Davy Gets Unbearably Cute

One day, Davy's cuteness reached an all time high. It was so high, in fact, that there were girls stuck to the windows.
Davy shrugged. "I dunno what to do guys..."
"Well, man can't you turn it off?!" said Mike.
"HOW?!" said Davy, thought about it and started giggling.
Mike sighed.
Suddenly Al popped in and looked around frantically.

"So cute so cute!" she chanted over and over again. Then she spied Davy and ran over Micky to get to him.
"OOPS.." she said as she was pulled bodily towards him.
Davy was walking by and soon had Al as a new appendage attached to his back.
"Man, get off, Al!" he shrieked.
"I CAN'T MAN ARE YOU CUTE!" said Al getting all weird.
"Oh crap man," said Mike.
Sassip bit Al.
"OUCH!" said Al, and started bleeding profusely.
"No you're not." said Sassip.
"OUCH!" said Al and just hurt alot.
"DAVY TURN IT OFF!" shouted Mike.
Micky got up painfully. "Remind me not to get in the way again..." he said, hiding.
Al pried herself off Davy and then reattached herself to his arm.
"OUCH! You're gonna pull me arm out the socket Al, please, get off!" said Davy.
"Oh yeh, anything for you..." said Al, drooling.
"Man am I glad BT isn't here!" said Davy.
"Man am I glad I'm not you!" said Micky, snickering.
Davy shot him a look.
"ACK HE'S SO CUTE!" said Al and had an extremely pained look on her face.
"What's the matter NOW?" asked Peter.
"Where did you come from?" said Al.
"I was behind the chair." said Peter.
"Why?" said Al.
"Just answer the question." said Mike.
"He's.. so... cute.. it ... hurts..." said Al.
Mike sighed. "I'm glad I'm not a chick! We can't even get out of here!"
"Oh well!" said Davy and tried to snog Al.
"No, you're too cute, you'll kill me!" she whimpered and backed away.
Davy question-marked.

"She's ugly anyway," said Sassip.
"Yeh," said Micky.
"MICKY!" said Al in horror.
"Oooh, Al's horror!" said Sassip scaredly.
"Shut up..." Al grimaced as Davy twinkled at her.
Al melted and Davy put her in a votive candle holder and she resolidified and he lit her.
"OMIGOSH HE'S SO CUTE!" said Al and burned with an odd scent.
"Man, that's gross!" Peter whined.
"Where's Aaaallll? I want a.." said MT.
"NO! No lemonade pops!" said Mike.
"Ha she can't hear you shriek!" said Micky evilly.
"WAAAHHH!!!" said MT.
"Awww.. its okay... " said Micky.
"DADDY WAAAHH!" said MT and hopped into Micky's arms who promptly fell over.
"Shh I think Al's asleep." said Davy.
"OH HE SPOKE HE'S SO DARN CUTE!" said Al writhing around in the candle holder.
"Nevermind..." said Davy.
Half the girls outside started writhing too.
"Shut up, man, you're gonna kill them all!" said Mike.
"How come I can't be impeccably cute too?" said Peter.
"You are Peter, you are..." said Micky.
"Wow, thanks Mick!" said Peter.
"Uh, sure thing.. I think.." said Micky. "MT, can you get off Daddy's legs? They hurt!"
"K!" said MT and got up and searched for something to do.

Davy in the meanwhile was dumping Al out and poking her with a stick.
"PLEASE resolidify to normal..." he said.
"OH YEH! ANYTHING FOR YOU!" Al shrieked and drooled some more.
"And uh, don't drool that's gross." said Davy.
"You got it babe!" said Al enthusiastically.
Davy shook his head and made a face.
"OH!" said Al, and was attracted to him as if he were magnetic.
"Ugh man.." said Davy, trying to pry her orff.
"Why can't I do that?!" said Sassip sadly.
"You're not a real girl.. if you were human you probably would," said Mike.
"Awww but Davy's MINE," said Sassip angrily.
"Well right now he's Al's... apparently..." said Peter.
"NO! MINE!" Sassip shrieked and punted Al. Unfortunately Al was so cutely attracted to Davy that she stuck and he went with her.
"SASSIP!" he shrieked in angst.
"OH MY GOSH ANGST HE SHRIEKED IN ANGST!" cried Al. They hit the wall and she dislodged. She began to run around him frantically chanting "Oh my he's so cute, oh my he's so cute!" over and over.
"ALLLL! You're scaring me!" Davy whimpered and hid in the corner.
"OH HE WHIMPERED!" shouted Al.
"DAVY TUSH!" someone from outside screeched futiley.
"WHERE?" said Al and about 5 others.
"EEK!" said Davy, sitting on his tush squarely.
"AWWWWW!" said all the girls.
"Ugh.." said the Monkees in horror.
"I don't like this issue.. its too.. gross..." said Peter.
"Me neither.." said Al.
"I thought you liked cute Davy!" said Mike.
"Yeh but it HURTS SO MUCH!" said Al, crying.
"Oh gah!" said Micky.
"Why are you crying?" said MT.
"I think I hurt my nose..." said Al, rubbing her nose dumbly.
"Ewwww!" said MT and giggled.
"Gah, good thing HE'S not cute!" said Al.

Davy decided to just go about his business. Al was pulled along regardless of whether or not she wanted to go.
"Man, it's like you have her attached to a little rope or something!" said Mike, watching with glee.
"I know..." said Sassip and started to weep.
"What's with these weird words?" asked Peter.
MT ate a pop happily and Micky was dreaming up more evil things to say and do to BT when she got back. He was being inspired by watching someone else get bogged down.
"Micky! Knock that off!" said Al fiercely.
"Aw, but but but.." said Micky.
Al tsked him and then went "ouch ouch ouch" all the way up the stairs.
"Don't do that!" she told Davy.
"Sorry!" said Davy and went back downstairs.

Finally his cuteness wore off gradually and all the girls fell off the house and Al stopped being pulled around.
"WHEW!" she said painfully. She got up and rubbed her tush.
"OH!" said Davy and twinkled.
"UGH!" said Al and poofed out.
"I dunno WHY he likes her. She's all ugly!" said Sassip jealously.
"I know.." said Micky, sucking on a lemonade pop.
"MICKY!" Al was heard to shriek.

Next Issue: Lemmyade Pops arrives!

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