Needle-less To Say...

One day Micky & Mike & Peter were all at a chicken fry. Davy was at a fish fry with Sassip, and Al was teaching MT to do some weird thing. BT was bored so she decided to do what she always did when she was bored. Bother people.

"AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!" she shrieked, bouncing into MT's playroom.
MT's eyes lit up when he saw her. "I CAN FEED YOU BREFFAST SERALS!!!" he yelled happily & started for her but Al jumped on him.
"NO NO NO, she is not a victim... oh my... BT go away I'm giving him breffast seral therapy," Al said tetchily.
"Oh, Al is tetchily," BT sighed. "Aaalllllllllll I'm borrrrrrrrred," she whined.
"I'm beans," said MT.
"WHAT?!" said Al in utter confusion.
"Oh, no no not beans," MT said & giggled. "Time for has-ing serals now?" he asked hopefully.
"NO. French toast, pancakes, waffles & apple turnover poundcake bars for you young man," said BT.
"What on earth was that?" said Al.
"I reckon it was a chicken bean," BT said stupidly.

"Oh, right... we have a stage?" said Al confusedly.
"Um... no... the author was dumb and couldn't think of the right word," said Sassip. "Go on with it!"
"Aaalllllllll I'm borrrrred," said BT.
"Oh go pine for Micky or something," said Al in disgust.
"Okay," said BT & promptly turned into a pine tree. "WHAAA???!!! Ugh," she said & tried to turn herself back, but she couldn't.
"Aaaaallllllllll my powers are stuck!" she said frantically.
"Unstick them," said Al calmly, administering therapy to MT.
"Can't," BT whined.
"Tough twinkies," said Al & poofed out with MT.
"Waaahh my needles are all stickily," said BT & followed them.

"Hey!! We brought back doggie bags," Mike greeted everyone.
"OOH Mickyyy!!!!" said BT like a moron. "Now I can stop pining," she said & sat back & waited for herself to turn into herself but nothing happened.
"Beeeeeeteeeeeeeeeeeee go all stucked," said MT & helped himself liberally to chicken.
"Hey, we have FISH," said Sassip, entering with Davy & looking pleased.
"You stood me up!!" Mike yelled, jumping up & pointing an accusing finger at Davy.
"Well, Mike, I told-"
"Not only did you stand me up, you stood me up to go to a... a... FISH fry," Mike said, shuddering with contempt.
"Ohhh Mike is contempt," said Micky.
"Ohhh Mike is ... oh," said Peter.
"Well I'm sorry, but-" Davy started.
"DAVY IS JUST FINE," said Sassip & stuffed him in her pouch.
"Hello, excuse me, I'm a pine tree," said BT boredly.
"Oh, so you are," said Peter & tried to climb her.
"NO NO NO I AM NOT THAT BIG!!" she said & was squooshed. "Maaannn if I wasn't all young & lumber... uh... yeah... you would have broken my branches off or something," she sniffed.
"That made no sense," said Mike & sulked.
"*I* would have gone with you Mike, but *I* wasn't asked," said BT haughtily & sat down, which looked really weird.
"Oh, well she can be our Christmas tree!" said Davy happily, poking his head out of Sassip's pouch.
"It's just October," said Micky.
"Well... she can be our Halloween tree," said Davy hopefully.
"Our WHAT?!" said Micky. "Anyway it's not even Halloween yet."
"LET'S GO TRICK-OR-TREATING!! I need no costume," Sassip said happily, gathering everyone up into her pouch & crashing out the door.
Al poofed them all back in. "NOOOO trick-or-treating, fool!" she told Sassip. Sassip began to sniff and slobber all over the place.
"Wow she never did that before," said Mike.
"I AM NOT A FOOOLLL!" Sassip whinged through her tears. Everyone was horribly disturbed by this sudden show of sadness on Sassip's part and no one knew how to console her because she'd either cry them to drowning or punt them all to the moon. So everyone did what they always did when dealing with Sassip. They backed away as quickly as possible.

"Awwww, it's okay Sassip!" said Davy, venturing nearer and getting cried on.
"Noooo its noooottttt she called me a foooolll!" sniffed Sassip.
"Well she was just Al?" said Micky.
"I was saying she was a fool," said Al matter-of-factly.
"Oooh Mommy is mean!" said MT and giggled.
"NOOO!" shouted Sassip and ran around crying.
"Ugh Allll she's gonna flood the pad!" said Mike.
"Well she *IS* a fool she just punts and drools and eats things and people and Pouch Time and.."
"She doesn't eat pouch time..." said Peter helpfully.
"Yes Peter I meant.. oh nevermind. Anyway, she's a fool sometimes," said Al.
"NOO I AM NEVER A FOOL NOT ONCE IN MY LIFE!" shouted Sassip and ran out to the sea to eat clams.
"Oh well she'll be back into her usual punty mood in no time," said Al and tra-la-la-ed off to find some chicken.
"Sheesh she's cold today!" said Mike.
"Yeh.. cold.." said Peter unsuredly.
"Mommy ice?" said MT, and sucked a lemonade pop.
Everyone ignored him and then BT started to whinge loudly and shed needles. "UGH I NEED WATER HELP HELP I AM DRYING OUT!" she shouted.
"Well why did you turn yourself into a CUT tree?" asked Mike.
"I DIDN'T!" shouted BT.
"Well then why do you need water?" said Davy.
"CAUSE THERE'S NO DIRRRTT!" said BT and ran around.
"Wow, them trees can really move!" said Mike, taking off his hat in awe.
"How did she move?" asked Micky, blinking.
"I think she can move her roots like feet or something," said Davy.
"That's dumb!" said Mike and rolled all around the city laughing. He came back wet, muddy, soiled and dusty but was none the worse for wear.
On the news they saw footage of Mike rolling all around the city laughing.

"Hey, I remember that," said Mike fondly. "Them were some good times!"
"MIKE! It just happened not 10 minutes ago!" said BT. "NOW FIX ME!"
"I can't!" said Mike.
"Not YOU! ANYONE!... AAAAALL!?" said BT, throwing glances around.
Al snickered and rolled all around the city. Except she didn't get any news footage cause it was old.
"Darn," said Al, returning.
"What!?" asked everyone.
"None of those dopey news stations would cover my insane giggly rolling around the city," said Al and looked unloved.
"Well at that price I think I'll pass," said Al and started to chuckle again.
"What's so funny!?" asked Mike.
"Ehehehe you guys don't know WHY she's a tree do you?" asked Al.
"OHHH NOO!" said BT and smacked Al in the face with an especially pliable branch.
"OOOPFH," said Al and her glasses went flying to some indeterminate place.
"Oh!" said MT and got everything sticky.
"Ugh little kids have an uncanny power to stickify anything," said Peter in disgust.
"Peter can of sticky!" said MT.
"Peter has the ability to.. oh nevermind.." said Mike.
"WHat!?" said Peter.
"Um, nothing buddy. Hey, MT, go find Mommy's glasses huh!" said Mike to MT.
"OKAY!" said MT and promptly stepped on them. "I FOUNDED THEM!" he shouted.
"Oh that's lovely that is...." said Al.
"That's MY line why do people dip into MY line-buckets?" shouted Davy.
"What the heck is a line bucket!?" asked Micky.
"Uh, its the big buckets where I keep all my lines.. hey you guys don't have them?" Davy asked suspisciously.
"Um... no babe...." they all said, sent furtive glances his way and patted him on the head. Davy shrugged and stuffed a few loaves of poundcake into his mouth and whistled, spraying crumbs everywhere.
"What a strange boy.." said Mike.

"Anyway, why *IS* BT a tree?" said Micky, who much to everyone's relief got the plot back on target.
"Ummmm..." said BT and her needles turned greener.
"So wait I was wondering, when we turn into things that don't have faces do we have faces and if not how do we talk and see and stuff?" asked Micky.
"WHAT!?"! said everyone.
"Like when I was um.. you know.. the plastic storage stuff.. did I have a mouth and stuff?" he asked.
"Um I dunno but you had eyes because they went round and round," said Al.
"Ugh.." said Micky experiencing vertigo not for the first time since the horrific tupperware incident.
Well it would appear as if BT has eyes made out of tree knots," said Peter.
He poked them. "OUCH!" BT whinged.
"Oh ho I was right!" said Peter proudly and went to find some of the poundcake Davy dropped because he was a bit peckish.
"Peckish ugghh woodpeckers," said BT & was foopy.
"So, what else is new? You're always foopy," said Mike & munched chicken ravenously.
"My gosh Mike, you just eat chicken & chicken!! When was the last time you ate a simple bean sprout?" said Peter.
"Bean sprout?" said Mike.
"BEAN sprout?" said Peter, wondering why he said that.
"*Bean* sprout...?" said Micky.
"Bean sprout," said Davy noncommittally.
"Ickyyy," said MT & tried to eat Davy's poundcake but he would have none of it, so MT picked up Davy & carted him off to feed him You Know What.
"Poor little midget," said Micky sympathetically until the ceiling fell on him.
"What the heck?!" said Al.
"Oh you know when people have vertigo the ceiling falls on them," said Mike plainly.

"AHEM!!" said BT loudly. "I would just like to call to your attention the fact that I am DRYING OUT AND WANT WATER *NOW*."
So Mike picked her up & stuck her in the sink & turned the faucet on.
"WHAAAAATTTT??" she whined.
"Stay there, you'll live longer," Mike advised her & left the kitchen.
"Why will she live longer?" said Micky, brushing plaster out of his hair.
"Well, because if she is in the sink she will eat more chicken," Mike said.
"Oh dear his logic is shot all to pieces," said Sassip & stuffed him in her pouch, hat and all.
"The sink is overflowing!" shouted a small voice that sounded like BT's but nobody was sure, so they ignored it.
"Plasterhead," said Davy angrily at Micky. MT had returned him a few minutes earlier after Al bribed him with lemonade pops.
"Now now Davy, don't take your anger out on Micky. Just because someone feeds you breakfast cereals, whole-grain, marshmallow, corn-based or otherwise, is no reason to let that fuel your naturally-"
"No no no no no," said Micky & put one of Peter's hands over his eye, but Mike wasn't there to do the other hand, so Micky crumpled up in the corner & whined about Mike withdrawal for hours until more ceiling fell on him.
"Oh my my he has some problems," Sassip said disapprovingly, & shoved him in her pouch with Mike, & sat on them emphatically. Then she looked down at the floor. "OH THERE IS WATER!!! I love water!! I am glee," she said distinctly & kissed the water on the floor.
Suddenly a large pink sea beast thing appeared. Sassip was horror.

"LILY FROND!" said the beastie and tried to get in.
"NOT THE PINK THING! OMIGOSH HE MADE ME HORRRRROOORRRR!" shouted Sassip and head butted him out the door.
"Oh my but she's violent..." Davy whispered to BT.
"I'm a PINE TREE DAVY!" shrieked BT.
Davy doubled over and held his ears. "OUCH.. no I said VIOLENT not violet.. ugh."
"Oh," said BT and sucked up some nice yummy water.
Sassip came bounding in with the pink thing on her tail.
"EWW GET OFF MY TAIL YOU TWIT!" she shrieked. Pink thing smiled at her.
"We must get married!" he said and tried to nuzzle her.
"NOOO GET OUT!" shouted Sassip and punted him.
"What's your name anyway?" asked Al boredly.
"It's Rolfdre. But she calls me Pink Thing! Isn't she CUTE!?" said Pink Thing.
"Um, I think that's an insult..." said Al.
"OMIGOSH SHE'S THE CUTEST THING!" said Davy at the same time as Al.
Pink Thing looked at them both condescendingly. "Right. Humans. How.. mundane. Lily Frond, come awwaayyy with me!" he shrieked.
"OH MAN! Now we have two SHRIEKING sea things ughg," said Mike and crawled out of his Pouch Time event.
"NO YOU STAY WITH ME!" shouted Sassip. Pink Thing tried to stuff Sassip into his pouch but she punted him against the far wall because she was bigger than he.

"Sassip!? What kinda name is that? You are Lily Frond!" said Pink Thing.
"Nah I like Sassip better. Cause DAVY gave it to me!" said Sassip and drooled a bit.
"Ugh no I did stupid!" said Al.
"OH THAT THINGY CALLED YOU STUPID!" said Pink Thing and punted Al.
"NOOO I AM THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO PUNT HER!" said Sassip and punted Al to show her superiority in punting. Suffice to say Al stayed away from both of them for the duration of the time if she could help it.
Pink Thing shrugged. "Why don't you like me!?" he whined.
"OMIGOSH ITS A MALE SEABEASTIE EQUIVALENT TO BT!" shouted Mike and rolled around the city again. He got coverage because the media liked his spiffing wool hat. It was knitted!
"Huh?" asked Pink Thing and clearly didn't get it. "What's a BT and why is it me?"
"Oh yeh, that thing sounds like Sassip all right..." said Micky. Sassip sneered and punted him.
"Micky go rolly round!" said MT because Micky was spinning where he landed.
"Oh, make it stop..." said Micky and was sick.
"I DON'T LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE PINK AND YOU HAVE A DUMB NAME AND YOU SMELL LIKE LOBSTER!" shouted Sassip and punted Pink Thing away. He didn't come back in this story, and Sassip is happy and slobbery again.

"Tsk." said Al, walking funny because she got punted twice.
"So what's it like to be punted by Pink Thing?" asked Micky groggily.
"Well, Sassip has a smoother overall motion but she has this funny turn of flipper that makes the trajectory go off a bit. While Pink Thing, though less powerful, has a more straightforward aim. But what are you gonna do?" said Al.
"What the heck?!" said Mike, and looked appalled.
"WHAT!? HE'S BETTER THAN MEEEEEEEEEEE?!" shouted Sassip and raised a flipper.
"Oh no no no I didn't I mean um, you know its like well I dunno I just um I don't like punts and um.. well no offense but um oh hey is that a starfish BYE!" said Al and disappeared while Sassip looked for the so called Starfish.
"Hey what.. OMIGOSH SHE TRICKED ME!" said Sassip. She was about to poof out but decided she'd practice on Micky.
"NO MORE PUNTS!" said Micky and threw BT at her.
Sassip chewed on BT's top most branch.
"NO OUCH NO MAKE HER STOP!" said BT. Micky giggled evilly.
"OOOH YOU!" shouted BT and sprayed needles at him.
"OOH OUCH UGH BBBBEEEEEETEEEEEEE!" shouted Micky and ran around whinging.
BT sneered as best as a tree can sneer and sprayed some needles at Sassip.
Sassip snorted up a handful of them and sneezed BT away fitfully.
"Ugh, Sassip drool.." said BT.
"Hey you wanted water BWAHAHA," said Mike and was about to roll off again when Al came back and caught him.
"I think you've had ENOUGH media coverage for today, mister!" she said sternly.
Mike looked conciliatory and stopped his gigglepot fun fun in the city.
"GIGGLEPOT!" said MT and ran around making things sticky.
"OH NASTY YOU MADE ME STICKY!!!" shrieked BT & tried to spray needles at him but Al wouldn't let her.
"Ugh I'll probably grow fungus on my branches or something," she whinged.
"Hey, what would happen if we zapped you?" said Davy since he didn't have any lines in years, & tried it. BT immediately caught fire.
"OW OW OW OW HELP HELP HELP PUT ME OUT PUT ME OUT PUT ME OUT MICKY DAVY MICKY PETER MICKY MIKE MICKY AL MICKY SOMEBODY STOP THIS IT BURNS IT BURNS OOH IT BURNS OUCH OUCH," she shrieked & ran around, setting fire to everything until Sassip drooled so much it put the fire out.
"WAAAHHHHH I AM MISERABLE!!!" said BT who was now just a charred mass of wet blackened branches, & went to the corner to sulk.
"HEYYY that's my corner, I crumpled there earlier, it's MINE, give it back," said Micky & threw her over where she hit Mike.
"Ow," said Mike dimly. "Itsatree, heh heh."
"Oh dear, he got stupid from too much chicken," said Sassip and punted him. He returned shortly.

"You know you're right about how she punts," Mike said to Al, pondering. "If I could punt like that, I-"
"No no no you must not think of such things," said Sassip. "I am unique, there is only one of me, I am SOOOOO great, Oh my I feel the need to tell everyone about my virtues, I am an awesome sea beastie to be revered unconditionally, my-" and with that Al muted her, but luckily she did not notice, & kept talking silently.
"Oh, comfy," said Davy sleepily & crawled into her pouch.
"His linebucket must be empty," remarked Peter.
"Oh good, I can live in it," BT said happily & found that it was filled with dirt, so she climbed in & rooted.
"Oh now she cannot move," said Micky happily & resumed his usual activities.
"What are your usual activities?" said Peter.
"Dunno," said Micky & rolled off somewhere.
"Oh oh oh oh wait!" said Davy & followed him.
Mike sniffed. "Micky better not be goin' where I *THINK* he's goin'," he said.
"Where where where where is he going??" said BT & wobbled around excitedly.
Mike looked very deadpan & serious. "A TURKEY fry."
"A WHAAAT?" said Al & burst out laughing.
"Once Pita goed to a pork fry," said MT wandering through happily.
"WHAT?!" said Mike jumping up, looking angry. Then his expression changed & he put an arm around MT amiably. "Hey MT? Has anyone else been rolling to any NON-chicken fries?"
"Ooh yeah!" said MT, happy to volunteer information. "Moooommmmmyyy goed to a beef fry, and BT went to a bacon fry even though she isn't owd enough, and-"
"YOU'RE ALL DESERTING ME," yelled Mike & stormed off to the corner to sulk.
"Mine mine mine mine it's MINE!!" said Micky rolling back in & glaring at Mike.
"Oh yeah? This is a corner for people who stick to CHICKEN fries, buddy. Good old, honest dollar chicken fries," said Mike, nodding for some weird reason.
Davy rolled back in to back Micky up. "'Ey, just because he wanted to go to a turkey fry for a change doesn't-"
"Davy...Davy, Davy," Mike said, lamenting the loss of his English companion's admiration. "Once there was a time when you were true to the chicken fry party. But you have let these... TRAITORS..." Mike said, pausing for dramatic effect & indicating Micky & Sassip, "lead you astray, to fries of fish, turkey, and even... assorted meats," said Mike, putting a hand to his head.
Davy pulled out a handkerchief. "I'm sorry, Mike!! I'm sorry... I'll NEVER stray from chicken fries again!!" he said weepily.
Micky made a face. "I'm not sorry, I like turkey," he said, but Sassip punted him noncommittally.
"Uh, guys, that's the noncommittally limit for this story, you gotta stop now," Peter said apologetically.
"Oh, that's okay. Now that Davy has returned to the Chicken Fry Party, we can win the election," Mike said, surveying his young proteg´┐Ż with pride.
Davy smiled proudly and then wondered why Mike thought of him as young cause he wasn't *THAT* much younger but anyway.

Mike tralalaed off to the chair to have a sit down and a meal and then decided to use BT as a charcoal sort of thing for writing with since they didn't have any pencils.
"OUCH GIMME THAT BRANCH BACK!" BT shouted and wiggled around in her bucket.
"That's not a line-bucket." Davy glowered.
"MOMMY MOMMY DAVY GLOWS!" said MT loudly and everyone looked at him and he giggled and pointed and giggled and picked his nose.
"Don't do that," said Al absently and poofed it away with must disgust.
"You poofed his nose away?" said Micky.
"No I poofed what he got out of .. OMIGOSH this is disgusting I am *NOT* having this conversation!" said Al and glowered at Micky.
"MOOMMMY DON"T GLOW!" said MT. Al and Davy looked at each other.
"Um, MT, I'm not glowing," said Al.
"Neither am I!" said Davy.
"Yes yes you said you was glow...errriinngg!" said MT smartly.
"Yes but that's not the same word," said Al.
"But but but..." said MT.
"Okay yes honey we are glowing," said Al and made them glow.
"YAY THEY GLOOOWS!" said MT and clapped.
"Ugh. Davy. Um. Nevermind," said Al and changed them back to non-bioluminescent beings.
"I kinda liked being bioluminescent!" said Davy.
"Tough!" said Mike, winked at Davy and off they rolled.
"Oh my isn't that touching?!" said Peter with a tear in his eye.
"HOW!?" said Al.
"I dunno.. ugh stupid powers."
"Maybe you should take them off." said Al.
"Oh yeh I forgot..." said Al.
"You two are idiots. They are INVISIBLE!" said Micky.
"Oh.. right I forgot.." said Al, sounding unsure and unconvinced.
Micky sighed and Peter looked confused.
"Well its like clothes so if they take them off.. but they are invisible.. but does that count?" he was rambling.
"No Peter..." said Micky and carried Peter off to bed.
He came back shortly with a pair of scissors, a watergun, 5 tokens, gloves, a pair of tweezers, 6 pieces of gum, 5 dimes, a penny, 3 sticky things, 5 furballs, a bowl, a cup, a fork and a knife, and 87 empty Coke bottles.

"WHAT are you doing with that!?" said BT.
"I'm gonna try to turn you back or I won't get any sleep tonight!" said Micky.
"But how!? And and it's cause you LOURVE ME!" said BT happily.
"No, it's cause I loathe you and you will whine and not let me get sleep," said Micky matter-of-factly and began to assemble some weird thing.
"What are you, MacGyver?" asked Al.
"Shhh he doesn't exist yet!" whispered Sassip.
"Oh yeh.." said Al and knitted a thing, because Micky requested it.
After about an hour Micky had made a huge thing out of the stuff and it was big and a thing.

"What is it?" said BT.
"It is the Thing," said Micky happily.
"PINK THING!?" said Sassip looking around wildly.
"NO THE Thing!" said Micky.
"Oh, what's it do?" said Sassip, poking it. It snapped shut on her bonce.
"OWIE OWIE OWIE GET IT OFF!" she shrieked and ran out to the ocean with it still attached to her head.
"It does that!" said Micky proudly.
"But I thought it was sposed to turn me back!" said BT whingily. "I thought you LOVED ME!"
"Um, no I LOATHE you and I decided a Sassip-trap was better and more practical and more do-able" said Micky proudly and watched Sassip thrash about outside. "Oh yeh.. punt revenge!" he muttered happily.
"Oh man that's the best Micky!" said Al, watching Sassip.
BT scratched Al up. "MAKE ME ME AGAIN!" she whinged.
"Take your powers off!!" said Al.
"I *CAN'T*!! They are stuck!!" said BT plainly.
"That's dumb, they can't be stuck, it's stupid," said Micky & went to bed.
"AARGGHHH Al turn her back or I will die of insomnia!" Micky whined.
"UGH THEY ARE BOTH WHINING AT MEEE," said Al & curled up in the corner from withdrawal.
"NO NO NO IT'S *MY* CORNER WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO STEAL *MY* CORNER?" cried Micky & curled up on the floor & whinged.

Davy returned with a doggie bag the size of BT, & began unloading styrofoam chicken fry takeout boxes into the fridge as fast as he could. "Micky, still upset? Man, once you see the light & come back to the chicken fry party, everything will be okay," said Davy.
Micky looked up. "Really?"
"Sure, man!" said Davy & rolled off with Micky.
"I WANNA SEE THE LIGHT!" yelled BT but she was ignored.
"I'm from New England," Peter said proudly.
"You're supposed to be in bed," said Al.
"Oh yeh," said Peter & trudged off.
"Aaalllll help me get my powers off!!" cried BT.
"Mm can't," said Al & muted her & went to bed & pretty soon Mike & Davy & Micky got back and the refrigerator was spilling over with doggie bags & BT fell asleep in her non-line-bucket and everyone went to bed.

*The next morning...*
"TURN ME BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK," BT screamed at full volume as soon as she woke up.
"GADS Al why did you UNmute her??!!!" said Micky incredulously.
"I didn't," said Al sleepily. "Oh wait I was sleeping on my remote control heh heh," she said like a moron.
"What the heck?!" said Micky & rolled off to a chicken fry as he was getting to like them again.
"I wanna go to a chicken fry," said BT & began sulking.
"I KNOW!" said Sassip, returning. "We can go to the trick-or-treating thing ding bringy bringy whoop whoop woodle wagglewodulhodpurs!"
"What in the..." said Mike.
"Hey well that's not a bad idea..." said Al.
"She's out of her bird!" said Peter.
"Moommmyyy is it time for breffast serals now!?" said MT.
"No MT you're late it's 6 PM," said Al.
"How did it get so late!?" said Mike.
"Um, BT shrieked and the sun got scared and ran away," said Al as if it happened every day.
"I'll believe it!" said Micky.
"But its not Halloween!" said Peter.
"So?" said Sassip. "I'll make them!"
"Okay. Well Sassip has my Thing so she's all set. I wanna be ..." said Micky.
"TUPPERWARE!" said Al and made him a Micky sized walking tupperware.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he shouted as Davy tried to burp him.
"Davy gets the hat with the thing..." said Al, plopping it on Davy's head.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Davy as Micky the tupperware tried to hit on him.
"And Mike gets to be a chicken..." said Al.
Mike shrieked "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" as he got chased from a chicken fry on account as they thought he was the Chicken police come to arrest them for thingy.
"And I will be a dragon." said Al changing herself. "Oh and Peter can be a turtle! Right now! Everyone. Let's go!"

So they all went out and got lots of sweets and Davy got 60 loaves of poundcake and they all had fun and changed back when they got home. Even BT. And Micky reluctantly helped Sassip remove the Thing from her head.
The End.

Next Issue: Mike thinks he's Sassip. Uh oh....

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