Al And A Stupid Story

One day Al was tra la la ing around the pad when Sassip stepped on her cause she was also tra la la ing around the pad.
"SASSIP!" said Al.
Sassip giggled and continued to tra la la away out to the beach.
"UGH!" said Al and made a horrid face, but it hurt alot so she stopped.
Eventually Mike and Micky came and pulled her out of the ground.
Al staggered around a bit, turned on the TV and plopped down in the couch. Micky, Mike and Peter joined her.
Davy went out to find Sassip and MT was raiding the freezer for lemonade pops.
Suddenly Al's powers fizzled and the TV exploded. MT ducked for cover and started crying loudly, while Al, Peter, Mike and Micky sat there looking dazed with debris all over them.
"What was that?" asked Mike, barely moving.
"I dunno..." said Peter.
"Al..?" said Micky.
"My powers fizzled," said Al.
"Well that's clear, but why did they fizzle and why did they explode the TV?" asked Mike.
"That's a good question," said Al.
"Good thing Sassip wasn't around. She'd have gotten mad and punted us," said Peter.
"Who me?" said Sassip, punting Peter.
"Ugh." said Peter and made the worst face but it hurt a whole lot so he stopped.
Micky and Al pulled him up.
"Al's a ditzwad.." Mike sighed as he looked at the TV.
Al punched Micky.
"Owwwww what'd you do that for?!" Micky whimpered.
"OOPS! Sorry Micky! I meant to hit Mike but the M's in your names got me confused!" said Al.
Micky looked at Al incredulously.
"Isn't that dumb?!" said Mike.
Then Al's powers fizzled again. Everyone but Al jumped for cover. Sassip turned into a cat.
"ARGH!" she said and tried to punt someone but she hurt her little paw.
Al laughed at her.
Sassip tried to punt her but she hurt her paw again. She put her paw in her mouth and sucked.

"You suck!" she said.
"No, you do!" said Al rolling around on the ground laughing.
"I think Al's broke!" said Peter. He tried to fix her but it tickled and she just laughed insanely until he stopped.
This scared everyone, even Sassip who hissed and spat all over the place.
Davy came back in and asked what happened and everyone told him and he got scared and picked up Sassip and petted her.
Sassip hissed and spat all over Davy.
"Ew, Sassip, I'm all wet!" said Davy.
Sassip stopped and licked him.
"That doesn't help either girl..." said Davy. He got a towel.
"SASSIP'S GREEN!" said Al laughing harder.
"Man, what's with her!?" asked Mike.
"I think she got messed up when Sassip stepped on her," said Micky.
"Yeh, but she always gets punted and stuff..." said Peter.
"I bet its cause her powers are broke!" said Davy.
Everyone looked at him. "Where did you get that idea from?" asked Micky.
"Um, well you said they fizzled... they're probably broken and now she's all messed up cause they aren't working properly." said Davy.
"Wow he sounds smart!" said MT.
"Well, someone has to cause Al is all boofed up," said Mike, rubbing Davy's hair fondly.
"Don't do that," said Davy.
"Well, Mr. Smarty-pants, how do we fix her?" said Micky.
"I dunno! How should I know?" said Davy.
"Well you .. oh.. ugh," said Mike.
They sat around and stared at Al rolling around on the floor like a big fat boofer.

"Hey I'm not fat!" said Al, and giggled more.
"Oh geesh!" said Peter and backed away.
"Look she's YOUR figment! Do something!" said Micky and Mike.
"Maybe it's cause BT isn't here...?" said Peter.
"Nah, cause she was acting fine until Sassip stepped on her and her powers fizzled."
"Mommy makes Al scream a lot," MT said matter-of-factly.
"Yeh yeh MT. I wish she was a kid. It's much less scary," said Micky.
"HA! You're in love with Kiddie Al!" said Davy giggling away.
"So? You're in love with a green cat!" said Micky.
Davy stopped and turned red. "Am not! I just think she's so cute..."
"Well, I just think Kiddie Al is so cute. Now shut up I'm trying to think," said Micky.
Both Davy and Mike looked at each other and started laughing.
"What?" asked Peter.
Davy and Mike laughed harder. Al came over and they all started laughing together. Then Davy and Mike got scared and stopped and Al rolled off to laugh by herself again.
"Micky, help! She's weird!" said Davy, cowering behind Micky.
"I know man..." said Micky, hiding in the cabinets.
"Okay, that's all well and good but I'm a FUZZY MAMMAL!" said Sassip screeching.
"How come she can talk when she's a cat but Al and BT never could?" asked Peter.
"Who knows, but I'm glad!" said Davy, rubbing Sassip's ears.
"I'm not!" said Mike, who was trying to keep a safe distance away from Sassip.
"I'll go punt her!" said Sassip with a little too much evil joy in her voice.
"You can't, love, you're just a cat!" said Davy.
"Well, I think I will scratch her!" said Sassip. She cut Al all up, and Al started whining about nothing.
Then Sassip started laughing evilly and Al started up again.
"Oh gah look what you did!" said Mike, kicking Sassip.
"MROEEOEOWO!" said Sassip and clawed up his leg.
"OH GOSH!" cried Mike and ran out of the pad.
"SASSIP!" said Davy.
"Hmph!" said Sassip and sat down and went to sleep.

Micky and Davy dragged Al to the couch and tied her to it so she couldn't roll off. Al stopped laughing and went to sleep. MT sat on her.
"MT, she's on the couch already!" said Davy.
"I know but she's mushy!" said MT giggling. He got her all sticky.
"Ugh." said Micky.
Al woke up and started chuckling.
"Oh darn!" said Micky and Davy.
"Hey, guys?" said Peter.
"PETER! WHERE WERE YOU!?" said Davy.
"I was over there the whole time thinking," said Peter.
"Well what do we DO?!" said Micky.
"Take the powers off her," said Peter simply.
Davy and Micky looked at each other and slapped their heads lightly.
"OF COURSE!" said Micky.
"How?" said Davy and giggled insanely.
"Oh man STOP it!" said Micky.
"Oh, sorry," said Davy and ate poundcake.
Micky sighed. "You're hopeless man!" and they went about trying to get the powers off Al.
They finally did and Al got her senses back.
"ACK YOU.. YOU... SICKO'S!" she shouted at the top of her lungs.
Mike had some back and was trying to calm down.
"ACK ACK!" said Al.
"Its just your INVISIBLE powers!" Mike tried to reason.
"Well its not liek it was your clothes!" said Peter.
"Well it COULD have been!" said Al.
"Not really..." they all said and looked at her.
"Oh..." said Al and ran around anyway.
"So, what's the matter with them?!" said Mike.
"Oh, they got damaged and the fizzling was tickling me to death!" said Al angrily.
"Well why didn't you take them off?" said Davy.
"Because they tickled too much!" said Al.
"Can you fix them?!" said Sassip.
Al glared at her. "I think. They got squished badly!"
Sassip licked her tail and gave Al the evil cat eye.

Finally Al fixed her powers.
"Okay, good as new!" said Al, slipping them back on. They shimmered and glowed and then faded away.
"Are you sure?" said Micky and Mike cautiously.
"Well I should hope so! I just put them back on!" said Al stupidly.
Peter hid behind Mike. "How can powers get squished anyway?"
"I dunno, but they are fine. Really." said Al, testing them out.
She turned Sassip back.
"FINALLY!" said Sassip and was about to punt Al but thought better of it and punted Mike instead.

The End.

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