Power Problems

One morning everyone in the Pad decided to get up before 10 am. No particular reason, they just did.
"They are nuts man," said Al the author.
"Shuddup, they don't need a reason," said LP the author, and continued the story.
"Hey," said Micky, "Has anyone seen my drumstick?"
"Here," said Peter, handing him a chicken leg.
"Not THAT kind of drumstick Pete!" Micky said with mild disgust.
Al proceeded to whonk Peter over the head with a stick.
"Ow!" said Peter.
Al went back to reading her book.
"Which one ya missin?" asked Mike from the top of the stairs. "The Left one or the Right one?"
"Um, The right one I think," said Micky and looked under the couch, avoiding Al carefully.
"Hey Mike?" Said Davy from behind him.
Mike jumped about three feet in the air and nearly fell head first down the stairs. "Don't DO that!" he yelped.
"Sorry man, I was just wondering, what's with Al today, she just whonked Pete."
"I think she's having a 'Low Tolerance For Stupidity' Day today." Mike said.

Just then MT came bounding in the back door giggling, and followed by a giggling LP.
"Lemmyade Pop!!!" MT screeched with delight.
"Uh.... ooooooh..." Said Davy as he watched the pair approach Al.
Al was still reading. She had casually looked up when she heard them approach but made no move to do anything at all about it.
"Oh... Al...?" asked Micky.
"Yes?" asked Al.
"Um... that stick you hit Peter with..."
"That wouldn't happen to be my.. uh.. drumstick?" said Micky.
"Why, yes, yes it is Micky. I was seeing how long it would take you to notice." said Al. She hit Micky with it and then gave it back.
"She's Eevil!" said Mike.
"Yes." said everyone.
"Ho hum." said Al and continuted reading.
"HIII!" said LP obnoxiously in Al's face.
Al gave her a "try that again and DIE" look.
LP got the hint and sauntered away and did dumb things. Al watched her.
Peter was rolling around on the ground.
"Look what you did to him man!" Davy proclaimed.
"Don't do that." said Sassip.
"Do what?"
"Proclaim things. Its scary!"
"Oh..." said Davy.
"That's better." said Sassip.
"Anyway, I'm HERE!" said LP twirling around. She banged into Al and acidentally poofed her chair away.
"URGH, Go away LP!" Al said, none too irkedly.
LP made a face. "Sorry!" she said and tried to poof Al's chair back. Instead she managed to poof the chair ON Al.
"ACK! THAT'S IT!" said Al. She poofed the chair on LP and proceeded to tackle her. There was a large almost cartoonish cloud of smoke, and when it settled, one could almost think Al held a shimmery mass for a split second, before stuffing her hands in her pockets.
"Ah, that was mean!" said LP.
"But you're not hurt!" said Sassip in awe.
"Yeh that is odd... what'd you do, Al?" asked Micky.
"Nuthin. I just thought I'd scare her...." said Al, sauntering casually over to her book and reading it some more.
"Oh, okay Al." said Peter and got up off the ground and made some iced tea.

Meanwhile, MT was pleading LP for a lemonade pop.
"Okay!" said LP. She concentrated very hard but nothing happened. NOTHING.
"Hmm, that's odd. It usually does SOMETHING!' said LP. She shrugged and wandered over to MT.
"Sorry!" she said.
"Sowwwyyy!? MT wants a poooppp!" said MT whingily.
"Ugh." said Al and gave him one.
"WHEEEE!" said MT and ran off to no one knows where.
Sassip had fallen asleep since she had gotten up before 10 for some reason.
LP was concentrating so hard she blacked out for a second.
She fell on Sassip.
"EEEK!" screeched Sassip and punted her.
"UGH" said LP and hit Peter and Davy.
"Ha! She fell on you too!" Davy said to Peter.
Peter shrugged and helped Davy and LP up.
"So what's up with LP?" asked Micky curiously.
"I dunno. But this is fun!" said Mike, zapping Micky in the tush.
"EEK!" said Micky.
"BWAHAHA!" said Mike and zapped Davy.
"MIIIKKKEEE!" Davy shrieked.
Sassip rolled over grumpily and squished Al.
"ARGH!" Al was heard to scream and then they thought she poofed out.
"Okay, so what's up with LP.." Micky said, rubbing his tush.
"Um... I dunno.." said Davy, also rubbing his tush.
"Why are you rubbing my tush?" asked Micky.
"No I'm rubbing MY tush stupid." said Davy.
"Oh... that maked more sense." said Micky.

Davy sighed. "I think I know why Al is frustrated today. Plus she went to bed at 7AM and she got up before 10. I wonder why she did that?"
"Davy, stop ranting!" said Sassip forcefully.
"K" said Davy.
"So, LP seems to not be able to use her powers." said Mike, zapping her.
"OUCH!" she shrieked. "How come you're zapping me? And how come you're talking about me in the third person and I'm right here!?"
"Man she's whiney!" said Sassip.
"Okay, so why can't you do anything with your powers?" said Mike.
"I don't KNOW!" said LP.
"Hmmm.. maybe Al took them off when she got into that fight with you." said Peter smartly.
"Huh?" said LP.
Micky rubbed his face. "Did she take off your powers?"
"What!?" said LP.
"You know that you can take your powers off, right?" Davy asked.
"WHAT!? I can!?" said LP.
"YES!" shouted everyone.
"Oh..... I don't know, I never tried." said LP.
"Well I think she probably did." said Micky and burst out laughing.
"Don't do that." said Mike and zapped him again.
"Owwwiiee!" said Micky stupidly.
"OMIGOSH!" said Davy and started laughing too.
"Oh man not you!" said Mike and zapped him again also.
"Ugh." said Davy. Then he remembered and zapped Mike.
Mike looked disgusted and went to find some Coke.
Micky and Davy stood rubbing their tushes, Peter went back to rolling on the floor, Sassip fell back asleep where she lay, and LP sat dejectedly in the corner and tried to figure out what the hell everyone was talking about.

"Took my powers.... can take them off myself.... didn't know..." She mumbled & wished MT would come back so she wouldn't feel so alone.
Micky stopped rubbing his tush and slid down the banister to the living room.
Davy kept rubbing his tush cause he looked cute when he did that.
"Do you guys hear that?" asked Micky.
"Hear what?" asked Mike, chugging down a Coke.
"I hear it too..." said Davy, walking calmly down the stairs.
Sassip snored.
"Sounds like someone saying ,urghnmuphack,'" said Micky, investigating the room.
Sassip rolled over in her sleep and there squished beneath her was Al, who hadn't poofed out after all.
She inhaled for a full two minutes.
She then exploded and poofed out at the same time.
"Well...." said Davy staring at Sassip, "That was rather odd."
Micky shrugged and got himself a Coke.
Peter looked up at the top of the stairs where LP still sat in the corner hugging her knees and concentrating on the stairs.
"LP, what are you doing?" asked Peter.
"Tryin to make a Lemmyade Pop." Said LP and continued concentrating.
"Aw," Peter whispered to the others, "she looks kinda sad, we should help her get her powers back."
"Yeah, right Pete, so she can turn us all into various utensils or crush us with chocolates right?" said Micky sarcastically.
"Don't be sarcastic!" said Sassip, waking up for a brief moment to say that then going back to sleep.
Micky looked up at LP, and frowned. He did feel a LITTLE bit bad for her... but not much.
Then he regretted the thought and drank another Coke to avoid thinking anymore since it was such a pain anyway.

Eveyrone sat around thinking for about half the day. About 6PM Al poofed back in looking nice and refreshed.
"Ah, dinner anyone?" she said.
"Hey! You made LP sad!" said Peter.
Al looked confused. "Me?" she said.
"YES you took her powers and and.. look at her!" said Peter.
Al watched LP crunched up in the corner whispering to herself.
"Oh dear, well I didn't take em." said Al, and walked over to Sassip.
"What? You did too take them when you jumped her!" said Sassip.
"Ha! You're not fooling me!" said Al and poked Sassip.
Sassip snorted annoyedly and spit on Al.
"OUGH!" said Al and poofed herself clean.
"I dunno what you're talking about!" said Sassip suspisciously.
"Yesss you do! You took her powers!"
"HOW?" snorted Sassip.
"HOW!" said Davy and began giggling.
"Well, I dunno, I kinda grabbed at em but I didn't actually take em." said Al.
"Ha, I sawww you holding someone's powers!" said Sassip.
"Yehhh they were mine! She grabbed at mine too." said Al.
Sassip looked around oddly.
"Huh, do you have LP's powers Sassip?" asked Mike.
"Maybe!" said Sassip and giggled.
"Oh my.." said Al and Mike backing away.
"EEEKKK!" screeched Peter.
"Uh uh uh uh uh.." said Micky. He looked at Al. "Are you SURE she has em?"
"Yes. I don't think LP knows she can take them off. Therefore she wouldn't know how to keep them on. My powers just came a little loose in the scuffle," said Al.
Sassip had fallen back to sleep.
"Well how are we going to GET them!?" said Davy.
"Well...... try her pouch.." said Al giggling.
"OH NO WAY!" said everyone.
"Well she's right, where else would they be?" said Mike.
"LEMMYADE POP!" said MT popping back in from nowhere. Well, probably Peter's mind.
LP barely had a chance to look up when he grabbed her and strangled her hugging her.
"Erk" she muttered.
He let her go and ran over to Al and Micky. Micky was the only one who succeeded in not getting squished.

"Lemmyadddeee Pop, where's moooommmyy?" he said sadly.
Al sighed and poofed behind Micky.
"Mommy?" asked LP.
"Oh, you mean BT? Uhhhh........." said LP.
"She's dumb." said Sassip. "Your stupid boofer of a mother went off to do some stupid boofer of a thing."
"Oh, okay green Sassip thingie!" said MT happily and did dumb things.
"Ugh." said Sassip.
"Give her back her powers!" said Peter.
"Huh?" said Sassip. "I don't have them either!"
Sassip looked at Al evilly.
"What?" Al said. She eyed Sassip.
"Well if neither of you have them then where ARE they!?" said Micky.
"Check Peter's feet!" Davy suggested.
"Not on me!" Peter said.
Al began rummaging through the pad. Then she eyed MT suspisciously.
"MT, did you find any shiny things?" she asked.
"SHINY!" MT cooed and got out his fake crystal.
"No, not crystal shiny thing.. a squishy fun shiny ball thing?" asked Al.
"Ooooh yeh!" said MT, and pulled out LP's powers.
"OH!?" said LP. "That's what they look like?"
LP smiled happily, a lot less depressed just knowing where her powers were.
"Hey, they look kinda groovy!" said LP. She slid down the banister and landed in a heap on the floor with a thump.
"Can I have em back MT?" LP asked with a smile.
"Shinyyyyyyyyyyy!" said MT happily and ran around the room with LP's powers in one hand and his fake crystal in the other.
Sassip punted him across the room and he hit the wall and giggled. LP's powers went flying in a shiny ball across the room and everyone jumped to grab them before they hit the floor.
No particular reason for them NOT to hit the floor, but everyone seemed to want to prevent that from happening anyway.

"Don't say I never did anything for you," said Sassip, the only one who didn't go after the powers, and then she fell asleep again.
Micky was the one who caught them.
He looked at them suspiciously and then looked at LP.
LP frowned. "You're gonna give em back to me aren't you?" she asked, a little worried.
Micky sighed and closed his eyes. "I can't believe I'm doing this." He mumbled and held out his hand, but then on a second thought he grinned and looked at LP.
She poofed into a BPFL.
"Oh, well thats just rude!" she said, a little soggily.
"Well, how do YOU like it?" Micky asked with the biggest smile.
"You didn't even make me a FRESH BPFL, and we all know that there is nothing worse then a soggy not quite fresh BPFL," said LP.
Davy lauged.
Peter smiled.
Mike chugged another coke.
Sassip snored.
MT giggled from his upside down position on the wall.
Al just sighed and went off to read a book.
"Okay, okay, you've made your point," said LP. "But I didn't turn YOU into a sandwich on PURPOSE! So can I have my powers back now?"
Micky grinned and poofed LP back into a figment before handing her back her powers.
LP stuffed the shiny ball into her pocket.
"You keep them in your POCKET?!" said Mike.
"Shuddup," said LP, "my pocket's as good a place as any."
MT ran up to the group. "Lemmyade Pop, I want a Lemmyade POOOOOOOOOOP!!" He screeched.
LP smiled, "Okay, one Lemmyade Pop coming right up!"
Mike dove behind the couch, Micky just stood and closed his eyes, praying for the best, Peter hid under the table, and Davy actually climbed inside Sassips pouch.
LP concentrated really hard.
A Lemonade Pop appeared in MT's hand.
"YAAAAAY," he said and ran about the room.
"I did it, I actually did it!" shouted LP happily. "I didn't even mess it up!"
Micky opened his eyes and everybody else came out from their hiding spots, looking astonished.
"Okay, I want aaaaaaaa.........." LP thought for a sec. "A soda!" She said.
A couch fell on Micky.
"Oops, I didn't say a SOFA!" LP hid behind the chair Al was reading in.
"You may want to find a better hiding space then that." Al said, not looking up from her book.
Micky grumbled something from under the new sofa.
"What was that Mick?" Asked Davy, picking up the couch and moving it over a bit.
"I.... said..." Micky breathed, "She.... still..... needs..... a... little practice."
LP looked up and poofed a Lemonade Pop into Micky's hand before poofing herself back into MT's mind.


Next Issue: Sassip takes the crew to her home thingy and everyone is amazed.

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