Ugh now I am scared
NBT (Normal BT)

One day Al was making potatoe stuff when BT came in and spilled some potion into it on purpose. Al sniffed and threw it out. But then she took it out again and made some more.
"Here BT you can have some of this!" she said and gave BT a big honkin' plateful.
"I bet this is the potion one!" said BT.
"No its not!" said Al and ran off and giggled stupidly.
BT shrugged and ate it cause she is a boofer.
Then she poofed out and ran into Micky and Sassip.
"AH MICKY!" said BT and attached herself to his leg like usual.
"She's stupid." said Sassip, flipping her across the room.
BT pouted after she hit the wall.
"ARGH!" she said and stalked off. Then she ran right into NBT. And they both disappeared and then just one BT reappeared.

"OMIGOSH what was that!?" said Micky.
"I dunno but it was pretty!" said Sassip.
"Where's the other BT?" said Micky.
"I dunno but one is better than two!" said Micky.
"Wow. Hi Micky. Hi Sassip," said BT. She walked over to the fridge and got out a Coke and then walked past them and sat down and opened it and threw out the cap and took a drink and got a coaster out and put it on the table and began reading a magazine.
Micky and Sassip looked at her weirdly.

"Hey, child thing, don't you usually attach yourself to Micky or something?" said Sassip.
"Why would I do that? That's stupid!" said BT.
Micky and Sassip looked bewildered.
"ARGH SOMETHING HAPPENED TO BT AND.. wait, that's a GOOD thing!" said Micky grinning.
Everyone came running in and stared at Micky and BT.
"What? She's sitting right there!" said Al.
"But she's.. not.. on.. ME!" said Micky happily.
"Oh, well she's not ALWAYS on you!" said Peter.
"PITA!" said MT.
"Nooo MT please!" said Peter, trying to get MT out of his hair.
"MT, get out of Peter's hair," said BT, without even looking up from her magazine.
"MT!!" BT said severely. MT sheepishly crawled down. "C'n I have pudding?"
"Say please."
"PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE c'n I have pudding NOW Mommy person thing?"
BT looked at him strangely & poofed up a dish of pudding, which MT ate happily.
"Aren't you gonna hit him or something?" said Davy, staring.
"No, that wouldn't be NICE," said BT.
"UGH she sounds like NBT," said Al.
"Icky magazine, boring boring," said BT & poofed it away and walked around a lot.

"BT, you are ODD," commented Peter.
"Oohhh I know HEEHEE," BT said & ran around in a circle.
"But you don't like Micky, do you? Please say no?" said Mike.
"Hhhmmm...well he's cuuute," said BT & giggled her head off. Micky groaned. Sassip ate BT, who quickly poofed out of Sassip's mouth.
"Don't DO that," she said irritably.
"Hhmmm, the real BT never would have thought to do something as intelligent as that. I like this one better," said Davy.
"Hey BT wanna play two-way checkers with me & Micky?" said Peter. BT looked confused.
"Um, Peter, you can't play two-way checkers with three people...that has to be four-way checkers."
And thus followed a long and detailed discussion about how many people you could play two-way checkers with.
"STOPP!!!" shouted Al. "You're giving me a headache!!"
BT looked up. "Heehee," she said & poofed up a BFPL.
"MINE!" yelled MT & Micky & both lunged for it. BT threw it into the air & Sassip ate it.
"You are silly," she said to both of them & banged their heads together.
"Okay, this is very ODD," said Mike.

"Uh, guys?" said Micky.
"WHAT?!" said everyone.
"Look out the window," he said & pointed.
Mike's spark plug had grown into a very large spark plug.
"It's a big spark plug," said Davy in an unnecessary tone.
"With leaves comin' out of it," added Sassip.
"No kidding?!" said Al.
"Yeh I know, I made it grow in the last issue. You people don't read very well," said Mike.
Everyone shrugged. "At least we don't need to buy sparkplugs. But what do they do anyway?" asked Al who was non-mechanically inclined.
"I dunno." said Mike. Everyone looked at him stupidly. "Oh, sorry. I forgot." he said.
"Ooookaaay!" said Sassip. She ate some of Davy's hair.
"OMIGOSH she's back!" said Al pointing rudely.
"That's rude!" said Sassip.
"I know!" said Al, pointing at Sassip. She shrieked and poofed out.
"HAHA!" said Al.
"THAT WASN'T NICE," said BT lunging at Al.
She began tickling Al stupidly.

"NO NO STOP ARGH," said Al writhing around on the floor.
"MOMMY Stop tormenting Aaaalll!" said MT.
"Wow he used a big word! Good boy!" said BT, poofing up a lemonade pop.
"Yay!" said MT who shut up cause he was eating the pop.
Micky poked BT inquisitively to see what would happen.
"Don't do that," she said.
Mike & Micky both poked BT inquisitively with sticks to see what would happen.
"Don't DO that," she said.
Mike, Micky, Peter, Davy, Sassip, & Al all poked BT with hand grenades to see what would happen.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK," shrieked BT & poofed out. Everyone got exploded & then BT returned.

"How come you're all dirty & we're all clean?" said Micky poutily.
"Don't you mean how come she's all clean & we're all dirty?" said Davy. "Yeah."
"Because I left and the hand grenades a'sploded all over you and you're all smoky-faced heehee," said BT & poked Micky's nose like a moron. Then she went & played table tennis by herself because she could.
"That," said Al, "was quite possibly the DUMBEST thing anyone has ever said or done."
"Can I have another pop Mommy?" said MT.
"No because you're annoying," said BT.
MT made a sad puppy face.
"Ooh dang," said BT & poofed up five lemonade pops.
"BT you doink," said Al. "You are such a moron."
"But he looks like MICKYYYYYYYY," said BT swoonily.
Al hit her with a big bag of bricks. "FOOPY BOOFER!" she said decisively & sat down.

"Hmmm," said Sassip. "It's pouch time," and she swept Davy, BT, Peter & Micky into her pouch wih her flippers.
"NNMMFMFFF!!!" said everyone.
"Move your elbow Micky," said Peter. "I can't see."
"That's because it's DARK," said Davy.
"Oh is it? We hadn't NOTICED," said Micky.
BT knocked on Sassip. "OPEN UP!! IT'S DARK!!"
"WE KNOW!!" yelled Micky
"ACK YOU'RE CUUUUUUUUUTE," shouted BT & curled up in a ball.
Al sighed & poofed everyone but BT out of Sassip's pouch.
"Why doesn't anyone like my pouch? It's warm and comfy," said Sassip.
"I would like it if you didn't sit on it," said Davy & climbed up on her.
BT poofed herself out of Sassip's pouch.

"That wasn't very nice to leave me in there," she said at Al.
"Why are you being WEIRD?!" said Al.
"I'm not weird," said BT in a hurt tone.
"Yes you are, you're all foopy," said Al.
"Foopy?" said BT.
"SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT FOOPY IS!" said Mike & proceeded to roll around laughing hysterically.
"Hmm. I think I'll go have some orange juice," said BT. She went to the fridge, opened it, poured herself a glass of orange juice, drank it, and walked back in & sat on the couch.
"I'm sitting. How nice," she said.
Mike & Micky left out of disgust. Sassip looked at her funny.

"Why is MT sitting on your head?"
"He isn't," said BT at the same time MT said, "I'm noooooot."
"Oh," said Sassip and blinked a lot.
"WHEEEEEEEE," said Davy and slid down her.
"Heehee," said Sassip.
"Icky Davy Sassip are being all mushy, Mommy," said MT.
"Yes I know," said BT. "If I give you pudding will you go sit on Al's head for awhile?"
"He IS sitting on your head!" cried Sassip. "You LIED to me! BOTH of you!!"
"Yes we did," admitted BT.
"OKAY!" agreed MT, & ate pudding while sitting on Al's head.
"WHAT IS THE POINT OF ANY OF THIS???!!!!!" she shouted.
"I don't know but it's time to end it!" said Sassip who was seeing stars.

"Okay, what did you see, you guys? Anything?" said Al.
"Yeh, BT popped in and ran into NBT and there was a splosion and then there was no BTs and then there was one BT." said Sassip and Micky.
"Hmmm..." said Al. "Aha! The potion!"
"What potion?" said Sassip.
"The one I fed to BT cause she ruined my potatoe stuff with it." said Al.
She poofed out and brought a funky orange and red swirly potion. "DRINK!" she told BT.
BT did so and then there was a loud pop, smoke, and two BT's sitting on the couch.
"AH!" said BT and ran around.
"Oh my." said NBT, looked around hastily and then popped out in a huff.
"This whole thing is stupid but I was really funny in it!" said Sassip stupidly.
Davy patted her on the head. "You're always funny dearie! But the pouch thing isn't fun, unless you don't sit on us when we're in there."
"Oh well. This is done. Over. GO AWAY!" said Sassip, crumpling up the ICQ chat and throwing it out the window.

Next Issue: Sassip gets her very own story because she thinks she needs one.

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