Al The Cat

One day Al turned herself into a cat. She then waltzed into the Monkee's bedroom and jumped on Peter, Davy, Micky, and then Mike in that order. They all went "OOF" and woke up with a start.
Al grinned at them and ran off.
"ARGH a cat!" said Davy, Micky and Mike.
"Oooh a cat!" said Peter and followed her.
Al had laid out a nice brekky cause she was bored so they all srummed it up and then decided to see where Al was.
"Hey, AL!?" said Davy, grabbing Peter's head.
Sassip appeared.
"OH!" said Davy and giggled stupidly.
"What?!" she said groggily.
"Sorry I wanted Al," said Davy.
"Argh, she popped out hours ago," said Sassip crankily and tried to punt Micky and Peter but they moved quickly.
"NO! They are getting wary!" said Sassip and sulked.
"Oh man I'll bet that cat is Al! Where did she go?" said Mike.
"Al?" said Micky.
"Alll!?" said Davy.
"Yes?" said Al.
"Oh, you are a cat!" said everyone.
"I know. I'm bored. MEOW!" said Al, stretching.
"WHY are you a CAT?" said Peter.
"I dunno. I thought it would be fun. But it's not. And I got the zipper stuck," said Al, making a face.
"ZIPPER?" said Mike.
"Well.. so to speak," said Al.
"Just poof it off!" said Peter.
"Its not that easy. Its like a costume.. kinda.." said Al.
"Oh." said Micky and scrummed up some more brekky.

Al got up and began scratching on the doorframe.
"HEY! HEY stop that!" said Sassip, throwing Davy at her.
"YEEK!" said Al and ran out of the way.
"SASSSIIIIPPPP!" called Davy as he flew across the room.
Davy hit the wall with a bang and Al went over and tentatively poked him with her nose. She then began licking his face.
"Eugh, no no ahaha that tickles ekk, knock it off AL!" said Davy struggling to get up. Al walked away sideways with her tail up.
"What are you doing? You're really acting like a cat man!" said Peter happily.
"I know.. it's scary..." said Al, a bit unsuredly.
Peter picked her up and scratched her ears. Al purred happily and yawned.
Then she saw Davy and hopped into his arms and began rubbing her face against his cheek.
Davy giggled and scratched her cheek.
"NOOO!" shrieked Sassip and bounded over. Al freaked and jumped on Sassip with all her claws out.
"EEEEKKK!" they both screamed and Al landed on Micky's head while Sassip was shrieking at the top of her lungs.
"SASSIP! SHHHH! Its just a few scratches!" said Mike in horror.
"Oh, Mike's horror!" said Sassip and giggled.
"Oh brother.." said Mike.

Micky was remaining completely motionless. Al was completely poofed up and was looking around frantically with big eyes.
"Al... please... don't... scratch.. mee..." Micky said hesitantly.
"Whaaa.. er... I ... er.." said Al, calming down a bit.
Micky carefully plucked her off his head. "Ah, you're all fuzzed up." He put her on a chair and began brushing her fur the wrong way.
"What are you doing, Micky man?" said Davy plucking the brush from him and brushing her right.
Micky shrugged and helped Davy. They ended up tangling her fur worse.
"UGH!" said Al and hopped down and padded over to Peter. "Peeeettteeerrr!" she purred and rubbed against his legs.
"Oh, hehe!" said Peter.
"Hey, where's stupid MT?" said Sassip.
Everyone looked around. "We don't know.." they all said.
"I'll get him," said Sassip.

Everyone stared after her. "Why does she care so much?" said Mike.
Suddenly MT popped in. "Where's da kitty!?" he said stupidly.
"Oh that's it.." said Micky.
"Uh oh.." said Davy.
"KITTY!" said MT and grabbed Al by the tail.
"Yeowch? I tought kitties said meow!" said MT hugging her tightly.
Al hacked up a furball.
"EWW," said MT, dropping her unceremoniously on the floor.
Al ran to hide with Davy. Then she remembered Sassip and went to hide with Micky.
Then she remembered the brush incident and went to hide with Peter.

Sassip was grinning evilly. "Oh happy happy day.."
"You're evil!" said Davy.
"I know!" said Sassip happily.
Peter was brushing Al out and now she was nice and silky smooth. She purred loudly.
"I wanna seee!" MT was whining.
"No, no, you'll scare Al!" said Peter.
"Aaaalll? Where?" said MT.
"Why, the cat is Al!" said Peter.
"AAALLL!? I WANT A LEMMYADE POP!" he shrieked happily.
Al sighed and poofed 12 up for him. He ate them all and got very sticky, then he grabbed Al when she and Peter weren't looking.
"OH CRIPES!" cried Al, as her fur was stuck to MT.
"Oh! ACHOO! Get the kitty off!" said MT, who had fur stuck everywhere.
"I TOLD you MT!" said Peter.
Sassip laughed until her gills hurt.
"You have gills?" Davy said, hurtly.
"Yes, dear, don't you remember from when you were a sea monster? We have gills and lungs enabling us to.."
"SASSIP! Now's not the time!" said Mike.
Sassip made a face and mocked Mike.
Mike and Micky grabbed MT and Al and threw them into a bath that Davy had prepared.
Suddenly there was a loud shriek, a loud giggle and a loud POP. Al walked out of the bathroom completely soaked, soapy and her hair poofed out in every direction.

"Ugh..." she moaned and poofed out quickly.
"Wow, I guess that water did the trick!" said Peter.
"Yeh.... I didn't know cats hated water THAT much!" said Mike.
"I hate cats. How can they hate water? I mean, its so smooth and cool and pretty and fun and.." Sassip rambled.
"Right babe.." everyone said, and left Sassip rambling about water all night.

Next Issue: Davy gets unbearably cute.

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