More About Sassip Than You
Ever Really Wanted To Know

One day, Al woke up and went to the window and saw that the sun was rising and she said "WHY am I AWAKE NOW!?"
Peter came down and yawned. "What are you screaming about Al?"
Al grabbed her mouth and looked around. "I was yelling?" she asked.
"YES!" said Peter, waking everyone else.
"How did you wake them? They don't wake up for anything!" said Al.
Mike and Micky stumbled up behind Peter on the stairs. Davy followed, yawned, and ended up knocking them all down the stairs.
"HOW DID YOU FALL ON ME!? I WAS ON THE TOP!" shouted Davy groaning and rubbing sleep out of his eyes.
"Hehe you're short!" said BT.
"Where did you come from?" asked Sassip.
"I could ask you the same thing!" said BT.
"No, because I wasn't gone for 500 years!" said Sassip.
"MOOOOOMMMYYY!" shouted MT and jumped on BT, turning her into a pancake.
"Oh, SHE'S back!" said Micky with a look of disgust.
"MIIIIICKY!" shouted BT and made a silly attempt to grab his leg.
"Oh.. no.. you.. don't.. MWAHAHAH" said Micky, putting up his shield as she was almost touching him.
"WARGH!" shouted BT, flying through the open window where Al had eaten the pane stories ago.
"See? That had some good effect!" said Al.
"What's she doing back? I thought you disappeared off the face of the earth!" said Mike, peering down at BT.
"Ugh." said Al and poofed her back up. "You forgot how to use your powers!"
"Did NOT!" said BT whingily and she proceeded to spazz on Al.
"Oh. Ouch. Ouch. So anyway. Owwww. Okay. Yeh. NO! Stop! Ugh." said Al, punting her into Sassip who punted her into Micky who put up his shield and punted her into Mike.
"WHY MEEE!?" shouted Mike.
"Cause you're tall!" shrieked Davy and rolled around giggling insanely.
"Okay! Field trip!" announced Sassip suddenly. She grabbed everyone and shoved them all into her pouch. Then she crashed though the windows and rushed down to the beach.
"LET US OUT!" said everyone struggling futilely.
Sassip splashed into the water and everyone ceased being crushed. It was nice and dry in her pouch.

"Where are we?" said Peter.
"In Sassip's pouch!" said Mike.
"I know but.. uh.. nevermind." said Peter.
"Where are we going?" asked Davy.
"Lalalalalalalal!" Sassip was humming ad nauseum.
"Shush you. I wanna see where we're goin!" said Al curiously.
"I don't, I wanna go HOME!" MT cried, & burst into tears.
"SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE NOW?!" BT screamed. "You made him cry!" she said indignantly & somehow picked him up & rocked him back and forth and said stupid things to him.
Everyone watched this display with fright. "Umm, okay," said Mike.
"I'm squooshed," announced Micky.
Suddenly BT looked up. "MICKY!!! If I threw myself in the ocean right now what would you do?"
Micky looked up after thinking about this for maybe half a second. "I'd wait for Sassip to rescue you."
BT made a terrible face & climbed up on MT's head & sat cross-legged. "Heehee, there's more room this way."
"Sassip, where are we going, anyway?" said Davy from atop her head.
"How'd you get up there?" demanded Mike.
"He climbed," said Peter.
"We're going," said Sassip.
"But where?" said Mike.
"To a place," Sassip said in a slightly strained tone.
"But WHERE?!" shouted BT & Mike.
"WHERE'S SOMEWHERE??!!" shouted BT & Mike again, this time joined by Al & Micky.
"Well, if you take the first right out of Unison, it's about 4 miles down the-" Davy started.
"SHUT UP," screamed BT.
"It's a shame she didn't change while she was gone," Micky said regretfully.
"SHUT UPPPPP," screamed BT & tried to hide in MT's shirt.
"Mommyyyy that's uncomfy," he protested.
"Mmmmmfff," BT muttered, & then righted herself.
"You look like you have two heads," said Mike to MT.
"I doooo Mommy is my other head 'cause she's in my shirt and I wish she wouldn't be," MT announced absently.
"Yeah, sure," said Sassip. "We're here," she said, reaching the edge of a really foggy place & dumping them unceremoniously onto the sand. BT immediately burst out crying & shrieking and freaking out.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????" Al said very very exasperatedly.
"I can't seeeee anyone I'm ssccaaaaaaaared!!" said BT.
"Oh, shut up," said everyone.
"Oohhh I can't see anything heehee," said MT.
"My arms, I can't see my arms," Micky said flatly.
"I can't see your arms either," Mike said monotonally.
"Well," said Peter. "It's foggy."
"Thank you, Captain Obvious," Davy muttered.
"Keep walking," said Sassip. "The fog wears off after a few miles."
"MILES?!!" BT shrieked shakily.
"Ooh, alliteration," Micky said.
"SHUT UP," she shouted.
"And again!! Except for the 'up'."
"Ooo-ooooooo," Micky said in that stupid voice that kids say when they're being snotty & taunty & stuff.
"Did I say miles? I meant years."
"What?!" said Davy with some alarm.
"Did I say years?"
"YES," said everyone.
"I meant..uh...oh wait it stops here," said Sassip, who then came into view as everyone walked out of the fog.
"Oh, crap, I was just two feet behind Micky the whole TIME," BT sighed.
Micky snickered evilly as BT immediately tried to attach herself to him again, & bounced off into Davy.
"It's 'cause you're short," Mike informed him, & walked over, sticking a nametag on him.
"What's this for?" Davy said, looking at it & righting himself.
"It's for your own good," said Mike, sticking a blank nametag on BT.
"Um, thank you?" said BT, & ran at Micky again, bouncing off into a tree.
"A tree?" said Sassip.
Mike walked up to Micky & tried to stick a nametag on him, but he couldn't. "Micky, lose the force field."
"Oh, sorry," Micky said, & took it off long enough for Mike to administer labellage.
"Uh," said Al. "Where are we?"
"My island," said Sassip, as if that was perfectly obvious and self-explanatory. "It is," she said.
"What? What's what?" said Peter.
"Oh, never mind," said Sassip. "The authors made a slight mistake, that's all."
"SLIGHT mistake?! Man, wait'll the Al & BT Nitpicker's Guide comes to a bookstore near you...all five volumes," Al said.
"Okay. Nevermind. This is my island. Remember my beyooootiful story?" said Sassip.
"YESSS!" groaned everyone making retchy faces.
"NOOO!" cried BT. "I WANNA HEMMMPPHHH!" she said.
"NO YOU DON'T!" whispered everyone after they grabbed and gagged her.
Sassip was about to tell them all again but something caught her eye. She grabbed Davy and flew off down the island.
"Holy chicken beans! She can really fly man!" announced Mike incredulously and ran off after them. Everyone shrugged and followed.

They finally got to the center of the island where there was a large pedestal made out of a little mountain. Sassip was climbing the stairs. The others followed tentively. Atop the mountain thing there was a small stone hut carved out of a square rock. Sassip opened the large sea monster sized door and went in. The others slipped in before the door shut.
Inside was enough room for about 10 sea monsters and there were about 5 in there already. Two sea monsters sat on the throne. The two biggest sea monsters were royal blue and purple, and had on bright gems around their heads.
There was a smaller sea monster who was pink sitting next to the purple one.
"LILYFROND!" said the pink one and hid behind her mother.
"Whatdayawant brat?" said Sassip sillily.
"Lilyfrond!? What are you doing back!?" said the purple one.
"Yes. I'll never forgive you for punting me you evil child!" said the blue one with a look of disgust.
Sassip grinned foolishly and pulled out a most brilliant pearl and diamond tiara and placed it on her head and pushed Davy forward.
"This one! I want to marry him!" said Sassip.
"You can't! He's not even... ugh.." said the purple one.
"MOTHER! I LOOOOOUUURRRVVEEE him!" Sassip shouted.
Davy looked pleadingly at Al. Al snickered and looked evil. Then she realized what was going on.
"Heeey..." she said but everyone looked at her and she blushed. "Uh, nuthin..."
BT however looked evil and turned Davy into a light blue seamonster.

"EEP! AL!" Davy shrieked.
"It wasn't me! It was BT!" said Al. She was about to turn him back but Sassip got a nasty look and beaned her over the head with her fin. Al went down.
"Oh crap.. I hope she's not like.." said Mike. But Al got up and ran around screaming alot like a kid.
"DADDY DADDDY DADDDYY!" she shrieked and leaped on Micky.
MT did it too.
"UGH!" said Micky.
"Like you didn't see that coming." BT huffed.
Sassip twinkled at Davy. "Isn't be CUUTTEE!?" she said dreamily.
"Hehehe.. listen Sassip.. Um... I really like you and your family and all but um... I can't MARRY you! I don't even want to marry a human!" said Davy.
"DAAAVVYY!" Sassip said whinely.
"EEK!" said Davy and began running about.
"OH! HE'S CUTE!" said Lilac and began trying to attach herself to Davy's back.
"HELP HELP!" said Davy.
"Omigosh, he's a girl stud even as a sea monster!" Mike giggled and fell over laughing. Davy made a face and punted Mike.
"Oh heheheehe nice Al oh hahaa no no don't NO DON'T PULL DADDY'S HAIR UGHAHRHGHG!" said Micky, trying to get Al and BT off him.
"AH BT!" shrieked Al and began to tickle her.
"EEEEKKKK AL WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" shrieked BT and fell off.
"BT was pulling Daddy's hair!" Al announced stupidly.
"WAS NOT!" said BT huffily.
"MT was!" said MT.
"No I was." said Al.
"No, Mommy was!" said Al and MT suddenly and grabbed each other and began dancing around stupidly.
"Oh dear..." said BT.
"Ah!" said Mike and zapped Al.
"WAAAHHH!" said Al and fell on her tush.
"Oh my. Mike! TSK!" said Micky and picked up Al and put her in the corner and picked up MT and gave him to BT.

Meanwhile Sassip was biting Lilac.
"GET OFF HIM HE'S MINE!" shouted Sassip.
"NOOOOO HE'S SOOO CUTE!" said Lilac, twinkling.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Davy and whirled around in a circle.
"That lad isn't very smart. The only way to get girls off is to punt them!" said the king. "Shut up dear," said the queen, punting him.
Micky was making sparklies for Al and MT with his crystal. Al and MT giggled stupidly.
"Hey, Al.. do you think you can turn Davy into a person again?" asked Peter.
"Who Davy?" said Al and clapped at Micky's sparklies.
"You know, Davy, the one who's really cute and short and ... uh... Al?" said Peter.
Al was curled up on the floor sleeping with MT a few feet away.
"Okay, that was odd.." said Micky.
"No, I drugged them!" BT announced happily.
"YOU WHAT?!" said everyone.
"Oh well not really. But I made them go sleepypoos."
"SHUT UP!" said Sassip and punted them all into the walls. "NOW! LILAC! DAVY IS MINE!"
Sassip roared and punted Lilac off Davy. Everyone was scared of Sassip.
"Well..... I guess if you're going to marry him then you get the throne." sighed the king. Then he looked Davy over. "Not a bad color. But he's a little short don't you think?"
"NOOO.. well.. yes he is. BUT HE'S SOOOOOO CUTE!" said Sassip painfully.
"Yes.. he is..." said the queen.
"YOU!" said the king.
"Oh, uh, sorry dear.." said the queen eyeing Davy.
"Ugh." said Davy sadly and slumped over.
Sassip nuzzled him and then picked him up and put him in her pouch.
"HOW did she do that!?" shouted Mike.
"HAHA Davy Sassip go bye byes!" Al and MT cooed stupidly.
"Nooo Sassip lemme out pleassseee waahhahaaha!" they heard Davy wailing all the way down to the back of the structure where the royal family's living quarters were.

Mike glanced at Peter, who glanced at BT, who was gazing at Micky, who glanced at Al, who glanced at MT, who said, "I would like to have fofty thwee lemmyade pops."
"I suppose one of us should save him," Mike said, leaning on a pillar.
"Ah, you do it," said Micky.
"Nah, I saved him last time, it's Monday. Peter saves Davy on Monday."
"It was nothing," said Peter beaming.
"HUH?!?" said Al & ran around in circles until she fell down & MT came and sat on her.
"I could save him," said BT.
"No you couldn't," said Micky.
"Well, just for that, I won't," said BT & stuck her tongue out. Micky sat on MT, & Mike sat on Micky.
"I'm uncomfyyyyy!!" Al complained & Peter knocked the people tower over by blowing on them lightly.
"Make Al normal so she can save Davy," said Mike.
"Noooo I like her as a kiddie," Micky said sheepishly.
"DADDY!!" Al cried & hugged Micky, who made a "um yeah whatever" face.
"I could save Davy," BT said again.
"No you couldn't, now shut up," said Micky.

"I COULD TOO," said BT, & did so, just to prove him wrong, but at that moment Al changed back & Micky was never shaken from the belief that it was in fact Al who had saved Davy & not BT. They managed to convince Sassip that she was back to normal, even though she wasn't, & they all flew home, until suddenly it was 3 AM and no-one had changed Davy out of being a sea monster & then BT did that and said SEE I saved him and Micky said no you didn't and a fight ensued and then everyone fell asleep on the floor because they were all exhausted and Al woke up at 6 AM and said Mike get your head off my hand it HURTS and Mike said mmmffftt and rolled over and Al rolled over on BT who was squooshed into the floorboards and nobody saw her for days until MT stepped on her and she shrieked and then they fixed her and everything was back the way it was THE FREAKING END ALREADY.

Next Issue: The Incredibly Quartet debuts...mwhhahahaa.

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