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Sand On The Brain

One day, Al and BT were relaxing in their pad when Al threw some ice cold water on BT and giggled insanely. BT was napping and got VERY mad.
She picked up a stick and went at Al with a passion. Al got scared and popped out and began running around the Monkees' pad.
The Monkees were caught unaware but weren't surprised. Micky skillfully dodged Al only to get smashed by BT. BT ran Micky over and smacked Al in the head with the stick. She then beat the brains out of Al quite literally. Al's brains headed for the beach, as it usually was stuck inside Al's head.
No one really paid much mind however, and Davy helped Al up.

"You okay, Al?" he said, brushing her off.
"Mmmbffffff..." said Al and drooled.
"Eww man you should have that problem fixed!" Micky said jokingly.
Al blinked and fell over.
Mike caught her. "Whoa! What's up with Al? She seems.. vacant!"
Micky snickered and looked at BT. "Isn't that YOUR job?" he quipped.
"OOOH MICKY!" said BT, and tried to bash him with the stick.
"Hey hey, I think that's caused enough damage!" said Peter, grabbing the stick.
"Yeh, Al looks weird." said Davy.
Al was mumbling to herself and had her eyes crossed.
BT looked sorta guilty but she thought it was funny. So she laughed alot. Out loud.
Everyone looked at her.

"What did you do to Al?" asked Mike.
"Oh ah, I dunno. Hehehe she's stupid now. I think it's 'cause her brains went to the beach!" BT said gleefully. "Now I'M the smart one!"
But she was, in fact, a goat.
"Oh oh nooo!" she shrieked. "ALL! STOP THAT!"
But Al just looked at her funnily and drooled.
"I uh.. er..." said Al.
BT sighed.
"I'm a good little doggy!" said Al.
BT put a hoof over her face.
"Davy, what the..." asked Micky. Davy had a lampshade attached to his head.
"I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!" said Davy.
He tried pulling it off but it was stuck on tight.
"Hey that's not funny Al!" said Mike.
"I uh.. ah.... er..." said Al.
"OHMYGOSH I'M I'M.. YAARRGGHHH!" shouted Micky who had turned into a a bottle of Coke.

"Hey, everytime you talk to Al, something or someone gets fooped up!" said BT. She looked smart. Because she figured it out.
"Ahhhhhhh I'm all... fizzzyyy!" Micky whinged.
"SO!? I can't see anything!" said Davy, knocking Micky over.
"WAAAHHH I'M ALL SHOOK UP!" said Micky. He felt bloated.
Peter forgot, and opened Micky. FWOOOOOOOOOSH.
He turned into a block of cheese.
"That's not what I meant." said Micky.
"Look, BT, do something! You got powers too!" said Mike.
"I CAN'TTTT!" said BT the goat. "Do you think I'd still be a GOAT if I could!? I mean, I GOT A BEARD FOR CRIPES SAKE!"
Davy giggled. Then he whined. "I can't see it! I wanna see it! MIIIKKKEEE!"
Mike got some scissors and cut eye holes for Davy.
"YAY! Thanks Mike!" said Davy.

"Well, we got to find Al's brain!" said Peter.
"Right!' said Mike.
"Mmmbfff!" said Micky the cheese.
"Naahahahaa" said BT the goat and ate a magazine.
BT evilly snuck a tip from Micky.
"YEOWCH!" said Micky.
"Mmmm cheesy Micky-goodness!" said BT.
"DON'T DO THAT!" shouted Micky hopping around like a mad cheese.
Davy grabbed a cheese block and put Micky on it.
"We gotta find the brain!" said Mike.
So they all went outside to the beach.

Then BT shrieked "EEEEEEYOWEEK!!" She had rolled into a tablecloth.
"AAAAAGGGHHHH, WHAAAAAA???!!!" screamed everyone at once.
"Aaahhh, MUCH better," sighed BT happily, as this was much less strenuous than being a goat. She flooped on the ground listlessly, & everybody fell on her.
"But...but...but...I'm a...I'm...CRACKERS!!" Mike said.
"We know," said everyone."
Mike made a mean face & wavered around a little.
"Eeugghh, Micky, I know what you mean now," Davy said, 'cause he was a Coke bottle too.
"Yum, chicken salad!" Peter said cheerfully, as he was a sandwich. Micky was still cheese.

"What're we gonna DDOOOOOOO?!" shrieked Micky hyperly.
"Shaddap," BT said. "I can't moooove, get off meeee."
"We can't move much at all either!" Mike said.
"Uh-oh. I kretch Al," Peter said.
"Oooooo, FOODIES!!!" Al said dumbly, & picked a Mike cracker up.
"HEY HEY HEY YOU STOP THAT NOW!!!" said Mike, & foobled around frantically.
"Don't eat Miiiiike!" BT shrieked.
Al paused for a minute. "Miiiiike. Miiiiike," she said to herself.
"Oh, geez," Micky muttered.
"MIKE!! Mike is my new word, Mike mike mike EEHEHEHEEE!!!"
"What in the world..." Mike started.
"Sshh...maybe she won't notice," Peter said.
"Notice WHAT?!"
"Umm...that...that, uh...that it's raining," Peter said.
"But it isn't raining," BT pointed out.

"OOH OOH I SEE AL'S BRAIN I SEE AL'S BRAIN!" Davy said excitedly, & in his excitement, fell over. "Ohhhh eeewwwgghh, I'm all...pufffy or fizzy or something..."
"Where where where?" BT shouted.
"Over there!" said Davy.
"WHERE?!" said BT & Mike.
"I can't point!! Waaaahhh," Davy wailed.
"Davy's a whale?" Peter said confusedly.
"NO NO NO !!! I think I see it it that whitish blob over there?" BT said, flopping a corner in a vague direction.
"Naahh, that's a shell," Micky said.
"No, not that blob, the other one," BT said.
But Al had tired of Mike her new word, & picked Peter up interestedly.
"Oooo, sandwich yum-yums," she said happily, & bit off a corner of him.
"YEOWCH!" Peter screeched. "Don't do that!"
Al put her sandwich down. "I don't like noisy foods. TRA-LA-LA!!!"
Mike sighed and moved his cracker self back onto his plate.
Davy was so excited he popped his top. FWOOOOSH!

"Ooowwww.." Davy said.
"Hey Davy! The brain! Where is it? You can play spin the bottle..." said BT.
Davy sighed and spun around, pointing down by the water. "Waaahh I'm dizzzyyy," he whined.
Mike squinted. "Oh I see it! BT you're the only one capable of catching it!" said Mike.
Davy was struggling to get himself upright. "Ugh," he sighed.

Micky who had been rather silent lately had indeed fallen asleep. Being cheese was hard work you know. He woke up. "Uh, guys, I think I'm spoiling." he said sleepily. There was indeed a nasty yucky cheesy odor in the air.
"MICKY CUT THE CHEESE," said BT sillily.
Micky slapped her hard by jumping up and down.
BT launched Micky into the air.
"WHOOOAAAAAAAAA!" said Micky, landing on Al's brain.
"OOOH! Micky! Hold on to it!' shouted Davy enthusiastically, hopping up and down.
"HOW?! Hold on to it with WHAT!?" said Micky sarcastically.
"BT! Go and wrap yourself around the brain!" said Peter.
"Ewww no!" said BT stubbornly.
Al walked by. "Oooh, purty pickinick blankey!" she said and plopped herself down.

"AAAIIIEEEE!" shouted Micky.
"YARGH!" shouted Peter and Mike.
"Ehehee," giggled Davy as he was just a bottle.
"Hey, Al, what are you doing?" said Peter. Peter turned into a dog.
"Yeh yeh, uh, Al, change me back!" said Davy. Davy was a cat.
"Man, what's with cats and these chicks?" he said irritably.
"Ah, well." said Mike. He was a stroller. "What the...?!?! I didn't even ask anything!"
BT was still a blanket.
Micky had turned into a rat.
Suddenly Peter began chasing Davy and Davy began chasing Micky. Mike was rolling around aimlessly, and Peter, Davy and Micky ended up being caught up in him.

BT sighed and caught the wind, which luckily was blowing in the direction she wanted to go. She flung herself at the brain, who, seeing the comotion was laughing its... uh.. brainstem off, was preoccupied, making it easy.
"Hey guys! Gimme a hand!" she said, hopping back. "Well... a paw.. or a wheel!" she said laughing her stitching off. "Ouch that hurts!"
Davy and Micky both grabbed the brain, and they called Al over. Mike grabbed her up and Peter hopped onto her lap so she couldn't get away.
"Mmm, doggie!" she was saying aimlessly.
Davy and Micky didn't know how to put it back in.

"I think it goes in her ear.. or up her nose." said BT.
WHAT?!" said the Monkees.
"Oh I dunno." but they tried it anyways and it worked. "Whoa!" she said.
Ahh, AL? said BT.
"BT YOU LOUSE! GIMME BACK MY.. um.. what were I chasing you for?"
"I was chasing you," BT corrected her.
"Yeah...I remember...because you flung sand at me, and..."
"Sand?!" said everybody.
"Yeah...lots of sand...NICE SAND!" Al said happily, & turned everyone into piles of sand.
"Mmmm, my head feel funny!" she said dumbly, & whacked it. A bunch of sand came out of her ear & she thought, "WHOA!!! Oooh...I better turn everyone back." Everybody was turned back to themselves.

"There was sand in my brain. WHY was there sand on my brain?!" Al wanted to know.
"Because it FELL OUT, you MORON," BT said exasperatedly.
Al whacked BT with a stick, & nothing happened, as nobody knew that BT had a brain (it was thought she did, somewhere, but nobody could ever find it ,so it must have been awfully small).
BT grinned evilly. "I hid my brain."
"Huh?" said all the Monkees.
BT stared at them painfully. "Al knocks it out all the time. I hid it. Does that make sense?"
"Nope," Micky & Peter both said.
"Oh...well, foop you," BT said.
"WHAT'S FOOP?!" shouted Mike.
"WE DUNNO!!" screamed Al & BT.

Peter started sweeping Al's brain sand off the floor. "Eehee, I'm the sandman!" he said goofily.
"Al, I don't think you turned him back totally," Mike said.
"Oops...his brain is still sand," Al said, & blinked at him. "Ooh, I better go throw the sand away," Peter said cheerfully.

And then they all had a cookout but Micky accidentally set the house on fire but Al put it out with a firehose she created and so everything was hunky dory.
The end.

Next Issue: Al invents a potion to turn people into figments and vice versa and BT turns herself into another Micky.

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