What's all this broohaha?
Mind Your Own Business

One day...
No. Wait.
One night, everyone was asleep. Mike dreamed he was in Oz, but then he woke up and was hungry. So he went downstairs to find a snack. Which was silly of him, because he knew very well they didn't have any food. "Foop," he said, & tried to remember how to poof into Peter's mind. The first time he messed up & poofed himself to a village in Bulgaria (there wasn't any food there either) but then he got it right & poofed directly into Peter's cranial cavity.
Mike stared at his surroundings in awe.
"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww," he said.
"No no not like that!" the author hissed.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he said.
"That's better," said the author, & retreated (For the time being).

Mike hadn't ever been to this part of Peter's mind before. It was cool. Then he remembered why he was here, & poofed up some artichokes & liverwurst & gobbled that. Then he heard an odd sound. So he wandered around Peter's mind until he found it. It was BT, jumping around wearing headphones & singing along with them.
"EEEEKKK!!" she said when she saw Mike. "Why're you here?"
Mike stared. "Why do you have pajamas with SHEEP on them???"
"I like sheep," BT said defensively, & took the headphones off.
"A-AAAAAAL!! MIKE'S HEEEEEERE!" she screeched deafeningly.
Al poofed up. She had rings under her eyes and looked groggy.
"Owwww BT what are you doing?" she asked sleepily.
BT pointed at Mike.
"HE'S HERE!" she said loudly.
Al grimaced.
"Mike? What you doing here?" she asked.
"I needed a snack!" Mike said.
"Oh, well do you need us to show you the way out?" she asked.
"Nah, you go back to bed, I think I can do it," he said. "Thanks." And he walked away to find the door out.

Unfortunately he got confused and walked into the purple portal rather than the blue one and ended up deeper in Al and BT's domain.
They kept a large menagerie and in order to do that they needed a wide variety of climates. Mike got lucky and ended up in a tropical paradise. However, he was tired, full and didn't feel like it.
He curled up under a tree and decided to wait until Al and BT come looking for him.

Micky picked up the alarm clock & threw it at the wall until it stopped. Peter fell out of bed. Davy sat up & said irritably, "Micky, WHY does that thing ring every morning?? It isn't NECESSARY. We haven't anyplace to go."
"'Cuz I took it apart & put it back together once, & now it won't quit ringing every morning," Micky said sheepishly, & threw a pillow at Peter, who said "Don't do that."
"'Ey, where's Mike?" Davy said. "Usually he throws the clock."
"No, it's Tuesday...that makes it my turn."
"Oh yeh, I forgot. That means I'm up tomorrow! Heehee, I like throwing the clock," Davy said.
"But where's Mike?" said Peter.

"HI-IIIIIIIIIIII," shrieked BT, poofing in.
"Go away," said Micky.
"Nuh-uh," said BT.
"Where's Mike?" Peter asked BT.
"Oh, he went in your mind last night to find a snack and interrupted my 3-AM headphone sing-along time and I dunno I think he's still there." BT delivered this speech while brushing Micky's hair (he had a terrible case of bed head).
Micky let her, since he didn't feel like doing it himself. "Why didn't he come back?"
"I dunno, maybe he fell asleep."
"Well, go get him," said Davy.
"Can't," said BT.
"Why not?" said Davy.
"I dunno."
"Boy, you dunno ANYTHING," Davy said, and poofed into Peter's mind.

"HEY MIIIIIIIIKE!!" he screeched.
"Whaaaaat?" Mike said from behind him.
"D'AAH!! Don't do that!" Davy said.
"Don't do what?"
"Suddenly..be behind me like that. Anyway, it's morning, we should get back to the pad."
"Hey, how come you're still in your pajamas?"
"Because I just got up! Now come on," Davy said poofing out.

Mike tried, but he couldn't. He tried again, but wound up in the frozen tundra climate with the penguins. He poofed back to where Al & BT were. BT was making green pancakes.
"Al? Could you show me how to poof out again? I think I've forgotten," he said sheepishly.
"I'm making green pancakes!!" BT announced.
"Yes, I can see that. So how about it, Al?"
"They're green!"
"I KNOW. Hey, Al isn't here, is she?"
"Yes, I am," Al said. "BT is being a moron."
"BT need some milk?" asked Davy, dousing the pancakes with a milk waterfall.
"Okay, you have to walk through the blue portal, Mike, it's right over there behind the birdseed and pistachio nuts.. Davy stop getting the nuts and seeds wet..." Al explained.
Mike wandered over to the portal and slammed into it, hurting his nose.

"No," he said, rubbing it vigorously.
"What? How.. look, you just walk into it!" said Al, and she demonstrated.
Mike sighed and took another shot at it. But the same results.
"Mike, you didn't walk through the PURPLE portal last night did you?" asked Al.
Mike shook his head.
"Oh, dear..." said Al.
"What!?" shouted BT obnoxiously.
"Shut up!" said Micky who had joined them. Peter also poofed in.
"Mike went through the purple portal instead of the blue. If you do that you can't get out of Peter's mind!" said Al.
"Oh, Mike, how could you!" asked Peter.
"PETER! Its only your second time in there too! How do YOU know!?" asked Mike.
"Its not that hard..." said Peter a bit taken aback.
"Ah, sorry buddy, I'm a bit stressed being trapped in here with her..." said Mike, pointing at BT.
"Hey, at least you have alot of food!" said BT, making green pancake and milk stew.
"Ugh, that's sgusting, BT!" said Al, peeking at brekky.
"Is not!" said BT, & shoved a spoon into Micky's mouth. He made a terrible face.
"She's right, it is 'sgusting."
BT frowned, & tried some herself. "Okay, yeah, it is. But it's DAVY'S fault," she accused, pointing a finger at the aforementioned Brit, & disposing of the pancake/milk stew.
Davy calmly responded by posing a milk waterfall over her head.
"AAAGGGHHLUUGGLUGLUG," she said in great discomfort. Davy stopped the milkfall.
BT stood there, dripping & milky. She just glared at Davy, & stalked off to shower. "FINE!! MAKE YOUR OWN GREEN PANCAKES!!"

"NO thank you," Al said after she'd gone. "Now then...oh man, I'm not sure what to do about this. You just HAD to go through the purple portal, didn't you."
"Welllllllllll, I don't know anything!!" Mike said humph-ily, & went through the purple portal again. Then he came back, & tried to go through the blue one carefully, but still couldn't.
Micky, Peter & Davy watched this with a mixture of amusement & sympathy. Then Peter poofed up a giant plate of waffles & everyone ate some, and felt better.
"Well," said Peter.
"Well," said Davy.
"Well..." said Micky uncertainly.
"WELL?!" said Mike irritably.
"Well, uh-" Al started.
"DON'T SAY WELL!" shouted BT, who had just re-entered.
"Oh no," Micky moaned & poofed out.

"BT, do you remember where I put that blue & white marbly potion?" Al asked.
"Yeah, I'll go get it," BT said & poofed away.
"Wow, you even have a potion to fix the purple-portal thingie?" Davy said in awe.
"Awww," Peter said.
"No no, we've used that gag," Al said, nudging him.
"And it's not a purple portal fixing potion - it's a headache potion. I have a migraine the size of Montreal," Al said, & downed the potion after BT returned with it.

"Maybe if we tried to make a new portal?" BT suggested.
"NO," Al said firmly. "You remember what happened when you tried to do that..."
"No, I don't," BT said innocently.
"Oh. Well, it's just as well."
"Quit saying well!" said Davy.
"Anyway, we have to figure out a way............" said Al.
Mike was pacing around going crazy.
"Mike calm down! We'll get you out!" said Davy.
"Hey, how did Micky get out? He didn't use the portal...." said Mike. Al looked unsure.
"Well, you COULD do that but you have to master the portal first....... and you seem to have screwed it up. But maybe that'll work..." said Al. Mike looked at her pleadingly.
"Ah, Davy, you explain, I think he'll understand you better." said Al. Davy looked at Al with annoyance.
"Okay, you basically IMAGINE youself walking through the portal. The BLUE portal!" said Davy.
Mike sighed. "Sounds easy enough."
He shut his eyes and flickered a bit, but didn't leave.
"Awough!" said Al and BT.
Al stepped over to the blue portal again and stuck her hand through. "Hmmm, well its not like its closed again or anything..." she said.
"You have to veesualize Mike!" whined BT.
Mike smacked her out of the way, shut his eyes again and concentrated hard. He turned blue, but wasn't able to get out.

Micky popped back in. Mike huffed at him.
"Sorry Mike, no luck eh?" Micky said looking at Peter.
"Don't look at me. I have no clue what his problem is." said Peter.
Mike sighed and ran around messing up BT's birdseed and nut castles.
"HEEEYYY!!!" she yelled.
"I WANT OUT!" he said.
"I'll help you build more!" said Davy, creating another waterfall of milk.
BT sneered and pushed him into his own milkfall.
"Aourgh!" he said and made another one over BT. They then leaped on each other and milkwrestled.
"NO NO NO!" shouted Al. She poofed them dry and apart and stared at Mike a bit.
"Hmm, Mike you are trying TOO hard!" she announced.
Mike made the infamous worst face, & tried again not so hard.
"Nooo, you're not trying hard enough," Al said disgustedly.

Suddenly BT noticed Micky. "OH HI MICKY!" she shrieked & attached herself to his leg. He poofed out & BT stayed there stuck in midair, attached to nothing.
"OOHHHH heeheehee, this is fun!" she said, flailing her arms around staying stuck there in midair. "Look Al no hands!"
Al just looked at her, sighed, & shook her head. "And to think I thought that sorry creature up. Now then. Try, but ... don't try very hard.
Mike looked confused.
"Well, that is, try, but don't try much...you know how sometimes when you try but you don't really, and...okay, this is getting nowhere..." Al trailed off as Mike looked more & more bewildered.
Micky poofed back in, looked around, and saw BT waving her arms around stuck in midair. He blinked at her, & she fell down. "OUCH!" she yelled. Micky giggled evilly.
"MICKYYYY!!" shouted BT, but he poofed out before she could do anything. So she started writing "BT Dolenz" in the birdseed with a stick.
"We have paper, you know," Peter said.
"Yes, but...but...ohhh, you're no fun anymore," BT said, & stalked off to the pad to locate Micky.

"They're distracting meeeeee!!" cried Mike.
"Ignore them. It's easy once you get the hang of it," said Al. "Now...ready?"
"Okay," Mike said, taking a deep breath & focusing. He disappeared.
"Yay!!" said Davy, & rubbed the birdseed writing out with his foot.
"Yay what?" said Mike's voice.
"MIKE?!" cried Peter. "But you aren't here!"
"Yes I am!!!!" Mike yelled, & grabbed Peter's arm.
"EEEEEK something's on my arm something's on my arm!" Peter said, hopping around. A loud thud sounded, & Peter backed away.
Al looked utterly, totally disgusted. "He's just managed to make himself invisible," she said, & blinked at a spot on the floor, where Mike was now visibly lying. He groaned, & curled up & whinged.
"Ohgoodgrief," Al muttered.

Davy poked Mike with a stick and Peter played with his hat.
"Don't do that." he told them both miserably.
"Sorry." they said.
Everyone thought and thought and thought.
"PETER! It's YOU!" said Al suddenly.
"WHAT!?" said Peter with a puppy face.
"You somehow closed your mind to Mike! You gotta open it again!" Al proclaimed.
"You sure?" asked Mike.
"Yes! There is no other explanation," said Al.
"Well, I can try," said Peter.
He stepped back, stared at the blue portal and then closed his eyes and concentrated upon it.
Suddenly the portal flashed a bit.
"Go Mike!" said Al happily. Mike slowly approached the portal and stuck a hand out. It went through. Everyone held their breath as Mike disappeared through the portal.
Then they all popped out to see if it worked.

It had! Peter sat up from where he'd been laying on the couch. Al and Davy were grinning at Mike, Peter apologized and Micky whinged whilst BT proclaimed her undying love.
Even though Mike had a bad experience he couldn't stay away from Al and BT's wacky pad cause they had all the good food.
The end.

Next Issue: Al likes Davy hates Al Micky likes BT is scared of Micky. Get it? Got it? Good.

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