When Sassip Falls In Love, Things Happen

One day Al was pondering back on things when she remembered MT was becoming horridly coquettish.
"Oh oh oh do you know what that means!?" she asked him worriedly.
MT giggled and winked and licked his nose and rolled around on the ground.
"Huh.." said Al and went to take a clothes shower because she felt dirty at that stupid kiddie display.
"Why? He didn't like YOU!!" said Micky and giggled and winked and licked his nose and rolled around on the ground.
"What the HECK?!" shouted BT and hit Micky with a frying pan til he stopped.
Micky resented that and placed it firmly over his tush and walked off.
"ZAP! ZAP ZAP!" said Davy rabidly and caused Micky to jump up to the balcony from a perfect standstill.
"Hehehe." said Davy and got zapped on the tush by Mike. Mike winked at him and off they rolled.

Meanwhile MT walked in and said, "I AM COKE-TETISHLY!"
Micky jumped off the balcony and scowled. "WHO HAS MY COKE!?"
"You and your Oreos and your Coke." said Al wandering in from her shower with a bottle of Coke and a mouthfull of Oreos.
"NO NO NO MINE!" shouted Micky and throttled her.
"Huh" said Al and rolled off.
"Why doesn't he ever throttle ME?" shouted BT jealously.
"Because you are a boy!" said Mike who had returned and chained her to the stove til she produced the fabled raviolios.
"Hey. Where's the dough?" asked BT.
"Sorry." said Mike and gave her 5 pounds of cookie dough. NOT a chip more, mind you.
"MMMMM" said BT and ate the cookie dough.
"NO NO NO MAKE MY MEAL!" shouted Mike and throttled her.
"No not YOU MICKY why can't MICKY throttle me!?!?!?!?!?!?!" shouted BT and proceeded to gnaw through the chains and run after him.

Meanwhile, Micky, who still had antlers but had gotten used to them, was scratching one when it fell off.
"Ouw.." he said abstractly as he head went crooked.
"Hmmmmm" said Al and took a picture cause it lasts longer.
"That's MY job!" BT huffed.
"Sorry Shotgun." said Al neatly and threw the camera at her head.
"YOU WERE IN *MY* LINEBUCKET!" said Mike in horror.
"NOOOO HORROR!" said Davy and punted Mike.
"Now you know what its like to have your lines stolen!" said Sassip and rolled off to a chicken fry.

"Well, that was messed up!" remarked Peter and set things right.

"Anyway, like I said, .. ouw!" said Micky and laid there incapacitated.
"Oh Micky!" said BT and pounced on him.
"OOOOH NO!" shouted Micky and struggled. They rolled up and down and all around the pad. They ended up in the bathroom where all the major squirmishes end up. Anyhow, a nice little scuffle ensued and Micky rolled back minus both antlers and with BT on his head. Neatly. She had not a scratch on her but Micky was covered in Oreos. Al was pishy.
"Oh uh, I dunno!" said BT and beamed.
"Hey, genius, how can you stand on Micky's head liek that?" asked Davy. "Uhhh.." said BT and promptly fell to the floor.

Meanwhile, Mike entreated Peter to give him feathers.
"Caused you still have your wings from last story, right Mike?" asked Peter.
"Why did you say that!??!" asked Mike.
"Well for the reader, ya know. They might have forgotten as it wasn't mentioned and they can't see us."
"Well thank YOU Mr. Continuity!" said Mike.
"Well sorry Mike.. I was.. just..trying to help and and and..." said Peter and was about to cry.
"Awww nevermind pal. Just gimme feathers!" said Mike excitedly.
Peter shrugged and gave Mike feathers and then popped off to his own personal mindpad (Micky's mind not his lala).
"YAY! I AM FEATHERY!" shouted Mike in glee and took off.
"OOF Mike there are feathers and an antler in my chicken fry!" complained Davy.
BT had the other antler and had it strapped to her head. She thought it would be fun to butt people with it.
"HAHAH HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!?" shouted Davy, because BT was demonstrating on Micky.
Micky looked scared and hid his tush with the frypan.
"Well Mr. Continuity, I'm not butting you on the tush anyway!" said BT and laughed out loud evilly. Everyone stared. "Oops.. did I do that out loud?" she asked.
"Weird weird little boy thing.." sighed Sassip and mewed at the door.

"WHAT!?" shouted Al and punched Micky.
"WHY WHY WHY!?" shouted Micky and threw her out the window.
BT soon followed and Al came back with the antler. "EW EW EW GET IT OFF ITS ALL GERMY AND BOYISH!" shouted she and ran around obtrusively.
"Hey that's my antler and its nice and clean!" sniffed Micky. "Hmm I miss them."
"Well they're bound to grow back eventually as the last time you molted they did." said Peter helpfully.
"Hey did you go into my mind or what?" asked Micky.
"Yeh but I came back to helpfully answer you."
"Oh. Okay. Just checking. Mr. Continuity."
"STOP USING MY LINES! HEY LADYWITHTHEHAT..er.. oops sorry." said Mike and flew around more.
Davy and Micky gaped and Peter cleaned their mouths with Lysol.

Meanwhile, Sassip just suddenly realized that this story was SUPPOSED to be hers but barely a word was mentioned about her.

"HEEEYYYEEEE! MINE!" she shouted and sang a song.

"I was born in the West Pacific
The Gulf of Mexico oh I did roam
There I met a dark green seabeastie
His name and age I do not know

His spikes they were of a dark green color
And his flippers were hard as lead
And his pouch was smooth as a satin sheet
Where I long to lay my head"

"That's a nice song.." said Davy and turned around and made a gaggy face at the others.
"I SAW THAT!" said Link.
"Uh.. yeh you were sposed to..." said Davy and shrugged.
"Hey, youa re still a merDavy from the last story." said Peter.
"WHY did you say that!? Everyone knows!" said Davy.
"But the reader might not have read the other story or forgotten." said Peter.
"Oh.. Mr. Continu.." started Davy but Mike cute him off because he was dipping into his line bucket again.
"I WANT NOT TO BE A CAT!!!!!" Sassip yelled loudly.
"How else could you yell?" said Micky and then grimaced because he tasted Lysol.
"It's pine fresh!!!" Peter said helpfully.
"I did NOT ask for your help!" Micky said tetchily and crawled under the floorboards for no particular reason except he was bored and wanted to do something unusual.
"MY STORY MINE MINE MINE," said Sassip and scratched him all to shreds.
"Oh, I will fix you," Peter said helpfully and made Sassip herself like the large obtrusive enormously big green... Thing that she was.
"Thank you Mr. Continuity," Sassip said. "Come be comfy in my pouch!" she said generously and swept him in with her big obtrusive flipper thing.
"Oof... um... okay?" Peter said uncertainly.

"Davy sweetycakes I have poundcake in my pouch!" Sassip said coquettishly. Davy went in her pouch.
"Al I have Davy in my pouch!" Sassip said coquettishly. Al went in her pouch.
"Micky I have BPFL in my pouch!" Sassip said and made a face. Micky went in her pouch.
"BT I have Micky in my pouch!" Sassip said coquettishly. BT went in her pouch.
"ONIONS ONIONS SHA-LA-LA!!!!" BT screamed rudely.
"DON'T INTERRUPT MY ALLURING COQUETTISH TRICKS!!!" Sassip shrieked and bounced a lot.
"Mike I have a raviolio merchant in my pouch!" Sassip said slyly. Mike went in her pouch, followed by MT who was being helpful to save time.
"I am saving time to be helpful!!!" he said with coquetttish childly glee and sssssssslinked off to get a pedicure.
"OHHH no you are going nowhere," Sassip said and put him back in her pouch.
"She forgot Link!!!" BT said in distress.
"No, Link is in my pouch always," Sassip said happily. "WE ARE GOING ON A TRIP!!" she announced loudly and bounced out of the pad until she reached the ocean.

Mike decided that his feathery wings were making it very uncomfortable in the pouch as he had to fold them up funnily, and everyone was choking on feathers, so he got out and flew over her head with Link on his back because the hat men stick together, oh yehhhh!!!! Um... er... "I want to swim," said MerDavy and did.
"Um... okay..." said Micky who was jealous as his antlered self had to stay in the pouch with the scary people.
So MerDavy and Sassip swam and Micky was annoyed he had no more antlers and Mike and Linky were flying overhead and Mike was starting to molt and was distressed and Micky's head began to itch again and he was happy about that cause antlers make him freaky.
Peter meanwhile pondered why Davy had the appendage Mer attached to his name now.
So Sassip swam and swam a while and suddenly she hit an island. Five minutes later she shouted "LAND HOOOO!" and expelled everyone that was in her pouch out of it.

"Hey where are we?" asked Davy, who had to be carried around cause he couldn't swim or anything too well on land.
"The Gulf of Mexico. My sweet seabeastie lovelove lives here." she said and batted her eyelashes.
"OH BLUUUEEEE THING!" she called coquettishly.
"MOMMY MOMMY SASSIP SAID COKE-TETISHLY!" shouted MT and ran around in the sand untul he was 5 feet in.
"No no deary, what did I tell you about running yourself into holes??" asked Al.
"You said I would get drownded when the cold wet stuff comes poofing in!" said MT and crawled out of the hole oblidgingly.
"Good thingboy." said Al and wandered around. Micky was happily scratching away at his antlers until he spied a large blue rock.
"OH!" he said and happily scratched his antlers on the rock.
"Yeek!" squealed Micky.
BT giggled at him because he squealed.
Squeal squeal squeal. Say it loudly say it sofly any way you say it you pa.. er.. nevermind.
"OH! Fuzzystickheadedthing found my sweet blueloverbeastie!" called Sassip and bounded over to him.
"OH! It's.. it's.. it's Lilyfrond!" shouted Blue thing and ran around happily.
"YAYAYA!" said Sassip. "Me is Sassippp." she said stupidly.
"Oh, you changed your name thing!" said Blue thing and stared.
"Yeh yeh what's your name again I forget it. And your age too.." said Sassip in a stupor.
"But I'm Stegoo, don't you remember, Li...er.. Sassip?"
"No, I sang this lovely song in which I detailed all the specifics."
"Oh, sorry. Anyway, have you come to marry me?"
"Awwwww how cute he's asking for her flipper in marriage..." said Mike and ate some popcorn.
"Mike.. get your feathers out of my face!" shouted BT.
"Hmmm this'll make a nice pillow.." said Al stuffing his soft feathery things into a pillow cover she'd sewn on the way over.

Meanwhile, Sassip was twinkling at Stegoo and Stegoo was twinkling at Sassip and Davy was crawling around on his belly trying to find the poundcake Sassip had mentioned and Al was still stuffing her pillow and MT was running more holes in the island and Micky was polishing his antlers and Mike was molting and Link was placing his hat at jaunty angles and Peter was trying to keep everything straight so he could keep his job as Mr. Continuity.
"Do I have to meet your parents?" Stegoo said after a time.
"OH No nono dreadfulll thinnngggzzzzz" Sassip hissed and spat.
"Oh good we can live right here on this island!" said Stegoo and bounced around.
"Match made in *cuckoo*!" said Link and wondered why his word was cuckooed out.
"No no we're living with the unseathingies!" said Sassip.
"NO NO." shouted all the Monkees and Al and BT and Link and.. oh wait that's all because MT was in a hole and sleeing.
"WHY NOT?!!!" bellowed Sassip and towered menacingly over them cause uh uh she was taller.
"Oh I dunno I was in a weird mood," said Al and sssssssssssslinked off to get a facial.
"COSMIC SLINKIES!!!" yelled MT with childish glee.
"Back to slee," said BT and hit him on the head. He went back sleeing in his hole.

"Right. We are living with unseathingies," Sassip stated firmly.
"BT he's right there," said Peter, pointing.
"Oh okay," said BT and tried to crawl in MT's hole but she would not fit so she dug her own.
"I want a hole too!!" said Davy.
"Hey, he's not an unseathingie," said Stegoo suspiciously.
"Oh well he is but he is a MerDavy now and he is cute. He is my pet lala," said Sassip and stuffed him in her pouch.
"What happened to your starfish?" asked Stegoo. "Krimpet, and uh, Bimbo?"
"BIMBO??!!!" shrieked Sassip in horror.
"OHHHH NO NO SHE IS HORROR!!!!" Stegoo cried and bounced around uncomfortably.
"OH I MADE ME HORRORRRR!!" Sassip shrieked and bounced with him, causing a slight earthquake.
"I think El Nino is all Sassip's fault," stated Mike and flew around in circles.
"I want antlers like Micky!" BT said firmly and tried to grow them but she got antennae.
"That was dumb," said Peter and giggled in a high-pitched coquettish way.
"OMIGOSH where'd he learn that!!!" said Micky.
"The lines are messed up," announced Sassip and drooled.
"Oh oh my love is drooling!!" Stegoo said.
"Thank you, Captain Obvious," said MT sweetly.
"OMIGOSH WHERE'D HE LEARN THAT!!!???" shouted Micky and Al.
"Stop reading my mind!!!!" Al said in utmost irritation and set Micky's antlers on fire. Consequentially he ran around in circles a lot until he had the sense to stick them in the ocean. Then BT giggled because you can't set antennae on fire only then Al did and she stuck hers in the ocean right away cause she's smart. Anyhoo.

"Stupid little smartaleck boy," griped Micky and did things.
"What things did he do?" said Peter who was interested.
"YOU WEREN'T ASKED!!" said Mike and perched on Micky's smoldering antlers but then they were hot so he got off again.
"Oh gross they are moldy," said BT in disgust.
"I don't know about the unseathingies," said Stegoo and was scared.
"Oh they are very puntable!" said Sassip happily and demonstrated on each one.
"But he's not really." said Sassip and was about to again.
"NOOO You cannot there are.. *RULES*" said Stegoo and looked condescendingly upon Sassip. Well up at her.
"NOOO!" shouted Sassip and punted him. But he only flew a flipper's length away.
"Oh that is no fun!" shouted Sassip as she recalled how fun and far it was to punt her father.

Meanwhile, Al had landed on Micky's antlers and fell asleep because they were nice and comfy, because BT had been arranging curtains on them again.
"AL! AL GET OFF I CAN"T BREATH!" shouted Micky for his face was smooshed into the sand.
"That's not anatomically possible!" said Mike and molted on Micky. "Ugh Miiikkkeee get her off my neck hurts!" shouted Micky and couldn't get up.
"Hehehe he has a nice rack!" shouted BT and winked.
"OH OH MOMMY BT IS COKE-TETISHLY!" shouted MT and ran around.
"I AM *NOT*!" shouted BT and cried alot.
"What a cry baby. For a boy you sure are wussy!" said Mike and molted on BT.
"HUh? But I am a *BOY*!" shouted BT. Then she realized her mistake but all too late.
Everyone stared at her. "Uh, YEAAHH we KNOW that silly!" they said and pshawed at her and giggled and made DUH faces.

Meanwhile, Al had rolled over and pulled the curtains over her, yawned and went back to slee.
"NO NO NO!" shouted Micky and bucked her into the air.
"OH! PEAPONG!" shouted Sassip and punted her rom out of the wall.
"BT is a fewell." said Mike boredly for no reason at all.
Davy crawled up. "Hey Mike?" he asked, getting a face full of feathers. "What?" asked Mike.
"Why are you molting so?"
"Uh.. Peter? Why?" asked Mike. He was concerned.
"Oh.. I uh.. I put the feathers on with Elmer's glue.." said Peter bashfully.
"Oh!? These these these aren't mine then!" shouted Mike and ran around crazily.
Peter shrugged.
"EXCUSE ME! CAN I GO NOW?!" shouted BT.
Al threw a rock at her face. Coincidentally BT didn't realize for 5 hours later, and screeched "OUCH" when no one was listening.
"What a stupid unseathingie," Stegoo remarked and punted BT far far away into the sea.
"Hey I was using her!!" Al whined.
"What FOR?!" said Micky in alarm.
"A footstool," said Al happily and sat on the ground for lack of a better thing to do.
"How stupid," said Peter and was highly stressed over his position as Mr. Continuity.
"Well that is kind of fun... should I punt another?" Stegoo said contemplatively.
"Sure!" said Sassip eagerly and punted Mike. Stegoo punted Micky and Davy and then stopped.
"I wanna punt THAT one!!!" he said and stared at Peter.
"Oh punt him, he's stupid!" Sassip said and profferred MT.
"NO NO NO!! MY BABY!" Al said and snatched him away.
"Mommy mommy my head feels funny!!" MT said coquettishly.
"Oh there is a crab on it," said Al and took it off.
"WHAT THE HECK?!" said Stegoo.
"Oh he's fitting in already," said Sassip and nuzzled him.

"Um... you were going to punt me..." said Mr. Continuity.
"You WANT to be punted?" said Mike, flapping back into the scene.
"Nooooo, but I'm Mr. Continuity," said Peter.
"Oh get over this Mister Conduit thing!!" Micky said tetchily.
"CONDUIT?!!! Oh stupid person lala," BT said airheadedly and crawled on Mike.
"PUNT PUNT PUNT!!!!" shouted Stegoo and let Peter have it.
"Where is Davy?" said BT and raised a fuss.
"He's hiding with me," said Link.
"HEY WHERE ARE YOU?!" demanded Al.
"Here," said Link and was hiding.
"I like punting!!!" Stegoo said gleefully.
"Cookiemuffin!!!" Sassip said coquettishly.
"Cakeypastry!!!" Stegoo said stupidly and they nuzzled a lot because they were idiots.
"Why don't YOU ever do that," whined BT.
"Because you are a boy," said Mike.
"NOT YOU!!!!" shouted BT and hit him with a lobster she found in her pocket.
"Oh there are crustaceans in her pockets!" MT said and played a handclapping game with BT for lack of a better occupation.

"Well they are fun but when are they going home?" said Stegoo.
"YOU INTERRUPTED MY ONE AND ONLY LOOOOOOVE OF MY LIIIIIFE!!!" Sassip screamed and punted Al who came to regret it.
"Crusty-ocean," sang MT cutely.
"My antlers are charred," said Micky sadly but nobody cared except Peter who was keeping track of the state of everyone's appendages.
"What a guy," said Davy in admiration.
"OH OH THE SEATHINGIE!" shouted Stegoo in excitement and punted him.
"Oh, he sees the error of his ways!" said Sassip happily.
"Isn't it time for them to go home?" said Stegoo hopefully.
"NOoooo whyy they are going to LIVE here with us!!!" said Sassip.
"But but they are thingies that are not things like we are things that we are!!!" Stegoo protested.
Sassip looked confused and overcame the need and urge to punt him.
"But they are fun and some of them are cute!" she said, eyeing Davy and Link.
"HEY! Whaddabout me and Mike!?" shouted Micky.
"Yeh yeh whatever." said Sassip boredly."OUCH!" said BT but no one was listening. She wondered why her face hurt.
"That was pointless!" said Mr. Continuity and was punted for his troubles.

"MIKE! Mike you gotta hide me! I.. I can't walk with this tail and I can't get to the water without having to slither past Sassip and Stegoo!" said Davy.
"Uh.. well *WHAT* am I sposed to do Davy? I mean.. LOOK at my wings? Will you look at them!? I mean ELMER'S!? What was he THINKING!?" cried Mike in anguish.
"YESYES PUNT HIM PUNT HIM!" shouted Sassip and was almost horror but stopped herself.
"NOOO!' shouted Mike and took off. Davy grabbed his tail on the way up and dropped into the ocean when Mike flew over it.
"YAY MIKE!" shouted Davy. Mike went sailing past because he'd connected with Stegoo's flipper.
"I'm bored with this." said Peter and poofed into Micky's mindpad.
"OOOHH!" said Micky and fell over.
"DAVY! Davy you have to help me I can't get back to land without those things punting me and I can't swim with these wings!" said Mike to Davy.
"Oh ho ho look who's come swimming back!" said Davy scrunching up his cute face.
"Don't do that!" said Mike and slapped Davy lightly on the cheek.
"Oh uh, sorry." said Davy and swam off.
"I want to play the gueeeetar before I die.." said Mike wistfully.
"YOU PLAY INSTROOOMENTS?!" shouted Sassip in awe and fear.
"Yes we do. But the AUTHORS haven't had me play things in AGES!" said Mike pinefully.
"Oh oh they had me play something!" said Peter happily.
"YOU were not asked!" said Mike.
Peter popped back into Micky.

"Lala hey guys, can we go home now?" asked Micky, who had cleaned the burnt stuff off his antlers.
"Yes yes gogo nice having you don't visit any time bye bye!" said Stegoo.
"Nooo honey dearest we have to either go with them or convince them to stay!" said Sassip and stuffed everyone but Davy into her pouch because he was in the ocean playing with some dolphins.
"UGH no no they are horrid things I will not LIVE with them!" Stegoo said in fear.
"OH OH OH are you going to give me an .... ULTIMATUM?!" said Sassip in suspicious anger.
"A what?!" said Stegoo and was dumb. "Oh yeh. Uh uh... It's me or them! HEhehe!" he said and was stupid.
"OH OH OH OH HE GAVE ME AN ULTIMATUM HOW DARE YOU EVIL CAD BEASTIE!!!" shouted Sassip and was outraged and punted him to kingdom come.
"Whoa how did you do that?!" said MerDavy cute thing and put the dolphins away in their box.
"An angered seabeastie has the strength of sixty-two!!" said Sassip proudly and swam back to the pad.
Everyone was waterlogged because she forgot to close her pouch and Peter swallowed so much seawater he had to be thingied and BT was a thing and Micky had seaweed wrapped all stylishly around his antlers and Mike mocked it and picked at it and had barnacles all over his wings and was generally displeased and Link had stayed warm and dry but nobody ever figured out how but then Sassip wept noisily all over the state and drenched everything the end.

Next Issue: Micky uses MT to use Al to make a hot date for himself, but MT messes up and Micky ends up using Al directly anyway and people become fish because of her stupidness.

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