Well It's Been A Year Or So And I
Wanna Grow Back Again

Or, And All It Was Was That I Was Short

One day everyone was chasing everyone else around the pad, but nobody was sure why. Then Davy stopped. "'Ey, everybody, why are we D'AOUWERGIHH!!" Everyone fell on him.
"It's 'cause you're short," BT & Mike said in unison.
Davy made the worst face.
"Don't do that," Mike said, removing Micky's elbow from his eye.
"Sorry," said Micky & Al at the same time.
"Hey, how come YOU two didn't say that in unison?" BT wondered.
"Shaddap BT," Al said, & shoved her orff of her ankles.
"Ow," BT said.

"Seriously, why DOES everybody fall on me all the time?!" Davy said annoyedly.
"Just lucky I guess," Mike said smirking.
"It's 'cause you're short," said Peter.
"You said that already!" Davy complained.
"Nnnoooo, Mike & BT did," Peter corrected him.
"I dun like bein' short! I wish I was taller," Davy whinged.
Al got a rather evil look on her face & Davy was taller.
"'Ey! That was neat!" Davy said happily, & started walking around.

"Mike is shorter," BT observed.
"What?!" Mike said frantically, & looked up at Micky. "EEEEEEKK!!"
Micky giggled. "Heehee! Hello Mike!" he said, & waved stupidly.
"Don't do that," BT said, and kicked Micky.
"Don't do that," Peter said, & kicked BT.
"Don't do that," said Al, kicking Peter.
Davy stared down at Mike. "Hi kiddo!" he said smirkily.
Mike growled and stalked off.

"So how come Mike's short and Davy's tall?" said Peter.
"Oh, I dunno...." said Al, looking confused.
"Well change them back!" said Micky.
"I uh.. can't!" said Al.
"WHAAAT?!" said Mike.
"I dunno... um.. actually I don't think I did it." said Al.
"But but but.. you had the evil look and then POOF and and and.." said Peter.
"Yes, but it wasn't me who changed Mike."
"Well then who?"
BT turned bright red.

"BT! What did I tell you about messing with people?" Al scolded BT.
"Weeelll... I dunno... I just thought it would be fun for Mike to be short since you made Davy taller." said BT shyly, hiding behind Peter.
"Ah, BT, you are a fooper for sure!" said Al.
"Yeh, and I've been meaning to ask, what the heck is a fooper?" Micky said confusedly.
"Well it's when you.. and. uh...." said BT and Al.
"NO NEVERMIND AHH!" said Micky running around like a nut.

"So how are we gonna change Mike back? I think he's ready to kill someone." said Peter.
BT looked scared and hid behind Peter some more.

"BT, now look, you gotta change Mike back!" said Al.
"I CAN'T!" said BT.
"Well then why did you do it in the first place?"
"I dunno..... it was an accident!"
"Well you shouldn't do things like that til you develop your powers more. Sheesh."
"I DIDN'T MEAN TO! WAAHH MICKY!" said BT hiding behind Micky.
Micky sidestepped to the left, leaving BT vulnerable for attacks from anyone & everyone. Just as they all jumped on her, she jumped up on Micky & hid. Nobody figured out where she was for a long time (not even Micky...he doesn't feel too bright today), and she giggled, but then everyone knew where she was (but not Micky still).

"What in the WORLD was all that about?!" Mike demanded.
"Uhh...I...er..." BT hopped down & hid behind Micky again.
"You stop that!" Micky said, & threw BT at Al, who dropped her.
"Don't do thaaaat!!" BT whined.
"How come you can't change me back, Al?" Mike whined.
"Hey, don't you whine, BT just whined," Al said.
"WELLL why can't you???" Mike said whinily.
"That's better. I can't, because BT turned you into a midget. She has to turn you back, so until she figures out what the foop she did, you hafta stay like this," Al said, trying not to giggle at tiny short angry Mike.
Mike stuck his lower lip out & pouted at BT.
"Heehee, you look silly," BT said, & ducked back behind Micky again. He backed up & stepped on her, and she squealed until he got off her foot, because it was uncomfortable to have him standing there.

Davy walked in. "Ooo, heehee, almost bumped me 'ead on the doorframe!" he said gleefully.
Mike scowled.
Davy walked around, enjoying his tallness. "Heehee, I wish I could invite others to sample my tallness," he mused thoughtfully.
"I bet-" BT started, but Al said "NO. Now you try & turn Mike back!!"
"I don't know howwwww!!" BT wailed. "I didn't really MEAN to make him short in the first place...I just thought it would be hilarious if he was-"
"It IS!" Micky interrupted.
BT glared, & continued, "- and then he was, and I'm sorrryyyyy, I didn't mean toooo!!"
"Awwwwww," Peter said. "She didn't mean to!!"
BT grinned evilly, & received a kick from Mike.
"Ow," she whinged.
"Oh, that's another thing I've been meaning to ask - what exactly is whinging?" Micky asked.
"Stop asking stupid things you dunnnnnce!" BT shrieked, & stepped on him.
"Ow," Micky said, and looked irritated.

"WHEE!! I'm taaaaaalllllllllll," Davy said skipping around.
Mike's hat fell down over his forehead, because he was so short. "Waahhhhh my hat doesn't fit!" he cried.
"What the...I didn't shrink your HEAD," BT said.
"Maybe you should've," Micky snickered.
Peter & BT & Al got really mad at Micky & his silly comments, and so Al made a box & BT & Peter put him in it and then sat on the box.

"Now. I'm going to try & turn Mike back," BT announced, & stared at Mike for a bit. Peter blinked, as he thought Mike had been a chicken for a second, but then he was Mike again.
"Um, BT?" Peter asked, and tapped her on the shoulder.
"Shhhhh Peter I'm trying to concentrate," BT said, & closed her eyes.
"WAAAHHH??? I can't see anything!" Mike said. BT opened her eyes.
"Oh, wait, now I can," Mike sighed in relief.
"That was weird," Micky (who had escaped from the box by means unknown even to the authors).
"SHUT UP!!!" everyone screamed.

BT sighed and poofed out. She returned with a red vial.
"Oh no, I'm not drinking that after what happened to Micky!" said Mike. Davy was so oblivious to everything else. He was dusting the regions he usually needed a chair for and giggling.
Everyone ignored him.
BT backed up onto Micky and Micky gave chase, and they both fell on Mike.
"WAAHHH!" shouted Mike. "GETOFFAMEEEE!"
"Ooops, sorry Mike, its cause you're so short." said Micky.
Davy laughed evilly from the corner with his dusting. "HA! I guess you guys were right!" he said and decided to think up more tall things to do.
"What do you do when you're tall Mike?" asked Davy.
Mike gave him the evillest look and Davy sighed and sat down to think up his own.
"Maybe I should get my clothed tailored. They aren't quite fitting anymore.. EHEHE," said Davy.

Al forced the cherry liquid down Mike's throat.
"Why did you do that?" said Mike.
"I dunno. Seemed like the.. wait a minute.... where did you get this from, BT??" asked Al.
"Um, from the cupboard with all your potions." said BT.
"NONONO! This isn't a potion, it's cough syrup!" Al said angrily. "And that was my last bottle!"
BT looked sheepish.
"Go get the swirly green and purple bottle. That should have the serum for your stupid antics." said Al huffily. She had concocted it years ago when BT turned her into an aardvark.
"I mean really, she's so much trouble I had to make a potion to counteract her powers." Al was muttering.

BT returned with the potion, and Mike took a swig. He slowly grew back to normal.
"WHEW! What a relief! My hat fits again!"
Al and BT question-marked.
"Oh well, Sorry Davy, we gots to change you back too." said Al. She blinked and he was back to normal.
"Oh well.. it was fun while it lasted." Davy sighed, and quickly ran to get football padding for the next time they decided to fall on him.

Next Issue: BT knocks Al's brain out and Al turns people into stupid things like goats and cheese and goat cheese and... uh... yeh.

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