A Filament Of My Imagitation

Micky walked into the bedroom.
"Hey, Pete man! Wake up! It's time to go to the gig!"

Peter looked up sheepishly.
"Um... Micky.. I don't feel so good.... Ugh.." he said as he quickly ran to the bathroom.
"Peter! Are you fooling around again? I know you don't like the songs we're performing but come on!"
"It's not that Micky! I'm really sick!" Peter said from behind the bathroom door.

Micky sighed and walked down to where Davy and Mike were getting the instruments ready.
"Pete can't go, guys! He's really sick! What are we going to do? We can't perform without him!"

Mike looked up. He didn't seem surprised.
"Man. That is a major drag! Oh well. We can't perform without him, and we can't leave him here, so I guess we're stuck playing nursemaid." Davy looked up from polishing his tambourine. Micky looked at him incredulously.

"What!? You polish your drums!" Davy said. "Anyway, I guess we have to stay behind." Davy picked up the phone that appeared as if from nowhere and called the play where they were to have the gig.
"Yes.. yes that is correct. No we can't make it. Pete's sick. yes we're sorry too!" Davy hung up and sighed. "Man, that was $50! Oh well. Maybe we should see if he needs anything."
"Yeah, let's go check on him," Micky said, starting upstairs. Davy followed.

Mike said, "Well, I'm going to go see how the sink is."
Davy turned around. "What, is it leakin' again?"
"No, it's just, you know, sinks need some checkin' up on once in awhile...gotta watch the darn things every minute."
Davy glanced at Micky, who shrugged, and they continued upstairs while Mike went and checked the sink.

"Hey, Peter?" Micky said, poking his head into the room. "We should prob'ly take your temperature, just to be on the safe side."
"100�," announced a female voice.
"Huh?" Micky & Davy said, startled.

"A hundred degrees," said the girl who materialized on the edge of the bed suddenly.
"Look!! A girl, who materialized!" said Davy.
"On the edge of the bed, suddenly!" Micky exclaimed.
"Oh, stop being redundant! Do we have any aspirin?"
Davy just stared hard at the girl and did the ole twinkle eye routine.
"Um, aspirin, buddy! Aspirin! You're friend Peter here's really sick!" cried the girl in a no-nonsense voice.

Suddenly another slightly younger girl appeared in the closet. Of course, no one knew until they heard her making a racket.
"HEY! LET ME OUTTA HERE!" she shrieked. "You'd better get the door." the girl on the bed announced. Micky scooted over and opened it. Out walked the girl.

"Oh Al! How did YOU get to materialize on the bed and I had to materialize in the closet! You ALWAYS get to materialize on the bed!"
"Shush, BT!!" Al exclaimed. "Peter's trying to sleep!"
"Oh, yeah!" said BT, promptly jumping into Micky's arms.
"Well hello there.. uh.. BT is it?" said Micky.
"MICKY! She's like 14 or something man!" Davy cried.
"Thirteen." said BT. But she didn't let that stop Micky at all.
BT hopped down and affixed herself to Micky's leg.
Micky glanced around nervously, smiling goofily, and wishing he could move.

Davy walked over to Al, totally entranced by the sparklies.
"Do we have any aspirin?" Al asked for the forty-seventh time.
Davy opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly they heard a shriek from downstairs.
"What was that?" BT said, still attached to Micky.
"It must be Mike," said Micky, who took one step towards the door and fell down because he couldn't move.

"Could you get off me?"
"Could I what?"
"Aw, never mind."

Micky dragged her down the stairs laboriously, and at the bottom yelled exasperatedly, "Mike?"
"Man, I just dropped my hat in the drain!"
"You did WHAT?"
"I dropped my green hat in the drain!" Mike said, walking in. "Hey, uh, who's the chick on your leg? Doesn't Davy usually get those?"

"ASPIRIN ASPIRIN!" came a frenzied voice from upstairs.
"WHAT THE..." shouted Mike and Micky in unison. BT looked calm as ever. "That's just Al. You see, when Peter's fever gets higher, she gets colder. Dunno why. Sometimes she turns into a person plank."
Micky and Mike looked at her like she had three heads. She did indeed have three heads. But just for a sec. They rubbed their eyes and she was back to normal.

Davy came down the steps carrying the Al plank. "Uh, I think this is what she means by a person plank. She's frozen solid!"
"GET PETER SOME ASPIRIN QUICK!" Al muttered through frozen lips.

Mike, Davy, & Micky started running around frantically, looking in inane places for aspirin. Micky just sort of kept falling over.
"BT," he said, irritated, but trying to sound nice, "could you puh-leeeease get off my leg?"
BT responded with her worst sad puppy face.
Micky sighed and said "BT...pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?" and made the sad puppy face back.
BT giggled and climbed up on Micky's head.
"Arrrggghhh," said Micky, following Mike & Davy around again.

"Mike?" said Davy.
"Davy?" said Micky.
"Micky?" said Mike.
"The aspirin is upstairs," they all said at once, and ran up to the bathroom quickly.

Suddenly the pad turned into a tropical rainforest.
"Oh geeez" muttered Al from Davy's shoulder. "Best find that aspirin quickly!"
"What you mean?!" Davy asked. "Where DID you guys come from and how do you know this and why are you a frozen person plank and..."

"WHOA!" Al yelled. "One question at a time, thank you! Now... We are figments of Peter's imagination. We usually don't physically appear, but for some reason his fever is really weird or bad or something today and I guess that's why we are here. By the way, Micky, BT has a HUGE crush on you!"
BT made the worst face and smacked Al on the face.
"OWOWOWOWOW! Anyway. If Peter gets too hot, fever wise, I freeze, and if Peter gets too cool, BT heats up. It's a weird side effect. He's very.. nutty! Anyway, I am guessing your pad has changed for the same reasons we popped in here for real."

BT looked hurt and kept sticking Al with a paperclip she found.
Davy, Micky and Mike looked worried.
"Let's find that aspirin!" they all said in unison and scrambled about to find it amidst the jungle.
Mike looked pouty. "I want my hat!"
"We'll get it later, c'mon!" Davy said, dashing upstairs and into the bathroom.

He flung open the medicine cabinet...but there wasn't any aspirin, there was a giant eye.
"AAAAAAAAAGGGHH!" Davy shrieked and backed away down the stairs.
"Davy? Davy, what's wrong, man?" Micky said, still immobile due to BT having covered his eyes.
"My hand's stuck in the drainpipe!" Mike said through a muffled voice.

Micky pried BT off his head.
"Look...if I promise to sing you a song...will you stay off me?"
Sad puppy face.
Micky sighed and went to find Mike. "Mike, what are- Man, what happened to YOU?"
The kitchen cabinet was open, and Mike was half in & half out of it.
"My hand'f muck inn drain, buff I goff my haft wif my teef."

Davy was still freaking over the eye and dropped Al down the steps.
"DAVY OWOWOWOWOWOWOWW oooh.." she yelled and banged into a chair.
"JUST GET ASPIRIN!" she cried painfully as he tried to pick her up.
Davy ran around frantically and smacked into Micky who smacked into Mike who got his hand and hat free at last.
"WOOOHOOO!" he cried.

"I really don't wanna be a bore, but GET PETER SOME ASPIRIN BEFORE I DIE!" Al screamed, barely able to contain herself any longer.
Finally they found some aspirin amid a giant ficus tree and gave it to Peter.
"Wow, thanks guys. I needed that." he said. He looked around a bit.
"Oh! Al, BT, you've come by. Why don't you go have some tea and...."
"Ssshhh he's falling asleep again," whispered Al.
"Uh-oh." said BT as she began feeling a little hot.

"Oh, no," Al said, and, grabbing a blanket, covered Peter up.
"What's wrong?" Micky said.
"Remember the other side effect? It's like the reverse of mine - if Peter gets too cold, she gets too hot."
"I thought that if BT got cold, then you froze & Peter got sick," said Micky.
"No, if we all get sick, then BT & Al disappear," said Davy, "you've got it all wrong."
"No, if we ALL got sick then Al would melt & BT wouldn't exist, and-"

Mike blew a shiny cop whistle.

"O-kay! What we need right now is a situation analysis. Our pad is a giant rainforest, except for the plumbing, which is somehow intact - we'll worry about that later.
"I have my hat. This is good. Peter is sick, and he's getting colder, and that means BT is getting hotter, and so-"
BT closed her eyes and fell off Micky's head.
"Oh, man!" Al & Davy said at the same time.

"What?" said Micky, turning around, then sighing in relief. "Finally."
"Mickyyy, be nice - she doesn't look so good," Mike said.
"Al, would aspirin work?" Davy asked.
"Nope." Al sighed. "We need more blankets! His fever is going down, which is good for me.. but he's getting the chills.. which is bad for BT!"

Davy and Micky grabbed some blankets and threw them on Peter, and Al made sure he was thoroughly covered.
"There, that oughta do it!" she said. "He should warm up in a few minutes, and hopefully BT will be back to normal."
Davy continued to follow Al around. She wasn't very pretty but the fact that she wasn't interested in him much at all (or so it seemed) intrigued him.
"Davy!" Mike said, batting his sparkles away. "Quit following Al that way she's trying to take care of Peter!"

BT woke up from the floor on which she was currently lying, and spazzed.
She started running around in circles and shrieking "Foop!"
Davy & Al surveyed her behavior with curiosity.
"Is this always what happens when she wakes up?"
"Not usually."

Suddenly, BT stopped, went downstairs, and turning the kitchen sink on, stuck her head under the faucet. "Aaahhh...AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! MIIIIIIIIKE MICKYDAVYALMIIIIIKKESOMEBODYYYYY THERE'S A THING IN THE FAUCET EUURGGHHHH!!!"
"What?!" everyone shrieked, and fell over everybody else trying to get what used to be the kitchen, but was now more rainforest.
"The sink turned into a plant or something and I'm stuuuuuck!"
Al sighed. "What's with everyone getting stuck in the plumbing??"
Everyone ignored her and scooted down to see what had BT. It turned out to be a Venus Flytrap. BT's legs were sticking out, water was running everywhere and the plant had her pretty good.

"GET ME OUTTA HERE!" she screamed through the water and the plant. Al sighed and stepped up to the plant. Oddly a feather popped into her hand as if from out of nowhere.
"Cutchy coo!" she said and tickled the plant.
"ACHOOO!" went the plant and out tumbled BT.
"BT! You KNOW better than to go near one of Peter's Man Eating Faucets! Sheesh!" Al scolded BT.

Suddenly the staircase became a waterfall, and the upstairs a river. Peter's bed floated out the bedroom, down the steps and out he door.
"HEY! PETER! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?" screamed Micky.
"Yeh! Wait for us Peter!" Davy shrieked.
Everyone ran out the door...Mike, followed by Al who was of course followed by Davy, and Micky who tried to make a break for it but was caught by BT who perched herself on his shoulders and said "GO!" He did.

"Peter!!" "Peter!" "Hey, Peter, man!"
"Aw, you don't think he's still asleep..." said Mike warily.
"Oh, gosh I hope not, this just keeps getting weirder," BT said.
Finally, everyone had to stop running for a bit.
"Does anybody see P-"
"HEY!! He's over there!" shrieked BT, who at the time was the tallest. Mike, Al & Micky looked in the direction she was pointing, and dashed off.

Davy jumped up and down, but to no avail, he was of course too short. He took off after everybody else and said "Hey, where's Peter? I don't see 'im! Hey, wait!"
Al was right behind Davy being an inch shorter.
"HEY YOU! DOWN IN FRONT!" she yelled at him.
Al jumped up on BT and rode around on her shoulders.
"FOLLOW THAT BED!" she said.

Peter continued to float down the street. As soon as he passed, the city changed into jungle.
"WHAT THE..!!" cried everyone in unison.
"We've got to stop him!" cried Davy.
Micky was wallowing in the mud. Suddenly he turned into a big pig.

"AHHH! MICKY!" cried BT and sheepishly hugged him.
Al turned into a big purple dragon and BT turned into a little baby purple dragon.
"Hmmmm..." they said quizzically.
Mike stayed the same and was rather annoyed.
Davy turned into a hare. "Ah! You must be Joking!" he cried.
"Hey everyone! Hop on!" said Al. Everyone clambered aboard and they were soon on their way. Unfortunately, as they were flying down over the middle of the stream, they all turned back to normal and plummeted into the river.

"OOOOKAY! Now THIS is getting weird!" exclaimed Davy.
"What do you mean NOW?" Micky exclaimed. "It got weird when these two chicks popped in!"
Suddenly BT began blubbering. "Hellllp! I can't Swwwiiimmmm!"
"Oh man you are such a BOOF BT!" cried Al, floating around in the water.
Micky sighed and rescued her, and she clung to him (for purposes other than dear life) and exclaimed "MICKY MY HEEEERRROOOOOO!!" and planted a big wet one on him.

Micky was very very very tempted to simply fling her into the water as far as he could and start swimming away...but something told him not to. It was Al.
"Micky...hand her over..."
Al pried BT off Micky with some difficulty, & stuck her to Mike. "Here, you take her - I'm always stuck with her and you haven't had a turn yet."
"Aw, man..."
BT took Mike's hat off and put it on herself. "Teehee."
"Hey, man, gimme my hat!"

"Wait, there's Peter!" said Davy, and started swimming madly to the north. Everyone followed, BT trying to keep Mike's hat from getting wet. It got harder and harder to swim as they went on.
The water started turning purple.
"Uh...Mike? Guys?" Micky said. "Uhhh...is this Peter's imagination going off again? 'Cause I think we're stuck in a giant river of grape jelly."
"WHAT IN UNISON??!!" everyone shrieked. Just them Peter woke up and started guzzling the jelly, which had turned into juice.
"Mmmm that's good! I was just dreaming of grape juice.. and.. *yawn*..."
"Oh man! Peter just went back to sleep again!" cried Mike.
Micky whined, Al looked annoyed and BT grinned. Davy rolled his eyes.
"Why you grinning, BT?" he asked. "Its not funny, really."
"I know. It's just I'm not really getting sticky!" BT giggled.

Mike groaned loudly and dumped her into the juice. Then pulled her out as soon as her cried for help started.
"Hey! That wasn't funny at all!"
But everyone else was laughing.
BT looked extremely annoyed. She grabbed Mike's hat and threw it.
"HEY!!! Don't do that!"
BT quickly jumped back over onto Micky before Mike could get her.

"Look, you're both figments of Peter's imagination," Davy said. "Can't you make him think that the pad is back and we're not in a rainforest or a grape juice river and nobody's a hare or a pig or anything?"
Al looked reluctant and BT looked sad.

"Well we COULD, but then we wouldn't be HERE anymore.... but .. well I guess we'd better." Al said.
"Well I'M not! I'm staying here with Micky!" BT shouted.
"Listen, BT we can visit when Peter takes his afternoon naps! You know how he likes to nap sometimes just for whatever and..."
"NOT GOING!" said BT, nearly strangling Micky. Mike pried her off and put her back in the juice, holding her up so she wouldn't drown.
"FINE! I'll go!" said Al and shut her eyes tight. Every one blinked and she was gone.

BT looked a little lost without Al as they never went anywhere alone, and she couldn't cling to Micky.
But soon the juice turned back into water and started draining into the sewers.
"Well, at least we're clean!" Davy said. Micky nodded, "But we're purple!" he exclaimed.
"Well, a small setback, as we don't have to swim anymore!" Mike said happily.
"Yeh, but I kinda miss Al... she's the only chick that never went totally wild over me... except BT. but uh, she obviously has issues!" Davy said.

Mike and Davy chuckled but Micky wasn't amused.
"Hey that's not funny at all guys!" Micky said as BT was once again clamped to his leg.
"Why not?" Davy said, not quite so innnocently as he might have.
Micky made a weird face, and then said, "Well, she obviously has better taste than girls who fall for certain English midgets."
"HEY!" said Davy.

"Mmmmm guys maybe-don'tcha-think-we-oughta-wake-Peter-up?" Mike said, quickly stepping between the two and putting an arm around each.
"Maybe a good idea," Davy said.
"Would BT disappear?" Micky inquired.
"Umm........" BT shifted uncomfortably. "I don't know, I don't have as much experience as Al does. I'm a more recent figment."
"Recent figment?" everybody said.
"Yep, just thought her up meself I did." said Al.

They all turned around.
"WHAT THE HECK?!" they all shouted and jumped outta their skins.
"Well, I got rid of the grape stuff at least and.. oh.. hehe you're all purple!" Al snickered.
"Oh, stop whinin', BT. You didn't wanna go back remember! Anyway, I got a shower and changed my clothes. Peter's mind is nice and roomy and warm!"

"Look, that's all good and fine but what about the forest?" Davy asked.
"Well, we actually have to wake him up for that. Otherwise it'll just stay here and he'll dream up more things to pop in." Al said. "By the way, we will also disappear if he wakes up, but this fever he has is causing what he dreams to come into the real world, which really just won't do! I've figured out how to come in and out though, so BT, we can visit anytime Peter's asleep!"

BT looked relieved, but didn't seem to like the idea about disappearing for the present.
"Look, BT, you gotta!" said Micky. "I don't wanna live in a jungle.... but you can visit me like Al said!"
BT made a horrible sad puppy face and said, "But I wanna stay!" She jumped up and attached herself to Micky, who made another weird face.

"BT...come on...you can come back!" Al said.
"Yeah, all we gotta do is get Peter to sleep," Davy added.
BT sighed and said, "Oh......um...........well............"
Micky managed to get her off him, backed away, and said, "Pleeeeease?" "Oohhhhhhh okay," said BT.

"Good!" said Al, taking BT by the hand. "Now, BT, close your eyes tight and imagine we are standing in our house and awwaaaayyy we go!"
Just as Al said "go" they were gone as surely as they'd never been there.

Micky, Davy and Mike ran over to Peter, still in his bed, though a bit purplish, and began furiously shaking him.
"Peter! Peter wake up! PETER! PETER! WAKE UP ALREADY! It's US!" they shouted. Slowly the forest and last bits of water began to disappear and Peter opened his eyes.
"Hey guys.. what's up?" he said sleepily and yawned. "Man! I feel better! Uh.. what are we doing in the middle of the street?"
The guys looked up to see a huge truck coming down the road and many passers-by giving them weird looks.
"Uh.. yeh.. uh.. we'd better go home!" they said at once and began wheeling Peter and the bed back to the pad.

When they got back they took Peter's temperature.
"NORMAL!" Mike cried triumphantly.
Peter looked at them oddly.
"Hey, what's wrong with you guys? I had a weird dream.. but... well you were all in it and..."
"Al and BT and a forest and a big river of grape juice right?" Davy pitched in.
"Yeh.. how did you...?" but it was too late because Davy, Micky and Mike had fallen asleep.

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