The Name Game

One day MT went about naming things and it was good.
"There's a Sassip!" he said, pointing at Davy.
"There's a tree!" he said, pointing at Mike.
"There's a Mommy!" he said, pointing at Micky.
"There's a Daddy!" he said, pointing at Poundcake.
"There's a dilapidated hamper!" he said, pointed at BT.
"What the heck?" said BT.
"There's a green sock!" he said, pointing at Peter.
"There's a pink Sassip," he said, pointing at Al.
"There's a polliwog," he said, pointing at Sparkplug.
"There's a fiya hi-durant," he said, pointing at Sassip.
"There's a ,... uh...." he said and sat down and looked worried.
"Oh, what is it, baby Micky cute kiddie thing?" asked Al, approaching him motherly.
"Pink Sassip thing! I ran outta things to name!" he whined piteously.
"Oh my," said Al and sat there thinking hard.
"Ouch it hurts," she said and rolled over on her back.
"SQUISHY THING!" said MT loudly and bounced on her gut until she had the worst stomach ache in the history of things.
"Ooofgh.." she said and rolled off to squishy thing to take several pain numbing substances and a super long nap.

"HAHHA!" said BT loudly. No one paid her any mind.
"But I was owed mind. SOMEONE BETTER PAY ME!" she shouted.
"No. No one owed you anything," said Mike and rolled off to a chicken fry.
"He's right you know," said Davy, and rolled off after Mike, but not before receiving a rather painful kick to the shins from BT.
BT sulked because she wanted her mind.
"Hehe BT doesn't have a mind," said Peter and strolled off to his own mind.
"Huh that was odd," said BT.
BT went away and sat there blankly for 7 hours. And sat. And sat.
"Oh ho, Fiya hi-Durant is noisy and loud!" shrieked MT and grabbed his kiddie ears in agony.
"THey are really my ears and they are not kiddie," said Micky.
"They are too!" said MT and bit Micky on the arm.
"Ouch," said Micky boredly and strolled away from the rabid kiddie thing that looked oddly like himself.
"FIYA HI-DURANT!" said MT and bit Sassip on the flipper.
"YEOWCH!" shouted Sassip and punted him against the wall. MT giggled with glee and rolled around it was so funny.
"Hey, who taught him 'dilapidated hamper'!?" shouted Al who was feeling better and had time to mull the naming of things over.
"Hmmm," said Sassip and drooled on Al.
"ERGH," said Al and poofed out to shower and find LP and kill her for teaching MT thingy weird words of horror.
"She's an odd one," said Mike rolling back with Davy and enough chicken fry to last a week.
Al and Sassip reappeared some time later looking happy with their work. They found Mike and Davy stuffing their faces with the last of the week's supply worth of chicken fry.

"Geesh they are pigs!" said Al.
"I .. I... I FORGOT WHAT TO SAY!" shouted Sassip.
"You don't HAVE any lines, dummy!" said Al and punched her.
"OOOOHHH YOOOOUUU!" shouted Sassip and there was a big to-do after, with much chasing and screaming of Al, and much punting glee of Sassip.
"Oh.. hehe that's funny," said Peter and was promptly eaten and laid as an egg. She grabbed Micky and made him sit.
"Ugh," Peter said from inside his egg.
Sometime later he cracked and came out and was protected and made to eat regurgitated fish by Sassip.
"Oh I love my Mucky Blue-Green Thingy baby!" she shrieked happily.
"OOOOHHH," said Peter and ran away from her.
"Ugh. OH," said Sassip and ate Davy and laid him as an egg.
Sometime later Davy hatched. Micky was quite relieved as he really had to visit the little musician's room and his legs were numb from sitting on eggs all day.

"Oh he is a cute little blue thing!" she shrieked happily and almost ate him again but remembered that would turn him back to normal.
"How come you are eating things and making them into sea things?" asked MT stupidly.
"How come what?" asked Sassip, squishing Davy into her pouch and trying to feed him ucky fish.
"Ewww, Fiya Hi-Durant fishhhh!" said MT and ran around like a crazy little kid fiend.
"Sassip lemme out!" said Davy.
"OH he has the cutest wittle head spikes don't you baby thingy?" she said, cooingly.
"Ugh Sassiiiippp!" said Davy and horrored.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SON OF MINE WILL HORROR!" shouted Sassip and sat on him firmly. Davy resisted the urge to horror more and Sassip reluctantly let up.
She did so hate horroring so so much so muchly so so.
She grabbed a passing Peter and shoved him in with Davy.

"You stay with your brother now!" she chided him. Davy and Peter looked at each other. Then Sassip decided everyone should be sea monsters so she ate Al and made Micky sit on her egg. Al hatched... sometime later.
"Oh she's purple. That's almost as bad as pink. PINK! UGH!" shouted Sassip and punted Al.
"Ugh," said Al and punted Sassip, but she really couldn't since she was just a baby.
"Aw but she's so cute she wants to be just like meee!" said Sassip and squished Al into her pouch with Davy and Peter.
"Not really.." moaned Al in pain.
Sassip fed her a huge mouthful of fish.
"Ughghghghg..." said Al and shut up.
Davy, Peter and Al all looked at each other.
BT strolled in after sitting for several hours doing nothing at all.
"Oh no you don't! She's a boring thingy!" said Sassip.
"OH MY GOSH!!" shouted BT and laughed openly at Peter, Davy and Al.
All three grimaced at her.
"Al turn us back!" whispered Peter.
"I can't. She has to eat us and lay us in eggs," said Al annoyedly. "Move your flipper Davy, its in my eye... OUCH Peter.. you hit me with your headspikes."
"Sorry.. um.. Al, is that your tail wrapped around my throat?" asked Peter in a slightly worried tone.
"No, Peter, it's pink. I am purple." said Al boredly.
"LILY FROND!" he shouted loudly.
"Ugh go away thingy. You are not allowed," said Sassip and punted him out the window and far to sea.
"We are NOT your babies!" said Al loudly.
"Uh oh, no fish for Ucky Purple Thingy!" said Sassip and patted her furiously on the head.
"Ouch! Watch the headspikes!" said Al miserably.
"Oh Oh its Mucky Blue-Green Thingy and Cute Blue Thingy aren't they CUTE!? Bad Ucky Purple Thingy is a bad bad thingy." said Sassip with a dumb sense of motherly love.
"Sassip we have names already. Remember? I'm Peter and that's Davy and that's Al," said Peter.
"No you are Mucky Blue-Green Thingy, and Cute Blue thingy, and Ucky Purple Thingy," said Sassip in a chiding tone.

So anyway, this was all nice and fun and everyone else was glad they were not stuck as sea things and Sassip was happy and learned not to sit on her babies the hard way when they all almost suffocated and passed out, and then one night Pink Thing crept in and ate Al, Davy and Peter and laid them as eggs and made Micky sit on them all and they all turned back to normal.
"I KNEW YOU WERE A GIRL!" shouted Sassip and laughed at him.
Pink thing sneered. "Well you won't get your stupid babies anyway!" and he bounced off merrily without having to be punted twice.
"Ugh, again and again with the sitting..." said Micky and limped off to squishy thing.
BT laughed at everyone for 5 years until she croaked of non-breathingness.
Micky recovered from his egg sitting leg-cramps syndrome. Peter, Al and Davy all were treated to a chicken fry party by Mike who felt bad they had to eat Sassip's fish. Sassip was forlorn at the loss of her babies but consoled herself by eating clams and soon forgot about it. MT giggled at "Fiya Hi-durant" and "Dilapidated Hamper" and "Pink Sassip" and..... (etc etc etc)...

The End.

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