It just gets weirder...
More Mixed-Up Mental Monkee Mishaps

"Hey Mike ... we don't have any Special Hidden Snack Stashes around here anywhere, do we?" said Micky, rummaging around in the kitchen.
"Nope," said Mike, not taking his eyes off the TV.
"Man, all I can find is a can of pistachio nuts...oh well, any port in a storm!" Micky said, taking the lid off and meandering into the living room.
"Hey Pete...hand me the TV guide?" Mike said. "Uh...Peter?"

But Peter had dozed off again, and sure enough, there were Al & BT standing beside him.
"Hallo!" they said cheerfully.
Davy came in from out of nowhere seemingly, and did the eye-twinkle thing again.

"No, man, no!" cried Mike. "Look, we just had TWO adventures with you and that's MORE than enough for me!" Mike said. "Can't we have a NORMAL fanfic story here?" he said looking into the ICQ chat screen imploringly.
"Nope" said the real Al, giggling furiously and poking Mike back into the fanfic.
"Fine"Mike sighed and braced himself for what those two wacks out in ICQ land would do to them this time.

ANYWAY. Micky and Mike were surprised and a bit terrified to see the duo again so soon.
"Man, can't you take a break from us!?" Micky whined. Davy just followed Al like a dog on a scent.
"Ooooh! Pistachios!" Al said, taking them from Micky.
Al then wandered upstairs with Davy hanging on to her shirt.
"Hey, do you mind" she said irritably as she was eating the nuts.
Just then, Peter woke up unexpectedly, and in a flash Al was gone... but BT was still hugging Micky's leg.

"WAAAHH!?" cried Micky as he looked from his leg to Peter several times in disbelief.
"Whoa, this can't be happening!" shouted Mike and BT at the same time.
"I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEE" shouted BT. But then she kinda missed Al. "Hey, where IS Al?" she asked.

Mike and Micky looked around.
"Guys.. why is BT.. HERE?" asked Peter.
"Where's AL?" everyone said and began looking around.
"Davy? You looking too? Davy? Davy!?" Micky screeched and everyone froze. "Uh oh.... Davy and Al are BOTH gone... meaning..."

"Meaning Al and Davy are in my head!" cried Peter. "AHHH!!!" and he fell over and began to whimper.
"Hey Pete what's wrong?" Mike asked trying to remain calm himself.
"I don't know but I have a headache." Peter said making faces.

*Inside Peter's imagination*
"Davy please let go....ooh we're home! can you.. BT? Wait a minute..?!?!" Al was in shock.
"DAVY!? What are YOU doing here?"
Davy suddenly snapped to attention and looked around.
"WHA!? What are we doing in here.. and knee deep in.. PISTACHIO NUTS AND BIRD SEED!?" he nearly freaked.
"Yeh, well um... I dunno where the pistachios came from.. I guess Peter brought in a whole plant's worth rather than just the can. That happens alot when we bring real objects into Peter's mind."

Davy was on the verge of freaking.
"Don't worry, you look fine.. unless there are more of you..." Al looked around. "Nope. Anyway. Make yourself at home Davy! As soon as Peter falls asleep I'll get you home. You can tell when he falls asleep as the sun comes up. When he's awake it's night time for us and vice versa." Al sat herself down in a chair and began casually reading a magazine.
Davy still looked totally freaked.

*Back outside Peter's mind...*
"Oh man, she's gotta go BACK!" Micky said, flailing around helplessly, although BT would not move.
"But I haven't gotten to talk to her yet!" Peter whined.
"She lives in your mind, don't ya see ENOUGH of her?!"
"Well after all, you guys have gotten to see them twice now and I never have. Hi, BT!"
BT grinned happily and said in a silly sing-songy manner, "Hiiii Peter!!!"

"Hey, um, maybe you wanna go attach yourself to Peter now?" Micky suggested.
BT made a face.
Mike stood up and went into Leader Mode. "Okay, well, ah, since BT is here and Davy is in Al's head..."
"Peter's head," Micky interrupted.
"...they gotta trade places before we can get everything back to normal."
Micky snickered.
"Well, y'know, not NORMAL, but...Oh, you know!! Anyway, since no-one can get in or out of Peter's mind unless he falls asleep - they're stuck there until he does!"

"Oh, thanks for the plot summary, Mike! I was lost," Peter said gratefully.
"No problem, shotgun."
"So I have to go to sleep again?"
"It'd help," Micky said dryly.
"Alright," Peter said more or less cheerfully, and plopped down on the couch, closing his eyes. Mike, Micky, & BT looked on anxiously.

Finally Peter sat up and said, "I dunno, I can't seem to get back to sleep."
"Well, um, keep tryin'," said Mike.

*Meanwhile, in Peter's brain*
Davy had given up freaking and was walking around exploring. "I wouldn't have thought Peter'd have such a groovy mind," he said, picking up a Slinky and playing with it.
"It's pretty nice," Al said thoughtfully. "Except there's no fridge."
"No fridge - we can't keep any frozen food or milk or stuff around," Al explained.
", that's a drag."

Suddenly, Al's right shoulder & Davy's knees started to fade, but quickly snapped back into view.
"What the heck!" Davy exclaimed.
Al calmly said, "Peter must have dozed off for a split second, but not actually fallen asleep...that happens every once in awhile."
Davy looked as if he might freak out any minute.

*Back to the outside world*
Peter sat up and made a face. "I can't sleep!"
BT was clinging to Micky for dear life, as she had almost faded out a minute ago. Micky shot a questioning look at Mike, and received an affirmative wink.
Micky innocently sat down on the other side of the couch and started talking. "Well, Peter, it's okay, I mean, y'know, it's prob'ly nice and warm in Peter's mind, and I'm sure they won't get attacked by vicious four-headed animals, or..."
While Micky was rambling, Mike snuck up behind Peter and tried to whack him over the head with a book (deja vu...). Peter turned around just in time and jumped off the couch. "Hey!! Don't do that."
"Sorry, Peter, it's for your..."
"Our," interrupted Micky.
"...own good," said Mike, ignoring the drummer with the extra appendage.

Mike chased Peter around the house trying to catch him while Micky had a tremendous fight with BT, finally got her off, and dashed off madly chasing Mike & Peter. Peter climbed up the staircase & just as Mike & Micky reached the top, jumped over the rail and hid behind Mr. Schneider. BT shrieked and ran after Micky, who was sliding down the bannister, while Mike rushed down the stairs and looked around frantically for Peter. BT knocked Micky over and attached herself in a sort of hug-cling position while he got up & ran over to Mike who had caught Peter, but by this time lost the book with which he was gonna knock Peter out.
*End silly romp thing BT put in spontaneously*

"Fine..." Mike panted. "We won't do it in that way. But really Peter. You've got to doze off!"
Peter pouted and looked hurt. "You guys are mean." he said matter of factly.

*Back in side Peter's head*

Al was playing ping pong by herself. She was spontaneously popping from one side of the table to the other without moving. Davy was freaking as usual.
"What you doing man!?" he asked increduously.
"Playing ping pong, what's it look like?" Al said.
"Right..." Davy said. "I meant, how are you popping back and forth like that?!"

"Oh well, we can do whatever we want. After all, this IS an imagination, and PETER'S at that! Like this... I want some cookies, so..." Al closed her eyes and looked like she was concentrating and out popped some Oreos. And then some milk. "MMmmmm I'm hungry!" she said and attacked them. Davy thought he'd might as well make the best of it so he tried as well. Unfortunely he got a moo cow instead of milk.

"Nono, you gotta think milk-in-a-carton and not just milk. This IS Peter's brain we're talking about." Al barely even flinched and the cow was gone.
"Hey, how'd you do that?" Davy asked. After all, she HAD had to concentrate hard-like the last time.
"Oh, I was just over emphasizing for you. I'm used to it. Anyway, I made up BT and then she became real and I kinda miss her but you're much quieter. Maybe I can get a few books read." Al sat down and a book popped into her hand.

"Look Al..." Davy started.
"No.. you're not that much quieter than BT." Al said closing the book and standing up. "Look, we're stuck here and there's nothing we can do, so unless you wanna be bored, think something up for ya to do!"

Davy thought for a minute, and then concentrated. The cow came back.
"No no...get cows off your cows!" said Al, putting the cow back into oblivion. Davy tried again...another cow.
"DAVY!" Al almost shrieked. "Enough with the cows!"

"I think it's broken," said Davy.
"What is?"
"I don't know." Davy thought very very hard, and suddenly a little waterfall of milk appeared out of the air and started spilling all over the pistachio nuts & bird seed. "Aaahhh!" he said, and quickly made it disappear.
"Davy, Davy, Milk needs a glass, or a carton, or..."
"Ahhh, forget it," Davy said, and started swimming around in the bird seed.

*Back outside...AGAIN...*
Micky & Mike tunelessly hummed something resembling (well, that's stretching it) Rock-a-bye Baby while BT sat on Peter. Peter blinked a few times, and started to close his eyes. BT, unbeknownst to the other two Monkees, pinched him carefully and his eyes flew open again.
"Man, this isn't working!! Every time he nods off he suddenly wakes up again," Mike said exasperatedly.
Micky frowned, and said, "BT? Get off Peter, wouldja?...Oh, but don't-" It was too late...she was attached to Micky's leg again. (But, it should be noted, it was his *other* leg this time.)
"Okay." They started humming again, but heard a crash from the other end of the pad. They all ran over to see what it was.

BT glanced around. "Ooh, Mr. Schneider fell down and went boom."
"So he did," said Peter.
"Who cares?! We gotta get Davy back and make BT go awayeeeeeeee," Micky said, nearly breaking into hysterics.
BT turned around and made a HORRIBLE face at Micky, who stuck his tongue out.
"Man, will y'all quit acting like little kids?"

"She is a little kid," Micky pointed out.
"Am not!!" BT flared back defiantly.
"Are too!"
"Am not!"
"Am not!"

A scuffle ensued, and Peter dragged Micky one way & Mike picked BT up and threw her over his shoulder and went the other.
"Children, children, behave yourselves - remember we have to help Peter get to sleep," Mike pointed out.

*While they were attending to sleeping arrangements, back in Peter's head*

Davy got lost in Peter's mind. "HEEEELLLPPP!" he cried.
"Man, he's annoying." Al said, and without looking up she snapped her fingers.
"EEELLLPPPPP.... oh! uh... ehe.. hi Al." Davy said. "How'd I wind up back here?"
"I thought you back silly! That's the thing about your world. Its fun for a little while but if you get lost or sick or something you remain that way!" Al clucked away and paged through her book.
Davy was fed up and grabbed the book away. Al made another one appear. Grab. Appear. Grab. Appear. Finally Davy thought REALLY hard and Al was up to her neck in books.

"Alright you've made your point. What you want me to do about it?"asked Al. Davy looked at her. "Isn't there ANYWAY to help him get to sleep?"
"Yes, we be very quiet and READ." Al said.
"No no, I mean seriously." Davy asked almost pleadingly. He was sick of cows and milk waterfalls and books.
"Wellll.. I guess there's a way. We have to figure out where his sleep button is. I guess the awake button is pushed." Al said.

Davy looked confused.
"Hey, this is Peter we're talking about." Al shrugged.
Davy stopped looking confused.

They began to search Peter's imagination from one end to the other but the birdseed and pistachios were everywhere.
"Ah! Can't you make these go away!? The switch could be on the floor!" Davy asked.
"Um, I can't. I didn't think those there, Peter did. I can change some stuff but for some reason he's holding on to these." Al said. She was confusing herself but she couldn't make the nuts and seed go away. Davy looked upset.
"Well, maybe if we both try it we can get rid of em but I do need your help. Ready? 1, 2, 3!" she shouted and they both closed their eyes and thought hard for about a minute. Suddenly all of the seeds were gone, and most of the pistachios. "Oh good! We no longer have to swim everywhere, we can just wade!" Al grinned.
Davy was unamused. "Ehe... yeh." he said sarcastically.

*Meanwhile, outside*

"Hey! All the pistachios and birdseed are gone!" shouted Peter. Micky looked confused.
"WHAT!?" he cried.
"Sorry Mick.. I dunno.... just felt like saying that."
Micky was busy tucking Peter into bed but he kept popping up and messing up the sheets. Micky kept pushing Peter back down but as soon as he'd go to fix the covers, up would pop Peter.

"PETE MAN! Stay down already!" Micky whined.
"But Micky! I'm not sleepy at all!"
"OOOH that BT if I ever get my hands on her.." Micky growled.

Meanwhile Mike was trying to pull BT out to the beach. But she was holding onto the doorway.
"COME ON!" he yelled.
Mike let her down, but kept a firm hand on her collar. "Wait I know!" and he snatched her up and went over to the tiger picture on the wall. Taking it down, he revealed the manacles and promptly chained her to the wall.

"Awwww Mike!" she whined.
"There that should do!" he said as he noticed BT squinting really hard. "Um, what are you doing!?"
"Darn it doesn't work! I forgot! I'm trying to poof myself out of these chains! OH MICKY!!!"
Micky stuck his head out the bedroom door, glanced down the stairs, & without thinking said, "Hey, man, what'dja have to go & chain her up for?!"

Mike stared at him and mouthed, "Are you outta your MIND?!?!?!"
BT stared at him imploringly and made a horribly sad face.
Micky suddenly looked at the floor kinda funny and said, "Ummmm, ah-uhhhhmmmm, IgottagocheckonPeter!" and ducked back into the bedroom.

"NNOOOOO MICKYYYYYYYY!!!" shrieked BT, and became hysterical, jumping all over the place and yanking at the chains. Mike ignored her & went upstairs just as Micky ran out, and they collided on the stairs. BT giggled, and receieved Looks from both of them.
"Mike, Peter's gone!" Micky said.
Mike scrambled to get up and yelled, "PETER, WHERE ARE YOU!!"

*Back to Peter's mind, where Davy & Al are trying to find the sleep button*

"Uh-oh," Al said.
"What?" said Davy.
Al pointed to Davy's foot. "You're standing on the Panic Button?"
"Panic button? What on earth is that?" said Davy, hurriedly getting off it.
"Well, Peter panics and tries to get out of whatever situation he's in, basically," Al explained patiently...explaining something every five seconds was getting old.

*Back in the pad...*

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" heard Micky and Mike as they rubbed their noses and glares at BT who was chuckling evilly at their expense.
"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" cried Peter again as he ran out of the room and knocked Micky and Mike off the stairs. They both grabbed the railing on the way down and dropped to the floor.
"What the!?!?' they cried.
Peter started running around on the first floor quite aimlessly and screaming at the top of his lungs.
This annoyed Mike and Micky and then both ran up to try and stop them. Dragging them both, one on each arm, he continued undaunted in his run.

*Back in Peter's head..*

"Davy! Look what you did!" Al said, flopping around in the birdseed and nuts as she frantically tried to find something to grab onto. She finally latched on to Davy who had found a big metal pole sticking out of the ground.
"Where'd you get that?" she asked.
"I'm getting better at this thing. So.. is there an off switch?" asked Davy.
"Yes, but I dunno where. If we can get to it, maybe he'll settle down and go to sleep. Panic attacks usually make him tired." Al said. Davy let go to the pole excitedly and they both smashed into a wall.

"Thanks, love." Davy snickered.
"OUCH GETORFFAMEEE" Al shouted. Davy was of course smooshing her.
Davy got up and wobbled around a bit. Al concentrated super hard and the shaking stopped. "Good! Now let's find that switch!!!!" she yelled.
"Hey you don't have to shout I'm right here." Davy said, sticking a finger in his ear.
"Sorry." Al said, rooting around for the Off switch. "We really should organize this place better.
"YES YOU SHOULD!" Davy said in full agreement.

*Back in the pad*

BT wriggled and squirmed and flailed around, and finally managed to pull the manacle thingie out of the wall. She flipped it over her head, and with her wrists still chained to it, ran after Peter, Micky & Mike.
"Peter, stop!" yelled Mike. By this time Peter had run around the room about fourteen times, and BT strategically placed herself in one corner, and when he came around again, leapt on the group.
They all fell to the floor in a giant crash, but accidentally, BT whacked Peter in the head with the manacle thingie and knocked him out.

"OOHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" she shrieked as Al & Davy came into view on the couch.
"Man, it's about time!" shrieked Davy, and grabbed onto the couch arm for dear life.
BT instantly reattached herself to Micky, for the millionth time that day, and buried her face in his shoulder & shrieked "I AM NOT GOING BAAAAAAAAAACK."

Al rolled her eyes, grabbed BT's arm, and said, "Seeya!" as the two faded.
Suddenly, they faded back in.
"Um...we need to get these off BT..." Al said.
"Oh, right," said Mike, and fiddled with them for a bit until BT was free. She tried to run off, but Al had her securely by the wrist, so she just kinda flopped on the floor.

"Right! Time to go, right BT? RIGHT??" Al nudged BT.
"But but but.. Micky HATES MEEE" she cried.
"Aw BT I like ya, but you just get uh.. a little annoying attached to me all the time, dig?" Micky sighed.
"Uh.. yeh I guess..." BT said.

Al nudged her again. BT gave Al the meanest look and tried to get away, but to no avail.
"Fine.. I'm sorry Micky" she said and then kicked Al hard.
Al grimaced, then smiled painfully at the guys and they both faded.
Peter woke up five minutes later and looked confused.
"DON'T ASK PETER!" they all cried, and went off to bed.

Next Issue: Al and BT are captured by some military scientist and get some funky tests done to them.

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