It's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out.
Personality Hygiene

One day Al was sitting on the floor when Micky came in. Al immediately jumped upon him and brought him to the ground. She whispered "Shhhh.. BT is lurking about yon parts here round yon couchy thing.." but it was too late as BT had already struck. Al mercilessly threw herself in between BT and Micky, and they hit so hard that they ended up switching brains. Well, BT got Al's brain and Al got BT's space, and so it evened out.
Al sat up. "Oohhh, my head feels funny. Hi, Micky."
"Uhhh, hi Al, geegottarun," Micky said, backing away from BT.

Suddenly Al's eyes lit up. "OH!! I like Micky!!" and she threw herself on his feet, knocking him over.
"HEY!!! I LIKE HIM, YOU DON'T!!" said BT.
"Uhh, no you don't. *I* do, you nit," said Al, & started playing with Micky's hair.
"Oh, wait, I suppose so...hmm...ooh, you got purple twinklies," said BT, pointing at Al's eyes.
Micky looked absolutely terrified.
"WHAT?! Uhh, Al, why are you on me? Couldya like get off my hair & stuff, 'cause it's reeeeeally freakin' me out and what is with you people and-"
"I looooove you, Micky!!" said Al.
"BYE!!" Micky shouted, & ran off in search of psychiatric help.
"Behave yourself, Al," said BT. "Mmmm, I wanna sandwich," she said, & poofed up a BFPL. Then she kind of looked at it. "Mmm, I don't really want this, yuck," she said, & shoved it at Al, who devoured it happily & poofed up another.
"Ya know, I thought I HATED these, but they ain't half bad!" she said, finishing it off.
BT gave Al a disgusted look, & poofed up a nice simple turkey sandwich & ate that. Then Davy & Mike walked in, with Micky trailing behind them frightenedly.
"Hey, Al, hey BT," said Mike. "Uhh, so are y'all feelin' okay & stuff?"
"Yeah, except I like Micky & BFPL sandwiches!" Al announced cheerfully. BT made the worst face & said "And I don't, so we dunno what's up with that, but we're fine."
Mike kind of looked at Davy, who kind of looked at Al & BT.

Suddenly Davy decided he should like Al.
He started to twinkle at her but then like a magnet he was drawn to BT.
"Oh ewww!" he said trying to turn it off, but he couldn't and so he just did what he always did.
"Oh, BT, come away with me!" he sighed at her.
BT looked uncomfy. "MIIIKKEEE! Get him off!" she said.
"Ohhh BT come on!" pleaded Davy.
BT gently pushed him off and walked away kind of quickly.
Micky didn't know who to go to, and hid behind Mike. He jumped everytime BT or Al came near him.
Davy followed BT around relentlessly. He didn't know why because he could usually choose when he wanted to pretty much.
But he just went with it.

Finally BT snapped around and snitched, "WHAT do you want?!"
"Just a kissss," whined Davy.
BT sneered at him.
"That's a disgusting habit you have there," she stated and tried to walk away but he was hugging her feet.
"GIMME THEM!" said BT, bending over, taking her feet off and grabbing them from Davy.
Davy whinged and sighed.
"Weeellll you are KINDA cute. FINE but you have to promise NOTHING ELSE AFTER ONE LITTLE KISS!" BT said matteroffactly.
Davy nodded and nodded and BT pecked him lightly on the cheek. Davy all but fell over.
Unfortunately for BT he forgot his promise and was constantly picking her up and playing with her hair and hanging on to her feet.
"ARGH!" she said annoyedly. "Now I know how Micky feels when Al goes nuts on him!"

Meanwhile Al was sneaking up on Micky from all angles.
"BT my tush! BT doesn't love you I DOOOO!!" she screeched.
Micky looked at her oddly. Then he looked at Mike.
"Yeh, Mick, I see what you mean... they seem to be each other more than themselves."
Peter waltzed in and saw all the good clean clinging. "I WANNA CLING!" he said. And promptly attached himself to Mike's legs.
"DON'T do that!" Mike retorted annoyedly.
Peter made a puppy face and reluctantly got off. "MIIIIICCKKYY!" he cried.
"Nooo way! I got my share! ALLL aren't you a TAD bit too old for this clingy crushy thing?" Micky whinged.
Al looked almost intelligent for a minute as she pondered this.
"Well, technically yes, but I'm a girlie, so NOOOO" and she hugged Micky all the tighter.
Micky freaked out & started flailing around shrieking, but Al stayed put.
BT & Davy & Peter giggled. Mike stifled a laugh.

"Ooohhhh, Bee-teeeee," Davy said dumbly & played with her hair.
"Davy," said BT calmly. "Please stop that."
"But I LOVE you, dearest twinkie pie!!" Davy announced & continued playing with her hair.
"DEAREST TWINKIE PIE?!" shouted Micky, & flailed around some more. Davy looked irked. BT looked like she would drop through the ground from embarrassment.
"DavystopthatnoworIwillripyouradorablesilkyshinyhairout," BT growled.
Davy looked at her for a second, & then clung on her so that she fell over.
"D'aaahhhh, I'm too small to be clung on!" she lamented, & squirmed around, finally getting free of Davy. She instantly ran up Mike & sat on his head because she was scared of Davy.
"Man, what is UP with him??" Mike said. "He hasn't been this bad about anyone in months."
Micky had run out of flailing energy & was listlessly being annoyed by Al, who was babbling & brushing his hair incessantly.

"Why are you all so STUUUUUUUUUUPID!!" said BT.
Micky & Mike snickered.
"Oh, shut up!!" she yelled, & climbed down Mike.
"Look who's talking," said Micky.
Micky & Mike looked at each other again & burst into laughter.
Peter looked bewildered. "I don't get it," he said.
BT clung on Peter because he was safe at the moment.
"Ooohhhh, I just LOVE Micky!!" Al said happily, & fell off him. But she climbed back on.
"Al, why are YOU so stupid?!" said BT.
"'Cuz I got your brain," Al said dumbly & brushed Micky's hair with a sock.
"Look, I'm not *that* dumb," BT said & took the sock away.
"Hehe I think our traits are traded and have been become very much strongly like," said Al, sucking a corner of Micky's pant leg.
BT grimaced. "Well, that mean's I'm a super smart figment then?" she asked.
"Mmmmbbfff," said Al, happily sucking away.
"Ewwww Al, I walked in mud!" said Micky.
Al made a face and slowly spit out the corner. "I was wondering what that weird taste was."
BT made the worst face. "You're right, even *I* wouldn't do that."
Al had melted all over Micky and try as he might, Micky couldn't even pull off a little of her.
"Eheheherherherherherherherh pretty Micky like him muchly," said Al ooze.
"OOOH ALLLL!" said BT, poofing her off.

"Hey, how did you switch brains?" asked Peter smartly.
"Oh, I was smartly!" said Peter dumbly.
"Oh.... Anyway, how DID you?" asked Peter. Period.
"Well, you see Al was uh.. self sacrificing herself for Micky and I think our brains got switched." said BT.
"What?" asked Mike.
"Al threw herself in front of me and Micky and we smacked together hard and switched brains."
"But, wouldn't you just have switched bodies? How did you switch personality traits but not whole personalities?"
"I dunno. Maybe it's cause I don't have a brain so it messed it up." said BT. She was noticing her head was very hard to hold up since the accident.
"I have to lay down. I don't know how you brained people can take it!" she said scornfully.
"Brained?" asked Mike.
"Yesss, it's so hard to hold up! I'm not used to having a brain!"
"I can believe that," Micky said under his breath.
"Well, that would explain Al's intense stupidity," said Mike.
Al smiled happily. "Thank you!"
Then she tried to jump up on Micky, but missed & clonked BT instead.
"Owwwww!!" she said, rubbing her head.
"Ooohhh, that hurt," Al said.

"Alriiiight, they've switched brains back!" yelled Micky, jumping up in the air.
"Huh?" said BT.
"But I still LOOOOVE you!!" Al said, & grabbed him.
"Huh??" Micky said, backing away trying to shove her orff.
"They didn't do it right," Mike said, grabbing Al in one hand & BT in the other & cracking their heads together loudly.
"WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!" BT said, & lunged at Mike, clawing at his hat. Peter & Davy each stopped her.
"EEK DAVY GET OFF ME!" yelled BT, jumping back.
Davy looked hurt. "Sheesh, what'd I do? Where's Al?"
Micky pointed down, triumphantly. She was unconscious.
BT jumped on her. "GET UP AL YOU NIT!! EEHHEHE!"
Al stood up slowly, staring at Micky all the while. He looked scared. " don't still like me do you..." he said backing off.
"LIKE YOU?! YOU FOOPY BOOFERRRRR," she yelled & hit him over the head with BT.
"OWWWWWWW!!" said Micky & BT's feet.
"Ooh, my feet talked, heehee," BT said dumbly.
"And Davy, are you back to normal?" Peter said, feeling his forehead.
"When was I not?? Man, will someone please fill me in on what you're talkin' about?" Davy said exasperatedly.

Micky in the meantime was running around like a nut yelling, "NO-ONE LIKES ME! NO-ONE LIKES ME!!" & eating everything in sight. Al & Mike looked at him strangely.
"BUT I LIKE YOU MICKY!!!" BT shrieked, & jumped on him.
Micky looked at her for a second, & then said "WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" & hid under the carpet.
"Awwwwww, it's okaaaay," BT said.
"NO NO NO GET HER AWAY GET HER AWAY NOWWWW," Micky whinged, hiding behind everybody. And Mike picked up Peter & hit BT with him, & everyone had sandwiches, and was generally in a good mood except for BT who had a terrible headache the next morning. The End

Next Issue: Mike gets trapped in Peter's mind and they all have to get him out.

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