Animated Fun

One day the entire pad was sitting around watching TV.
"I'm watching TV," Micky announced helpfully.
"Shut up, the author takes care of obvious things like that," said BT.
"Why doesn't the author take care of obvious mistakes, like YOU?" Micky snapped.
"OOH!!" said BT & zapped him & he zapped her and a zap war ensued when BT accidentally zapped Al. Pretty soon everyone was zapping everyone because they were all dumb, & MT was feeling left out so he was hitting people with a pillow he found heaven knows where.
"Ooh, I have to turn you all into something really evil..." said BT and thought hard. "OOH!! Got it!" she said & aimed a zap for Micky but he held up a mirror he also found heaven knows where, & the zap hit the TV & reflected off of it, hitting the entire pad.

Al stared at her surroundings. "BT...what did you DO?!"
BT looked scared. "Uhh..."
"IwasgonnaturnMickyintoacartoontoannoyhimanduh it's HIS fault! He held up a thing and the thing went reflecting off it!!"
"A what?" said Mike.
"A cartoon," stated BT.
"Oh, is that why I have a funny black line going all around me?" said Peter, & stepped out of his line, promptly falling apart.
"Oh, Peter, this is a cartoon, you can't do that," said Al, & picked up his pieces, putting them back in his outline.
"So poof it back to normal, Al," Mike said calmly.
"Can't, we gotta wait for it to wear off. Reflections do funky stuff to our powers, which is why We Don't Usually Use Them In Zaps," Al said pointedly to BT. "Honestly, never, EVER do that, you KNOW better...blink or something, but DON'T use zaps."
"Well everyone was zapping and-"
"Oh, shut up," said Micky, and then got a really evil idea. He pulled a rope that suddenly appeared and a giant anvil fell on BT.
"OOH!!" said Mike and clapped with stoic deadpan glee.
"What the heck?!" said Davy.
"But this doesn't make sense to meeee!!" wailed Sassip.
"Mmmrfggbhbbhdhgfgrr!" BT mumbled from under the anvil.
"She didn't even think to use one of the teeny tiny cocktail umbrellas," Davy snickered.
"Shut up love," said Sassip & punted him directly into Mike.
"I fell on Mike!!" Davy said, pointing & laughing.

"So, if we're in a cartoon..." said BT, finally figuring out how to shove the anvil off, " then...OH ugh, I'm all accordiony!" And so she was, for she was squished.
"Oh, I can fix that," said Al & a giant iron out of her pocket, running it across BT.
"Oh...uh...thanks," said BT. "Hey, I bet if...hmm." BT gazed at Micky & little hearts popped up all around her head.
"OOH it works!!" said BT, taking the hearts & mooshing them around until she had sculpted a cinnamon roll from them. MT promptly ate it.
"Eat your heart out!!!" said Mike.
"Uhh..." Mike said & smoke poured out of his ears because he had figured out how to make that do it. Davy got a question mark.
Micky looked disgusted. He took out a huge BPFL and shoved it all into his mouth in one bite. Everyone else looked disgusted too.
"WHAT?!" he shouted and did it again.
"Ugh," said Mike and couldn't stop the smoke.
Davy picked up the question mark and threw it at Sassip who ate it.
"It's chewy!" she said, making faces.

Al was standing in the corner with her arms behind her back, facing the wall.
"What are you doooooing Mommmmmy?" MT said whinily.
"I'm thinking, thingy sweetums." said Al distractedly.
"K!" said MT and giggled and hopped on Micky.
"GAH!" said Micky and tried to get away but MT was holding his leg. Micky ran a bit and then noticed his leg was all stretched out and freaked and snapped back and hit MT like a rubber band.
"What did you do that for?!" Mike asked.
"I dunno..." said Micky and promptly saw stars and birdy things.
"OMIGOSH!" said Mike as his sparkplug walked in and tipped its hat to him.
"Wow!" said Poundcake, with funky hearts.
"Hiiiyyeee!" said Sparkplug.
"Oh, so now the SPARKPLUG is sentient. Isn't that dumb!?" said Davy to the authors.
"Shut up," said they and shoved him back in. "YOU try writing over 50 original stories and see where you get to!"

Davy shrugged and scoffed 50 poundcakes at once because he could. Micky pointed and went "Ahhh? Ahh!?" as if to suggest Davy was just as bad, but no one paid any attention to him.
Sparkplug and Poundcake were striking up a marvelous love thingy and MT was watching with hungry interest to the whole affair.. let alone that it was bizarre. He'd seen enough to make a normal child very whonky indeed. Then again he was partially made by BT.
BT tried to get at Micky but Micky got into a fight with her and all you could see was a cloud of smoke and heads and feet and arms and legs and fists coming out of it.

"WHAT in the world?!" asked Mike scratching his hat.
Sassip frolicked and was pleased to find nothing fell out of place but was annoyed because no one noticed, now that everything was stuck.
Mike tried to get a Coke out of the fridge but the fridge was stuck.
"HEY! What's the matter with it?" asked Mike.
"It's a prop," said Peter.
"A WHAT!?"
"A prop. It's background. We're the only things that can move," said Peter.
Micky and BT's fight cloud froze and Micky looked at Peter. "HOW do you know THAT?" he asked. BT was whinging quietly to herself.
"I dunno. I watched a lot of cartoons..." said Peter.
"OOOH!" said Micky, looking pleased with the answer, and the fight cloud resumed its movement.
"That was dumb!" said Davy in between scoffs.
"Daaaayyyvveee! Stop scrumming up allllll the poundcake!" said MT in his normally annoying sing-song kiddie voice.
"NO! Mine!" said Davy and growled at MT, getting fangs.
"EEEK!" said MT and bounced away.
"HE BOUNCED!" said BT and rolled away from the fight cloud, leaving Micky fighting with himself for about 5 minutes til he was biting his own leg and finally noticed BT was gone.
"UGH where is she?? KILLL KILLLLLL!!"
"No no no no, you're not the psychopathic thingy anymore," said Al.
"Oh...hmm," said Micky, & kicked the prop fridge until it fell over.
"Oh!! That was stupid," said Sassip & tried to eat Micky.
"Doooon't," said Micky shoving her off & going to play table tennis with himself because he could.

"Well harumph," said Sassip & trid to eat Peter, which was a success. Shortly afterwards a very distinct imprint of Peter appeared in her tail.
"OOH My that does feel odd!!! PTOOI!" Sassip screeched & spit him out.
"That was cool!! And I'm not even all slobbery," said Peter.
"OOH OOH I wanna try I wanna try!!" said MT. "Eat me eat me!!"
Sassip frowned. "You look too much like Micky."
MT made a cute kiddie pouty face.
"Oh ugh alright, he's too cute," said Sassip & ate him until he did the same thing & then she spit him out and it was dumb.
"Al Al Al how is it that what is it that thing you do in cartoons to make people fall in lo-o-ove with you?" BT said, dancing around Al in a circle.
"THERE she is!!" said Micky & leapt for BT but she wasn't there.
"Where'd she go?" said Micky turning around. BT dashed through a prop door & soon a big door chase ensued, as there were about five doors on the set.
"STOP WITH THE DOORS!! It's hurting my head!" said Davy.
"Awwwww," said Sassip & kicked Davy lightly.
"Oooowwwwwwww my leg hurts!! Don't do that!!"
"But I bet you've forgotten all about your headache huh?" said Sassip.
"No, how my head AND my leg both hurt," Davy sighed.
"Oh, hmmm," said Sassip & punted him but he landed on a giant mattress.
"I know!" said Mike & opened a catalog from ACME, flipping through it until he found something.
"Build-Your-Own-Sentient-Carburetor-Kit! Only nine ninety-five!"
"Gosh, that's cheap," said Poundcake.
"Shut up," said Mike, stuffing the entire catalog in an envelope, putting a stamp on it, dashing outside, shoving it in the mailbox, tapping his foot while glancing at his nonexistent watch, & being run over by the delivery truck.
"DON'T TALK TO POUND CAKE THAT WAY!" said the driver, dropping a package on the sidewalk near Mike & zooming off.
"Ouch," said Mike painfully.
"Awww, Mike's all floojly," said MT, skipping outside, peeling him off the sidewalk, & shaking him out.

Mike popped back into his former shape and frolicked into the pad merrily with his package.
"Mike, why did you buy that? You already have a sentient sparkplug!" said Davy.
"Because I want to build a whole sentient car and call it Kit. No wait. That's already been done.." said Mike.
Davy made a face. "What, sentient poundcake isn't enough for you?!" he nearly shrieked in horror.
"OH NOOO!" said Sassip, her eyes bugging out and her jaw dropping all the way down to the ground (and that's 7 feet that is!).
"OMIGOSH WHAT'S UP WITH SASSIP?!" said everyone, running around in confusion.
"Hey, where's Al?" said Someone.
"OH NO HE'S BACK!" said Davy and shoved him out the door with a little help from Poundcake.
"Where is Al though?" said Mike.
"She's in the corner pondering." said Peter. He was listening to Sparkplug tell a stupid story.
"Yeh, so I was in the car and then I got planted and then I grew because someone told me too and now I'm BIG and I have eyes and stuff and can do stuff and then Mike watered me and I'm sorta rusty but that's okay but I don't even know what I'm supposed to do but wheeeee!" said Sparkplug.
"Yeh, yeh.. uh-huh.. I know I was there.. hmm.." said Peter, trying to get away.
"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" shouted Sassip at Poundcake, and ate him. Poundcake ran around inside of Sassip, and after a while and a bit of sobbing from Davy, Poundcake opened Sassip's mouth and carefully extricated himself from her innards.
"YAY!" said Davy.
"UGH" said Poundcake.

Davy went over to Al and tried to snog her but she took out a big mallet and beaned him over the head.
"Heeeyy! How come you can always snog me but I can't snog yooouu?!" he whinged, rubbing his jaw.
"Why are you rubbing your jaw?" asked Al. "And You can't snog me because I'm pondering!"
"Well it looks like you're taking a time out because you were naaauuugghhhtttyyy!" said Micky giggling.
"MOMMY NAUGHTY!?" said MT who hated time outs.
"OH MICKY!" said BT and tried to jump on him, but he drew a black hole and in she went, toppling onto Al.
"MICKY!" shrieked Al and dropped a horse on Micky.
"Ugh," Micky groaned as the horse stepped on him & then left.
"What're YOU doing in here?" BT said stepping onto Al's shoulders & climbing out of the hole.
"I'm TRYING to ponder, will you people PLEASE quit interrupting me!" Al said irately.
"Sorry," said Peter, zipping up the hole.
"Oh, there's a zipper on the floor," Mike said, kicking at it.
"Go build your carburetor, huh Mike?" said Davy.
"Oh, yes!!" said Mike and did.
"Say, I've got a brilliant idea," said Sassip, & unzipped the hole, shoved Poundcake and Sparkplug into it, & zipped it back up. Davy was irritated but then got to take a nap in Sassip's pouch so all was well.
"'s only a cartoon so it doesn't matter if you decide to fall in love with me!!!" BT said stupidly.
"Oh man, that may be the dumbest thing she's ever said," said Davy.
"Prob'ly so," said Peter.
Micky got a freaked look & said, "Eep!" Then he quickly went through a door & slammed it shut. BT opened it, to reveal another door.
"OHHHH not THIS gag," she groaned & ripped off fifty doors until she rang the doorbell on the last one, and it blew up.

Micky started laughing & then couldn't quit & rolled around laughing. Peter had somehow turned himself rubbery and was bouncing all over the place. Al & the Sparkplug & Poundcake were trying to get out of the black hole, Davy was sliding down Sassip who was reading a book on bowling championships, and Mike was trying to build his carburetor. BT was alternating between fuming & making little pink hearts around her head like crazy.

"Stop with the hearts, they're SOOOO annoying," Micky said, picking BT up, rolling her into a ball & dribbling her around. He also seized Peter, & grabbed Davy, rolling him into a ball, and juggled them all.
"Oh, COOL!!" said Micky.
"HE TOUCHED ME HE TOUCHED ME!!" said BT, uncurling & melting into the floor.
"Uuuuggghhhhh," Micky said distastefully & tried to roll Sassip into a ball but she sat on him.
"Attagirl!" Davy said, managing to pop back into his self. Peter was stuck so Mike unrolled him & let him lie quietly for awhile because he had been bouncing around a lot.
"Is it gonna turn back soon? I keep accidentally losing fingers 'cause I step out of my outline," said BT, opening the zipper & tossing a lit match in there. Unfortunately besides Al & the sentient inanimate objects, it held Lots Of TNT & so it blew up and everyone was all blown up.
Mike giggled as Al, the Sparkplug and the Poundcake staggered around all charred and smoking.

"Oh that would make a good book.." said Davy.
BT snuck around sneakily, and music accompanied her.
Everyone looked at her and she stopped. Then she snuck around some more and the music started but everyone was looking at her.
"NO FAIR! That stupid music foiled my sneakiness!" she shouted.
She had stopped but the music kept on going. Al groaned and began to move around stupidly.
"What the...?" asked Davy. "You don't dance! Why are you dancing!? You can't even dance RIGHT!"
"I'M NOT!" she whinged and soon MT was dancing with her but he was crying alot.
"BT MAKE IT STOP!" shouted Mike who had begun dancing. Soon they were all dancing and the music went faster and faster and faster.
"WHERE IS IT COMING FROM!?" shouted Peter at the top of his lungs to be heard.
"I DON'T KNOW!" said Mike.
Al and MT were holding on to each other crying their eyes out.
"What babies!" said BT.
"Oh, like you should talk!" said Micky. No one heard him so he shouted.

Suddenly the music stopped and everyone was back to normal and the whole pad was too, except Sparkplug who was still sentient.
"Why isn't she back to normal?" asked Davy, annoyed that his poundcake was in love with the stupid sparkplug thing.
"I don't know but I like her!" said Mike with hearts around him.
"Hey, go away! Shoo! Shoo!" said Al.
"Okay, so we're back to normal." said Peter and promptly fell asleep.
"HEY WHO KICKED OVER THE FRIDGE!?" someone shouted, but no one responded or knew who it was cause everyone went nightynight on the floor where they had been standing as dancing crazily makes one sleepy.
The End

Next Issue: BT gets her come-uppin's.

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