With the world's first great taste of'fish!
There's Hair In My Pound Cake

One day, Al just decided to like Davy.
Davy was walking down the steps and Al looked at him coyly. (A VERY scary thing to see indeed!)
Davy ignored her and she accidentally looked at Micky, who was drinking choco milk.
"HEEYY! My milk just curdled!" Micky snorted.
BT popped up behind him and stuck her finger into the milk. She licked her finger.
"Yup, its curdled alright!" she announced stupidly.
"Eww, you don't even have to SMELL it to tell! Why did you taste it?!" Micky said incredulously. (Wow the author is using big words!)
Al couldn't turn off her funny coy look and she was stuck staring at Micky for about a whole minute.
"Hey Al what are you.. ugh wow I feel weird..." said Micky, slowly getting up.

All of a sudden he caught sight of BT and POUNCED.
BT was thrown against the wall. She sneered and looked for the culprit.
"BT I LOOOOVVVEEE YOU!" Micky shouted as he ran for her.
"YEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!" cried BT who was caught unawares.
Al snickered and then turned her attention back to Davy.
"Oh Daaaaavvvyyyyy!" she said, twinkling at him.
Davy ignored her so she sidled up to him and stuck her head over his shoulder.
"Whatcha doin'?!" she asked nonchalantly.
"Nuthin." said Davy, smacking her with a book in the nose.
"YEOWCH!" said Al, falling backwards into Mike.
"Darn, man, it seems all these stories are messed up. Anyway, I don't like it when they revolve around me cause I get stuck in really stupid places and with stupid things and AL get off my foot!" he retorted.
He kicked Al off and huffed off.

"Okay Mike, I guess that means you don't want to be in the stories anymore right man I gotcha!" called Al, holding her nose.
Davy neatly stepped over her and went to get some poundcake out of the fridge.
Micky was just gazing at BT reverently. Every once in awhile he'd take a step toward her, & she'd step back. They'd stay that way for a bit, & then he'd take a step again & she'd back off, and this went on for ages.
"Um, wow, BT," Micky said, & stepped.
"Uh, whatever," BT said & stepped nervously.
"Uhhh I like that necklace," Micky said & stepped.
"I'm not WEARING a necklace," BT snapped & stepped back onto Peter's foot, who said "OUCH!"
"My foot said ouch?" said Peter.
"Oops, no, you did. Sorry," said BT author.
Peter shook his head, & left so he wouldn't get stepped on.

Davy was watching all this with great interest, never taking his eyes off Micky. "Hmmmm," he thought to himself. "Wonder why Micky's acting like that. Oh well...who cares, I have pound cake. Hmm, munch munch."
Al sidled up to Davy again & gazed at him reverently.
"Nuh-uh!! That's MY job," Micky said & stepped.
"Oops, sorry," Al apologized.
Al sidled up to Davy again & just stared at him intently.
"That's better," Micky said with satisfaction. BT stepped.
"Hiiiiiiii Davy," Al said.
Davy looked away from Micky for a second to glance at her, then he shrugged & stared at BT for a bit, still munching poundcake.
Al threw a disgusted look Micky's way, & said "If you'd let me gaze reverently this wouldn't have happened!"
"Well, it's not getting ME anywhere," Micky whinged, looking at BT wistfully. She stepped.
Al made the Worst face at Micky, and suddenly his hair was giant & poofy & curly.

"Oh!" he said. "This IS odd."
BT took one look & tried to hide in Davy's shirt, since Mike & his hat were nowhere to be found.
"Hey!!" Davy said, & kicked BT off. "What's gotten into you?"
"Mmicckyyy scaaaaryyyyy," BT whimpered & hid in the cupboard.
Micky looked hurt & opened the cupboard door. BT was not there.
"Ooh, there she goes!" Al said evilly & pointed at the stairs.
"OOHHHH, BT!" Micky yelped, & darted off after her.
"Hi, Davy!!" Al said with great enthusiasm.
"You said that already," Davy remarked, & finished off his poundcake with little to no enthusiasm.
Al sighed.
"I can give you some more if you like me!"
"No." said Davy and pulled out a glass and a milk waterfall.
"PLEASSEE!?" said Al.
"No." said Davy.
Al felt mad and evil so she turned Micky back to normal haired Micky.
BT was attracted to him like a moth to light.

"MICKY!" she cried.
"BT!" cried Micky.
And just as BT flung herself into Micky's arms, Al made the worst face at Micky again and FOOOP!
BT sniffed tentatively, looked up and shrieked "NO NO GETITORFFGETITORFF!" and squirmed out of Micky's embrace, despite the fact that it would have smooshed any other lil girlie had she not been a figment.
Micky sighed and gave Al the worst look but Al was staring at Davy.
Davy was watching BT with great interest.
BT was hiding and unhiding faster than he could blink.
"Uh, BT, why are you UNhiding? No one found you yet?" said Davy.
"But he might he might have to change places before he does have to hurry have to hide" said BT, spazzing.
Davy shrugged, and made Al fall down go boom.
"Ouch you're mean!" said Al, rubbing her tush.
"Yes." said Davy, searching for some more food.
Micky ran in. "Where's..." but Al was pointing miserably at BT who was hiding at the speed of light.

Meanwhile, Peter walked in and BT, deciding the Monkees' pad was no good for hiding, poofed out. Peter swayed a bit.
"Wow, what was that?!" he said, grabbing his head.
Al sighed. "BT's hiding at the speed of light. She's prolly gonna give you a migraine." said Al.
Davy walked over to Micky.
"Want some pound cake?" he asked.
"Nah, thanks.. I just want BT."
"Eh, suit yourself!" said Davy going at the poundcake with a vengeance. Al decided to take a more direct approach. She grabbed Davy, hauled him upstairs into the bedroom, threw him on the bed, and then yelled things at him for half an hour.
No one knew what this was supposed to accomplish, but it didn't work and Davy calmly and nonchalantly walted out of the room as soon as his poundcake was done.

Micky walked up behind Al & tapped her on the shoulder.
"EEEEEKKK!!" she shrieked, then saw it was him. "Doooon't DOOOO thaaat," she said painfully.
"Sorry. You're evil aren't you?"
"Yes, thank you. But I have to find Davy now, 'bye!" Al said, turning to leave.
"Can you stop BT from hiding around and moving so much?" Micky pleaded.
"Hmmmmmmmmm," Al said. "Suddenly I want pound cake."
"Yes yes that's nice...can you?" Micky persisted.
"Pound cake with Reddi-Wip!" Al finished & bounced out of the room.
"WELL, FOOP!" yelled Micky & poofed out.

Al skipped down the stairs & fell on Davy.
"Don't do that," said Davy, & then got up, too determined in his quest for Pound Cake to let this small incident delay him.
"I can make you BUCKETS of pound cake if you will like meeeeee!" Al coaxed.
"Eh? Hmm? Oh, no thanks, we have some more in the fridge," Davy said, & went to look. He opened the refrigerator, displaying sixteen containers of pound cake. "See?"
Al gawked.
"Oh yuck, you made me GAWK," she whinged at the author.
Al stared. "Where did you get THAT?!"
"From Peter's mind."
"Oh," Al said, & blinked at it. All the pound cake disappeared.
Davy turned around. "Now you've done it!" he said in a slightly ticked manner. "We're out of pound cake!"
"I'll make more if you will liiiiike meeeee," Al said desparately.
Davy considered this for awhile. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," he said, & fell into Deep Thought.
"Uh-oh!!" Al said, & pulled him out.
"Thanks," Davy said, & thought again. "No, there's a recipe for pound cake around here somewhere," he said, starting for the kitchen.

*Meanwhile in Peter's mind*
BT was flashing back & forth everywhere, never staying hidden for more than two seconds. Micky had given up & was cowering in the middle of Peter's mind, whimpering stupid things like "Idon'twannabeachickennnnn!!"
Suddenly BT stopped & walked over to him. "Awwww he's so CUTE!!" she said. But then Micky sat up & she saw his hair.
"EEEK!!" she cried & darted off.
Micky watched her for a little bit, & then darted around to see if he could. "Ooo hehehe it's fun!" he said, flashing around. Then Mike poofed in, & saw two streaks of light (one was lime green) fooping around every which way.
"Oohhh," he said in a very small voice, & poofed back out.
Then BT poofed out, but Micky didn't notice & stayed hiding/unhiding for fifteen minutes until he realized she was gone, & poofed back into the pad.

"Oh, sure Davy!" BT said, & poofed up a giant plate of pound cake.
Al made a terrible face & said, "HE doesn't get any pound cake until he likes me!!" & poofed it away.
BT looked miffed. "Yes, yes he does, because he's CUTE," she said & made it rain pound cake on Davy.
Al took the pound cake rain away. "Nooooooo," she pouted & stuck her tongue out.
BT giggled at her & poofed up a secret plate of pound cake in the fridge & whispered where it was to Davy, & then poofed up a piece of pound cake for herself & munched it while watching Al throw a hissy fit. Then Micky entered the kitchen.
"Hi! Ooh, there's pound cake," he said. But then, alas, he noticed BT.
"Oh, hi, BT, how's it goin'," he said nonchalantly, & munched some cake.
BT looked startled, & then sighed in relief. "Finestkind."
"OH!! Oops, I forgot, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE you!!" Micky shouted & darted off after her.
Al got tired of the whole poundcake thing with Davy so she decided to not like him anymore.
"I don't like you anymore." she said.
Davy suddenly perked up.
"Oh, Al, your eyes are like cupcakes in a sea of sourcream!" he said.
"NO!" said Al.
Davy twinkled.
"NOOO!! NO NO!!!" said Al, backing away.
"Oooh!" said Davy, following.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" said Al, hiding at the speed of light.

Meanwhile, BT realized she could change Micky's scary hair back. She did so and that fixed his stupid crush. Unfortunately.
"Oh, teehee, I forgot I could do that." she said. "Soooo, snookums, how about a..." but Micky was already off and running.
"Oh well, at least he's cute!" said BT, chasing after.

The End.

Next Issue: Peter buys a funky "Thinking cap" thing from a weird guy and it foops him, BT and Al up bad.

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