Laugh Riot

One day after the last stupid mishap, Mike had still not gotten his hat back cause Davy was borrowing it to scoop up chicks by the truckful instead of just the barrelful.
"Davy Davy Davy don't you love me still?" asked Mike with a heart felt sigh.
"OH Mike yes I do its just I wanted to try out your hat cause its fun!" said Davy.
"Oh, yes, that is it m'boy. I have caught many a good chicken with it.." said Mike all starry eyed.
"Oh that boy ain't right in the head..." said Micky and crammed a tubful of mushy oreos into his mouth.
"Oh, that's NASSSSSSSSSSSSSTY!" shouted Sassip and threw a hedgefish at Micky.
"EWWWWWWWWWW" said Micky and giggled. It was then they realized it wasn't Micky but MT.
"OH MY BABY!" said Al and ran around in circles.
"SO where is Micky?" asked Peter.
"Micky is here!" said Micky.
"WHERE is Micky?" said Mike.
"Mike is pleased to be removing his foot from Micky's eye!" said Micky.
"OH!" said Mike and giggled.
"THANK you Foopy Wingboy Flutterfoops!" shouted Micky and stalked off in a huff.
"Hey he used "foop" twice! in one sentence!" shouted Peter and ran after him.

"Hmm hmm Mike didn't capitalize his T in 'twice'." said BT pointedly.
"That was Peter." said Link and zapped her for good measure.
"OUCHCHCHC I didn't *DO* anything!" shouted BT and whined and cried.
"BT WILL STOP CRYING NOW!" shouted Micky from somewhere.
"HUH!?" shouted everyone.
"Oh uh.. BT will be pleased to be pleasing to stop to be.. oh nevermind!" growled Micky and drowned out his woes with o-r-e-o's.
"Why did that spell out like that fishy fishy?!" screeched Sassip and reared up.
"Don't don't!" said Davy, coaxing her outside with his jaunty angled Mike hat.
"MOMMY MOMMY BT SAID POTTYTUSH!" shouted MT and giggled.
"IIIIII DID NOT!" shouted BT and made a face.
"POTTY TUSH!?" shouted Al and fell over.
Just then Mike wandered in to give this story meaning and a reason to live.

"Oh!" he said. He was carrying a large sack of his old molted feathers and a huge bottle of superglue.
"What's Mike doing?" asked Al.
"Mike is pleased to be gluing his feathers back on." said Micky.
"How did YOU know that!?" asked Peter.
"I just did. Please to be sticking your nose out of Micky's business." said Micky.
"Huh.." said Al and stared.
"MT is pleased to be pleasing Mommy with breffast serals!" shouted MT with glee and crammed 50 boxes down a shocked Al's throat.
"Agack!" she stuttered and fell over again.
"Micky is pleased to be announcing that he is irate at the fact that Al is always on the floor in this story yet." said Micky in a pained tone and exited the building.
"Well that was odd!" said Peter and jotted it down for posterity.
Anyway, back to Mike...

"Yo ho ho and bottle of glue, I stick on four and I stick on two
You can't stick on more than the glue
Cause they just

That's what he was singing.
"Um....... Mike?" said Peter.
"YO ho ho ho?" said Mike interrupting his song.
"WHAT are you DOING and why are you singing?!?!?!?!?" shouted Peter. Al fell over again (Micky was pleased to be knowing when she picked herself up but anyway) and BT snigged in hilarity because she thought Mike was a hamster.

"Yo ho ho and I stick on glue, if I stick on anymore I think I'll spew
You can't stick on more than the gluuueeee
Cause they just

Mike kept on singing and singing and slightly changing the song because he just couldn't recall it because his hair was int he way or something we don't know why.
"Someone could inform me why MICKY is being so strange." said Al staring at him.
"Oh." said Micky and that was all. Just that. One syllable. Just one. Not two. Not four. Just *ONE*.
"Awww one?" said MT.
I SAID ONE! Anyway.
So Mike kept singing:

"Forty seven bottles of glue on the wallll
Forty seven bottles of gluuueeeeeeee
Take one down and stick things aroundddd

Seventy-five bottles of glue on the walllll!"

"He sounds liek he's drunk on Coral wine!" shouted Sassip and ran in on the verge of horror.
"Oh no no you know what happens! Crabby things stick to you!" shouted Davy and ran in after her.
"Oh look, Sassip ran down the hill and Davy came tumbling aftteeerrr!" shouted MT.
"No that was Jack and Jill." said Al.
"WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?" shouted MT and giggled so hard that he grew a dandelion on top of his head.
"Well, flowers are much better than icky icky antlers." said BT under hear breath.
"MICKY HEARD THAT AND PLEASE TO BE LEAVING MICKY'S ANTLERS ALONE!" Micky spazzed as he was punted out of the pad.
"Oh oh why was Micky not in a hole and sleeing?!" shrieked BT stupidly.
"OLD LINE!!!" announced Link.
"Oh and you would know HOW?!" BT huffed and crawled into Sassip's pouch.
"Excuse me but I want you not contaminating things," Sassip said and expelled her all over Davy.
"Ew," muttered Davy.

"PLEASE TO BE NO LONGER HAVING THE PUNTING OF MICKY!" Micky said sternly, re-entering the pad.
"Micky Micky where was Micky?" said BT, anxious to prove her theory.
"PLEASE TO BE KNOWING THAT MICKY WAS IN A HOLE AND SLEEING!!!!" Micky yelled and went to do things.
"AH AH SEE I WAS RIGHT I had correctness there was rightness of meee not wrongness no no or INcorrectness noooo but CORRECTNESS!" BT sang happily until she was punted.
"I will water my heady flower," said MT happily and did just that.
"I HELP!" Sassip said stupidly and planted clods of dirt firmly on MT's cute lil bonce.
"STOP THAT! Hairwashing time," said Al and poured things on MT.
"Oh oh you will drowneded my FEEEYLOOOWERRR!" MT screeched and threw Al across the room.
"YOU DON'T THROW YOUR OWN MOTHER!!!" Davy said, plainly horrified.
Sassip caught Al and threw her back and they had a nice game of catch until Al realized and said "HEY HEY BT IS THE ONLY PEAPONG BALL ROUND THESE HERE PARTS!"
"But she is getting too big," Peter whinged.
"Please to be hearing Micky's suggestion that Davy take over as peapong ball!" Micky said excitedly.
"You were in a hole and sleeing!!" Mike shrieked and giggled like he thought it was the funniest thing in the world.
"ME?!" shrieked Davy.
"Yeah why not?!" said BT and rolled him up in a ball and threw him at people and they played with him until Sassip decided to keep him in her pouch.

Mike sat in the floor and sang to himself.
"Jimmy crack paste and I don't care
Jimmy crack paste and I don't care
Jimmy crack paste and I don't care
My wings are nasty and gross and gluey."

"Oh do shut up," said BT & tried to punt him but forgot she wasn't a thing so Sassip ate her.
"I was helpful!" said Sassip, laying an egg and putting Micky on it.
"Please to be removing Micky's person from your nasty nasty egg thing," he said tetchily.
"No please," said Sassip and picked Mike up, rubbed his wings on the egg, and sat Micky in it firmly.
"YOU ARE GLUE!" said Micky.
"OH OH HE WILL BE EGGTUSH," said Al and cackled with glee.
"MOMMY GO NUTS?!!" said MT in alarm.
"Oh, no," said Al and recomposed herself.
"I composed an oratorio," said Peter as if people cared.
"I cared!" said BT but she was not heard so she crashed out of the egg and Micky went flying and his antlers stuck in a wall.
"OH EHEHEHEHEHE!" giggled Mike like a junior high schoolgirl. Then he dropped unconscious.
"Please to be Micky autopsy performing! He ate too much paste," announced Micky, yanking his antlery protrusions out of the wall and flying away.
"OH OH HE HAS NO WINGS!!!!!" said Sassip and sulked.
"But I am here to be your baby!" said BT helpfully.
"Oh oh mine for me," said Sassip contentedly and deposited her into her roomy ample pouch space, where she crushed Davy & Link until BT put them in her smaller pouch and it was a pouchfest all right.

"OH MY GOSH!!! MIKE'S *DEAD*!!!!" said Peter and was horror.
"NOOOOO," said Sassip, expelling her pouch's contents and dancing out to the beach to hide in the sea.
"OMIGOSH HE *IS*! I WILL RESUSCITATE HIM," BT said and flapped a lot with her flippers.
"No no you are a seabeast and you want to resuscitate EVERYONE, what is your problem?" said Al in fear.
"Not YOU, you are not a guy thing that is cute," said BT and then hid in a kitchen cabinet.
"OMIGOSH I FOUND MICKY'S COKE STASH!" she screeched and drank rabidly.
"Please to be REMOVING YOUR STUPID SELF FROM MICKY'S SECRET STASH OF DRINKIES!!" Micky yelled, running back in & shooting cotton into the cabinets.
"Oh ew cotton," said BT and spit some out back at Micky.
"OH OH MICKY HAS TO PLEASE BE DISINFECTING HIMSELF," said Micky and poured Coke all over everything.
"I think he got even dumber," said BT in fear and went to sit on Mike. "He is dead, that will not help," said Peter dolefully.
"OH OH OH BUT HE ISN"T!" shouted BT.
"HUH?" said everyone except Link who was down by the ocean swooning from all the inherent stupidity floating around. He was allergic.
"OH I saw him he is not!" said BT and was about to horror when Sassip wagged a flipper at her.
"YOU do not want crabbies on your flippppers!??!?!" she said in a hushed scared voice.
"OH!" said BT. "BUT BUT BUT I DID! I saw him!"
"You did not!" said Mike and giggled dumbly.
"AHHHHH!" said everyone including Link because he felt better and a seagull had threatened to use his bonce to crack mussels on.

"You.. you're.. DEAD!" said Davy and looked scared.
"There there thingy!" said Sassip and pit him in her mouth.
"MMMMF!" said Davy and was promptly spit out.
"Please to be informing confused Micky as to what is up with Mike!" said Micky.
"Oh ick Micky is confused." said BT and waggled her antennae boredly.
"OH NO SEABEASTIE HAS THINGGGSSS ON THEM!" shouted Sassip and ran out to the ocean to swoon.
"Huh?" said Mike and gawped at things. He tried to pick up his glue but could not.
"I cannot pick up my glue." he said helpfully.
"Thanks, but no thanks. I have some." said Davy and flipped over to Mike's body and looked into one eye.
"Davy let's chicken fry running a-go!" said Mike excitedly.
"HUH!? MIKE! You're *DEAD*!" shouted Davy and was fear.
"Davy Davy Davy, you're fish is fried m'laddo, you have no more glue!" said Mike and grinned.
"Um, MIKE! LOOK! You're *DEAD*!" shouted Davy and pointed to Mike's body laying on the floor.
"OH IT IS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" said Mike and fell through the couch.
"OMIGOSH he's so DUMB!" said Micky.
"AHAHAHAHA" said BT and fell over, expelling the contents of her pouch, because she was not used to muscle control.
"Please to not be expelling things upon Micky." said Micky pointedly in a not-very-pleased-tone.
BT got mad and punted him, but Micky only went 1 centimeter and no one noticed.
"PLEASE not to be PUNTING MICKY!" Micky shouted and kicked BT very far. Very. Very very far.
"How many seabeasties KNOW Micky???" said Micky.
"Uh.. I dunno.. 10 maybe? But still!"
"Huh. Micky is not amused. His tush will be more amused in a tubful of milk..." said Micky and wandered off to the bathroom.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have four bottles of glue on my wings
And then I felt so illlll
I fell right down
and then came around
To find my body all cold and stillllllllllllllll"
Mike sang and tried to pick up his gueeeetar but to no avail.
"Huh, gueeetarrytar isn't to be letting me be picking it up!" he snorked and wandered through the couch and Davy to find out what Micky REALLY did in the bathroom.
Micky was just sitting in a tubful of milk eating Oreos.
"O-R-E-*O*!" said Mike, emphasizing the last O for emphasis.

"Uh, Mike, maybe you should sit down and try to put yourself back into your body." said Davy worriedly.
"Davy, Davy, Davy, worry not about me, fine young Fish, you will have your day in the sun!" said Mike, patting Davy on the shoulder. Except he couldn't, so he flew through Davy and ended up giggling in a heap on the floor.
"OH MIIIIKKEEE!" said Davy in a pained tone.
"OH! DAVY GO CRY CRY!" said MT and his flower wilted in a comical fashion.
"OH HAHAHAHAAHA" said Al and could not help herself.
"I am not a fish.." Davy muttered to himself. "Anyway, I think Mike is stupid because I have his hat."
"DUH! MICKY COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT!" shouted Micky from the tub.
"Oh shush!" said Davy. He flipped over to Mike's body and put the hat squarely on his head. Mike stopped giggling and got up to stare at the goings on near his body.

"MIIIIKKEE! I'm NOT a fish!!!" shouted Davy.
"Yehhhh you keep telling yourself that!" said Mike and giggled.
"OH OH OH IT DIDN'T WORKKKK!" cried Davy and ran off to hide in the cupboard where he consoled himself with 6 bottles of Micky's finest vintage Coke.
"OH NO PLEASE TO BE NOT DRINKING MICKY'S FINEST VINTAGE COKE YOU EVIL PURVEYOR OF MICKY'S FINEST VINTAGE COKE!" shouted Micky and there was a loud splash, a scream, several thuds and then the milk drenched form of Micky flying down the steps.
"I TOLD YOU MICKY FLEW!!" said BT in excitement.
"No you didn't," said Peter.
"I thought I did... I meant to..." said BT.
"Well please to be knowing that you were not pleased to be informing people of Micky's winged capabilities as Micky has antlery protrusions not featherscale things!!" Micky said and brandished his milk-drenched cotton gun futilely. He would have to get a new one cause we all know those things'll only take so much calcium.

"CORDUROY STILL DOES IT BETTER!!!" said Mike and went to slee.
"Micky is disturbed by this turn of events and wants a hole," said Micky and sleed although there was no hole.
"I need no hole!!" said Sassip and fell aslee.
"Screech thou not, foolish knave," said Al.
"I am not a navel, Mommy," giggled MT.
"Oh oh silly you are a gigglepot HEEE HEEEE," Al said stupidly and rolled around.
"Micky wishes to let you all know that he is not pleased to be missing the days when Al was sometimes four," said Micky and went back to slee in his non-hole.
"Oh, that reminded me of Mike," said BT.
"Mike! The PLOT!!!" Peter remembered suddenly.
"Hey you're Mr. Continuity, how could you forget?" said Davy in alarm.
"I took a much-needed Oreo break," said Peter.
"FROM MICKY'S OREO STASH?!" said Micky suspiciously.
"Uh.... maybe," said Peter in fear.
"MICKY IS PLEASED TO BE SAYING AND DOING THE THINGS HE IS GOING TO SAY AND DO NOW!" said Micky but he should not have wasted that line saying that he was going to say something, because he doesn't have any more lines for this story.
"The author is smilking to herself," Al informed everyone.
"Um... okay..." said Davy.
"Mike never samilked," said MT.
"I SMILK! SMILK SMILK," said Mike and smilked a lot, especially at Micky who was REALLY sullen now and will probably take it out on people in the next story, if we decide he gets the privilege of having lines. He has abused it so, after all, with all this third person please to be nonsense.
"The author is about to reach HER line limit," said Peter warningly.
Oh, oops. Uh.

"Plot?!" said Link.
"I should make you my continuity assistant," Peter said and smiled fondly.
"NO NO ME ME ME ME!!!!" said BT jumping up and down excitedly. Then she made herself not a seabeastie and twitched her antennae coquettishly.
"Beeeteeeeeeeeeeeee is coke-tetishly, SQUEE SQUEE," MT said delightedly and made Micky's antlers really sticky.
"Whaaaaaaa?" said MT and was fear.
"Oh, poor fear thing!" said Sassip and took him into her pouch because it has space for all creatures small cute and fearful. Usually.
Unless Sassip is mad or tetchy.
"LINE LIMIT," said Peter pointedly, tapping his foot.

"He means maybe MT could make him sticky so he would stick back into his body," Al clarified.
"That doesn't make any more sense than what he said," said Davy, gesturing to MT with his flipper.
"Oh, how cute," said BT.
"What?" said Davy.
"The lil flipper thing. Wasn't that cute, Al?" said BT.
"Yeh that was cute," said Al.
"SOOO cute," said Sassip wistfully.
"And how about Link's hat? I mean, WOW!!" said BT rabidly.
"It is cute," agreed Al.
"I like Mike's hat," said Sassip. "When he has it he is not a FOOL."
"ENOUGH CHICK TALK!!!!" shouted Davy because he suddenly couldn't stand it anymore.
"I'M SORRYYYYYY," said BT profusely and threw herself on him but Davy used his flipper fin thingy to punt her out of the pad.
"Oh oh he learns so quickly," said Sassip and chewed on his hair.
"Mike is bored of this story now and wants to be in it more," said Mike.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO THIRD PERSON! It confuses Peter," said Peter.
Mike was running around MT excitedly, scaring the begeebers outta him.

"Glue for meeee glue for meee
Stick me to my booodddyyy"

Mike sang alot.
"WHY is Mike singing so much?" shouted Davy and lamented his chicken fry buddy's untimely and stupid passing.
"Its probably better that he stay that way then realize the true horror of his plight." said Micky in a Mike-like manner.
"WHY DID YOU SPEAK!?" shouted BT and gaped in awe and fear.
"BEEEEE-cause, Mike is.. decapitated and I wanted to be included in lines again." sniffed Micky.
"Mike isn't decapitated..." said Al, poking at Mike's body. Her finger got stuck to a wing.
"UGHGHGHGHGHG" said Al and pulled it off.
"HAHAHAHA AL GOT STUCK TO MY WINGYWINGWINGWINGWIIINNGG" he said in a stupid sing songy voice and tralalaed around the pad.
"Oh my this is horrid.." said Davy and sat down on the couch looking forlorn.
"DAVY!? Please to be letting Sassip comfort you!" shouted Sassip and sat on the couch also, flinging Davy somewhere.
"OH HEHEHEE" smilked Mike and flew up to where Davy was stuck on the chandelier.
"We don't HAVE a chandelier!" shouted Micky and kicked at things.
"Well we do now!" said Peter matter-of-factly and chalking it into his book.
"How do you chalk into a book?" asked Al.
"YOU are not a purveryor of continuity! YOU will therefore be shutting your mouth!" said Peter.
"Sooo meeeaann..." shuddered Al and fell over.

"PLEASE TO BE TELLING MICKY WHY.. er.. I mean haha..." said Micky shutting up quick.
"Does Micky mis his widdle baby Allywally?" cooed BT in a mock baby voice.
"Shut up." said Micky and threw radioactive peapong paddles at her.
"WHAAAAAAAA?" shouted BT and hid under Mike's body.
"My body is not for hiding things that are thingy!" said Mike and stared.
"Mine is!" said Sassip and shoved people into her pouch. Well.. if they can really be called people. Lala.
"I am a peeeeeeople!" said MT helpfully and squirmed out of the pouch. "You are a freak with a flower out of growing head out of head growing!" said Mike and laughed.
"Hmm...." said Micky but stifled his fatherly instincts to help the I mean MT.
"I AM MMMMMMMMTEEEEEEEEE!" said MT equally helpfully and laid down to eat a pop and suck on his petals.
"No no don't suck on them!" aid Al.
"Mommy doesn't have appledenges!" said MT and helpfully gave her some. "OH OH! OH! WHAT DID HE GIVE YOU!?' shouted Peter.
"Uh... I'm not sure.." said Al and cringed.
"Oh yoouu have you haveeee you haavveeeee!" said BT and stopped.
"I HAVE *WHAT!?* shouted Al.
"You have a cat's tail! Only you-sized." said BT and smilked.
"NO NO ONLY MIKE SMILKS!" shouted Mike and flew around through walls, outside, then inside then outside, then inside.

"I wish Mike was substantial." said Peter. It was giving his continuity a headache.
"PIIIIITA! I am subpanshal!" said MT and tugged on his flower cutely.
"Aha yes MT we all know." said Pita.
"PETER!" shouted Peter.
"That's better." said he with the yelling and the cockiness.
"Ergh.." sighed Peter and went back tohis writing.
Al sighed and resigned to her fate.
"LINKYSCHMINCKY NEEDS A NEW APPENDAGE BABY!" shouted Mike and rolled some dice.
"Mike this isn't Vegas!" said Davy. "PLEASE just get back into your body!"
"No can do, Fishboy! I am a little gluepot short and stout, here is my haltertop, here is my spout. When I get all stuck up hear me SHOUT! Unstick my nozzle and squeeeeeeeze me out!" sang Mike.
"Whatsa halllllltertop Mommy?" asked MT, stepping neatly on Al's tail.
"PLEASE TO BE REMOVING MT'S FOOT FROM AL'S TAIL!" shouted Al, puffing out her tail.
"AH ITS PUFFY!" said MT, picking it up and rubbing it on his cheek.
"So, why DID Mike get shot out of his body anyway? The last time this happened.. well the last times.. it was because something freaked one of us out!" said Micky in a smart way.
"My, aren't YOU in a smart way!" said BT jealously.
"YES I am thank you very much!" said Micky and grabbed his smart way back from her because it was not HERs. NOT hers!

"Oh, well Mike's wings look awfully red and puffy." said Al, poking at them.
"They scratched alot and I itched them." said Mike plaintively.
"Oh, well are you allergic to the glue?" asked Peter.
"Yes ma'am." said Mike.
"Ugh Mike is a walking horror." said Peter and ripped the sleeve off his shirt.
"Why Pita do that Mommy?" MT shrilly intoned.
"Uh, dunno. Give Mommy back her tail dear. You know now where its been." said Al.
"OKAY!" said MT and tugged at his flower.
"I like daisies better." said BT, changing it into one.
"So ANYWAY, apparently Mike was highly allergic to the glue and it caused him .. oh yes see here? It says: 'Do not apply to the skin. May cause zziness, rashes or sudden death. In the event that your ghost pops out of your body, please try our other wonderful products to stick it back in.'" read Peter.

"OTHER products!??!!" shouted Micky and threw the table in a fit of rage.
"Why were you rage?" inquired Peter eagerly, with pen and pad at ready.
"Because Micky discovered Oreos are not tasty when dipped in tasty vintage Coke," said Micky and looked like he might cry.
"MICKY IS A GIRL!!!!!" shrieked BT and put the hat with the thing on it atop his bonce, only it wouldn't fit cause the antlers.
"Oh oh I am invunlerable!" said Micky.
"You're WHAT?" said Davy.
"Invunlerable. You know, it's like ... unbotherable," said Micky.
"InVULnerable!" Davy corrected him irritably.
"Oh well Micky cares not about the quality of Micky's speechings," said Micky and sewed a quilt.
"Micky is a girl," snickered BT quietly to herself.
"Micky hears everything you say!!!" said Micky threateningly.
"Oh but no," said BT and fired his cotton gun into each his ears about six times until he turned into a parrot and... no no not with the parrots, that didn't happen. Anyway.
"Okay, so Micky's a parrot, we found out what's up with Mike, it's the glue, we need some way to wrap it up now. That's for those of you home viewers just tuning in, and now, back to our program," said Peter, beaming winsomely.
"Oh the dimples they become him so," said BT and swooned at his feet.
"Micky's feet are displeased to be housing your foolish swoonings," said Micky in an irked tone.
"She's been hanging around Mike far too long," observed Al.
"My but she's spazzy, isn't she usually less... weird?" said Peter.
"Micky is being stupid and weird so someone had to spazz for his sudden lack of spazzage," said Davy plainly.
"That didn't make sense," said Peter and scratched his cute lil bonce and scribbled in his purty purty shiny leatherbound continuity book, mm mm.
OH, I KNOW! Line limit you don't have to remind me UGH. Anyway.

"Finding their useful product that fixes me is a good thing to do!" said Mike hopefully.
"Mommy mommy I miss my sleeing hole," said MT, tearing up.
"MT RIPPED?!" said Micky and was aghast.
"No, tears like cry tears, girly-boy," said Sassip neatly.
"I PROTEST! Ooh, my mascara is running," said Micky and hurried out of the room.
"What was that all about?" said Davy in fear.
"AHEM! PRODUCT FINDING TIME," said Mike and raided the cabinets until he found that the glue was from the Coke company so he stole every last bottle of Coke Micky had ever managed to accumulate and took a bath in them and it did nothing.
"Well Coke doesn't fix it," said Mike happily.
"OMIGOSH BUT BUT ALL MY STUFF!" said Micky and spazzed a lot.
"Oh good I was getting tired of that," said BT in relief and perched serenely atop Sassip's head.
"Oh I remember I bought the glue anecdote six months ago because Linkypie came to me in a vision and said we would need it!" said Al, extracting it from her pocket and holding it up for all to see.
"What?! That is a lame ending man," said Mike and kicked things.
"Oh well," said Al and stuck it down his throat til he ate it and then he went back in his body and was stupid.
"Oh oh he needs his hat," said Micky, stating the obvious.
"I extend NO thanks to you, Captain Obvious," announced BT to no one in particular.
"Hey hey she announced it to ME," griped Micky.
"What? Oh did you say something obvious?" said BT and idly squished things.
"Uhhhhh..." said Peter.
"Oh, right," said Davy and gave back Mike's hat.

So then Mike was smart again and everything was hat-tastic. Mike decided that his glue songs were subpar and decided to write better songs and that was what he decided. Al decided she was getting too weird and dippy like BT and was going to be smarter and maybe she would get a hat who knows, maybe everyone needs hats. Link decided he did not get enough lines. Micky decided he would have to find a new vice cause there just is only so much Coke and I mean if it dun go with Oreos what's the POINT?! BT decided she liked her antennae and used them to pick up illicit radio waves. Davy decided he needed more lines just like Link so they forged an Alliance For More Lines and were really mad at Micky cause he gets so many lines even when he is not involved with the plot. Peter decided he had to kick his Oreo habit if he wanted the continuity to stay springy clean and minty fresh. Sassip decided she liked punting and didn't like having babies so much cause Micky wouldn't stay on the eggs without being sat on and then she might as well just sit on them herself and Micky was not comfy to sit on anyway. And MT decided he liked his little flower and watered it faithfully every day.


Next Issue: A plotless thingy that occurred out of nowhere one day when BT was idly picking her nose and Al fell aslee and they dunno how they wrote it.

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