The BT-Wanted-To Write-A Short-Like-Al-So
She-Knocked-This-Off-Real-Quick-Like Story

One day Sasssip was flopping around and wax horror. "OH NOOOO" she shrieked,
"Dang this story is already fULL of typoes." said BT
"We shoudl fix it," said Al.
"But..but...HOW??!!"! said BT giggling
"There is only one way," said Mike solemnly.
"EAT THE TURNIPS, said Micky.
"WHAAATT???!!!!!!" screamed Al.
"Oh, uh, did I say that out loud?' Micky asked sheepishly.
"We must voyage into the Sea Of Typos," Mike declared stuanchly.
"I think BT is giong out of her wya to put ytpos in this shrot," Peter fronwed.
"She'll never post it anyway," said Micky shaking his head.
"THERE WERE NO TYPOS IN THAT LINE!! I OBJECT" shrieked Sassip & scooped Micky into her pouch.
"Oh ugh Sassip put him back, you dont know where he's been," said Davy making a face.
Sassip suddenly looked scared, as if she feared conntracting a fatel disease from the nit fooper & so she punted him across the pad.

"TO THE SEA OF TYPOS!" she said, scooping up Al & BT & splashing out int othe ocean.
"Stop that, it's stupid." said Al & wacked her upisde the head.
'Its not stupid" said BT & gave her what fer.
"OH YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!! You have to QUIT typoing & FIX them or you DRONW in the...oops crap...SEA OF TYPOS!!!!" Sassip yelled.
"Oh look, there is horror," said Al & went to sleep.
"ITS IN MY PANTS!" said Sassip plainly.
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?????????' said Davy who had stowed away in Sassip's stomach.
"Oh ugh thats nasty<" said BT & kicked> "THE TYPOS, THE TYPOS, I CAN'T TAKE IIIIT," cried Al & jumped overboard.
"There is no board, there is just Sassip' said Davy & sat on her head.
"Whose head?" said BT.
"Oh come now stupid author-me, we aren't this bad," BT protested.
"Yes you are every bit this bad," said BT author & stepped on BT & decided to end the thing as it is dumb.
The end

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