6 and 1/2 Weeny Sassips All In A Row

One day MT made Sassip into 5 because he could.
"Don't do that dear." chided Al and made a face.
"OH OH what face WAS it!?" asked Peter.
"Peter you can see me!" said Al and made another.
"OH OH OH" said Peter and fell over from all the excitement.
"It wasn't." said Micky.
He was a GOOD little drummer and cleaned up his dishes and messes 4 days after he made them!
"I make no dishes!" said Micky and walked away.
Meanwhile 5 Sassips were punting glee.
"Don't punt the glee we need some." said Peter and got up and walked away as if nothing ever occured.
"I love Davy!" said Sassip 1 and ate Davy.
"He is MINE!" said 2 and ate 1.
"Why did you eat MEEE?" shrieked 5.
"YOU went out of order!" said Peter and was eaten by 4.
"This is a cute one as a thingy of mine baby hatchy thing." said 3, ate Mike and popped out an egg.
"EGGIES FOR SITTING!" said MT and sat on it.
"Oh it is nice." said 3 and waited, flippers all a poised.

The egg hatched sometime later and a full grown Mike seabeastie emerged, hat and all, made a face and ducked as 3 punted MT.
"NOOOOO DON'T PUNT MY BABY!" shrieked Al and kicked at 3 until she was punted after MT.
"He looks horrid with that hat!" said 4 and punted it away.
"AHER!" said Mike and pogoed off.
"Oh oh now look what you did you made cutething into a stupidcutething!" shouted 2.
"MMMMBBFF!" said 1 and wiggled around inside 2.
"Ewww it makes me sickies.." said 2 and spit up one.
1 in turn spit up Davy and all was back to normal.
"NOOO it is not!" shouted Peter pointedly.
"YEOWCHIES!" said MT and held his eye.
"WHAT did I tell you about being pointedly?" shrieked Al and carted MT away where none could ever find him.
Peter shrugged and chewed on his pencil.

"I HAVE OREOS!" shrieked Micky but no one paid him any mind because he always had oreos.
"PAY ME MY MIND NOW!" said Micky and huffed.
"We owe you NO mine!" said Mike and pogoed on him.
"MOMMY MOMMY IT IS MICKY!" said MT pointing at Mike.
"HEYYEE how did you get back here???" asked Al and stared at Mike. "That's not Micky, MT."
But it sure looked like it because Micky's fro had returned from the place horrific fros go when they are banished and was sitting on Mike's headspikes.

"EUGH!" shouted Mike and punted it back to where ever it was horrific fros go to when they are banished.
"Hey.. my fro came to get me.." said Micky and cowered in the cupboards.
"Move your tush I want the condensed milk." said BT and hit him with a crop until he vacated the storage area.
"Ouchies!" said MT for no reason, giggled, and found another crop and hit BT until she started hitting him and they were hitting each other until Mike felt feisty and punted them both.
"Oh oh oh that's INTERESTING!" said Peter and jotted it down.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" said Micky, who's pencil had broke.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" said Link, as it was yet another story that made NO sense whatsoever.

Meanwhile, all five Sassips were punting and drooling and making a mess of things.
"Daaayyyvvveee I have your shoe!" said 1, blinking coquettishly.
"NO! MINE! GIMME!" shouted Davy and flipped over to her.
"NO NO I have your shoe!" said 4, glaring at one.
"I birthed Mike." said 3 and was proud.
"HA that means I can marry him!" said 2, and shoved 3 into her pouch.
"Ewww..." said Mike, staring at all five and furrowing his brow in disgust.

"Micky someday you will learn to use mechanical pencils!" said Peter, poofing one up.
"But but you never used them!" shouted Micky.
"Micky!!! We use our INDOOR VOICES," said Sassip.
"Oh you should talk," snigged Sassip.
"WHAT?!" said Peter and was confused.
"You have to refer to them by number," Al explained patiently to the new author who was an idiot.
Whatt??!! you wrote that!
OH. Right. Uh.
"Author lady gone skitsoideded in her heady mind without a feeylowerowerower on it?!" MT said in alarm. "I will write!"
"No dearest child of mine you will not," said Al and took him away.
"I was going to marry him," sniffled BT.
"He is underage," observed Davy.
"SOS'M I!" said BT brightly.
"Oh not that again," said Mike and crawled under a Sassip.
"Whiiiiich?!" said Peter tapping his foot.
"I was gonna ask that," said Micky.
"Suuuure," said Peter, looking smug. We all know HE is the chief continuity mogul round these here parts. Uh. Sassip #4.
"Alright then," said 3.
"NO!" said 2 and expelled 3 from her spacious spacious roomy pouch.

"Turn them back now, MT," said BT and made a face.
"Oh oh oh what faace??!!" said Micky.
"No *I* said that!!! You cheated and used continuity for powers of selfishness and greed," Peter chided Micky, who sadly hung his head and went back in teh cupboard.
"MICKY GOT HUNG???!!!!!" said MT in big alarm and went to alert the media.
"No no no no more dead stories!!" said Al. "Big alarm is stupid," she observed and walked around in a circle for five minutes until she got bored of that.
"Ha, I can do it for five HOURS without getting bored," said BT.
"Well you have no life dearie dearie dearest dear," said 5 and adopted her cause she hadn't done anything yet.
"No no no!" cried BT but was eaten and made to be sat upon by MT and promptly hatched into a tiny Sassip.
"NO I am not a Sassip I merely bear the likeness of one," she whinged pitifully and drooled all over Mike.
"NOT FOR ME!" Mike said angrily and flapped his wings a lot.
"He should have his hat back," remarked Peter. "He's really hard to keep track of when he is stupid."
"Gggglllllluuuuuuuuuuuuue, how I MISS it so," said Mike and drowned his woes in papaya juice. Uh, Coke.
"That's my thing," said Micky from the cupboard, but was not heard. He often forgot people couldn't hear him because he was used to being able to hear all.
"CAN *NOT*!" shouted Peter immaturely.


"MICKY!!!" screamed Peter. "Stop using your powers of continuity for evil not good!"
"Oh, I didn't think ending the story was so evil," said Micky and kicked a Sassip, who punted him.
Peter smirked quietly from the corner, cause HE did that oh yes he did did did.
"Stupid continuity swell-heads," said 3 and punted him too.
"YAAYYYY!" said the other Sassips. "Continuity is ours to wreak havoc upon it!" said 1 who was somewhat more articulate than the rest.
"I think we should breed them and start a Sassip ranch," Davy said dreamily.
"Yes you do yes you do that's why you can seeee meeeeeeee!!" taunted Mike and pogoed around him in a circle.
"Look, I try to keep this linebucket thing of mine polished bright and shiny and you can't go dipping your glue-y fingers in it!" said Link.
"Oh," said Mike and squished his pogo stick.
"Omigosh he's huge," said BT in alarm.
"What the heck kind of a stupid comment was that?!" said MT.
"Oh my where did he learn comment?" said 4 and coddled him in her pouch.
"SAVE THE LIFE OF MY CHILD!" cried the desperate mothaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
"Oops," said Peter. "The author got hepped up on S&G," he said disapprovingly.

"Uh-oh..." said 2 and started shifting uncomfortably.
"WHAT WHAT?!" said the others. "Is horror near???"
"YES..." said 2, and sat very still.
"Wellllll?" said Peter.
"Hi everyone," said Micky walking back in.
"OMIGOSH IT *IS* HORROR!" said BT and hid in a random pouch.
"No no no not him!" snapped 2.
"LILYFROND! OMIGOSH YOU ARE INQUINTUPLICATED!" said Pink Thing making a dramatic entrance on a monorail.
"Excuse me?!" said Peter.
Uh, no monorail. Anyway.
"NO NO NO NO!!!" said the Sassips and performed a synchronized group punt.
"That was the most beautiful thing I ever saw," said Davy wiping a tear from his cute lil eye.
"That's not a tear, that's just a speck that got in his eye," said Peter.
Well. Uh.
"You suck, time for a new author," said Peter happily.
"You suck!!" MT told Mike gleefully.
"NO MORE LEARNING FOR YOU!" said Al and took him away again although we all know he isn't gonna stay there nope nope nope nope nope nope nope n
"New author," said Peter.

"And then the thingy came in and it ate a Saaaasssssiiippp and Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiita said 'You can't eat a Saaaaaaasssssssssssssippppp cause the Saaassssssiiipppppsss is a big thingy and then there are things that Saaaasssssiiipppsss can't eat and once.. once.." wrote MT into Peter's journal.
"Messy boy." said Mike vehemently to himself.
"OH HE'S SO CUTE!" said Sassip #4.
"I am a Sassip too." said 3.
"Yes yes." said 2 and punted Mike because 4 was about to kiss him.
"EWWWW" said Mike and shifted uncomfortably.
"OH OH IS THERE HORROR ABOUND!??!!?!?!??!?!" asked 5 and looked around suspisciously at the other Sassips.
"I am NOT a Sassip stop looking at me!" shouted BT.
"You're a Sassip and you should be 6 and 1/2 because you are weeny." said 1 and coddled her fondly.

And then Mommy went to the bathyroom and I's got to write a bit because it was funnnn and then she fell in the bathtubby tub and was unsciousysys and then she woke up and said "MT why are you writing on my electric booky book thing go to bed this instant!!!" and I said "OKAY MOMMY!" and she said "Not so loud kiddy kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kiddy kid kid kiiiiiddd thing of mine mine me of mine all for me not BT or Sassip or Micky or Mike or Peter she said or Mike or Al and then she ate a hamburger pie and told me to make some butterscotch and I did and it burnt my toofs.

"SOMEONE MAKE MT STOP WRITING!!!!" shouted Peter pulling out his hair.
"Why? He's kinda cute." said Micky, sucking on a dum-dum.
"You *WOULD*!" said Davy and stared.
"I would what?" asked Micky, eyes all wide in wonder.
"Uh.. you would.. uh.. do.. uh.. something.. ARGH too many cheap shots.. " said Davy and walked away sadly.
"That boy ain't right!" said Mike and shoved Davy into his pouch.
"OH THE FUR IS SO EXQUISITE!" Davy was heard to shriek.
"OH OH OH OH OH FURS FOR MEMEMEMEMEMEEMEM!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted all the Sassips and BT and lunged for Mike's pouch.
"Yeepers!" said Mike and half fluttered half flailed his way over all the Sassips and BT and they made a big beastie mess on the floor.
"6 and 1/2 got in my waayy!" whinged 5 who had BT lodged in her eye.
"EWW GET ME OUT GET ME OUT!" said BT and flipped off in fear.
"Oh the icky me is gone." said 5 in relief and went to sleep where she lay.
"Awww innit she cute!?" asked Davy and coddled BT.
"HEHEHEHEEEEE" said BT and giggled stupidly for 5 minutes until Davy noticed she was not a Sassip and put her down and backed away in fear.
"DAAAYYYVVEEE?" asked BT and acted like Sassip.
"YOU cannot trick my fooly fishy fooly friend!" said Mike.
Just then, Stegoo popped his head in the door.

"OH IT IS THINGY!" said 2 and 5.
3 and 4 were filing each others' flippers and talking about the hottest starfish around and 1 was baking seaweed souffle.
6 and 1/2 was eating all the seaweed before she could put it into the pan.
"YOU are not a Sassip!" said 1 suspisciously.
"Uh, sure I am!" said 6 and 1/2 and sidled up to Davy who thought it was quaint to have a tiny coddlish Sassip all for him and no one else!
"No one WANTS a tiny coddlish Sassip!" said Micky in disgust.
"That's right!" said Peter and patted Micky on the back.
"Ewwww.." said Micky and went to take a bath.
"WHAT!?" said Peter and realized he had seaweed and BT on his hand.
"HOW...?!???!" shouted Davy and laughed until he stopped.
"MOOOMMMMMMEEEEEE 6 and 1/2 is making EYES at meee!" shouted MT in fear.
"IS.. IS he HORROR!??!!" shouted Stegoo and wiggled in fear.
"OH OH...???" said all the Sassips and stared at MT. MT stared. The Sassips and Stegoo stared. MT stared. The Sassips and Stegoo stared. MT horrored.

"Ergh!" shouted Al, who, while flying through the air, decided enough was enough and made all the Sassips and Stegoo bite sized.
"What does THAT accomplish!??!?!?!" asked Peter.
"Yeh, they are still horrid." said Micky, freshly clothes-showered and soggy.
"HE HE HE!" said MT and almost horrored again but stopped.
"Oh yeh." said Al and hung Micky out to dry.
"UGHGHGHGHG" shouted Micky and hung there.
"NOOOO!!" whined Micky and kicked at air. "Hey, can someone bring me paper and a pen?"
"Yes!" shouted back Davy.
"Wellll?" said Micky.
"OH, did you want something?" said Davy.
"UGH," said Micky and zapped him with his crystal.
"HUH?!" said Davy and went back inside to have fun with the many Sassips.

"Hiiiiiiiiii Davy!" said BT batting her eyelashes coquettishly and smieling.
"OMIGOSH NO NO NO!!!! SMIELING IS LIKE SMILKING ONLY *DEADLY*!!!!" said Mike, staring wide-eyed in h.... Uh, in.... uh... well.... horror.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," screamed all 6 & 1/2 Sassips and had a horror-punting field day.
"You are not a Sassip," 3 informed 6 & 1/2 condescendingly.
"I know but it was an excuse for me to punt," said BT.

She did so love punting SO very much oh how she loved it was a thing to see.

"YO! *NON* sequitur!!" yelled Micky.
"I am the best continuity thing there ever was," said Peter happily, content in his knowledge of this.
"You are the ONLY one," said Mike.
"NO NO there is me!" said Micky who was drying.
"Ooohhh, a snack," said 1 mistaking him for a sleefish and eating him.
"No no no now you will lay him in an egg!" said 2 in disgust.
"Oops," said 1 who did indeed lay an egg which immediately hatched itself since Micky was in it.
"OMIGOSH HE'S *PINK*!" screamed BT and dove into the pouch of 4 whereupon she was promptly expelled from said pouch, and dove into all other pouches from which she was also expelled.
"That didn't make any sense," said Peter scratching his cute lil silkyheaded bonce.
"The author thinks you have a cute facey-poo hey hey!" Mike told Peter.
"I do have nice dimples, don't I?" said Peter, beaming.
Shut up.
"Sorry," said Peter meekly.
"Yes? Yes?" said Micky.
"No no MEEKLY," said Peter.
"Oh," said Meekly micky.
"ARGH," said Peter in confusiong and went to slee.
"Confusiong?" said MT, idly picking up his continuity book and pulling a crayon out of his grubby lil kiddie pocket.

Then all the Sassips made a pretty thing and everyone stared at shiny shiny shiny and I ate things that were in my pocketets and I thinking maybe they was wereing old icky grapes so I had raisins for me in my pockets, and Mommy told me not eating them was a bad thing and I said I didn't not eat them! and she corrected me and helped me write. Only then she took the book away and then wanty to know how it was I still had the writies in the bookyookyookyookyook and I telling I dinnit know at her.

"UGH," said Al in disgust.
BT smirked as MT was now SEP.
"That was just for you Sam," said Mike staring at the camera in a frightening manner.
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???!!!!" said Peter waking up and immediately noticing that continuity had escaped his iron grasp.
"Who is Sam and why is there a camera?" said Micky who was no longer drying.
"Are you dry yet?" said Al and poked at his hair which was not.
"Yes," Micky lied.
"Okay," said Al cheerfully and went to groom her baby.
"NO I wanty no having the grooms on my hair brushybrush OUCHINGS!" MT shrieked and got all teary.
"Where did the Sassips go?" said Mike suspiciously.
"They are in a hole and sleeing!" MT shrieked as he was carried off.
But they weren't. Were they, Micky?
"Nope," said Micky proudly that he was in charge of continuity.
"HEY HEY what is this deal you got with the author??!!!" said Peter.
I give him raviolios in exchange for letting him be in charge of continuity.
"WHAT?!! What are you getting out of it?!" said Peter.
Uh... .... uh... HEY!!!!
Then one of the Sassips was not bite sized and she punted Micky to the moon and then she was bite sized again.
"Much better," said Peter stepping back into his rightful place.

"They are in my pocket," said Davy, expelling the Sassips from his pseudopouch.
"Your tail has pockets?!" said Peter with great interest.
"Not now Pita!" said Davy.
"Pita is my saying word," MT said with displeasure as his hair was yanked out.
"I'm only brushing it," said Al.
"Hey whatever became of that fro thing that was hanging around?" said Davy suspiciously.
"I punted it," said Mike proudly.
"Why are you proud?" said Peter.
"Because I am the only big seabeastie that is actual size!" said Mike.
"She's actual size, but she seems much bigger to me," pondered Micky.
"Micky isn't here........" said MT.
"Oh, you're right! Say maybe YOU can be my continuity-mogul-in-training!" said Peter.
"Oh no no no no no my heady mind is piedypied with feeeeyyyloooowers!" said MT and strolled off.
"Weird Al yankedobit of MT's hair out!" sang BT and ran around in circles.
"I never said that." said BT and stared hard at 5 who was impersonating her to give her a bad rep.
"I never!" said 5 and sniffed.

"My but it is stuffy in here." said MT and opened up a window or ten.
"MT stop making windows." said Al and made them all go away.
"Mommy mommy I hasing wrote in the booooook again!" said MT.
"YES dear we all saw it but its bathtime for you!" said Al happily.
"OH no Mommy oh NO Mommy oh no MOMMMY NO BATHYTIMES FOR MTEEE!" said MT and threw things at her.
"MT.. ouch.. stop.. eek.. throwing that.. OUCH.. thing at my OOF head!" said Al as she was hit with a tissue, a baseball bat, and a priceless ming vase.
"Hey there are 4 things there." pointed out Micky.
"Where did YOU come from!?!?!?!' asked Peter.
"I came back." said Micky and would say no more despite Peter's wonderment.
"I got hit with a can of tomatoes." said Al ruefully.
"You made rue!??!!" said Mike and drooled.
"NO I DID NOT!" said Al and stalked off with MT.
"Once once once I was a Sassip and big and large was I, and I popped out a child who looks like he could flyyyy!" sang 3.
"You never did." said Mike.
"YOU I popped out YOU you are my own scales and fur you are!" said 3 sweetly and tried to marry him.
"You can't do that." said Micky.
"I'm afraid I'll have to agree." said Peter who was not one to let Micky get a leg up on his continuity range.
"Well I never did never no never asked you weeny things." said 3 but couldn't punt them because she was weeny not them.
"HAHA YOU ARE WEENY!" shouted Micky but was sorry because 3 bit him on the leg and wouldn't let go for an hour until Al made a rue.

"I made a rue." said Al.
"I AM FREEEEEEE!!!" shouted Micky and ran off.
"Hey.. where did that hour go!?!?!?!?!" shouted Peter suspiciously.
"I have a cheesesteak all for me yum yum.." said Al and ran into the cupboards to gorge herself stupid.
"I thought she was stupid already!" said Peter.
"AHER!" said Al and came out all stupid all over.
"That is stupid."
"Innit though? hehehe" said Al and crawled into Mike's pouchy pouch.
"OH OH OH the fur is EXQUISIMITE!" shouted Al.
"HUH?" said all the Sassips and tried to get a piece of the fur but they were pogoed on.
"So, you think the springs on THIS on are better?" asked Al, perusing a copy of Pogo Pride.
"Oh I do. I do. S'truth!" said Mike happily.
"Well I dun. I think the other one was better. And look, the shiny red plastic is MUCH more alluring."
"That's metal. Plastic isn't shiny."
"It CAN be!"

Mommy goes whonky woo and Mike is dipacitated so I will writes some more in the booky.

"No you won't because *I* am not decapisii..er.. decapi.. er.. ugh.." said Peter and stalked off.
"He means decapitated." said Micky smugly out of nowhere and melted back to where he came.
"How did he melt??" asked Peter who was all a-curious.
"No no that's old already." said 6 and 1/2 and sucked on some tuft.
"Don't suck it, it'll never heal." said Peter absently and flicked her off with a wing and a prayer.
"Was it MY wing Peter was it huh huh was it was it huh was it huh huh was it was it was it Peter huh uhuh my wings are the besssttt see my wings see my wings they are fluttery type things and I use them to obtrusion when I flllyyyyy!!!" sang Mike.
"Don't rip off Disney movies that are yet to be made." chided Micky.
"SOOOWWWEEE!" said Mike and made to cry.
"NO MIKE GO CRY CRY!!!" said MT vehemently.
"Oh.. oh.. scary....." said Mike and curled up into a ball which smooshed Al who was in his pouch.

"Exquisimite death.." she muttered and lost consciousness.
"Consciousuyeysyseysysys?" asked MT and sucked on a can of Pringles.
"Don't do that!" someone shouted.
"UH OH!" said MT and hit someone on the head til he vacated the pad. "Where is Mommy?"
"Awww innit cute?" said Micky and poked at him.
"YEEHEEE Daddy!" said MT and punched Micky in the jaw.
"OOogh.." said Micky and reeled backwards.
"OOOooooopsie..." said MT and looked like he was about to cry.
"Don't hit your father, MT." said Al and lost consciousness again.
"KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" said MT and tralalaed away because he could.
"I don't see why he's his father just cause he looks like one." said BT.
"Looks like a what?" asked Peter.
"Looks like a Micky!" shouted BT and punted Peter all of nothing.
"I was unaware there was more than one Micky are they a species I must find them they are elusive aren't they I only ever saw one I did I swear I saw two but maybe it was a dream.." shrieked Peter and got excited.
"Sorry, I misplaced my indefinite article." said BT smuggly and smilked.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO SMILKING BELONGS TO ME!" shouted Mike and shoved the copyrights in her face so hard she dreamed about them for a fortnight.

"Weeny Sassips in a row, watch them grow, watch them grow, when they grow, run away, for they'll punt you every day," Micky sang happily, and rocked back and forth.
"YOU ARE AN ASSIP!" said Al.
Micky stared in horror and dragged her into the bathroom by the hair and fed her Oreos with soap in them for six hours until she could talk politely.
"Why? Did Mommy said a bad thingy?" MT wanted to know.
"Hey! How about that little scrawny Micky thing with the flower stickin' off his head? Can I eat him?" 4 wanted to know.
"No, you are weeny, and no Mommy said nice things but Micky just thought she might like some nice DialOreos," Peter explained.
"HEY that sounds like raviolios! I bet they're infringing on my copyright," said weeny 6 & 1/2, starting up the stairs except she wasn't tall enough to climb the first one and then Al came running down the stairs followed by Micky who was brandishing a big bar of Dial and they both stepped on weeny 6 & 1/2.

"Uggghhhhhhh," she said.
"OMIGOSH Daddy's shoe is mentioned!!!" MT gaped.
"Don't gape it's not polite dear," said Al.
Soap bubbles emanated from her mouth when she spoke. I thought you'd want to know.
"It's TALKING?" said Micky and peered at it.
"IT'S ME!" yelled BT.
"Ew," said Micky and peeled her off and stuck her in another weeny Sassip's pouch.
"Ew I want nothing that has been on the thing's shoe, although it does look awfully temptingly crunchy and luscious," said 3 staring.
"EW he is not a fish," said 5 in disgust.
"Daddy why was your shoe mentioned?" said MT, lip all a-quiver.
"Now now MT kiddie thing, Daddy doesn't like things all a-thingy, remember?" said Micky and tried to be patient.
"OKAY!!!" MT yelled.
Let's pause for that special Father's Day Moment.
"It's my birthday," BT interrupted rudely.
"Shut up," said Micky.
Thank you.
"It IS," insisted BT but she was not paid mind.
"Hey I wasn't either!" said Micky. "How come *SHE* gets paid mind and-"
"You did not read careful, BT was paid no mind," said Peter.

"It's not MY birthday???!!!!" said Mike and rolled off to some kind of fry thing.
"Wow is he ever all decked out in some kinda stupid," Al remarked.
"Weeny Sassips in my hair, weeny Sassips everywhere! Weeny Sassips in my-" Davy sang but was interrupted by the Sassips who crawled up in his hair and nested there.
"Tuff removes Sassips!" said Peter helpfully.
"Ew," said Davy and shook his head a lot.
"OMIGOSH HE'S SO CUTE!!!" said Al & BT and they drooled. Well, BT did.
"You would," said Al.
"I would what?" said BT.
"Hey Davy did we ever get that 'You would' thing cleared up?" said Micky.
"NO NO NO NO NO!!!" said Davy.
"Uh-oh," said Peter.
"What??!!" said Mike rolling back in.
"We forgot weeny Stegoo."
"Oops," said the author.
"HEY your dialogue has no quoty stick things on it around!" said MT.
"Dialogue, such big words," said Micky in fatherly awe.
"You are not the father of my child," said Al, but nobody stared at her like that was an odd thing to say. Which it was.

"Eww Stegoo developed a harem!" said 6 & 1/2, peering intently at the other Sassips from around the corner. "They said I wasn't allowed because I was underage," she said sadly.
"WHAT?!" said Peter and became very interested.
"Stegoo said he could take 4 Sassips and the 5 of them told me I was not allowed." sniffed BT.
"Awwww weeny 6 and 1/2 go cry cry." said MT and used her as a pillow.
Meanwhile, they could only find one Sassip.
"WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" she wailed too loudly for a weeny thing.
"WHAT!?" shouted everyone.
"All the other Sassips and Stegoo left meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" said the Sassip.
"Which one are you?" asked Peter.
"YOu did not, MT did." said Al.
"YOU are not a continuity mogul!" shouted Micky and beat her with a spatula.
"Ouchie.." said Al and fell over.
"Daddy gives Mommy the spoon!" said MT helpfully and went back to slee.
"I will call the authorities." said Mike and telephoned the Pogo Stick authorities to tell them of the atrocities of the goings on of the pad having to do with spoons and such.
"They did not care." he said sadly.
"WHAT!?' shouted everyone.
"I AM ALL ALONE!" she shrieked.
"Well, now you have Mike and Davy all to yourself." said Al from the floor.
"Since when did you go to floor? Is it roomy? Is the rent cheap?" asked Peter.
"YES NOW GET OFF MY TAIL!" shrieked Al."Oh, well I guess that's okay. But.. make me unweeny or else!" said Sassip and stepped on Al's face.
"OOOFFFMMMMM!!" said Al and turned her big, but as stupid because Sassip turned big on her face.
"I will help Mommy!" said MT and threw weeny 6 and 1/2 at Sassip, who reared up in annoyance and streaked out to the sea.
"OH my my my." said Mike in horror.
"SHe NEVER wears clothes fool!" said Micky and Peter in unison.
"Oh, fancy meeting you here." said Micky and blushed. Peter stared.
"MOMMY MICKY DADDY HASING NO MAKING SENSE NOW!" shrieked MT and ended the story cause he stole Peter's pad.


P.S. "Micky likes Peeetteeeerrrr!!" sang B T.
P.S.S. "SHUT UP BT!" shrieked Micky and threw sporks at her.
P.S.S.S. "OH THE PAIN!" shrieked BT and threw things that were not at all hindering at Micky.
P.S.S.S.S. "Ouchiieeeessss!" said MT and giggled alot.
P.S.S.S.S.S. "ARGH I .. where is Micky???" shouted BT in a rage.
P.S.S.S.S.S.S "Uh oh BT inna rage again Mommy!" said MT and stared.
P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. "NOOOOOO You can't tell AL she'll..." said BT and looked around but Al was no where to be found but then she was and told BT to stop being rage and put her in a box without any sort of entertainment in it because kids just LOVE their entertainment!!!!
P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. "Is she gone yet?" asked Peter in disgust. Meanwhile, Micky was hitting on a hot chick who Mike was also trying to woo out on the beach, and they got into a brawl and now BT knows who Micky REALLY likes.

Next Issue: MT decides that Sassip's headspikes would be a nice crown but then decides Mike (who is still a beastie, along with BT lala) would look better with them and everyone thinks he is Sassip.

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