While Peter's Away The Figments Will Play

One day, Peter had to go away for some reason, leaving Al and BT with the guys.
The guys were horrified but Peter had already left. He left a note with instructions and had firmly instructed Al and BT to stay. They didn't mind as the guys were much more entertaining.

"So... um.... where we gonna sleep?" asked Al, as Peter was going away for the whole weekend.
"Um, no BT." said Al and Micky with disgusted frowns.
"Aw, then what, I have to sleep with Al?" said BT.
"No, you and Al can sleep in the spare beds." said Mike.
"IN.. IN THE SAME ROOM AS YOU?" said BT to Micky.
"Well, actually you can sleep in Peter's bed, so yes you have to sleep together. And since the order goes Peter and Davy's bed on the far wall and then mine and Mike's, then you are NOWHERE near me!" said Micky.

BT frowned and plopped down on Al who was on the couch.
"YARGH!" she cried.
"Don't do that," said BT sadly.
"YOU don't do THAT!" said Al shoving her to the floor. "I need sleep! I haven't slept in three nights because of you trying to learn the drums like Micky. Sheesh! Left handed drumming? Huh! Who ever heard of it!..." Al continued to mutter away as she tossed and turned trying to get comfy on the couch.

BT turned a bright red as she felt Micky's stare penetrate her.
"Ehe, well, um.. I just.. uh.. learned the wrong way ehehe," she giggled nervously and tried to pop out. Then remembering she couldn't, she got up, went to the back room and closed the door. There immediately followed a loud shrieking and the sound of BT running around frantically.
Micky stared at the door, and wondered for a bit what would happen if he just stayed there...but he was sleepy, so he went go sleepy bye-byes.

Mike walked in & stared at the author. "GO SLEEPY BYE-BYES?! Oh man...and I thought twinkliless was bad."
"Well, I'm trying to stay in my silly character," BT-author said defensively.
Mike blinked tiredly. "Yeah, you do that. I, uh...go, sleepy bye-byes," he said, wincing at the sound of his own words. Pretty soon everybody was sleepy bye-byes (BT had fallen asleep on Micky's drum set, since hers was in Peter's mind).

*The Next Morning...*
Little Bunny Foo-Foo hoppin' through the-
"WHAT IN THE-" Mike started.
"Sshhh shh be nice...I just messed up," said BT author.

*The Next Morning*
"WWWWHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE," screeched BT, and fell down on the floor and knocked a cymbal over, thus waking up everyone within 5 miles of her.
Al gave her the Worst Look, & pulled a blanket over her head. Mike walked in, and looked as if he would like to pick BT up and throw her far away & play a giant game of catch with everyone using her...but he just glared. BT hided.

"'Ello!" Davy said cheerfully, entering...and then getting twinkly eyes at Al, who just kinda rolled her eyes.
"Oh davy please! I'm too tired!" said Al. She had the blanket over her head but she could just feel Davy's twinklies aimed right at her.
Al laid down and tried to camouflage in the blankets but Davy pulled them off and twinkled at her.
She rolled her eyes and Davy got dizzy.
"Oh no not again!" said Davy.
Al took the oppurtunity to seize the winklies and threw them at Micky, who happened to be looking at BT on his drumset.
"OH MICKY YOU DO CARE!" she said, flinging herself at him.
"NOOOO!!" said Micky, throwing the twinklies at Mike who was looking at Davy.
"MIKE! I never knew...?" Davy said confusedly.

BT frowned, reached up & got the twinklies out of Mike's eyes, and put them in her pocket. Then she took them out and looked at them.
"Heehee, they're all shiny-sparkleeeee!!" she said happily.
Al looked at her in disgust. "BT you give those back to Davy right now!! You don't know where they've been!!"
"I do too!" BT retorted. "They were in Mike's eyes, and Davy's eyes, and Mic-ky's-eeeyyyyes, and-"
Al seized them from BT & stuck them back in Davy's eyes. "Now, don't do anything like that again."
BT grinned impishly, & started messing around with the drum set again. "OOHHHNONONLEAVEMYDRUMSALOOOOOOONE!" Micky yelled, & picked BT up & threw her at Mike, who crashed into Davy, & they all fell on top of Al on the couch.

"Oops," Micky said, & went and hid. "WHY DOES EVERYBODY PICK MEEE TO FALL INTO?!" Davy lamented.
"It's 'cause you're short," said BT.
Davy made the worst face at her, & shoved everyone orff of him. Then he came to a realization.
"You're shorter than me!"
"Yes," BT said painfully, "but I don't get fallen on by people. I cling on them," she informed him politely, & went to search for Micky (who, it should be known, was hiding in the bathtub). Subsequently, a yell of "NOOOO GET OFF!" was heard from upstairs, & Micky came racing down with BT close behind. They fell on Davy.

Davy decided to try out BT's advice.
He immediately attached himself to Al.
"Don't do that." she said. But he didn't let go.
"Darn it Davy GET OFF GET OFF!" She shook her leg but it was hard and she fell over onto Micky.
"I can't hold up your weight! You're taller than me!" said Al.
"Yeh but I'm skinnier."
"Oh, well you're still taller and I can't stand up now!"
"OUCH Why did you fall on me!" asked Micky.
"Cause Davy was attached to my leg." said Al.
"ALL OF YOU GET OFF!" said Mike.
"Oh... ehehee..." they all said. "Sorry Mike we didn't see you there."

Everybody managed to right themselves, & they were all very careful not to fall on anybody.
"Hey...everyone fell on Mike, and he's the tallest of us all," Davy pointed out.
"You're still short," BT said.
Davy made another face at her (not the Worst face...but a pretty bad one). "You're still shorter than me."
"Yes. I am. But I'm entitled to be short - I'm a girl, and only fourteen. You've got six years on me, and I'm only a few inches behind you," BT said, smirking evilly. Then she went and clung on Mike, because Davy looked as if he might do something terrible, like step on her.

"I wish Peter were here," Micky said gloomily.
"Well, I'll go cling to Al cause.. I dunno." said Davy and did so.
Al fell over on BT and Al shook Davy off onto Mike and Mike fell into Micky.
"OKAY! NO MORE CLINGING OR FALLING OR ANYTHING!" said Mike, who got out his hammer.
Everyone was scared so they stopped with the falling and the clinging. "Now, what do we have to do today?" said Micky.
"Practice for the gig and.. OH NO! Peter's not here!" said Davy.
"Well, BT cannot play the drums so don't ask her." said Al evilly.
"WAAAHHH AL'S BEING MEAN!" said BT, getting ready to cling.
"OH NO YOU DON'T!" said Mike who grabbed her and threw her on the couch.
"WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" said BT and sat there making evil faces at random people.

Mike ignored BT & her random evil faces. "We better figure out what we're gonna do about the gig, 'cause we can't afford to back it out."
Davy sighed. "What are we going to do???"
"OOOO funny song eehehe cuuuute!!!" Al shrieked.
Everybody stared at her as if she was psychotic, which she seemed to be.
"It's...uhhh...never mind," Al said, & stared at her feet, because feet are amusing.
Mike sighed, & looked very tired (he looked tired a lot lately, even though he wasn't. Al & BT get on one's nerves after so long). "Well, I hate to ask this, but-"
"NNNNOOOOOO!!!!! DON'T DO THIS, MIKE!! DON'T DOOO IIIIIIIT!!!" Micky pleaded, & grovelled at Mike's feet.
"Don't do that," said Mike.
"Oh, sorry," Micky said getting up. "Please please please don't ask them dont' ask them PLEASE..." he continued pleading.

"Al, BT?" Mike started. "Can either of you play anything?"
"Oh, sure!!" they both said. "Oh, yeah, we love to play Monopoly, except last time BT managed to get all the oranges, & put 3 houses on each of them, and so she beat me at that one game, but usually I-" Al started rambling.
"NO NO NO! I mean can you play any instruments...keyboards or bass specifically?"
BT grinned evilly.
Al sighed.
"Yes, BT has been feverishly practicing the drums and I used to play a little piano and clarinet. Though I can't much anymore.
Oh and BT can play guitars I think." Al said.
BT was grinning.
"Uh.. okay.. well I think we can play Daydream Believer.. the chords aren't too bad." said Mike.
Al looked terrified as she really stunk at music. BT looked overly excited as she always wanted to play with Micky (in a band that is no dirty things here are this is a FAMILY story!)

"Okay...so...BT, guitar isn't that much different from bass...you just play the bottom note of every chord, & the strings are like the bottom four strings on a guitar...y'think you can do that?" Mike said, talking down very much a lot.
BT made the worst face (yes, that one). "Of COURSE I can. DON'T patronize me."
"Aren't we petulant," Mike griped. "Petulant?? What is this author's hang-up?! Okay, anyway, we'll teach y'all the piano parts & chords & stuff, if that's okay..."
"YES YES YES YES!" BT said hopping up and down gleefully.

Al looked green & ready to hurl all over the bandstand.
"Al?" Micky said.
"Don't hurl all over the bandstand, 'kay? And if you have to...throw up on Mike's guitar or somethin', and not on my bass drum."
Al made a face. "I dun wanna!!" she said.
"Awwwww, pleeeeeeeeeease?" Davy said cutely.
Al loved Davy's cuteness. She just restrained herself, as this story has enough BTness.
She really didn't mind him, but she had to pretend.
"Ah, okay, for you Davy." she said. Then she realized she sounded sappy so she said quickly, "Cause I know Mike would kill me!" though it didn't really help.

So after a few hours Al and BT had their parts down pat and everyone went to bed.
Al was still green around the gills and about an hour before they had to wake up and practice again, Al whispered to BT, "I'm gonna go play in heavy traffic. Cya later!"
BT moaned sleepily and turned over, hogging all the blankets because Al wouldn't let her have any that night.
Al went out and was about to enter traffic when Mike appeared behind her.
"Now WHAT are you doing?" he asked.
"Uh... nothing... ehehe," said Al.
"Well then come on back to bed! We still have a good hour's worth of sleep!" and he forcibly dragged her back to the pad, Al looking longingly at the 6 AM rush hour traffic.

Well, after that they slept for an extra hour they got up and practiced Everything seemed fine and they went to the gig.
They played goodly like and went home to have a nice meal which they bought with some of the money from the gig.
Everyone was happy and Al was so relieved to have done with the whole affair. Peter came back and didn't believe a word of it, but that's his problem.

The end!

Next Issue: BT turns Micky into a kid mostly by accident 'cause she's a foopy boofer what never does anything properly.

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