Monkee Madness
A quick reference chart...
Al is in MT
MT is in Peter
Peter is in BT
BT is in Mike
Mike is in Al
Micky is in Davy
Davy is in Sassip
Sassip is in Micky

One day Evil Al came in flanked by NBT & a large priceless Ming vase. She (Eal I mean) threw a thing on the floor & the room filled with pretty blue smoke clouds & then Eal & NBT & the vase went away.
"That was silly," said BT.
"Why was there a vase?" said Peter.
"I dunno...WHERE'S MICKY?!" shouted Mike.
"What, man, I'm right here?!" said Davy.
"No no no you're Davy, and don't call me MAN I'm BT YOU NIT!" shouted Mike.
"'re MIKE, and I'm Micky. BT is standing over there," said Davy, pointing.
"No, I'm Peter."

"OH DEAR..." said MT.
"It's not like you to say that," said Al.
"Yes it is, because I'm Al. We're all each other," explained MT matter-of-factly.
"You mean..." said everyone.
"I'm BT," said Mike.
"I'm Micky," said Davy.
"I'm Peter," said BT.
"I'm Mike," said Al.
"I'm tiiiired can I have a lemonade pop?" said Peter.
"That's obviously MT...and I'm Sassip," said Micky.
"I'm Davy," said Sassip.
"And I'm Al," MT concluded.

"So how 'bout it, does that help with the plot?" said Mike-in-Al.
"NO!!!" shouted the authors. "WE'RE CONFUSED!"
"Well, tough twinkies, we're doin' this story as is, so just give us a plot," said Mike-Al stubbornly.
"Ummmmm, that's not a very good idea," said Al-in-MT.
"I'm confuuuuused!!" wailed BT-in-Mike.
"Who're you again?" said Micky-in-Davy.
"I'M BT!" cried Mike in a hurt tone.
"Oh, ugh," said Micky-Davy.
"Heehee, Micky said 'ugh'," Al-in-MT chortled.
"CHORTLED?!" said Davy-in-Sassip incredulously.
Sassip went over and patted Davy. "It's okay!" she said.
"Don't do that!" said Micky.
"What?" said Sassip.
"You're in my body. Don't touch Sassip."
"But I'M Sassip!" said Sassip.
"I uh.. yeh but.. erghggh," said Micky and looked like he was about to cry.
"Who are you again?" said BT.
"I'm Micky!" Micky huffed.
"AWWWWW!" said BT and jumped into his arms.
"Nooo!" said Micky and fell over cause he was just Davy.
"Oh wow you're hair is all silky and smooooth and stuff!" said BT giggling dumbly.
"OMIGOSH BT GET OFF HIM!" said Mike. BT looked annoyed and grabbed Mike's hat.
"Okay OKAY give that back and I'll let you!" said Mike.
He grabbed his hat from BT. "You do know you're both boys though?!" he said, put on the hat and giggled.

"NO!" shouted BT and punched her.
"OMIGOSH! I'M SORRY!" she said to Micky, where ever he was.
"Over HERE." he said sulkily.
"RIGHT!" said BT, but Micky ran away because he couldn't take being fallen on and all short.
"Davy how do you put UP with this?!" he screeched.
"I dunno I just do. Careful with that hair!" Davy said. He was having fun being a 7 ft sea monster.
Sassip hugged him and then got grossed out and stopped.
"I can't hug myself." she said sadly. She sat down on the floor and wept.
"NO STAY AWAY!" screeched Sassip running away from BT.
Then she forgot and leaped onto Davy, who was really Micky.
"AH I'M HUGGING ME!" said Micky and ran away. Micky, Sassip and BT were all running around.
"KNOCK IT OFFF!" shrieked Al.

"Wow this is weird." said Peter walking around and doing things.
"Oooh Pita!" said MT clapping. He poofed up some lemonade pops and shrieked with laughte"Oh how did he do that?" said Al.
"I did it for him!" said Peter.
"Oh that was nice." said Sassip absentmindedly.
Mike made his sparkplug grow. "EHEHEHEH!" he said.
Everyone looked at him. "Don't do that." said Al.
"Give me my POWERS!" said BT, beating Peter over the head with a spatula.
"Noooo ouch I'm having fun ouch!" said Peter.
He poofed BT on top of Davy.
"EWW I'M ON SASSIP! I mean Davy... I mean.... er.... nevermind." said BT who got down and sulked.
"I'M SOOOOOOOOOOO CONFUSED!!!" Micky screamed.

Meanwhile BT was walking around at everyone saying "Are you Micky? Are you Micky? Are you Micky?" and everyone (including Micky) said no.
Micky was in the corner whispering with Mike, who was shaking his head & laughing. Micky looked desperate and annoyed.
Suddenly Al grinned evil. "I'M MICKY!" she yelled.
BT looked disgusted. "Noooo you're MT! look like Micky, so THAT'S FINE!" she screeched & jumped on Al.
"NO WAIT I'M AL I'M AL I'M AL I'M NOT MICKY!!" she yelled.
"Too late!! I LOOOOVE you!" shouted BT & clung on Al's leg.
"NO NO NO NO NOOOOO," Al cried helplessly & flailed around. "Micky how do you put UP with this?"
Micky smirked. "She's not usually that tall."
"Hey," BT said suddenly. "YOU'RE MICKY AREN'T YOU?!" she screeched & flung herself on him.
Micky just watched her calmly until she was about three inches away from him & then said "NOW!!!"
Mike blinked at BT & she was confined in a little glass box.
"WHAT?! Oooo crap you have Al's powers, I forgot," she said & sulked for years.
"Oh, that's odd...I look funny all smooshed up in a box like that," said Mike.

While all this was going on, Davy, Sassip, & Al were having terrible problems & MT was happily eating anything Peter poofed up (except the occasional BFPL which Peter got by accident because BT poofed them up so much they were a preset in her powers and Peter kept accidentally setting it off).

"Sassssiiipp! I can't move!" Davy whinged.
"I know." said Sassip.
Davy flipped around a little but he could only really move about a foot in any direction and turn around in a circle.
Al was freaking out. "ARGH I LOOK LIKE MICKY! I'm SKINNY WINNY!" she shouted.
"So?" said Sassip, poking her in the ribs.
"OUCH!" said Al and punched Sassip out.
"Oh, I just.. hmm" said Al.
"YOU PUNCHED OUT MICKY, MT!" shouted BT from the glass box.
"Oh, this IS weird.." said Micky watching himself punch out himself.
Mike agreed and they had some tea because Davy wanted some being English.

Sassip and Al sulked because they didn't like looking like Micky.
Davy sulked because he couldn't move.
BT sulked cause she didn't have her powers and she was stuck in a box.
Mike was happy because though he was short his sparkplug grew.
Peter was content, and MT was full. Micky was annoyed but was short and so everyone fell on him.

"HA! How do YOU like it now?!" said Davy, towering over them all.
"Oh come off it Davy, you're not THAT tall," said Sassip. "Wait...wait yes you are, compared to me..hmm. Oh dear, I don't think I like this much at all."
"Shaddap you're a PERFECT size, everything about the way you look is PERFECT so quit whinging," BT remarked.
"I AM NOT PERFECT SHUT UP BT!" Micky yelled, and everyone looked at him funny.
"Aw come on man, you're more egocentric than that," Mike said.
"He's EVIL," said Al.
"Naww...crafty and selfish maybe, but not EVIL," said Mike.
"Darn right he's not ee-vil! I looooooooove him," BT said dreamily.
"BT cut that out, you're SCARIN' me," Mike said. "Or be someone else, be Al or somethin' but not ME!"
Peter started giggling from out of nowhere.
"What?" said Mike exasperatedly.
"I was just remembering the time when Davy thought he was a girl and he loved Micky...EEHEHEEE!" said Peter foolishly.
"Yes that's nice sweetie," BT said patting him on the head, hard.
"Mike hits Mommy?!" said MT in an upset tone.
"No no that's not Mommy, I'm Mommy," BT explained. "We had an accident and everyone looks like everyone else. You look like Peter, see?" Peter obligingly poofed up a mirror & showed it to MT.
"But I'm Peter," he reminded MT.
"Oh...well whoever's Mommy can you gimme a pudding thing?" said MT.
Peter grinned & gave him a pudding thing.
"Ugh," said BT & went to somewhere.

Al was tralalaing around when everyone said "Why are you tralalaling like that?"
Al looked perturbed. "I don't know." she said and rolled around on the floor.
MT giggled. "Look! Micky is being silly!"
"That's you!" said Mike.
"Huh?" said MT.
"That's Al in your body."
"Wha?" said MT.
"Oh nevermind. Yes. Micky is being silly."
"Oh! Hehehe!" said MT.
"Ugh Mike DO SOMETHING!" said Al.
"What? ME!?" said Mike.
"YES! You have my powers!" said Al.
"Well, here I don't want them!" said Mike, taking them off and bouncing them around the room.
"NO MINE!" said Al, grabbing them and putting them on.
And she turned everyone back and everyone got mad at her and Mike for not doing it earlier.

"Well its not MY fault! It's HARD to think when you are in a Micky look-alike's body!" said Al huffily.
"And its hard to think when you're all short!" said Mike.
"HEY!" said Davy.
"Awwwww how cute and short!" said Sassip.
"Awww, what a pretty girl!" said Davy.
"EWWW" said everyone.
The End!

Next Issue: BT foops up a spell and makes Al think she's around MT's age. What fun!

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