly.
Al glared at Mike. "Never mind. Oooo oo I think I found em!!!" she exclaimed, & dove under a pile of nuts & seeds. "Yuck. This is just her record collection."
"THAT?!" said Mike in disbelief. Al was "holding" a little tiny box. "Uh-huh," said Al, & opened the box. About a zillion albums spilled out all over the floor.
"I hadta ask," Mike muttered, shaking his head.
"Sheesh...we're just gonna have to count on BT making a mistake, I guess," Davy said.
"We have a pretty fair chance," Mike quipped.
"Man!! I should know where to find them!!" Al said frustratedly.

*Back in the pad-palace thing*
"Myyy bologna has a first's O-S-C-A-R..." Micky sang cheerfully.
BT poked him. "Mickyyyy knock it off PLEEEASE!!"
Micky made a sad puppy face. "But-"
"Awwww, I'm sorry," BT said sulkily, & messed his hair up. He frowned. "Don't do that!!"
"I'm booooooored," BT whinged. "Where was that list I made, of all the stuff I'd do if I ever got Al's powers..." she mused.
"How come you're always MUSING, or Peter's musing, or Mike's musing, or-" Micky asked.
"SHUT UP!!!" BT screeched.
Micky looked hurt. "You shut up!!"
"YOU shut up!"
"YOU shut up!!"
"Shut up!"

Micky made the Worst face (yep, the infamous worst face) & went to find a snack.
"Don't leeeeave meeee," BT whinged. "This is dumb...I want Davy & Al & Mike back so I can turn 'em into stuff!"
BT was obviously stupid or too hepped up on power to realize she could make Micky kiss her. So she just made Al and company return.
Even though they already had. Or did they? I can't remember.
At anyrate, they were back NOW.
"HA! Um.. lemmethink...." said BT. She closed Peter's mind portals and cackled with delight.

First Davy was a sandwich but Micky tried to eat him so she turned him into a glass. But then Micky almost dropped him. She was getting bored with Micky almost breaking or eating or killing Davy so she just turned him back to an extension cord. She was beginning to realize why Al didn't use her powers that much, at least for really big things.
"Yes, that's right." said Al.
"Shut up and stop reading my thoughts!" said BT.

"But it's soooo hard! You know how if you see a word you can't help but read it and..."
Micky was giggling to himself and tra-la-laed over to BT.
"Yes schnookums?" he replied sickeningly.
"NO NO NO NO NO NO MORE SICKENINGLY THINGS," cried Mike, Peter Davy and Al in unison.
BT made a face and Micky looked confused.
Then Peter hopped over to BT and his lightbulb was over her head.
"I GOT IT!" she snickered evilly. She blinked hard at Micky and Micky got Davy's twinklies.

But it was to no avail. BT closed her eyes and had a big goofy grin on and Micky got twinklier by the moment, rushed over and laid a big ole smooch on her.
Al began to giggle, because as BT was being smooched, she began to melt. Al's powers kept their shape and being off of BT began to twinkle prettily.
"AH! The slipup!" she cried, winking at Davy, Mike and Peter as she hurried over and put on her powers.
"NOOO!" screeched BT but she was still too melty to do anything.
"HA! There you go!" said Al, poofing her back to normal.
"No! Ha on you!" said BT. She help up the paper with the contract that Micky wrote.
"No no you doof. You forgot to have him SIGN it." Al tsked, and went about fixing things.
BT looked alarmed and quickly scanned the paper.
"NOOOOOOOO FAAAAIIIRRRRRR!!!!" she cried just as Micky got his wits back.
"Huh? Wah.. what the...!??!" said Micky.

And as this story ends, the guys and Al took Micky into the kitchen, gave him a glass of milk and calmly explained the goings on of the last few hours to which Micky freaked, shot milk out of his nose and chased after BT until the next story. Which is coming up... NOW

Next Issue: Peter (FINALLY) gets to see what the inside of his mind looks like!

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