We seem awfully fond of people regressing
MT Finds A Friend

One day BT was fooping around in Al's lab, which she had decided to just copy entirely and put in her own secret lab place, but it was still really Al's lab even though it was BT's. She had completed what she thought was a potion to switch Al's powers with her own. She snuck over to Al & said, "Hi!"
"What evil thing are you plotting, BT?" Al sighed tiredly.
BT looked sickeningly innocent & rather hurt. "I'm just playinnnng," she said poofing up a piece of chalk. Suddenly she was wearing a crisp white blouse & a pink gingham jumper & her hair was in pigtails & she was playing hopscotch. Micky poofed in.
"Oh....my....I was just...uh...'BYE!" he said hurriedly & left.
BT quickly poofed into her normal self but it was too late. "Foop," she said & poured the potion in Al's tea when she wasn't looking. Then she poofed up her own glass of tea, poured the other potion in it, took a sip, & set it down.

"HI MOMMY!" shrieked MT & came bounding in."
"Oh hello," BT said in a small voice as he crushed her in a giant hug. "Love you Mommy!!"
"Lvtgffmmmm," said BT. MT obediently dropped her.
"Uh yeah kiddo...whatever...ummm why'n'tyou go play with somethin'?"
"Dun wanna, I'm thirsty," said MT & grabbed a glass of tea & before anyone could stop him, took a giant drink.
"MT!!!" BT reprimanded him severely.
"Whaaat?" he said cutely.
"Oh...go away," BT said sulkily.

"OOOO you have TINKER TOYS!!" Al said excitedly, indicating MT's playroom thing.
"Yeah, you know that Aaaaaaallllllllllll," MT said. "C'n I have a lemonade pop Aaaalllll? I bet Mommy won't gimme one."
"Yeah!! I want one too," Al said thoughtfully & poofed up two lemonade pops. BT giggled.
"You look dumb eating a lemonade pop."
"Do not!" said Al & stuck her tongue out.
BT shook her head & poofed out.
Al and MT went into the playroom to tinker with the toys.
BT went out and sulked in front of Micky, Davy and Mike.
"What's with you?" they asked.
"Nuttin'." she said sulkily.
"Stop sulking." said Sassip.
"Don't wanna!" said BT.
"Man you sound 4!" said Mike.
"I don't. Anyway, Al foiled my plan to.. er.. nevermind!" said BT and poofed out to her secret playroom.

Micky, Mike and Davy and Sassip were just about to look at each other and sigh when Al and MT popped in.
"Where's MOOOMMMY!?" MT intoned fiercely with a fake sword.
"I don't know, Al, what's with BT's plan? What was she gonna do? She said you foiled her plan...?" said Micky.
"Huh?" said Al, and she attached herself to Davy's leg. "DAAAYYVEEEEE! MTEEEEEEEEE is trying to huuurrrrttt me!"
Davy looked bewildered and fell over because Al is fat.
"I'm NOT FAT!" Al shrieked and threw a hissy fit.
"Oh dear..." said Sassip and punted her across the room.
"Oh, hehehe Aaaallll went flying!" said MT.
Al came over and punched MT stupidly.
"Did not, liar!" she said dumbly.
"Did too!"
"Did NOT!"
"Oh man, what is this, the meeting of the 5 year olds?" said Micky, picking up Al and carrying her away.
"Loook, Al, I dunno what BT was trying to do, but why are you acting like MT?"
"Daddy!" said Al and hugged Micky dumbly.
BT poofed in. "NO!" she said and grabbed Al by the hair.
"NO! You stay off him he's MINE you know that!" said BT agressively.
Al started crying and attached herself to Davy's leg again.
"OMIGOSH SHUT HER UP!" yelled Mike shoving his hat down over his ears. Sassip was holding Davy up. Al was pounding Davy, hanging on with a grip of steel and crying her eyes out. MT came up and tapped her on the back.
"Whatcha cryin' bout?" he asked.
Al looked at him for a second, thoughtfully. "I dunno. Wanna go pway with the tinker toys?" she said.
MT shook his head and they tralalaed off happily.

"BT," said Micky thoughtfully.
BT was at his side in an instant. "Yeesssssssss??"
"What..." he said slowly, "did you do...to Al."
"I didn't do anything," BT insisted.
"Yes, yes you did."
"No, I didn't.
"Yes you DID. WHAT WAS IT?"
"The five year olds strike again," said Mike & calmly dragged Micky away from BT, kicking and screaming, while Peter dragged BT in the opposite direction.

"BT, I think you did something to Al...what were you TRYING to do?"
BT sniffled. "I was trying to make our powers switch so I had hers."
"But you already have powers, BT."
"Yeah, but hers are better! I could make Micky be in love with me PERMANENTLY!" she sighed.
"OH MAAAAN I HEARD THAT!!" Micky yelled & kicked & flailed but Mike had him in a death grip so he sat still.
BT turned pink & did that funny sitting thing where you kind of draw your knees up & fold your arms around them & hide your head.
"And how did you hope to accomplish this?" Davy inquired.
"I put a potion in her tea and another potion in mine but then MT drank some of the tea..." BT admitted slowly.
BT turned pinker & said, "Well he wasn't SUPPOSED to, MT messes EVERYTHING up."
"Well why hasn't anything happened to MT?" said Peter.
"I dunno!" said BT.
"She probably screwed up the potion," said Mike.
"Did not!" said BT & shot him her patented Death Glare.
"Oo-oooo, the Patented Death Glare," said Mike in a "yeah-right" tone. He had by this time let go of Micky who was sitting on the couch sulking horribly.
"Well okay, I prolly did," said BT & hid. Peter sighed.

"Well can you FIX it? Al obviously isn't in any shape to do anything," Sassip commented.
"No," agreed Davy, & climbed up & sat on her head.
"Awwww, they're cute," said BT dreamily.
"They're DISGUSTING," said Micky & made a face.
"YOU'RE CUTE TOOOOO," BT sighed & melted.
"Oh, stop it," said Mike & poked the BT puddle inquisitively with a stick.
"Don't do that," said BT & reformed.
And then Al & MT came in.

"Bee-teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, MT hurt his finger!!" said Al. MT was sniffling & crying & making a terrible scene. BT sighed & skipped over to him.
"She SKIPPED?" said Sassip.
"Lemmesee," she said. MT stuck out a finger & bit his lip. BT looked at him.
"There's nothing there," she said.
"But it HUUUUUUURTS Mommyyyyy!!"
"MT...there is NOTHING wrong with your finger."
"But Mommyyyyyyyyyyy!!"
"Kissit make it better for him!!" said Al frowning.
BT sighed & did so. "Thank you Mommy!!" said MT gleefully, suddenly all smiles & disappeared.
"That was unbelievably dumb," said Micky loudly.
"Sheesh, sor-RY," said Micky.
"SHUT UP!!!!" BT screamed. Davy giggled at her stupidity.

"Iwannalemmyade pop," Al said happily & plopped down on the couch next to Micky.
"Make one yourself, you know how," he said matter-of-factly.
"Oohhh, tan't," she said.
"TAN'T?" said Peter.
"Tan't," Al repeated.
Everyone stared at her.
"What do you mean?" BT huffed.
Al giggled at BT and grabbed Micky's arm.
"DADDDEEE! Getmealemyadepop!" she said shriekily with gigglies.
"WHAT?!" said Micky.
"AHAHA she talks worse than you, Micky!" said Peter.
"PITA!" said Al.
"Uh oh.. " said Peter."Ah, Al, just make up a lemonade pop yourself!" said Mike.
"Don't wanna!" said Al, and began to look sulky.
"Uh oh..." said Peter again.
"DADDDDEEE!" shouted Al again grabbing at Micky's arm. Micky was rather amused by this and giggled stupidly.
"Oh, uh, yes Al?" he said dumbly.
"You look like MTeeee!" she said even more dumbly.
"Yes, well that's because BT is a fooper!" said Micky happily.
"Beeteeeee! Why are you a fooper?!" said Al stupidly.
Micky looked at her. "Yeh, BT, why ARE you such a fooper?"
"Yeh Beeteeee?!" said Al moronically.
"Because .. because.. er.. I dunno! Lay off!" said BT annoyedly.

Al looked satisfied and promptly fell asleep in Micky's lap. Micky sighed and sat there making weird faces.
"AWWWW HE'S SO CUTE!" said BT and shoved Al off him and took her place.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" said Al, who started crying terribly.
"Oh geesh! Put her back on there!" said Sassip.
"NEVER!" shouted BT, grabbing Micky who was trying to get away. Sassip flung BT away and stuck Al back in his lap. Micky made more weird faces which quieted her down a bit.
"I like Al better this way she's more fun!" said Micky giggling.
MT popped in and saw Al and joined her on Micky's lap.
"Okay, I could do without MT too, but oh well." said Micky and went to sleep.
"Al is cuter this way." said Sassip who was tired of taking lip from Al.
"But Al never gave you lip!" said Peter.
"I know but she probably would have eventually!" said Sassip, who ruffled Davy's hair, who had since gotten off her head and was squirting her with Reddi-wip. "Oohhehee," giggled BT, & poofed up a can of Reddi-Wip. She sprayed some in Micky's hair in the shape of a smiley face. Micky didn't notice & Al started laughing & rolling around & thought that was the funniest thing in the world.
"DADDY IS A CREAM-HEAD!! HEEHEEHHEEE," she said & giggled.
"WHAT in BLUE TARNATION?!" said Mike. "You people are SICK."

"Maybe we should leave Al this way," suggested Sassip.
"No!" said Peter.
"Why not?"
"She's giving me a headache."
"Hmmmmmmmmmm," said BT & quickly poofed out.
"Oh foop," said Davy.
"Gee Pete, doesn't BT give you a headache?" Micky said.
"Nope," said Peter.
Micky shook his head & tried to contemplate BT not giving someone a headache, & failed miserably.
"WAAAHHHH!!" cried Al suddenly.
"Awww whassamatter?" said Micky.
"Ummm...Id'know..." said Al.
"Oh, good grief," said Sassip.

"BT. I know you're that end table there. Because we don't have an end table there," said Mike.
BT reluctantly poofed into her real self.
Mike made a face at her. She giggled.
"Man, you've gotta fix Al!"
"I dunno how, I'll just foop her up worse!" said BT.
"She has a point," said Davy.
"You're not asked," said BT.
"What does THAT mean?" said Micky ignorantly. BT punched him.
"Ow," he said absently.
"Well, figure somethin' out! 'Cause she'll drive us crazy like this, & Peter's gettin' a headache!" Mike demanded.
"Welll, uhhhh, I uhh...I could .... uhh...umm...uhh..." BT stammered.

Meanwhile, Al and MT were sitting on Micky's lap doing dumb things with Al's powers.
"Make a teddybear!" said MT. Al oblidged.
"Make Micky a teddybear!"
Al did it.
"Make Micky Micky!"
Al did it.
"Oh, I want a pop!" said Al.
"Meeee tooo!!!"
"No, your name's MT!" said Al.

They both giggled stupidly and everyone looked at them but they were lil kids so it didn't matter.
"Okay, so now we have two 20 year olds that act 5. Yes. This is fine," said Mike, rubbing his head.
"Ahh!" said Al.
"Ahh ahhh!" said MT.
"OH GEESH! What are they DOING!?" said Micky.
"Ahh ahh ahh!" said Al.
"Ahh ahh ahh... ahhh!!!" said MT.
"Ahhhhhhhhchooo!!" said Al. More giggles.
Peter sat down and started playing too.
"Wow they are really cute!" said Micky happily.
"How come I'M not cute?!" said BT angrily.
"I dunno, cause you hang off me!" said Micky.
"Oh." said BT.
"Ahh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhh ahhhha hhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhha hhhhh.. CHOOO!" said Al, Micky, Peter, and MT all together and they all fell about on the floor laughing stupidly.

"Oh dear, now they are really stupid." said Mike.
Davy laughed at them.
"Not you!" said BT.
"Nah I just think it's funny, man!" said Davy.
"Sasssip!" said Sassip.
"WHAT?!" said Mike, BT and Davy.
"I dunno I just felt like saying that." said Sassip.
"Oh..." said everyone.
"Ahhh ahhh ahh......." said Al.
"Aaaaaah ahh ahhhhhh!" said Micky.
"Ahh ahh ahhhhh!" said Peter.
"No, Pita messed it up!" said MT.
"Did not!" said Peter.
"Yes you DID!" said Al.
"MICKY!?!?" said Peter.
"Uh, I dunno how this game works really." said Micky, shrugging.
"DADDY'S FUNNY!" said Al and hung off his arm.
MT did too and Peter was about to but he remembered.

Peter sighed. "Okay, I guess Al has to go back to being normal."
Micky had Al sitting on his head laughing her head off. "Well, she is a bit heavy.. but not that bad as a kid." said Micky.
"NO NO NO!" said BT.
Micky made a face at her.
"Uh, no way, MT, sorry pal, you can't do this cause you'll kill me!" he said.
MT sulked but curled up in his lap (somehow) and went to sleep.
Al was playing with Micky's hair in a hodgepodge way.
"No, Al, stop please!" Micky giggled, cause MT was tickling him.
"Well, okay, but we REALLY have to get her back to normal!" said Mike.
"Awwww, I think they are cute!" said Micky, tickling Al and MT.
"You never thought MT was cute before!" said BT.
"Well, I did but he was like.. oh nevermind. But I do now!" said Micky.
"Well she HAS to go back to normal!" said Davy and Sassip together.

Peter went over and picked up Al.

"PITTTA!" said Al happily.
"No no, listen, you gotta go back to being Al Al and not MT Al!" said Peter.
Al looked confused.
"Pita has pritty hair!" she said stupidly.
"No no, listen Al!" said Peter.
"Listen listen ahhh ahhh ahh!" said Al even stupider.
"Okay, Al, if you don't go back to normal, no more pudding or lemonade pops or anything! You can make up your own tinker toys and stuff if you grow up RIGHT now!" said Peter.
"TINKERTOYS!" said Al happily.
Peter sighed and handed Al back to Micky.
"Oh, hey!" said Micky.
"Hhaaaaaahahahahaah!" said Al, giggling at Micky's stupid face he was making.

Just then BT had had enough and grabbed one of Al's Cure-Alls. She hoped it would work against kiddie-ism potions.
"Here, Al, try this!" said BT evilly. Al looked at her innocently with big eyes and happily took the beaker and took a few sips.
"BLECK it tastes HOOOOWWWIBLE!' she said, and shook her head a few times. Then she blinked and looked around.
"Ah, oh, Micky! Hi um... sorry, I'll get orff!" she said, falling over backwards off the couch.
She hurriedly got up and looked around bewilderedly.
"OMIGOSH! What happened!?" she said and then stood there a second blinking as it all came rushing back.
"ARGH!" she said and turned bright red, and ran after BT.

The End.

Next Issue: BT and NBT get merged into one and are actually NORMAL.

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