Al And The Thing That Is The Thing

Al sighed after LP left for a while.
"She's bound to be back.." she thought to herself.
"I know.." said Micky, shuddering.
"Hey! What did I tell you about reading my thoughts?!" Al asked him.
"Oh, sorry Al. I was just.."
"Oh man you're always "just" doing something." said Al.
"Yeh? So? What's your point?" asked Mike.
"I dunno."
"Okay then." said Micky and looked around for a BPFL. "The only problem about BT not being around is the apparent lack of BPFLs."
Everyone stared at him funnily.
"What!?" he asked.
"Ugh.." and they all went off to do other stuff.
Sassip was contemplating turning Al little again but thought that all the attention was on her and that Micky actually liked her that way a lot so she punted Micky.
"WAAAHHHHH!!" shouted Micky. "What did you do that for?!"
Sassip chuckled evilly. "Can't you read thoughts?"
"No, just Al's for some reason, and occasionally the Authors'." said Micky making a face.
"Why Al?" said Sassip curiously.
"I don't know. We were reading a book one time and I told her it was the wrong word and she said 'Don't read my thoughts' but then she started.."
"I don't care anymore." Sassip yawned and went to sleep.
Micky muttered stuff about her under his breath and got punted again.
"UGH" he sighed and walked off to find MT.
"Why are you going to look for MT?" asked Davy.
"Are YOU reading my thoughts?" asked Micky.
"No, I read the last line up there that said you walked off to find MT." said Davy.
"Oh, well I dunno I'm bored."
"I thought you hated MT when Kiddie Al wasn't around."
"No, I like him now." said Micky and tra la la ed off to find MT.
"Oh..." said Davy, shrugged and walked over to the kitchen to find some grub.

Then he banged his head when Sassip turned over in her sleep and whacked him into the cabinet.
"Ugh.." he said and went unconscious.
Five hours later someone walked into the kitchen and tripped on him. It was Peter.
"OH! Davy! Are you okay? What happened?" asked Peter.
"Wha?" Davy said and looked around weakly.
"Yooohooo.. Davy?" asked Peter, waving a hand in front of his eyes.
"OH!" said Davy and ran up and started nuzzling Sassip with his cheek. Peter looked at him funnily.
"What are you DOING?!" he shrieked in horror.
Sassip woke up. "Oh no! Someone is horror!" she shouted and looked around bewilderdly. "Oh, Davy, what are you doing?" asked Sassip.
Davy looked at her. "I'm nuzzling you!" he said happily.
Sassip looked confused. "Uh, okay." she said and sat there and let him nuzzle her cause he scared her.

Al and Mike walked in. They had been jumping on the beds, but Mike had hit his head hard so they decided to stop.
"What's up with Davy?" Mike asked.
"I dunno, he's nuzzling Sassip." said Peter.
"OH ME!" said MT and ran over and did it too.
"Help!" Sassip said.
"MT? What are you doing?" said Micky who had popped back in with MT.
"I love Sassssip!" he crooned.
"Oh gosh help help!" said Sassip remaining very still.
"Davy what ARE you doing?" asked Al.
"I'm nuzzlin' Sassip!" he said happily.
"WHY?" asked Al.
"Cause I'm her sea monster sweetums honey thing!" he said, and looked at everyone oddly.
"No you're not a sea monster!" everyone shouted, except MT.
"Sure I am!" said Davy.
"Prove it!" said Micky.
Davy flipped around on the ground on all fours.
"What's he doin'?" Micky whispered to Al.
"I dunno, can't you read my thoughts?" she said sarcastically.
"Yeh." Micky said and smiled dumbly.
"Ugh!" said Al and went to stand with Mike.
"What!?" asked Micky.
"I was being sarcastic and.. Oh forget it.." Al sighed.
"Oh." said Micky.
"Hey, I just noticed something!" said Mike, suddenly.
"What?!?!?!" everyone asked.
"Al the author doesn't use proper punctuation when quoting people! BWAHAHAHA!" said Mike hysterically.
"So!?" said Al the author.
"Well you ARE an English Major." said Mike.
"Yeh? So?" said Al the author.
"Oh well.. er.. I just thought.. uh.. nevermind." said Mike.
"Shut up Mike, I already knew that anyway." said Al the author, sticking Mike back into the story.

"Hey, this is about DAVY!" shouted Sassip.
"Riiiight!" said everyone.
Davy was still flipping around in the middle of the room.
"What happened to you man?" asked Mike.
"Um I dunno, but man, I'm gonna marry Sassip and we're gonna have tons of little sea monster kids!" said Davy happily.
Sassip looked bewildered and Al and Mike and Peter all looked at each other.
Micky was trying futilely to read Al's thoughts.
"I usually can, really!" he said, trying hard.
"Micky, knock it off!" thought Al loudly.
Micky fell over backwards from the force of it. "Allllright gotcha Al man yeh!" he said.
Mike looked at Al oddly.
"WHAT!?" Al said looking at him.
Mike shrugged.
"Davy hit his head!" said Peter.
"How'd you know that Peter?" asked Al.
"Well, he has a big lump on his head and he was lying on the floor all unconscious like when I came in."
"WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT BEFORE!?" everyone shouted.
Except MT who was still nuzzling Sassip.
"Get orff!" she shouted and punted him into Mike.
"WHY ME!? HIT DAVY!" shouted Mike.
"No no that's another part of the plot." said Peter.
"How.. oh never mind." said Davy, giggling.
"Well at least he's sorta still the same.." said Al.
"Yeh. Sassip what did you do to him?" asked Mike.
"ME!? Nuttin'! I just rolled over and hit something in my sleep but its okay cause punting is fun!" she said gleefully.
"Well I guess you hit Davy." said Peter.
"Al Al! Turn him into a real sea monster and we can have a ton of sea monster kids!" said Sassip excitedly.
"NO!" said Al.
"You're just mad cause he doesn't like you anymore!" said Sassip.
"Yeh, what's it to you? I mean NO, Davy's not sposed to be a sea monster!" said Al.
"Yeh yeh he's a cute sea monster.." said Sassip dreamily.
"Ugh.." said everyone.

"Well, um, Davy, you really have to..." started Mike.
"Get back to normal..." finished Micky.
Al went to sit in the corner and think.
Micky and Mike looked at Peter and MT.
"They won't be any help." they both agreed and began thinking as well.
They took Davy aside and tried reasoning with him and begging him and pleading and threatening.
"Its not working.." said Micky tiredly.
"Yeh, we've been at it for 8 hours." said Mike.
Sassip giggled evilly.
"You did it?" asked MT innocently.
Sassip looked apalled. "NO!" she said.
"Sure..." said everyone looking at her suspiciously.
"Besides, how would I know he would turn into a sea monster?" she said.
"He didn't, he just THINKS he is." said Al.
"Well still. If he wants to be you should let him!" said Sassip.
"Nope.." said Al.
"Ah yer just jealous!" said Sassip.
"Fine!" said Al sticking out her tongue.
"Davyyy!?" said Mike and Micky as Davy suddenly turned into a sea monster and squished the chair.
"UGH! That was a good chair!" said Peter.
"Wow he's short!" said Sassip.
"Huh?" said Davy flipping around confusedly.
Everyone giggled.

"Okay, out!" said Al and poofed everyone outside. "Two is too many sea monsters!"
"WHAT!?" everyone asked.
"Uh, nevermind. Too squished in thar with two sea monsters."
Davy flipped around confusedly. "Hmm, I'm bigger!" he said.
"Nah you're short!" said Sassip nuzzling him.
"EEK!" said Davy.
"What's up with you? I thought you wanted to be a sea monster!" said Sassip.
"But I was and now I'm a giant lizard thing!" he said in horror.
"EEK! Davy is horror!" said Sassip and ran around crazily.
She recovered presently. "Heeeyyy what do you think a sea monster IS?"
"Uh, whatever I was before!" said Davy.
"Man is he whacked out of his head!" said Mike.
"Yup." said Micky.
"Yupppp" said MT giggling.
"Ugh." said Al.
"What?" said MT.
"Uh.. nuttin honey!" said Al grinning stupidly.
MT was scared and ran away.
Davy was running away from Sassip.
"Eeeeekkk!" he was saying.
"But but but but I am confused!" said Sassip. She was highly frustrated so she punted Davy into the pad. Davy banged his head on the roof.
"Ugh!" he said and fell unconscious.
"Uh oh!" said Al.
Davy woke up and shrieked.
"ARGH! I'm a sea monster!"
Sassip looked hurt.
"Uh, no offense Sassip, but I'm sposed to be a person!" he said.
"But you said you were supposed to be a sea monster!" said Sassip.
"What?" Davy said, getting up and flipping around awkwardly.
"Oh well!" said Al mischeviously and turned him back into a person.
"YAY!" said Davy and ran up and hugged Sassip.
"Oh well!" said Sassip and flipped around happily.
Mike, Micky, Al and Peter all giggled at the weirdness of it all.
MT was eating a lemonade pop that no one knew where he got it from.

The End.

Next Issue: Some foopy weird thing with crystals in it so it's all shiny. WHEE.

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