Mopcan Micky

So after the stuff that happened in the last thing, which I forget right now... Anyway after that was over BT decided to go back to being a winged, egg-laying, fire-breathing, tree-nesting cat. Only she kept her antennae far far away from people. Anyway she figured that was the closest she'd ever get to her former quasi-god-like state (that girl ain't right, she's got some funky ideas about higher states), so she decided to get everything she could out of life. Then she remembered she already did and was bored and chewed on Peter's pant leg and clawed at it cutely.

"Not now I am writing things," said Peter and brushed her away.
"Oh, a pouch cat! I needed a new one since German Chocolate left," said Sassip happily, depositing BT into her pouch.
"NO NO I AM NOT A POUCH CAT!!!" hissed BT and scorched Sassip's pouch fur.
"OUCH OUCH OH THE THING HAS FIRE ON IT OW OW GET IT OFF OOOOHHH!!" Sassip screeched and promptly expelled BT from the vicinity and went for a cooling swim. BT smiled proudly and sauntered around.
"Oh man look it's a cat!! She's got fur, and... is it a girl? I can't tell! Anyway it's got fur and claws and... OOH it's got eyes!! See the eyes?" Mike said excitedly, rushing in and pogosticking up and down with perverse glee.
"Excuse me?!" said Peter sharply.
With glee.
"Much better," Peter nodded approvingly.

"Whoa whoa whoa Mike wait wait, you need your hat," said Davy rushing in after him.
"Huhhhh??" said Mike stupidly.
Davy tried to put Mike's hat on him but he couldn't reach the top of Mike's head.
"MIIIIIIIIIIIKE!" Davy screeched.
"What, I'm standing right here!! HAHA" said Mike.
"Oh, that's right. Uh... MICKYYYYY," Davy screeched.
"Whaaaat??" said Micky and walked in with a giant wheelbarrow of Coke bottles (we don't ask).
"Hey Mick, what's with the C-"
"Sheeesh, sorRY," said Mike.
"Hey Micky will you please put Mike's hat on?" said Davy.
"Okay," said Micky agreeably and perched it jauntily atop his antlers.
"OOOOOOOH!" yelled Al with delight and fell off the balcony where she was spaying.
"Pardon me?! Uh, spellcheck on aisle 7," announced Peter over the intercom.
"Since WHEN?" shouted MT, sliding down the bannister.
"Omigosh where did he learn that," Al muttered.

"No no Micky I meant put it on Mike's head!" Davy cried in frustration.
"Oh okay... Huh, too short are you?" Micky said smirking.
"Ewwww stop smirking," said Sassip, wandering back in with a dazed look on her face.
"As opposed to a dazed look on her flipper I guess," said Al dumbly.
"What?!" said Peter.
"Uh I dunno," said Al and took a picture cause it lasted longer.
"Hey hey that's MY thing!" said BT in irritation.
Micky planted Mike's hat firmly upon Mike's bonce and stepped back.
"WHOOO CHICKENFRY!" shouted Mike and got down to roll.
"I don't see how that made him any smarter..." complained Peter.
"I need a nest," said BT and prowled about.
"Hey where'd the cat come from? Awww, so cuuuute, aren't you cuuuute?" said Davy and picked BT and began coddling her.
"I'M ME!!" hissed BT and clawed Davy to shreds, wriggling out of his grasp and dropping to the floor.
"Ow," Davy winced and went to be nursed by Sassip.
Suddenly BT caught sight of Micky's antlers.

"OH THEY ARE LIKE A MOBILE TREEE!!" she sighed with glee and flew herself on up there.
"Whaaaaaa?!" whined Micky.
"Shut up dearest," said BT.
"DEAREST?? Uh, AHEM, continuity..." Peter said tetchily. "If there's one thing I can't STAND it's messed-up continuity......."
"Since when were you Mr.... uh, Mr.... Whateveryouare!" asked Davy.
"Sticky sticky cats, sticky sticky Davy, sticky sticky Mommyyy, sticky sticky Saaassip, sticky sticky antlers, sticky sticky Piiiiita," MT sang, wandering in and stickifying everything.
"He didn't stickify ME," smirked BT.
"Yes I did, you were the cat," said MT.
"OH OUCH MY FUR IS STUCK TO AN ANTLER," whinged BT. Micky flailed his head around a lot and BT smacked into the side of a wall.
"OW!" she yelled and hissed a lot and then clawed Micky to shreds.
"Ouch," he winced and went to be nursed by Sassip but she punted him out to nowhere.
"Hey hey!! You bring him back, he was my nesting thing," complained BT.
"Okay," said Peter and poofed him back.
"I didn't ask YOU," complained BT but was not one to argue with things that went to her advantage so she got back up in the treenest... uh antlernest she made.

"Beeteeeeeeee?!" asked MT.
"Yes dea...uh, MT thingy," BT said, scratching up Micky's hair.
"How come you FLYYYY?!" asked MT.
"I lay eggs!" said BT and laid on one Micky's bonce.
"I didn't ask that," MT said patiently.
"WHY ARE YOU LAYING EGGS ON ME?!!" yelled Micky and spazzed alot but BT had poofed up a thing to keep her from falling off Micky's antlers again.
"How come it's not working?!" he whined and flailed some more.
"I used my powers," smirked BT.
"Um........ okay," said Peter and rolled off to a continuity convention.
Micky huffed around with a foopy cat in his rack.
"BEETEEE is a rack!" said MT happily and singsong like.
"EWW NO NOONONONON!" shouted BT and shot fire at him.
"Lalala Mommy Mommy firecat go scorch scorch at me!" sang MT and nimbly dodged the fire.
"ARGH!" shouted BT and went into her condominium she made.
"WHAT!? I HAVE A CONDO IN MY RA.. I mean ANTLERS!?" shouted Micky and rolled around alot.
"HEhehe he has a rack!" said Al dumbly.

During the meanwhile, Davy found that he rather liked Mike's hat at jaunty angles on his own head because it magnified his cuteness to 100000% and he liked that.
So he promptly stole Mike's hat the next chance he got.
Mike came bobbing in.
"Hyuh hyuh!" he said and grinned stupid like.
"Hiiiiii Mike!" said Al and grinned.
"Hiiiii Al!" said Mike and grinned. And they grinned. And grinned and grinned. And Grinned. Grinned grinned grinned. Lalala.
"Don't do that! We get the point already!" said Peter.
"How did you get here!?" shouted Davy.
"The Continuity Sign alerted me to horrible plot defects!" said Peter proudly.
"Oh brother...." said Davy and walked around with his jaunty angle.
"Gee, Davy you're pretty cute." said Micky and whistled some weirdo song.
"I know." said Davy and smiled quietly to himself.
Just then Mike smilked.
"HUH!?" said everyone.
"Huh I smilked." said Mike and grinned. He grinned and grinned. He grinned alone and grinned in bed and grinned with Al and grinned with Davy and grinned with Micky and Peter and himself and he grinned with poundcake and.. well you get the idea.

"I can smilk!" said Al.
"No. Only I can grin!" said Mike and grinned.
"I said SMILK!" said Al.
"And I said GRINNED!" said Mike.
"SNORK?!?!?!?!" shouted everyone. Mike and Al were obviously making NO sense at all.
"What's with Al? And Mike for that matter? Mike has lost or taken off his hat before and not turned into a moron!" shouted Davy.
"Well you did it to him!" said Micky.
"Well I guess my anteannannnyii-aaaeee had something to do with it." said BT.
"HUH!?" shouted Peter and broke his continuity board in half in abject horror.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOORRRROOORRR!" shouted Sassip and trampled everything in sight. She trampled Micky but his antlers gave her indigestion so she stopped and punted them.
"OUCH YOU MADE ME MOLT!" he shouted.
"So WHY is Al acting so dumb again?" asked Davy-pancake.
"Oh uh.... Oh we were just about to divine that." said Peter-pancake.
"I smilked." Mike-pancake informed everyone and smilked several times more before he decided it was grinning time again.

"Um we HAVE to fix Mike. Give back the hat Davy!" said BT.
"Why do you care, scorchocat*cuckoo*beast?" asked Micky irately. BT was situated in her condo still in the antlers which were now not on Micky's bonce but imbedded in the wall.
"*CUCKOO*BEAST!?" she shrieked.
Mike smilked.
Al grinned.
"No no Mike stopped smilking!" pointed out Peter.
"Well MAYBE he wanted to smilk again!" said Davy.
"Oh well you had better give him back that hat." said Peter reaching for it.
Davy hissed and backed up.
"YOU are not a cat!" shouted Sassip and shoved him in her pouch.
"Oh gosh now we'll NEVER get the hat back!" said Peter.
"Hey, guys, I have WINGS!" said Mike all a-glow.
"Yeh?" said Micky.
He grinned evilly and made BT a wombat.
"NO NO NO" cried BT and ran into her condo and wept bitterly.
"Cry. Cry bitterly." corrected Peter.
"Who asked you Continuity boy?" shouted BT in a rage.
"Oh pretty rage cat." said Mike and stuck his hand in.
"Duhhhh she's not a cat anymore!" said Al and giggled.
Just then Al snapped back to normal and stared hard at Micky.

"OHHHHH YOU!" she shouted and lunged for him. Micky snigged and Al was frozen into a solid block of glass.
"OH she's making a face!" said Mike and smilked in a combination that was half abject terror and half hilarity.
The block wobbled slightly.
Just then Al's voice was heard all around. "ARGH MICKY I WILL KILLLL YOOOUUU!" she shouted.
"Hey how she do that?" asked Mike, poking at the block.
"I am thinking it at everyone, Smilkyboy!" shouted Al and wobbled the block more.
"OH! HAHA" said Micky. "It worked!"
"WHAT worked!??!?!" shouted Peter in a rage.
"WHY is everyone in a rage???" came Davy's muffled voice from Sassip's pouch.
"Oh, ragies discontairt Davyhatmikeyboy!" said MT cutely.
"Well, you see, I managed to steal Al's powers. Instead of doing the usual stupid using of her to use her powers FOR me I used her to get her powers from her but even though she's still wearing them I have them haha!" said Micky.
"HUH!??!?!" shouted everyone.

"Ugh, he MEANS!" said Peter, whipping out a script. "He means he's managed to tap into Al's powers so that he isn't using her to use them for him, but he can actually use them himself."
"But she still has them on?" said BT, curiously poking her head out.
"MOMMY MOMMY IT IS A RAT!" said MT, tugging at the glass.
"NO ITS BT THE FOOL!" said Al in a rage.
"Ooohhh..." said MT and was all the wiser for that tidbit of info.
"So Al still has all her powers?" asked Mike.
"HEY You were smart!" said Peter.
"Huh?" said Mike and doinked Micky's nose.
"DON"T DO THAT!" shouted Mike.
"Why did Mike shout that!? THAT WAS MY LINE!" shouted Micky.
"Oh haha you mixed up line buckets!" said Davy muffledly.

"Anyway, yes, Al has her powers on, but Micky steals them all before they get to her.. kinda like.. uh.. well I don't know but he somehow can steal them from her before she can actually use them herself." said Peter.
"HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS!?" said Micky.
"Oh I read your Mind's Newsletter. It puts one out every now and then." said Peter.
Micky was dumbfounded.
"SOMEONE GET ME OUT!" shouted Al and wobbled some more.
"Hey you remember when Al ate glass? Those were the days," sighed Davy happily.
"Oh, wow, that was so much fun... she was just munchin it right down," reminisced Peter.
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!" shouted Mike stupidly.
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" shouted Mike stupidly.
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" shouted Mike stupidly.
"STOP SHOUTING STUPIDLY," Micky shouted stupidly and did... things. Yeah. I mean he made Mike into some sheet rock.
"Sheet rock?!" yelped BT quizzically.
"YOU WEREN'T ASKED," said Micky and did more things.
"Oh well, I'm leaving," said BT, poofing herself back into herself and exiting the story.
"WELL. That was odd," said Sassip and surreptiously picked up scales Mike & Davy had shed and stuffed them in her pouch.
Then Al crunched through all the glass and got out.

"Man I had this sudden craving for glass...." she mused.
"NO MUSING!" said Micky and turned her into a tote bag.
"Ew," said Al with disapproval and flopped listlessly.
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" shouted Mike who had somehow gotten to not be sheet rock anymore.
"You!!!" said BT suddenly, coming back.
"Me?" said Peter.
"Oh, no, never mind," said BT and left abruptly.
"Hey Mike looks like a goat!!" said Davy.
"EEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEEE!!" said Micky, laughing like a girl and turning Mike into a goat.
"Micky, REALLY, plum eyeliner is NOT your color," chided Peter.
"Huh??!!!!" said Micky stupidly with a vapid look on his face.
"Yum!" Sassip pronounced and ate Micky (but not the horrid indigestion antler things). Soon she was a hedgefish and Micky was standing in a pool of Sassip spit.
"HAHAHA!" laughed Mike and made goat noises.
"Shaddap," snapped Micky and made Coke waterfalls.
Mike smilked.
BT came and made cheese out of the goat smilk.
"Hey you're a cat again!" shouted Micky in protest.
"Uh-huh," said BT and laid an egg.
"EW KITTENS!" screeched someone in horror, but the egg hatched and was full of raviolios. Goatmike and Peter and Micky and Davy all pounced on it.

"LAY MORE EGGS LAY MORE EGGS!!!" they said frantically.
BT turned her tail up in the air and sauntered away.
"Oh always with the sauntering," said Davy, twisting Mike's hat fretfully in his wee little hands.
"Hey he is not wee, he is my pouch baby," said Sassip and made him just that.
"Sticky goat!" MT said happily and made it so.
"WHAAAAT??!!!!" yelled sparkplug from outside because they never got the good lines.
"The correct term is he, she, or he or she," corrected Peter.
"What??!!!!" said Micky in alarm and made him a goat with wings.
"OOHOhhehehehe," said Mike and flew around ramming things with his horns, which soon enough got tangled up with Micky's antlers and it was a horrid mess.
Luckily Micky's latest pair of antlers were still embedded in the wall. So Mike struggled ferociously trying to free his own horns.
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted BT as her wonderful little condo was torn to shreds.
"Oh he will PAY!" and she stalked off to preen her claws to goatshredding precision.
Mike smilked and grinned and giggled.
"Oh man." said Micky, and kicked Al a bunch. "HAHA You can't do anything about me!"
"OH! The power has corrupted his normally empty antlered head!" sighed Al and sat down with a huff.
"Can't you do ANYTHING?" asked Davy. He hung Mike's hat on Mike's horn absentmindedly.
"OH!" said Mike, snapping to it. "What.. why am I a goat!?!?!"
He managed to pry himself down and grabbed up Davy to wit they rolled off to a Chicken fry party.
"Man.." said Micky. "Less people to terrorize."
"Hey you would be cute if you weren't so evil!" said Al.
"HEY STOP STARING AT MEEE" shouted Micky and turned her into a bandanna.
"Ugh!" said Al.
"Oh wait you weren't AL you were a tote bag!" said Peter.
"I know, I was kicking her because she is defenseless HAHA" said Micky evilly.
"Well then how did she see when she was a totebag?" asked Peter.
"Oh.. uh.. well uh I.. uh .. ERGH!" and turned Peter into a continuity board. Peter sighed happily and scribbled away on himself with some chalk that was also himself.
"Okay that's weird.." said Mike returning with treats for all.

"MIKE MIKE!" shouted Davy. When Mike bent his head eagerly toward Davy to hear what the short lad had to say, Davy snatched off Mike's hat and flipped off down to the beach to pick up some hot merbabes.
"MERBABES!?" shrieked Mike stupidly.
"OH! Good! Stupid Goatboy is back!" grinned Micky and stepped in Al.
"I smilked." said Mike, hapfully.
"No no. Helpfully." said Peter, scribbling corrections on his boardy self.
"I meant heapfully." Mike assisted.
"WHAT!?" shouted Peter. Mike made no sense.
"Mike?" said Mike and waited for Mike to reply.
"Uh, you're Mike." said Peter.
"Huh? MIKE WHERE?" said Mike and stared.
"Oh man.. I think he's even DUMBER as a goat.." said Peter.
"PETER you have to do something about Micky and my powers!" said Al.
"Oh yeh, how do you suggest I go about going about doing that?" asked Peter.
"Don't you think that's an unusually stupid sentence?"
"Oh, yeh I'll get it later. That's the great thing about being your own continuity board."
"OMIGOSH Peter you moron you can turn yourself back!"
"WHo said I wanted to?"
"Oh, alright. But what do you want me to do?"
"First, you have to take my powers off and put them on Micky. If you do it right he won't notice and then all my powers will go back into the glittery thing and you can wrest them from him."
"MIIIKKEE?? WHERE IS HE???" shouted Mike and looked under the table.

"That's complicated." said Peter and scratched his chalk thoughtfully. "JUST DO IT!" hissed Al.
So Peter took off Al's powers and..
"NO NO NO I can't do that as a Continuity board!" shouted Peter.
Oh, right. So Peter turned back into himself, and took off Al's powers. He then slipped the powers onto Micky when he was laughing at MT who was dancing an irish jig in a pink tutu.
"MT is funny!" said MT.
"YES YES YOU ARE!" said Micky. Then he realized he was essentially watching himself dance an Irish jig in a pink tutu and got disgusted. Anyway, he went to sleep on the spot because it disgusted him so, and Al watched Micky intently until a slight sparkling thing passed over him slowly and then she said "NOW PETER" quietly, and Peter took off the powers and put them back on Al.
So when Micky woke up he had antler pains and no powers.

"AHH ITCHY ITCHY!" shouted Micky and ran to get a sappling and some ice.
"AAHHHH smilky smilky?" asked Mike.
"Ahhh I'm back to normal!" said Al and grinned alot.
"Ahhhh I'm a continuity board again." said Peter and smiled quietly to himself.
"MY CONDO IS DESTROYED!" fumed BT and glared daggers at Mike.
"Oh.. ugh" said Al and turned Mike back and took MT out of the dreadful tutu and put Micky into bed and told him to behave and fell asleep for 5 days because being a tote bag and a handkercheif is hard work. Sooooooooo anyway, Mike continued to call and ask for Mike for the remainder of the day, until Davy came back with his hat and Mike turned back to normal, and only smilked on weekends and after the workday was over, as we all know smilking is not for casual usage, but only when the usage is used during times when it is casual.

The End.

Next Issue: Mike in fits of stupidity super glues his molted feathers back onto his wings and breaks out into an allergic reaction, which kills Mike because Mike hasn't been dead ever when Micky and Davy had a go, and he should have a turn goshdarnit! (Of course Mike really isn't dead, and this is a stupid plot, so stay tuned to how we make it even stupider before deciding its so stupid we should stop it and knock off an even stupider ending just to end the stupidity... *smilk*)

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