Plankboy Strikes Again (For The First Time)

Some day in the pad Sassip was drooling and no one was courteous enough to move MIcky the amazing plank boy.
"Ey, Micky, man, why are you all drooled on?" asked Davy.
Davy shrugged. "I'll get Mike. He'll know what to do!" he said with a tone of importance and hurried out.
"DAVY! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS MOVE ME!" shouted Micky but to no avail. Then BT walked in.
"Oh cripes..." Micky muttered and tried to BE the drool.
"Oh poor baby all drooled on.." said BT and melted into a jelly like substance.
"Mmmm filling!" said MT and slurped her into a cake decorating funnel squeezy thing. You know what I mean. He then proceeded to fill a gigantic donut with her.

"OH A DONUT! I WISH I COULD MOVE I'D EAT IT!" shouted Micky who was hungry and drooled on.
"EWWW man it's BT in there!" said Peter.
"OH MAN I AM SO HUNGRY I DON'T CARE!" shouted Micky.
"That's gross..." said Davy, conking Micky on the bonce with a stick.
"Thanks man... I needed that..." said Micky who was calm now.
"I know! I have to... *MOVE* him!" said Mike thoughtfully.
"I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT!" shouted Micky.
"Well how Mike? HOW!?" said Davy, breaking into giggles.
Mike quickly rapped him on the head with his stick. "No more giggles for you!" he said sternly.
Davy sobered up a bit and looked like a kid that just had his favorite pet taken away.
"Whyyyyy!? Whyyyy!? How come you get to roll off to chicken fries and I can't have How? HOW!? BWAHAHA," said Davy forgetting.
Mike sighed and stared at the problem ahead.

"How.. to move.. Micky.." he said.
"Hey Mike we can just pick him up!" said Peter.
"No.. no that is too hard. This is a job for...." said Mike.. they left and came back in dressed in Monkeemen garb... "MONKEEMEN!" they said.
"But Mike we just had to pick up Micky and move him.." said Peter.
"SHHH.." said Mike. "Watch me work!"
Mike went over and picked up Micky and moved him.
"I JUST SAID THAT!" said Peter in a cute adorable whiney voice.
"Hey, who's cute and adorable?!" demanded Davy.
"Uh.. you.. always you.." said the author.
"I though so!" said Davy and huffed off to change back into his loverly tunic.
"ARE YOU WATCHING?!" said Davy.
"No," said the author, clearly lying.
"Why are you lying?"
"I'm not. You're in there. I'm in here," said the author stupidly.
"Oh yeh," said Davy and got changed in privacy of his own room.

"This is stupid," said Mike and punched out the author. He suddenly had the sudden and unpredictable urge to go outside and kiss Sparkplug.
"OH YUCK!" said Mike. "Remind me not to punch the author anymore. She always makes me do nasty things..." he shuddered, in remembrance of the raw fish-eating in the ocean.
"FISH! FISH! GIMME!" shouted Sassip, waking up and punting everything in sight.
"Oh..." said Micky, being sprayed by more Sassip spit.
"Oh Sasssssiiipp!" shouted Davy, being sprayed for the first time in this story. "You are gross. Go get a blanket!"
"Why a blanket?" asked Mike.
"Well, she's too big and a towel is too small and she has drool from here to.... Micky.... I guess I dunno this is stupid!" said Davy and huffed off because the author was giving him really dumb lines and he wasn't going to take it anymore.

Suddenly Al and MT came in out of nowhere.
"MT was already in here." said Mike.
"He left." said Peter.
"Where's BT?" asked Davy.
"I came back!" whined Davy.
"Mmmmmmmpphh!" said the giant donut.
"Oh, yeh, BT is in the donut!" said Peter.

Suddenly BT burst out fully herself but in a giant donut. Micky was scared stupid (not very hard to do *snicker*) and Mike was astounded at the clarity of the donut BT thing, and Peter thought it was dumb, and Davy wanted to eat the donut because it reminded him of poundcake.
"But you won't because it has BT in it," said Mike.
"Right!" said Davy and pined away for poundcake.
BT sniffed and tried to walk but it's really hard when just your hands, feet and head are protruding from a giant donut.
"AHAHAHAHAH!" said Al and died laughing.
BT snigged some more and kicked Al.
"What's a snigged?" she demanded.
"It's what you do when you are trapped in a donut!" said Al and laughed some more.
"Weren't you dead?" asked Peter in confusion.

"Hey, this story is dumb. SOMEONE do something about it!" said Micky.
"Yeh, well what's it to you?" asked the author.
"I dunno but you can't do anything to ME you already made me a stinkin' plank!" said Micky.
"Oh ho, stinking.." said the author. Suddenly Micky exuded a rather fishy stench.
"OH MAN I AM SO HUNGRY!" shouted Sassip and gobbled up planky boy but he was so rigid he got stuck.
"HACK HACK!" said Sassip and spit him out.
"OKAY NO MORE WITH THE SASSIP SPIT!" shouted Micky and whinged loudly until everyone got tired and washed him with soap.
"OMIGOSH HE BLOWS SOAP BUBBLES FROM HIS MOUTH!" shouted Mike and rolled off to a chicken fry party.
"SOAP!" shrieked BT & followed Mike but returned shortly as she was too young for these wild chicken fry ordeals.
" Peter...I'm right here," said Sassip & wanted a drink of water as choking on plankboy Micky thing wasn't pleasant.
"Oh.... I... Oh my..." said Peter.
"Why don't you go lie down somewhere quiet, Pita thingy..." said BT assisting him off to the mind pad where it was quiet.
"Hey you can't assist me you're a donut. You could barely roll to the chicken fry party. Rolling is all you're good for," said Peter.
"Oh, I think he's come to his senses, never mind," said Al & took a bite out of BT donut.
"Mmmmm, MINTY!" she said.

"A minty donut?!" said Micky & Davy, clearly confused as to whose line that was, anyway.
"It's like a minty muffin," said BT gazing at Micky dreamily until an anvil fell on her.
"Donut pancake!!" said MT gleefully.
"Wait wait wait wait wait, stop EVERYTHING," said Mike, returning from the chicken fry. "I thought Davy & MT were gone!"
"Oh, no, that we're all here now anyway..." said Al trailing off.
"Mommy trailed," said MT. "Mommy can I have the donut?"
"YES!! EAT THE DONUT!!! I WANT *OUT*!" screeched BT from under the anvil, except it sounded more like "Eeeeeet wnntt!!!"
"Um...sure, since you put her in the donut anyway I suppose you can eat it," said Al using her maternal judgement.
"Ooooohhhhhhh," said Peter in awe. "Al has maternal judgement."
Davy looked stunned. "How??? HOWW??!!!!! BWAHAHAHA," he giggled insanely until Mike rolled him off to who knows where.

"WHYYY does everyone repeat what I do whenever I do something??!!" Al said in a fit of rage.
"OH dear, Al is RAGE," said Sassip disapprovingly, & sat on her.
"OH EWWWWWWWWWW," said everyone.
"Al is a Sassip chair," said Micky, since he hadn't had any lines in awhile.
"Oh shut up," said Mike & whacked her with the stick from earlier.
"I thought you were rolling off somewhere with Davy?" she said confusedly.
"No, I rolled him. I went nowhere," said Mike.
"Oh, I see," said BT, clearly not grasping his meaning.

"I think everybody is confused," said Davy loudly, rolling back in.
"DAVY IS LOUDLY," said Sassip & stuffed him in her pouch, revealing Al squooshed & traumatized for life on the floor.
"Al is trau-" Micky started.
"STOP THAT!" screeched Al.
"I'll stop that if you'll make me not a plank!! That's the whole POINT of this story, is it not? Once I was a subplot, yes...but the past has long passed...uh..I mean..."
"Oh shut your noise, you," said Sassip & stuffed him in her pouch too, but he made a funny awkward lump as he was plankboy, so she removed him from the pouch as he was causing her discomfort.
"Oh, Micky caused Sassip discomfort," said Al, because she could.
"I think Micky looks cute as a plank," BT announced & rolled off to find Davy, as she was dumb & didn't realize he had come back already.
"I think Micky is boring as a plank," Sassip sighed. "I remember when he was nice fun Micky, I could swallow him & stuff him in my pouch & bounce around when he was horror, and and and," she rambled on.

"Sassip is FUNNY man," said Davy idly playing with the hem of his purty tunic thingy.
"I'm a funny MAN?!" said Sassip, looking annoyed.
"No no no no, Davy didn't say it properly. It's my line," Al explained. "Ahem. Sassip is FUNNY, man," she announced.
"Much better," said Sassip.
BT came back. "I couldn't find Davy."
"I'm right here," said Davy.
"Oh..." said BT. "Davy is CUTE, man!!" she said.
"Yes he is a cute man," said Sassip.
"Ugh," said Davy & kicked BT away.
"No, that's my line. WHY IS EVERYONE TAKING MY LINES AND STUFF!?!" shouted Al.
"Oh wow, Al never shouts!" said Peter.
"Don't DO that!" shouted Al again.
"OH!" said Micky.
"Finally," said Al and huffed off to find something amusing to do with Davy.
"Ey, ey Al what are you doing with me!?" asked Davy.
"I dunno yet. Lemme see....... I'm not sure." said Al. She stopped and looked thoughtfully at Davy who in turn looked scaredly at everyone else.
"Sorry, buddy, can't help you!" snickered Mike and rolled off to the far side of the room.
"What's WITH that!?" asked BT incredulously.

Al looked at him as if he were a genius.
"Oh yes yes!" said Al.
"Huh?!" asked Davy, backing away.
"Eheheheheeheheheheheh," giggled Al incoherently.
Al grabbed him before he could get away and shoved the hat with the thing on his head.
"EEEKKK!" he shouted and turned into a girl because it was night time by now.
"OMIGOSH SHE'S GORGEOUS!" cried Micky and tried to cling, but he was plankboy.
"WHAT!" shouted the donut boofer and rolled on him a few times.
"Hehehe so cute.." said Micky dreamily.
"UGH!" shouted BT. MT nibbled cutely on the side of the donut but then assumed BT wanted some breffast serals and crammed about 600 boxes down BT's throat since she couldn't move. "MBBTTTTTTTNNNNN!" she shuddered and fainted from breffast seral overdose.

"MT, you should never feed that many boxes of breakfast cereal to ANYONE! Not even BT!" Al scolded him, while securing the hat firmly to Davy's head so he couldn't get it off.
"Because only *I* am allowed to think you are cute and this was BT can't," said Al matter-of-factly.
"Um, but Micky does now.." Davy reminded her.
"Oh, well, he's plankboy," said Al. Davy sighed annoyedly and huffed off to find a stick with which to poke Al a lot with.
"Ack, where did that cute girl go?" said Micky.
"HE'S NOT A GIRL, HE'S DAVY MIDGET THING!!" BT shouted, not quite recovered from her breffast seral overdose. "MT you gotta get me out of this donut now!!"
"Dun worry BT, he's bound to find out he's nottagehl," said Al.
"Huh?!" said BT confusedly.
"Nevermind, justwantedtosaythat," Al mumbled & slunk off to find something with which to amuse herself, other than Davy as his amusement possibilities had been exhausted.

"Anybody want some minty donut?" said BT listlessly.
"No, I want...lemmyade pops," said MT. BT gave him some.
"I want to hold a chicken fry party here," said Mike.
"No," said Peter and Micky and BT.
"Why not?" said Mike.
"Because they will think Micky is a floorboard and STEP on him!" BT said in horror.
"OH, BT IS *HORROR*!!" shouted Sassip, & ran out to the ocean & swam around in a circle.
Davy re-entered, still a girl but wearing his tunic clothes now.
"Hi!!!" said Micky overenthusiastically.
"Davy davy davy davy, don't you want some MINTY DONUT?!" said BT eagerly.
"" said Davy. "Have any poundcake donuts?"
"Couldn't you poof yourself out of the donut?" said Peter quizzically, while Micky tried to make frantic NO NO NO motions but was still a plank.
"Oh. Duh. Thanks Peter," said BT & did so.
"UGH, you're so DUMB!!!!" shouted Micky.
"Who?" said BT & Peter.
"Awwwwww, you hurt Peter's feelings!!!" BT reprimanded him & went to console Peter.

"What am I supposed to do with this donut?!" said Davy as it had fallen on him after BT poofed out of it.
"Oh, dunno," said BT poofing it away & giving Davy poundcake.
"Why'd you give her poundcake, but you won't make me not a plank?!" Micky whined.
"Because you LIKE Davy," BT said in a pained tone & kicked plankboy.
"Micky!!" said Davy in exasperation. "I'm nottagehl!"
"Ooh you say it so much better than Al does," said Mike.
"I HEARD THAT!!" shouted Al, poofing in.
"How??!! HOW??!!!!!" Davy said & burst into giggles.
"Awwww, she sure is CUTE when she giggles," Micky said starrily.
"UGH!!!" said BT & stepped on him.
"Ow," he said.
"How did I hear it? I have this room TAPPED," Al said proudly.
"No kidding?!" said Peter.
"Oh yeah, I just hooked a faucet up to the wall & put a bucket under that & all the sap is running out of the room."
"No more sap?" said MT longingly.
"You don't need sap, you've had enough sugar," said BT & shook her head at MT, who promptly went into a sulk.

"I like Micky," BT announced.
"WE KNOW," said everyone tiredly & Micky looked like he wanted to crawl under a table.
"Aaaaalllllllll make me a boy again," Davy said pleadingly.
"Aw he is pleadingly," said Al & made him a boy.
"Hi Davy!! Man you shoulda been here earlier, the CUTEST CHICK was here-" Micky started.
"MICKY!!!!" yelled Davy & helped BT with the kicking.
"When are you gonna fix my plank-like state?" said Micky.
"Plank-LIKE? Man, you ARE a plank," said Mike.
"Well, wheennnnn? I'm HUNGRY," said Micky.
Al sighed, & got a faraway look about her. "I remember when I was a plank, waaay back when we first showed up..." she began.
"Oh no no no PLEASE don't start reminiscing," said Peter.
"I was a cold plank. I didn't have plank heaters like they have nowadays...ahhh, but we didn't fall in love with guy-chicks,, yes, those were the days," Al said nostalgically.
"Kick her," said Mike. Peter obliged. Al quickly came out of her reverie.
"OUCH who did that?!" said Al.
"She did," said Peter pointing at BT.
"He did," said BT pointing at Davy.
"He did," said Davy pointing at MT.
"MEEEE???!!!" shrieked MT.
Al sighed and put on the hat with the thing on it. But since it was night and girls only change to guys at day time she didn't change. Davy huffed.

"Because you're so much easier to follow when you're plankish," said Al. "You, quite frankly, give me a major headache when you leap about like a moron!"
Micky moaned and whinged and whinged and cried piteously.
"OKAY FINE!" said Al, seeing BT from the corner of her eye, ready to melt and drool all over Micky. "I guess you don't deserve THAT."
Al quickly turned Micky back into a moving thingy, just as BT pounced. Micky scrambled out of the way with surprising agility for one who was in a plank induced stage for a few days.
"NOOO!" said BT and began to beat on Al, but Micky stretched, went to the fridge and scoffed everything in it.
"HEY!" shouted Poundcake.
"Oops.. mmmph!" said Micky spewing crumbs everywhere.
"OH HE'S SO CUTE!" shouted BT and tried to cling but he boofed her off with the shield.
"Ugh man he's nasty!" shouted Sassip and punted him and ate him and put him in her pouch. "Oh, but he's fun again!"

The End.

Next Issue: Sassip is shrunk because she's an evil annoying boofer and she needs to be taught a lesson, and Al forgets to take off the hat and turns into a boy and does dumb boy things.

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