Pogo Pride: Sticking With It

One day MT ran in and grabbed at Al's tail.
"What?" said Al and stared at him.
"Micky told me his antlers were better than my feeyyylower!" shrieked MT.
"Oh you have to stop hanging around him so much!" said Al in fear.
"But he's my DAAAAAADDDDEEEEE! Anyway, he wasn't with meeeeeee Mommmmyyy!" said MT.
"Huh? Then how did he tell you that?"
"In my heady heady feeeyyylower heady head!"
"ACK MICKKKKYYYY!!" screeched Al.
"Huh wha??" said Micky, sidling out from the kitchen cabinets like a kid that just got caught throwing cherrybombs into a toilet.
"Did you throw the cherrybombs.. No wait.. ugh stupid narration! I mean, did you talk to my baby through telepathy!?" asked Al.
"What who now?" asked Micky and made a face.
"Oh yeh I found I could dooooo that hehe cool huh?" said Micky and drank some Coke.
"Wellllllll knock it off!!" said Al and was attacked by Mike's hat.
"Wow that's Mike's hatty hatty head covering thingy!" said MT and stared.
"Ugh get it offffff me!" said Al.
"Its chewin your hair yo!" said Mike and was standing there.
"MIKE GET IT OFFA ME!" shrieked Al and flailed around alot.
"Why is she flailing? She never flails!" shouted BT in alarm.
"Sheyut up!" said Micky and kicked her into Al who flailed BT out the door.
"Mmmmmm Mike looks juicy without his hat." said Sassip to Davy and ate Mike before he could say anything.
"I couldn't say anything!" said Davy sadly and went to sulk.

Meanwhile, Sassip got indigestion, and laid Mike into a big bright shiny Sassip egg.
"C'MERE YOU!" she said and snagged up Micky.
"OH no no no no noooo" whimpered Micky and was glued to the egg.
Consequently it hatched and out popped a fully grown seabeastie Mike.
"OUCH!" shouted Micky and scratched at his antlers.
"Ewww I thought you got rid of the velvet!" said Al who had stopped flailing and was okay, other than the hat drool all over her head.
"I DID I dunno what's wrong with it!" said Micky and stared at the velvet he had scratched off. "UGH ITS MOSS!" he shrieked and ran off to the shower.
"CLOTHES shower." said Peter.
"Thank YOU Mr. Contitoooo.. uh.." said Mike and stared hard.
"Continuity!" whispered Davy.
"OH yeh... ahem.. thank YOU Mr. Continuity!"

Meanwhile Sassip was staring at Mike.
"AHER!" said Mike.
"OOOH!" said Sassip and drooled.
"HEY!" said Davy and poked at both of them.
"DAAYYYYVVVVEEEE!!!!!" said Mike and shoved Davy into his pouch.
"HELLLOOOO!" said Sassip and blinked coquettishly at Mike.
"MOOOMMMYYY SASSIP IS COKETETTISHLY!" announced MT from somewhere far away.
"How does he know?" mused Al.
Mike was oblivious of Sassip and poked at his pouch where Davy was squirming.
"Huh, I didn't know I had a poucheeeeyo!" said Mike to himself.
"You're a seabeastie." said Peter pointedly.
"Huh? I am not. Seabeasties don't have wings!" said Mike, spreading his wings out and poking Sassip in the eye.
"OUCHCHCHC! Hey.. you have WINGS! You are a FREAK!" said Sassip but he was a hunky freak so she forgave him of his strange appendages.
"Time for flyings!" said Mike and got about three feet from the ground until he realized he could not fly.
"OOOOOOOOF!" said Mike and squashed Davy.
"EWWW I am in a DROOL POOL! I thought it was the ocean!" shouted BT and marched in covered in Sassip slobber.
"My slobber is of the finest vintage!" said Sassip in a hurt tone.
"Oh oh I did not know that!" said Micky and jotted it down into his book.
"Since when did YOU keep continuity books?" asked Peter, for he can smell continuity being written a mile away.
"Two miles if you could when there are no buildings in the way." said Micky and continued writing.
"OH you are GOOD! I will apprentice you." said Peter and they both sat writing and "hmm mmming" away.

"Heeeeyyy you're *CUTE*!" shouted Sassip and hugged Mike around the neck trying to nuzzle him. "But what's wrong with your cute widdle headspikes!?"
"Huh?" asked Mike.
"Ack don't they hurt they're all smashed down like that fool Mike's fur!" said Sassip and tried to lift up Mike's headspikes but they fell promptly back into place.
"I *AM* Mike." said Mike and ignored her.
"OH no no you CAN'T be Mike!" said Sassip. "He's horrid!"
"HE IS NOT!" shouted Al and BT and Mike.
"Oh he isn't." said Link and smilked.
"SMILKING IS MINE!" said Mike and stared hard at Sassip.
"Oh come come come cutie pie!" she said.
"Sassip that is really Mike. I mean. The wings? The headspikes? What, are you blind?" shouted Peter.
"Well.. kinda.." said Sassip pointing to her eye patch that she put over the eye Mike poked her in with his wing.
"I didn't mean THAT kinda blind ugh nevermind." said Peter and was consoled by Micky who understood his angst.
"I'm Mike." said Mike.
"That's an odd name for a seabeastie!" said Sassip.
"NO I'm MIKE! Pogomogul of the free world!" said Mike.
"Ewww you ARE *THAT* Mike!" said Sassip. But she could not take her eyes off him. "Oh well he's even cuter than Stegoo!"
Then she tried to slip her flipper into his pouch.
"I bet you have soft sofffftttt pouch fur!" she said.
"AYUGCK!" said Mike and reared up.
"FREEE! FREE AT LAST!" shouted Davy and ran off.
Mike fell onto his back and smacked Sassip in the face with his tail.
"What's WRONG with yooouuu?!?!?!" he asked. "ALL I wanna do is pogo around and have some fun and glue things to my appendages YEESH!" "BUT YOU'RE CUTE AND I WANT TO SEE THE CONDITION OF YOUR POUCH!" said Sassip.
"Ugh." said Mike and shoved Sassip into his pouch and sat on her.
"URGH THIS IS NOT FUN!" she shouted.
Everyone cheered for Sassip was getting her comuffings.

"I made muffins!" said MT entering with a plate of fresh blueberry muffins.
"OH PHAW you did not, fewel!!" BT protested. "All you did was stir it for maybe two seconds until you said it was too thick, I had to mix it and measure everything and put it in the oven and take it out!"
"But I used the cakeymuffingtestier!" MT said sweetly and proffered muffins all round.
"UGH," said BT and put weed seeds in his head foilage. Uh, foliage.
"Here I come to saaave the daaaay!!" Mike said in a resonant tone, righting himself and weed-eating MT's cute leafy feeylowery head.
"OH OH he saved the sticky yumyum Micky lookalike kiddie thing from the heady weeds!!" Sassip said and sobbed in admiration.
"Ew you never did that," said Micky disdainfully.
"No no Micky you have to be more firm with the corrections when continuity goes astray," said Peter. "Like this: "YOU DON'T TALK THAT WAY SASSIP YOU NEVER SAY HEADY WEEDS OR STICKY YUMYUM DON'T BE TALKING LIKE AN AL OR MT THING IS THAT CLEAR THEN THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY!!!" Peter said loudly.
"WAAAH," said Sassip and got Mike's pouch all damp and soggy, and the pouchcats were escaping from the weeping flood until Mike sat down hard again and Sassip was squished.

"Yay for comuff... come-uppins," said Al correcting herself just in time.
"No no Mike, don't do it!!!" said Davy, backing away in fear.
"Do what?!" said Peter and Micky, swarming around him with pads and pens at the ready.
"Mike is gonna-" said Davy but it was too late and Mike was pogoing around madly.
"OH MAN one was enough, now there are TWOOO," said Al, shying away from the Continuity Hounds.
"BT BT BT are you in this scene right now?!" said Peter.
"Yes," said BT.
"Micky are you in this scene?" said Micky.
"No no no!!" said Peter and threw up his elbows in frustration. "Okay, something's wrong there..." mused Micky.
"AHER AHER!!!" said Mike. "I love to pogo cause it's fun, now my pogo song is done!!" he sang and pogoed his tail on out to... somewhere.
"Well we're gonna need a new guitarist," said Davy matter-of-factly.
"I saw Sassip be coketetishly!" said MT and made eyes at BT, who slapped him upside the head and was appropriately punished by Al.

"Oh man do I ever hate marshmallow icing!!!" Al said and clenched her fist in rage.
"Well, that was a non sequitur if ever I witnessed one that I saw that was there," said Micky clumsily.
"Micky is a lousy continuity assistant," remarked BT.
"Shaddap," said Micky.
"He doesn't know his lines.
"BT DOES IT BETTER!!!!!!" she shouted and fired deadly starfruit at him and he fired cotton back and they went off on a shooting match until they came back riding in Mike's pouch cause he found them on the beach and thought they were fish.
"I'm not a fish," said Micky.
"I know," said Sassip, and sighed. "I tried you once and you didn't taste at ALL fishy, I was very displeased."
"AHER," said Mike distinctly.
"What?!" said Davy.
"AHEM," said Mike distinctly.
"Now we're getting somewhere," said Link, nodding in approval.

"Oh, Micky, the first thing you have to NOT do is get carried off by Sassip!!" said Peter, shaking his head.
"But it was Mike!" said Micky, lip all a-quiver.
"That's MT," said Al.
"Hey how come we keep confusing them lately?" said BT, squirming out of Mike's pouchy grasp.
"AHEM!!!!!" said Mike, expelling the contents of his pouch all over Mr. Continuity Hotshot Smartypants Well Aren't WE The Smart One & Co.
"I would like to announce that I wrote a book!!" said Mike.
"Oh man..." said Link and went to slee in confusion.
"It's called... 'Pogo Pride: Sticking With It', a tale of drama, intrigue, and MORE POGO STICKS THAN YOU'LL KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH!! It's a WILD ride down the street of POGO-RAMA!! Taking you where NO pogo-sticker has gone before!!" Mike said enthusiastically.
"What a lousy sales pitch," said Al boredly.
"Oh, what do you know," said Micky, who was tetchy for being chastised about his Continuity Duties so much, and tried to use Al's powers.
"Ohhh aher... crunchy chewy page books for meee," Al said, drooling, and scrummed up Mike's new book like there was no tomorrow.
"HEYYYYY!! I just wrote that!!! Lucky I still have the manuscript," Mike said proudly, expelling it from his pouch.
"YUM!!" said Al and scoffed it for afters.
"OH OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Mike wailed, lamenting his loss.
"Ew Mike you sound like a girl," said Micky, who was NOT one to talk no sirree bob.
"Micky is MOMMY?!" said MT.
"Yes," said BT.
"NO," said Micky and Al.
"WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!" said MT and went to play with sparkplug.

"Oh, here are but a few scraps left from my life's work," said Mike, picking up a few tiny slivers of paper from the floor. "Let's see... this one says 'pogo stick'... this one says 'in which case'... and this one says 'illegal narcotics'. HEYYY!!"
"Uh that's mine," said Micky and seized it from him.
"Is there something I should know about?" said Peter suspiciously.
"Looky at my heady foilage, Sparkplug friend of mine new friendy friend friennnnnd styyyled it for meee!!" MT said proudly, walking in with his foliage nicely braided like a vine.
"Lalala" said Al and tugged at Mike's hat which was still clamped to her head.
"Ah, Mike's hat like's Al's hair." said Peter absently writing.
"EWWWW WHY!?" shouted Micky and threw paper all over.
"YOU! You can get my booky back!" said Mike and grabbed up Micky.
"HOOOWWWW!?" shouted Micky and squirmed in Mike Seabeastie's strong flippered grip.
"HOW!? HOWWOWOW!?" giggled Davy and scoffed poundcake and milk waterfall.
"You can poof it from her stomach AHER!" said Mike and stared hard at Micky til he did so.
"YAY! BOOKIE TIMES FOR ME!" shouted Mike and pogoed off to the only publishing company run by idiots, who would of course love his book and publish it with hefty rewards for him the author.
"I is empty!" said Al and fell over to slee a bit.
"I'm bored of using powers. Time to uh....." said Micky and was stumped.
"Time to write continuity!" said Peter nudging him.
"OH yeh!" said Micky and they frolicked off to the beach to compare notes.

Meanwhile Mike had come back, and Sassip had a candlelight dinner set up.
"Lalala." said Mike, unawares.
"Ah.. uh. huh??" asked Mike and put his pogo stick in his pouch.
"OMIGOSH how does he use that if he's a full grown seabeastie!?" said BT staring.
"OMIGOSH SHE'S RIGHT!" shouted Micky and ran in and stared.
"Micky, Micky, Micky I have it covered." said Peter and pulled his Continuity buddy back out to the beach blanket where they were researching.
"I don't even like you and I'm not a seabeastie." said Mike pointedly.
"He used my adjective!" shouted Peter in a rage but it was quelled when Micky proffered..... TURKEY FRY *dun dun DUN*.
"Wow that turkey fry really makes me MAD..." mused Mike.
"You ARE a seabeastie! You're a lovely big blue cute seabeastie with purple uh.. wings.. and headspikes!" said Sassip and blinked at him alot.
"Welllll I have wings but I don't see where you get the seabeastie thing from." said Mike and shrugged and flipped up to the bathroom. Everyone stared cause Mike was as big as Sassip.
"HEYYEEEEEEEE HOW.. HOW COME.." blubbered Sassip and began to bawl alot.
"Awwwww Sassip go cry cry?" asked MT and looked at her.
"YEEEESSSS" she shouted and shoved everything into her pouch because Pouch Time cheered her up.
Mike came back down about 10 minutes later.

"ACK ACK GUYS I'M A BIG THINGY!" he shouted and rolled around alot.
"MIKE STOP ROLLING AROUNOOOF!" said Link who was smooshed.
"Yeesh you'd think he'd realize he was a big thing and *NOT* roll around." said Al who was groggy and woken by Mike's yelling and rolling.
"OH OH OH!" said Sassip and tried to nuzzle him.
"YUGH!" said Mike and punted her.
"ACK!" shouted Sassip and sailed out to the beach.
"SASSIP HAS MET HER MATCH!" said Micky and Peter, as Sassip landed on them.
"WAAAHHH HE IS GOOD AT PUNTING *AND* HE DOESN'T LOOOOVVEEE MEEEE" shouted Sassip and got them all wet drooling and crying.
"EEewwwwww Sassip, REALLY," said BT and wrung her shirt out.
"BLOUSE. It's a BLOUSE," said Peter.
"It is NOT, it's a T-shirt!!" said BT in an irked tone.
"Oh. Sorry, my mistake," apologized Peter.
"SO CUUUUUUTE!!" said BT suddenly, and flew at him with a comb and a smile.
"Mmmmmmmmm, have a comb and a smile," said Micky dreamily, thinking of Coke. Then he sat down and went to slee.
"OH I WILL SLEE TOO!!" said MT and wenty sleeing on the floor also.
"Oh aren't they cute," said Al.
"No not really," said BT wrinkling her nose in disdain.
"I'm cute," said Davy helpfully.
"Oh you are, smoochywoo," said BT and pinched his cute lil cheeks.
"DON'T DO THAT!" said Davy tetchily and kicked and bit.
"Ow," winced BT in remorse and went to slee with MT and Micky. On the floor. UGH YOU KNOW, STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!! Anyway.

"Sassip... um... the Pad has four inches of standing drool and seabeastie tears, you maybe should stop now?" Al suggested hopefully.
"Why are we all back in the Pad now?" said Mike in confusion.
"Oh, well you see, the scene was getting too complicated for me to keep track of, so we're all back in here now," Peter explained sweetly.
"Boy, some Continuity Guru," Micky said sarcastically.
"AHEM, you are asleep," said Peter.
"Even I knew that," remarked BT.
"You are too," said Peter.
"I KNOW!" said BT and sleed on MT's heady foilage.
"NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" said Al, seizing her and projecting her across the room.
"Projecting?" said BT.
"I flung you," said Al proudly.
"Oh," said BT and went sailing where she landed in Mike's pouch.
"Oh, snack for me!" Mike said happily.
"No no no!!" said BT and wriggled unhappily.
"Ew he does not," said BT and squirmed out of his furry pouch.
"Oh oh what is his pouch fur like?!!" said Sassip.
"Uh.... let me think... It is exquisitely soft and any female seabeastie would be pleased to be sinking her flippers into it," said BT boredly and went to slee on Davy's feet.
"Now then. POGO ROLLING, YEH YEH!!!" Mike yelled, grabbing his pogo stick, and attempting to pogo on it and roll around at the same time. Consequentially there was a real big mess and a lot of innocent people got injured. No that didn't happen. Anyway.
"Oh oh he's odd but isn't he hunkyyy," said Sassip swoonily.
"Uh," said Al and BT.
"I think he's rather 'andsome meself," said Davy.
"'SCUSE ME?!" said BT.
"ExCUUUUUse me, can I *GO* now???!!!" MT blurted rudely.
"That was you, Micky," said MT innocently.
"No because you have the heady foilage," said Micky.
"Oh, it was me," said MT.
"I'm confused," said Peter.
"Continuity as we know it has come to an end," Al said in a resolved tone.

"HER HER I am a seabeastie! I like this now I am even TALLER and just THINK of all the chicken fry I could stuff in HERE!" said Mike, peering into his pouch.
"You need some pouch cats, I am happy to lend you some!!" Sassip said obtrusively, expelling several of her best pouchcats into his pouch to keep the mites away.
"Thank you Sassip!!" Mike said proudly.
"Ooohhhhhhhh, thaaank *YOOU*!!" Sassip said, puckering her lips up and blinking coquettishly.
"*OH MY GOSH*," said Al in horror, causing everyone else to be horror upon looking at Sassip, and all fled the story.


Fled... uh... we need some people to come back so we can finish it up...
"Oh, I thought we were done," said BT.
"Well OBVIOUSLY not," said Micky.
"Duh," said Davy.
"That was unlike you," said BT in a hurt tone.
"Foilage needs the woodering," MT informed his mommy who obliged.
"Sorry about the horror," said Al.
"SHE SHould be sorry!!" said Mike, whimpering and hiding from Sassip, who was still making her coquettish face.
"What, sweetie pie beancakes fishyfishy in a brook daddy caught him with a hook??" said Sassip flirtaciously.
"I AM NOT THINGYOUSAID!!" Mike said and pogoed madly.
"But but you said you loved me!!" said Sassip.
"No FEWEL I said thanking for the pouchkitties!!" Mike said, very out of character.
"OHHH HE LED ME ON!!! Such a cruel seabeastie, they are ALL ALIKE!!" said Sassip, and got so mad she punted everyone out of the pad, even Mike. NOBODY knows how. NOOOOOO-*body*!!!
"MIIIKKKKEEE!" shouted Davy.
"OH DAVY MY FISHY FISHY FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISHHHHH*EEE* brethren!" said Mike and got mad on Davy's behalf.
"Oh Oh OH Mike is CRUEL!" said Sassip and went to take a swim.
"YOU ARE EVVVVIIILLL!" said Mike and punted her into the ocean.
"WAAAAHHHHHHH I FORGOT HOW MEAN HE IS!" said Sassip as she sailed through the air.

"Ouch I need some ibuprofen." said Al and wandered back into the pad.
"I think the hat is sucking her brains out yeh!" said Peter and wrote this instead of helping.
"That's mean Peter." said Micky.
"Micky Micky Micky, you have to realize that continuity is like fine wine. If you leave it alone it will ferment to perfection!"
"Just don't get involved."
"Dayveeeee is my true love." sniffed Sassip and scooped him up into her pouch and went out into the sea.
"Oh! Less cats! More room for me!" said Davy and snuggled into Sassip's pouch.
"LALALALALA!" said Mike, pogoing around, happily distributing books to all.
"Oh, huh. I guess this is stupid." said Peter and turned Mike back into himself.
"Huh... I'm not going as high." said Mike and shrugged and tried to put some icecream in his pouch but he didn't have one.
"ACK I DON'T HAVE ONE!" said Mike and lamented his non-seabeastie state but in about 5 minutes he forgot all about it and AHERed around.
"WOW Al, that's a GAHROOVY hat ya got there man!" he shouted at Al.
"UGH it is YOUR hat!" shouted Al. Mike threw a book at her for her reading enjoyment but she was caught unawares and it glanced off the hat instead.
"YARGH!" said the hat and popped off Al momentarily.
"FRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!" shouted Al and hid with Link under the balcony in the secret space Link only knew about but Al had spied.
"Oh, hatty times for Mike!" said MT helpfully and placed it back on his head.
"OOOOH MY GOODNESSSSSS!! WHAT IN BLUE TARNATION WAS *THAT!??!!!*" shouted Mike and stalked off to give Peter a piece of his mind for not turning him back immediately.

Meanwhile, Sassip got over her lost love and was content with a pouchful of Davy, but she recovered her lost pouchcats which she needed because she was getting mitey again.

Next Issue: MT gets bored and takes it into his little kiddie head to make Sassip into five.

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