No, please, not more sandwich antics!! ANYTHING but that
It's All Fun And Games Until
Someone Reverts To Childhood

"AT LAST! MY GREATEST EXPERIMENT!" BT yelled maniacally in a heavy Eastern European accent.
"BT what're you doing??" Al said suspiciously, & peered over her shoulder.
BT turned around and said peevishly & innocently, "Makin' sandwiches."
Al looked unsatisfied, but went back to her previous task, which no-one knew quite what it was.

BT snuck over to the spot in Peter's mind where Al currently kept her weird potiony type things that Al didn't think she'd found yet, & got a little blue bottle, & crept back into where she was makin sandwiches, & she emptied the bottle's contents onto the sandwich. She took another little blue bottle out of her pocket, & poured it onto one of the other sandwiches, & poofed into the pad.

"Hi Micky!!" she said innocently, & munched one of the sandwiches. "Wanna sandwich?"
Micky looked at her oddly. "Uhh.........sure!" he said, not being one to turn down free food. He grabbed a sandwich & started munching.
"Uhhhh well okay, bye!" BT said, & poofed out hurriedly.
Micky looked at her strangely.

Suddenly he felt odd. Not sick. Just weird.
"Aaahh! I'm.. I'm.. shrinking!" he said. Davy walked in.
"Ey, Micky, you look.. er.. different somehow! Hey... stand up a sec..." He said.
"I AM standing up!" Micky squeaked, and quickly grabbed his throat.
Davy looked at him oddly. "Uh, you feeling okay mate?"

"NO I'M NOT!" said The Amazing Voice-Cracking Micky Midget. Davy backed away and went to get Mike. "MIIIIKKKEEE!"
"What!?" Mike said scaredly.
"Something's 'appened to Micky! He's all like... and... like..." Davy was making weird motions with his hands.
"That doesn't help, Davy." said Mike.
He walked in and stared at Micky. "He's all.. and.. like... and... eeppp... er..." said Mike.

"What's all the racket?" asked Al, walking in the find Mike and Davy making weird motions with their arms and stuttering back and forth. "And he... he's like.. all... like... and... like..."
She walked into Micky. "Oh, sorry there m'laddo." she said smartly.
Then she looked at him more closely. "Waitaminute, don't I know you from somewhere?" she asked.
Suddenly BT popped in right in front of Davy. She looked weird.
"Oh no, what's wrong with YOU?" said Davy.
"Ooooh Davy!" said BT. Her eyes were twinkling.
Davy grimaced. "Micky's over there.." he pointed none too kindly.
"OOOOH! DAVY!" said BT.
"NYAAYAYAYAYAYA!" said Davy, beating it out of there FAST.

"It's ME, Al," squeaked Micky, after Davy had run off.
"Oh uh.. MICKY?!" said Al.
"Yeh.. he's.. like.. all.. and... like... all.. he's.. all.. like..." said Mike.
"Mike. Don't do that," said Al.
Peter walked in and burst out laughing. "Who let the kid in?" he smirked.
"It's ME MICKY!" said Micky crackily.
"I know!" laughed Peter and he rolled himself up to the bedroom upstairs.

Micky sighed, then grabbed Al.
"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MEEE!" he shrieked.
"ME? I didn't do anything!" said Al. "Anyway, Micky, you're breaking me."
"Oh.. sorry." said Micky releasing her.
Just then BT walked in. "Hi! Where's Davy???" she said starrily.
"Uhh...he went thataway," said Al, pointing upwards.
"THANK YOOU!!" BT screamed, & ran over Al & Micky going upstairs.
"Ooooffffffff," said Micky. "G'ooffff meeeeee."
Al got off him.
"WAAHHHH I DUN WANNA BE A KID!!!" Micky shrieked crackily.
Al stuck her fingers in her ears until he finished whinging. "Don't do that!"

Peter came racing down the stairs & into the kitchen, yelling "SHE'S CRAZY!!"
"Peter come baaaack!! I LOVE you!!" BT shrieked, & ran down the stairs a bit later. "Where's Peter?"
Micky pointed.
"Thank you!!" said BT, and darted off to the kitchen, where Mike was making strange hand motions at Peter.
Peter frowned. "Two...three words. Three words? Ahh...sounds like...sounds like...sounds like sticky? Candy! No, uhh...D'AARUGHH!" he screeched, as BT attached herself to him. "BT...uhh...hi...why are you-"
"Peeeeeeterrrrrrrrr!!" BT said ecstatically.
"Uh, BT, knock it off," Mike said, and kicked her (it is the trend after all).
BT stared at Mike, and got all twinkly again.

"NO," Mike said emphatically.
BT pouted. "Awww...but...MIIIIIIIKE!" and within a second she was attached to him.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!" Mike yelled. Al came rushing in, with Micky grabbing onto her foot and getting dragged across the floor pathetically, begging "Change me back!! Puh-leeeeeeease!!"
Al shook Micky off, still whining.
"I don't know HOW you changed. And.. OH.. BT!" said Al.
"BT is not all here," said Mike in a monotone voice. He was trying to keep his cool.
"BT! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" shrieked Micky.
Davy walked by.
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE DAVY!" said BT transferring herself.

Davy sighed and got a piece of cheese out of the fridge and walked (difficultly) to the couch. On his way, Micky shoved past him.
"HELP I'M 10!!!" he shouted.
"Actually, you're more like 14." said Al, with her hand on her chin, giving her that smart look. "Don't I look smart like this?" she said, examining herself in a pot.
"NOOOO! STOP IT LOOK AT ME HELP ME HELP HELP MEE!" cried Micky, shoving Al out of the way.
"Man, he's really pushy!" said Al to Davy.
Davy nodded, cramming more cheese into his mouth.

Mike grabbed some of Davy's cheese and started munching.
"Now why am I eating cheese when there's cake?" said Mike.
"CHEESE CAKE?! MEMEMEME!" said Micky, running Al and Davy over again.
"BT LOVES CHEESECAKE!" said BT, running Micky, Al and Davy over, and throttling Mike.
"ARgh," said Mike.
"MINE!" said BT, but it was just regular cake.
"NOOOOO!!!" she said and fainted.

"Okaaayyy what the HECK was the point to all that?" asked Al.
Al looked at BT the other author. "Don't make Al the author punch you!" said Al to BT the author.
BT the author made the worst face and laughed evilly and punched Al the story thing.
Al the story thing is mad now but can't punch the author and she she goes on with the story.

"Sooo.. uhh.. ouch my jaw hurts.. anyway. BT, what DID you do to Micky!? If you tell me I'll give you some cheesecake...." Al said, moving nimbly as BT dove for her.
"CHEEESECAKE?! WHEEEERE!?!?!" she shrieked crazily.
"Whaaa! She's like a wildcat!" said Micky, shying away.
"EHEHEHE," said BT.
Al slapped BT. "TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO MICKY YOU FOOPER!" she shrieked.

wrongoneasmickywassposedtogetthelovepotioniLOVECHEESECAKEDAVYMIKEANDPETER," BT said smiling sillily.

"I thought you loved Micky." said Al.

"Okay so you took the sandwich and put the sandwich on the potion and then ate the sandwich with the other sandwich on it with the cheesecake?" said Micky.
"No no she took the cheesecake and the sandwich and put the table on the Peter and ate the Micky cake with the potion and.. uh.." said Peter.
"No, she took the potion ate the potion put the sandwhich on the cheesecake and at the Peter and WHAT!?" said Al.
"Let's start again........ She took a... potion.. put it on a sandwich and took another potion and put that on another sandwich and fed one to MICKY!" said Mike.
Peter, Al and Micky looked at him astounded. "You're good!" they said.
"Yes, well, comes with the territory." Mike smiled.
BT stared at him. "OOOOOOH MIKE I LOVE MIKE NOW!!" she said, & proceeded to melt all over Mike's shirt.
"YOU STOP THAT!!!" Mike shouted, & peeled her off, & threw her at Peter.
"Oh yuck she's in my hair!!" Peter said, & threw her at Al, who rolled her up into a ball & threw her at Davy who threw her at Micky who threw her at Al, who turned her back into BT.

"BT...let's get this straight...tell me if what Mike said was right." "What'd Mike say?"
"You-potion-sandwich-Micky-wrong-now-him-young-you-like-girl-Davy," Al explained.
"I do not like Davy, and besides he isn't a girl," BT protested.
"I resent that!!" Davy said emphatically.
"You resent not being a girl?" Micky said, & giggled crackily.

"WELL IT'S ALSO YOUR FAULT!!" Micky shrieked crackily.
"STOP CRACKING!" BT shrilled.
"DON'T SHRILL!!! Hey is shrill a verb?" Micky asked suddenly.
"Ooooh, I dunno, I'll look it up," BT said.

"NO," Al said. "I think I know what you tried to do. You tried to make you older & make Micky fall in love with you, right?"
"Eeeuuucchhhhhh!!!" Micky said, & made a face.
BT turned a lovely shade of chartreuse and said "Uh-uhhh!! Where's the dictionary?"

But then the potion thingie wore off, & Micky turned back into himself, and BT shrieked "OH I LOURVE YOU MICKYMICKYMICKY!" and attached herself to his leg & he threw a hissy fit & Al dragged BT back to Peter's mind & told her if she ever messed around in Al's lab again Al would make BT fall in love with Mr. Schneider.

Next Issue: Mike and Davy switch heights for fun.

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