Lemmyade Pops Arrives!

One afternoon (since day was often the time and everyone was bored with it) Peter, Micky, Davy, Mike, Al, MT and Sassip were all goofing about the pad for no particular reason other than to goof about.
Mike was in the middle of running across the living room to get away from Davy, who didn't actually pose much of a threat, but he was running anyhow. All the sudden he ran into somebody who hadn't been there a moment ago... Literally.
Mike fell to the floor. "Oof," he said slightly annoyed.
"Hello," came a new voice from the new person.
Al sauntered over to her.
"Who're you?" she demanded huffily.
"Lemmyade Pop," said the person.
"No thanks. Who are you?" said Al.
"That's who I am!" said Lemmyade Pop slightly annoyed.
"What?" said Davy.
"Shut up," said Sassip.
"WHAT!?" said Davy.
"Oh, it's you!" said Sassip and ate him.
"Mmmmfffff!" said Davy.
"Bleck!" said Sassip spitting him out.
Mike walked over and peered at the girl. "Is this a relation of yours Al?" he asked.
"No, but she's definitely a figment." said Al.
"Who ARE you?" said Davy, wiping drool from himself.

Suddenly MT walked in and shrieked with laughter.
"Where were you? Weren't you just here?" asked Peter.
MT walked over to Peter and giggled. "Piitttaaa!"
"What?" said Peter curiously.
"LEMMYADE POP!" he said and jumped on her.
"OOOF," said LP.
MT giggled stupidly and ran around.
"Oh, so.. you're HIS figment huh?" said Al suspisciously.
"Yup!" said LP grinning stupidly.
"Well how did YOU get out of there and so quickly? Especially with his state of mind and all...?" asked Micky who felt smart.
"Well, I watched Al and BT alot." said LP.
"But we did that before you and MT even existed!" said Mike.
"Oh, well, who ever said plot inconsistencies were bad?" said LP, leaping on Micky.
"Oh gargh!" said Al and fell on Davy for no reason.
"DON'T DO THAT!" shouted Davy and ran around into Micky who had LP on him. They both fell on him too.
"UGH SASSIIIPP!" he shouted.
Sassip proceeded to fall on him as well.
"That's not what I meant, dearie.." he said through gritted teeth.
Mike and Peter backed up against the nearest wall, in order to avoid becoming part of the heap of humans, figments, and a large green sea monster.

"Would.... you... ugh.... please get.... oof... off..... ouch... of me?" came Micky's muffled voice from the bottom of the pile.
Slowly everyone separated themselves, giggling as they went.
Micky lay on the floor, smushed and attempting to breathe again.
"Micky!" cried LP and started CPR.
"GAK!" came Micky's voice as he pushed her away, "Don't do that!"
"Oh no," said Al, "Not another one!"
"Hey what do you expect?" Replied LP with a hurt look, "I'm MT's figment and he's BT's son."
"This is true..." Said Mike still backed against the wall.
"Why meeeeeeeeeeeeee??!!" Moaned Micky as he rolled under the couch.
LP sat down on the chair and patiently waited for him to come back out.
MT leaped into Al's arms. "Aaalll," he whined, "don't you like my figmentytypegirl?"
Al shrugged.
Micky muffily groaned from under the couch.
Al grinned evilly and put MT down on the couch.
"Ha! If you're MT's figment than you can't have any experience at all! So that means you're weaker than BT!" Al rolled around on the ground laughing.
"I don't think that's very funny!" said LP huffily.
"So what can you do then?" said Al.
"I can make BPFL!" said LP proudly.
"Ugh..." said Al and was sick.
"She's a messy girl," Sassip said stupidly and ran around to find Davy who was stuck to her right back flipper.
"DAVY!? DAVYYY!?" she called.
"Argh!" said Davy.
"Oh.." said Sassip peeling him off.
"Okay, you better STOP it!" said Davy to everyone and huffed off to find some poundcake.
"Thar he goes again.." Al sighed.
"Quiet you!" said Davy and crammed in some cake.
Sassip ran over to Al and LP.
"Oh, oh oh! Oh!" she said.
"WHAT?!" said Al and LP.
"Are you like BT the dumb one?" said Sassip.
They both looked at her blankly.
"Well, there isn't any boofers around anymore and I thought maybe you were the replacement.."
"Hey that's a good idea!" said Al.
"NOOOO way! I'm not as dumb as BT! I'm older!" said LP.
"Not really... if you're MT's figment... you're ALOT younger..." said Al.
"Fine if you want to get technical!" said LP.
Al punched her out of reflexes.
"OUUUUCH! Whydayadothat!?" she whined.
"Sorry. Reflexes," said Al, thinking.

"What are you doing, Aaaaalll?" MT intoned stupidly.
"I'm thinking!" said Al.
"Something you never do," Sassip said to MT.
MT looked at her blankly. "I like green thingie Sassip poos!" he said.
"WHAT!?!?" said Sassip, punting him.
"WHEEEE!" said MT, smashing into LP.
"Well, I like Micky, but this'll do..." said LP with a grin from underneath MT.
Sassip hit her with a flipper, "He's your creator, that's just not right!"
LP stuck out her tongue at Sassip.
"Hold on a sec!" said Al triumphantly and poofed out of the pad.
*Back in Peters Mind*
"Now where is it.... I know it's in here somewhere..." Al rummaged through her pad looking desperately for something.
*Back in the Monkees Pad*
"People come and go in such a hurry around this place!" said LP, a little hurt, mostly because MT was squishing her and she wasn't used to being squished.
"Yeah," Said Davy, from where he sat on top of Sassip, "We learned the hard way that fading can be bad..."
MT stood up and began running around the room yelling at the top of his lungs and giggling.
"How exactly did you turn out so quiet, if you're HIS figment?" Sassip asked LP as she punted MT yet again.
"He has a weird mind..." Said LP, getting up and avoiding Sassip's flippers. "Um, I'm not very good at this, but hold on a sec." LP concentrated really hard on the image of a chocolate chip cookie.
A large Hershey's Kiss fell from the sky and landed on Micky who had chosen that moment to roll out from under the couch.
"Oops..." LP hid behind Peter, who didn't really seem to be doing anything just then.
"Ughmgrumph!" Said Micky, arms flailing from under the chocolate.
Mike went over to him and heaved the Hershey's Kiss off of him with a grunt. "Whatya say?" He asked, bending over to Micky's level.
"I said," Micky inhaled deeply, "Would everyone PLEASE STOP DROPPING THINGS ON ME!!!!"
"No need to get violent," Davy said, sliding off of Sassip and looking at the Hershey Kiss.
"It was a noble effort anyhow."
Micky glared at everyone and went off to sulk in the corner, where hopefully he wouldn't be bombarded with rather heavy objects any longer.
LP emerged from behind Peter and whimpered.

Just then Al reappeared in the Pad with a *Poof* and exclaimed "Found it!"
Then she noticed the chocolate thing.
"OMIGOSH!" said Al and leaped on it. She began cramming her face with chocolate.
"And they called *ME* Cakeface!" Davy snickered.
"Oh man I can see her getting fatter by the second!" said Micky.
"MICKY!" said Al in horror.
"Oh.... Al's horror!" said Sassip and ran around scaredly.
"Sowweeee..." said Micky shamefully.
"Aww he's SO CUTE!" said Al.
"No, that's my line!" said Davy huffily.
"Oh, sorry Davy." said Al. "All yours!"
"He's SOOOO cute!..." said Davy, then thought about it. "No no that's not what I meant!"
"Oh.. well what?" asked Al.
"I meant... you're supposed to say I'M cute, not Micky!" said Davy.
"Oh, well you are cute but right now he's cute so lay off!" said Al.
Davy started to mope.
"Oh, he's SOOOO cute! I'm soweeee!" said Al.
"Ugh!" said Sassip. "Will you all just grow UP!?"
"Anyway, what was it you found Al?" asked Peter.
"Oh, yes, this potion here." said Al.
"What does it do?" asked Micky.
"I have no clue..." said Al.
"WHAT!?" said everyone.
"Well, LP the author made it up I didn't!" said Al.
"Actually, I didn't." said LP the author.
"Quiet you! You were getting to it and now I'm stuck!" said Al the author.
"Well, make something up sheesh!" said LP the author.
"I hate you!" said Al the author mopily.
"AW SHE'S SO... ugly." said Micky.
"MICKY!" shouted Al.
"SOWWEEE!" Micky shouted and looked scared.

"ANYWAY," said Al. "This potion.. uh.. it uh.... makes LP go bye byes MWAHHAHA!"
"YEEEEESSSSSSS!" shouted Al evilly.
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted MT.
"Oh get off MT..." said Al.
"NOOOOOOOO" shouted Micky.
"Why did you do that?" said Davy.
"I dunno.. Oh do you have poundcake there Davy gimme!" said Micky.
Al ran around trying to spill the potion on LP.
She got tired cause she was horribly out of shape.
"FINE you can stay. But only til BT gets back." Al huffed.
"YAY!" said LP and MT.
"Quiet you!" said Sassip and punted them both into Mike.
"MEEE?!" shouted Mike and ducked just in the nick of time.
"Darn!" said Sassip and then her face lit up. She bounded over to LP.

"LOOOK! I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THE BESTEST THING IN THE WORLD!" she cried happily and stuffed LP into her pouch.
"MMMMBBBFFFF!" said LP kicking around in there.
"Innit fun?!" said Sassip, laying down normally.
LP shrieked.
"FINE!" said Sassip and let her out and then punted her.
"Man that was mean Sassip!" said Al.
"I thought you hated her!" said Sassip.
"Nah, I just dun like figmental competition." said Al.
"Well then why do you let that BT thing out?" asked Micky.
"She's a boofer, haven't you learned anything yet?" Al looked at Micky funnily.
"Yes marm..." said Micky, scuffing his shoe.

"Okay," said LP, from where she lay, upside down against the wall, "lemme see if I got this straight. Micky cried NOOO when Al tried to pour the eee-vil potion on me, thank you Mick. Sassip is mad at me cause I didn't like being smooshed in her pouch. Al lets BT out cause she's a boofer, does this mean I'm not? And Al doesn't like other figmentytypepeople around cause they are competition. Well since I tried to make a simple cookie and crushed Micky with chocolate instead I would say that hardly qualifies as competition!" LP picked herself up off the floor and brushed down her clothes. "And now I'm all dirty to boot."
"Don't complain so much, we said you could stay," said Sassip grumpily.
"I'm not complaining, I'm stating the obvious," LP whined.
"Lemmyade Pop is gonna STAAAAAAAAAAAY!!" cried out MT.
"And he is stating the obvious too," said LP.
"And so are you again..." said Micky.
"Look, this isn't gettin us anywhere," Mike said.
LP grinned evilly, "I wanna play!" She said, doing a very good MT impersonation.
"NO!" cried almost everyone in unison.
"Why not?" LP asked innocently, but still grinning that evil grin and walking ever so much closer to Micky, who now had the most horrified look on his face.
"Oh nononononononononono!" cried Micky, "You just stay away, I was just beggining to enjoy not having someone wrapped around my ankles every second when you showed up."
"Now who said anything about your ankles?" asked LP, the grin widening.
Al stepped between them, "BT is NOT gonna be happy about this," she stated the obvious.
LP sighed, "Okay, okay, I'll be good."
"I somehow doubt that..." muttered Davy.
"I HEARD THAT!" screeched LP, jumping on his back and tickling him.
Davy giggled, "Don't do that."
Sassip plucked LP off and threw her across the room.
LP looked up from where she lay upside down against the wall once again, "Why don't I just save everyone the trouble and stay like this?"
Al, Micky, Davy, and Peter giggled. Sassip, and Mike just ignored her. And MT turned his head upside down and looked at her, "Lemmyade Pop okay?" he asked concerned.
LP reached out and tickled him till he fell over giggling.
Al was pondering something.
"What?" everyone inquired.
"Nothing." said Al and stopped pondering.
"Ooooookay that was pointless." said Sassip.
"Well, what kind of dumb name is Lemmyade Pop?" asked Al.
"I like it!" said LP hurt.
"Yeh you would." said Mike.
"Hey that's my line!" said Sassip.
Mike looked at Sassip oddly. "Not really..."
Sassip tried to punt him but Mike was getting good.
"WAAHh!" she cried.

"So anyway..." said Al.
"I like Lemmyade Pops," said MT.
Al looked at him oddly. "Are there MORE of her?"
But LP popped up some lemonadepops and they both ate them happily.
"Okay then..." said Al warily. She was getting annoyed with all these other figments popping up. And the disappearance of BT. After all, these WERE the Al and BT Chronicles and not the Figments of anybody who wants one Chronicles.
"Okay, well fine. But once BT comes back you're out of here. K?" said Al.
"And no hanging on me or playing with my hair or anything!" said Micky freaking.
"And no BFPL either!" said Mike.
"And more lemmyade pops!" said MT giggling and falling over.
"No, you'll spoil your dinner!" said Peter.
"What's for dinner?" asked LP.
"Pudding," said Peter.
"Oh..." said LP scratching her head.
And then Sassip decided this story was getting dumb.
"POUCH TIME!" she shouted and scooped everyone up into her pouch except Davy who was on her head.

The End.

Next Issue: Some foopy weird Al type thing mwahahaha.

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