Mike And Micky And The Thingy

One day Mike and Micky were tra la la ing around somewhere in a park somewhere when they noticed they were in a nondescript story.
"Oh man not AGAIN!" said Mike.
"Oh well." said Micky and tra la la ed around some more.
"Man are you dumb!" said Mike.
"Huh?" said Micky.
"Oh, sorry, thought you were Peter or BT for a sec." said Mike making a dumb face at Micky.
"WHAT!? BT!? WHERE?!" said Micky. He ran around wildly for half an hour until he tripped on something shiny.
"What is it?" he asked.
Mike casually followed him.
"What is it?" he asked.
"I just asked that!" said Micky.
"Oh sorry. Well?" said Mile.
"I just said "What is it?" so how am I sposed to know what it is?" said Micky.
"Sorry. Well let's see. It looks shiny." said Mine.
"Hey, did you notice the author keeps mispelling your name?" asked Micky.
"Yes, I tend to ignore her because she's a boofer." said Mike.
"Oh, she spelled your name right again!" said Micky.
"Hey! Stop talking about me and get orn with it already!" said the Author.
"Anyway, yeh, its shiny. She already mentioned it up there." said Micky.
"Well la de da Micky." said Mike huffily.
"What?" said Micky, following Mike who had the crystal.
"Oh, its a crystal now!" said Micky.
"I know I can read!" said Mike.
"So what do you think its worth?" said Micky.
"I dunno."
"Let's get it appraised!"
So they did and it wasn't worth a bean.
"Aw man I could have used that bean too!" said Micky.
"You would." said Mike, and threw it away.
"But its SHINY!" Micky shrieked and ran after it.
They ended up back at the pad and Al was reading a book.

"Oooh!" said Micky and started reading it over her head.
"Oh not again!" said Al and got up.
"Hey, whassat?" said MT, pointing at the crystal.
"Its a crystal, innit shiny?"
"MINE!" said MT.
"No nononono..." said Micky.
"Lemme see that..." said Al.
She grabbed it from Micky who made a pouty face.
"Stuff it.... ooh.. well.. it looks weird." said Al.
Mike poked it and it fell and cracked into 5 perfect pieces.
"Weird!" said Al staring at them.
Peter came over and scooped them all up.
Suddenly Peter began to glow faintly.
"OMIGOSH!" said Al and leaped backwards.
"Wow I feel weird!" said Peter. He zapped Al.
Mike and Micky took a piece of the crystal. They began to glow faintly too.
"Oooh I think its magical!" said Micky.
Davy grabbed one as well and began to look at it.
"Ey, there's a small hole at the top of each crystal!" he said, picking up the 5th piece and looking at them both.
"So?" said Mike, zapping Micky and giggling.
"I bet..." said Davy and he went and got a thin gold chain, which he threaded through the crystal. He then put it on.
"Ey, look guys!" he said, "No hands!"
"Oh, wow!" said Micky, grabbing some dental floss and stringing his up and around his neck.
"Mmmm minty!"
Mike shrugged and grabbed some blue thread, and MT grabbed the 5th piece from Davy while Peter got some string.
MT was having fun zapping Sassip. Sassip got angry and punted him.
"WHEEE!" he shouted and landed on Mike and Micky.
"ARGH!" said Mike, and suddenly MT began to glow and levitated off of them.
"WOW!" said Micky and Peter.
Al was watching all this with much interest.
"What else can you guys do?" she asked.
They tried different things but only seemed to be able to levitate themselves and zap people.

"Weird crystal!" said MT happily.
"Ooh I wonder..." said Micky. He formed a forcefield around himself. "Hey, Al, try attacking me like BT." he said.
Al looked skeptical. "Uh...."
"Oh just do it!" said Micky.
Al shrugged and leaped at Micky but got thrown backwards.
"Ouch." said Al.
"Ehehe this is neat!" said Micky.
Davy was floating a freaked out Sassip around.
"DAVY STOPPP!" she shrieked.
"Oh, sorry Sassip." he said and put her down.
"So.. we can repel figments, zap people and levitate things." said Micky.
"Looks like." said Al.
"It seems as these things are mostly for defense." said Mike, fingering his.
"SHINY!" said MT.
"Can I see that MT?" said Al. She carefully took MT's from him and strung an odd purple string through it. She put it on and instantly blew up. MT picked up the crystal and giggled.
"Aaaaallll funny!" he cooed happily.
Al resolidified after the crystal was gone.
"Ah.. it seems... as if.. ergh... figments can't use them..." said Al and fell over.
"Well that's weird." said Peter.
"Yeh, I probably could figure it out but it hurts alot! I think it magnifies powers if you already have them..." said Al, rubbing her head.
"Oh!" said Davy and made a huge milk waterfall.
"DAVY TURN IT OFF!" said Al.
Davy did and there was milk waist high.
Peter waded over and opened the door. All the milk left obligingly.

"Oh well! So now we have powers too!" said Peter happily.
"Yeh, but I think they should be best used as defense only, since that's what they seem to be for." said Mike.
"Hey, I can dig it!" said Micky, grinning happily.
Then his forcefield began to fizzle and crack.
"Oh, its hard to keep up..." he said.
"Ah, there's the catch." said Al, rubbing the remaining ash from herself. "It seems as if it can only be used in short bursts. I reccommend you don't go around zapping people alot..."
Micky tried to make another forcefield but his crystal had grown dimmer.
"Oh I see.." he said, looking at it.
"SHINY!" said MT.
"Uh, I'd better hold that for you..." said Al trying to take it from MT.
"OUCH!" said Al as she got zapped.
"Here Aaaalll!" said MT handing the crystal to her.
"Thaaannnnkksss..." she stuttered, popped out and came back with a fake crystal.
"We'll give MT his when he gets older..." said Al.
"Oh, good idea!" said Sassip evilly.
"Don't even think about it!" said Micky and zapped her.
"AGK!" said Sassip and growled at him.

So the Monkees all hid their crystals inside their shirts and went about their normal business as usual.
"Micky! Get your own book!" said Al.
"Its more fun bothering you!" said Micky evilly.
"Daaavvyyy!" said Sassip.
"SASSSIIPPP!" said Davy.
"Guys, where's the rootbeer?" said Peter.
"I'm going to go water the sparkplug." said Mike.

The End.

Next Issue: Micky is a sandwich and Al has power problems and oh crimeny it's just a mess.

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